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(upbeat, dramatic music) – What’s up, guys? I’m about to do my speech
in an hour and a half. I’m walking to the Berlin
Congress Centre right now. So I stayed up all night rehearsing, woke up early again, rehearsed. So I’m super exhausted. One of my favourite quotes is “We don’t rise to a level
of our expectations, but we fall to a level of our training.” So I’ve done my best to prepare, and we just got to see what happens. And so I am a little bit nervous. I’m the first person speaking, So I’m wondering, man,
is it going to fill up? I don’t want to come up and
everyone didn’t show up, because they’re hungover. My speech, I worked really hard on it, but I didn’t get to practise
it as much as I could. It’s been a crazy few weeks. So hopefully, I can do a good job. We’ll see what happens. (dramatic electronic music) (audience applause) Hi, everyone. Thank you, Affiliate
World, for hosting me. Thank you, guys, for coming here. So, ten years ago, I was introduced to affiliate
marketing with a book, and this book, it not
only showed me the power of internet marketing, but it also showed me
that there’s more to life than just money. It showed me how to have freedom and time. What’s interesting is
we have saved the world, living paycheck to paycheck, but a lot of affiliates
are actually living campaign to campaign, which
is almost the same thing. My question is, what’s
the solution to this? And the typical solution everyone says, you need to keep buying. There’s plenty of speeches. You need a team. Everyone says that on blogs and forums, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I gave up on a team for a few years, and I just thought to myself, “Okay, it’s not for me. I’m just going to do
everything by myself.” And then a few years later,
I had a big discovery. I was at McDonald’s. I wasn’t eating there. I needed Wi-Fi. So I was at McDonald’s. Everyone that knows about McDonald’s, one of the biggest brands in the world, how did McDonald’s become one of the biggest brands in the world? They have bond people turned away, and yet 80 McDonald’s in the whole world, are using the same system. It’s kind of like your key. You have the people, but you don’t have some
kind of manual or system or instructions on how
you should run everything. And so how does this work
for affiliate marketing? You have the input of all the ingredients. The ingredients are
traffic source, blank page, offer, ads, angle, and of course, you got
to fund the campaigns. And then you have the processes. Now this is where the fun is, for the processes, you can
split testing web page, adjust web hooks, cutting and placements, split testing offers
and adding new angles. And in theory, hopefully you
get a profitable campaign. So another knowledge is at stake. If you have a great AEP survivor steak, then cook it and burn it up. Don’t blame the ingredients
when the process sucked. And buoys come and go, especially
in affiliate marketing. From the systems, we build our asset. The problem with affiliate
marketing right now, you’re in a state of ration. You’re in a state of ration, where there’s all these buyers everywhere, and you’re constantly at
stake, putting fires out. You just need to come off
when an offer doesn’t sell. You just need to come off of
it when something happens. So instead, instead of putting fires out, you have to take the time to
step back from your business and build a system to prevent fires. Try investing in a mission. Try investing in some software, because it’ll save a lot of time, because humans, humans get drunk. Software doesn’t get drunk, unless you have a really weird software. All right, it’s seven a.m. I’m at the airport, ready to head back to America. I got a long flight. So I’m pretty excited about AWE overall. I finished my speech, got a lot of great feedback. So thank you, everyone, for showing up. Overall, the AWE, I think,
was a great conference. Affiliate World has really stepped it up. They implemented a lot of new stuff, such as the breakout sessions. The booths are better, a lot of high quality people. So congratulations to everyone at AWE, and I look forward to
coming to the next one. (reflective electronic music)


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