Affiliate Tracking Software Comparison

So, if you’re in the business of online
marketing, tracking software it’s a pretty important piece of your business.
Now in this video, I’m going to be reviewing and comparing some of the top 3
tools. Voluum, ClickTool and click magic. I’ll be going over a number of different
factors as well as the cost of each of these programs in this video. So stay
tuned. I’ll be walking you through some of these programs as well on my computer
over there. Kwa, kwa, kwaw! Let’s check out these different software
tools that are used for click tracking. Now, click tracking is so important
because it allows you to split test pages easier and it also allows you to
really get deep analytics into your data so you can optimize those marketing
campaigns and make more money from whatever you’re selling online. Now, I’ve
used these software tools personally my success. Came about in large part to a
voluum when I started using a click tracking tool. It took my game from
making a few thousand dollars per day to making over $35,000
per day. And because the the extra layer of insights into my data and being able
to split test ads and landing pages quicker and offers as well, allowed me to
just optimize everything in my business very easily. So, that I could make more
money and do more cool shit. First thing I’m going to be looking at is actually the
integrations, okay? Having your click tracking tool integrated with the ad
networks you’re working on or with affiliate networks or just with other
software tools that you might be using is a very helpful thing for whatever
you’re doing. Now voluum gets a check because they have some pretty cool
integrations. They’ve been around for a while which I’ll address in a second. So
they get a check there. Click tool is a newer company on the market. ClickTool
doesn’t have many integrations yet. And actually neither does Click Magic. So
voluum kind of winds on the integrations area. And just a notice, I’ll be going
over these couple factors. And then we’ll be headed over to my computer to
actually… I’ll actually kind of walk you through some of these things of
these tools. Google and Facebook hate redirections. It’s a sad reality. They
don’t like it when you’re redirecting people to other websites. And that’s one
of the reasons why affiliate marketing direct linking it’s called. It’s hard. You
can’t just place an affiliate link in Facebook or in Google or in YouTube. They
require you to just place whatever website your user is going to end up on.
That’s why having a tool that provides you technology that doesn’t mean you
have to redirect your user where that URL changes multiple times is very
important. So voluum recently released this feature that you don’t have to have
redirections. So they get a check there. They’re doing good in that field. ClickTool. Very cool company. They have a very cool technology. Proprietary technology
they built out to make sure that you never have to have your link redirect. So
that the ad networks won’t flag your marketing as having redirects. So,
very good. Very interesting technology there. Big fan of ClickTool. Now, the next
thing. Click Magic unfortunately doesn’t… You have to have redirects with Click
Magic. So, doesn’t score in that category. Now, the next category is time in
business, okay? And time in business is an important factor for me because it kind
of tells me if that company or that software has been consistent over time.
So, many companies come and go in the internet industry that it’s maddening.
And it’s also a big big suck to have to constantly learn new software
and constantly go around changes. That’s why time and business is a pretty
important factor to know the longevity of whatever software tool you’re using.
Now Voluum gets a great mark. 5 years in business. They’ve been around a
while. And they were doing very well. I mean
volume is the top dog in the click tracking space. They’re the number 1
used click tracking tool and it’s for a reason. They do a pretty good job with a
lot of stuff. And they’ve been around for a while.
Click tool has only been around, you know, less than a year. So, we’ll just give him
a black mark because that’s… You know, that’s not too long in business. It’s
only been around a couple months of as of the time of me talking about this. And
also I mean ClickTool is run by a good friend of mine. Very smart affiliate
marketer. Extremely successful. Has runs an eight-figure affiliate business. And
that’s why i find what he’s doing really innovative. But they haven’t been around
too long. So that’s something to keep in mind.
Now, Click Magic. Click Magic has been around for a while. And you see they’ve
been around for 4 years. So, they’ve worked out all the… You know, a
lot of the tweaks and all that stuff in their platform and runs very
consistently. So, that’s good to know. Now, for the last factor, cost. I’m going to
go over the cost of each of these programs. So voluum comes in. I’m going to
give them a black mark at $69 per month. Okay? And all of these costs are going to be
monthly. But $69 per month is just the starting package. And at that price, it
makes it the most expensive click tracking software. But again, they score
well on the other items that’s why they can charge so much. It will be the more
expensive software that you will be purchasing if you go for voluum. Now,
ClickTool. ClickTool as I said there are new entrance, entrant on the market.
And their cost is free. Okay? So, that’s a really… That’s an amazing
offer. And they give… It’s free up to 10,000 clicks. So once you start sending
voluum which means you start sending a lot of traffic, a lot of clicks as an
affiliate marketer, you’re going to… You’re going to have to start spending money. But
then it’s only a penny a click so you’re not actually paying a lot of money even
after that. So they make their cost really competitive. And that’s how they
compete. And that coupled with their really proprietary redirection list
technology makes them a really awesome choice. Now the last one, Click Magic
scores pretty well. Good as well. I think their cost is $19 a month or something.
Very cheap like that. So, they score very well on that category
as well. Let’s go over to my computer and we’ll check out these websites. These are
the different company websites so you know what I’m
talking about. Here’s voluum. This is what they look like. And they have a lot of
different stuff. They can do track, analyze, optimize and scale. And
what’s cool about voluum is that they’re directly integrated with two of their ad
networks. Their display side provider and also zero part which allows you to place
ads on millions of websites worldwide. Which makes it a really cool solution
and it has. You know, all these deep integrations with advertising to help
make it easier for you to do stuff. And look, they’re even building a lot of
really cool stuff such as AI and also a offers marketplace to find other
affiliate offers that you want to do that you’d like to promote easier. They
also have their own app so they have a lot of stuff there. So even though it is
the most expensive, you get a lot for your money. Now here we are on Click Tool.
And ClickTool is run by my friend here his name is Carlos Cruz. And he’s a super
affiliate. He makes a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. He’s very successful
and when he created a software tool for this industry, I was really excited. And
it works amazingly. Because of their redirectionlest technology, okay? Oh, and
here you can see there’s actually a… That’s pretty cool. –A testimonial from me.
“Click Tool is the best tracking software out there and we use it
in-house for media buying teams. But what I like about it most is that there are
no redirects.” And this is all true. The fact that it is no redirects
makes it an amazing solution. And I mean you can direct link affiliate offers
through them. Just makes it really cool. Great option. Now, Click Magic. Here’s
Click Magic. As again, it looks like a fairly older website. But very user
friendly. And here we can see their pricing. If you… You know, their monthly
billing. I guess it’s $17 a month. So, don’t have to spend too much money to
get started with them. The plans go up to $100 a month which isn’t that bad. And a
lot of top marketers use them. So, it’s a great solution for whatever you’re
doing. What’s really cool about Click Magic is they actually offer some free
training on how to use click trackers. And I’m
actually going to insert a link to click magics free training here. You see they
have a one-hour guide to click tracking. And this is very powerful. They have 6
different modules. Track it or die trying. 3 things you must track, conversion
tracking basis, tracking affiliate sales, testing and optimization and bots and
click fraud. And if you go through these different trainings, you will have a
pretty solid understanding of not just click tracking but a better
understanding of affiliate marketing as well. So let me know in the comments what click tracking tool appeals most to you. And also like this video if
you got some value from it. And for God’s sakes, subscribe to my channel and hit
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this industry of affiliate marketing, start making money, travel the world, do
what you want or whatever jazz it is you want to do. Looking forward to seeing you
in another video. Have a great day or night or afternoon. Whatever you want.


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