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the hi and welcome to our Affilorama introduction affiliate marketing for beginners lesson one. people around
the same gene We’ve all seen the ads and articles claiming, “Make money online!!! Be your own boss! Work from home!” I don’t know about you, but when I first started seeing them I thought, “scam” or “sure, sounds great, you going to let me know how?” Despite all the skepticism about affiliate marketing, I’ve since discovered that you really can do it, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and you don’t have to rip people off along the way. In this lesson, we’ll give you an overview of the affiliate marketing process to get an idea of how it all works, and then we’ll give you an example to use as a reference. It’s important when learning about the whole process not to feel overwhelmed, so we’re going to finish off with an outline of what you can get started with straight away. So let’s dive in and discover what’s involved. it doesn’t have to cost a fortune any
richer people off along the way in the system will give you know that
you have the affiliate marketing process to get an idea of how it all works and I’ll give you an example he is a
refrence it’s important when learning about the whole process not to feel
overwhelmed so we’re going to finish off with an
outline of what you can get started with straight away so it’s Ivan and discover was involved
Sisley pick a topic that you interested in also
has a lot market potential think it’s something
that you like The Process of Affiliate Marketing
1. Pick a topic Firstly, pick a topic that you’re interested in that also has a lot of market potential. Think of something that you like, and consider whether there would be many products associated with it, or much of an audience. You’ll find lessons to help you with this process in the market research section of Affilorama’s free lessons. You can find a topic (or “niche,” as affiliates call it) with a little research. when she got on the show picked out find some products that you can promote
their web sites follows the school in Philly networks to browse and you can find
advice here on how to choose the best one to you affiliate marketing for beginners once you’ve got a couple the right for
you be able to get an affiliate link for them next step you’ll need to build a website
I thought that this would be extremely confusing and difficult but it really
wasn’t WordPress and similar sites make it
super simple for anyone to build a quality website still you upset with content that will
be useful to the people who were interested in ish and place your affiliate links
throughout the most relevant places that way when someone interested in new
clinton clicks a link they go to a sales page for products
that they might also be interested in and if they buy it you get a commission
when you’ve got the setup all that’s left to do is promote your
website so that you can get more people to content in more potential for commissions from
if it sells there are a lot of different marketing strategies out there from advertising to social media the you would have to worry about the
spotted it straight away the most important thing is just to get started so let me give you an example of how
this process could go say for example I have an interest in weight loss I do
some research using the free if the arrival is available to me and in this case cover that there is as
strong market interested in losing weight and hit to an affiliate website such as
Clickbank Affilorama affiliate marketing for beginners lesson 1 and stop filtering through the products
available I would want to plant a small number of them that I could see myself rising they should also fit some of the
suggested specifics outlined in the leeson how to choose an
affiliate program I would think you’re hosting provider
which is like a place to put the website on the internet is
and a domain name which is the names the website itself in an
install WordPress so that I can stop playing around with a look at my website eyebrow some free themes which a
pre-designed looks for your website so to speak and
if I was tied up kid ish or I might buy a high quality work if I
had too many too so my website with relevance in quality content Andy the right
articles about weight loss myself or outsource this job to someone else as
Affilorama affiliate marketing for beginners I’d look on web sites like 50 or a lance
to find the talents that I needed to get some quality content going there are a few
things I could do to promote my website in the hopes of attracting more website
visitors for example as I was an incontinent at
make sure I was doing at least a little basic search engine optimization or SEO that’s a fancy way of saying and
show search engines that my website was full relevant information so that they would
display it then search results when people interested in weight loss
topics there’s a whole section of reasons and it still around about this
topic on top SEO I would promote content on
social media to look into how email marketing or advertising could
wait for me 10 it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the
beginning because the whole process isn’t exactly small but you’ll never
have to try to do everything at once you can take it one step at a time it
when you do you find it’s not so difficult to get the wheels moving if anything the extent of the process
might prove that it differently is this Affilorama because this camera disguise itself is a
quick fix affiliate marketing real way as building your own business
online in a little hard work and time can lead to a solid online income so don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to
read everything straight away it’s too much to take in all at once the
most important thing is just to get Affilorama affiliate marketing for beginners his way to start once you’ve got a topic impossibly some products to promote the
next listens you want to go through on finding in registering a domain name
and what to look for in a hosting provider these will get you a hand with setting
up your own domain name and hosting in the new should have some help from
the hosting provider to install WordPress from that point on your affiliate
marketing site is a go you can start experimenting with teams
to get different looks view website there are of course my
licence that cover the basics plus market research insight during if
you want tonight any more about these beginning stages if the around the forums and the to help
if you have any questions or if you just wanna talk to others who
are also getting started it is still a bit confused where you wanna be watch
through this process step-by-step a fellow to print is you easy to follow
paid training walkthrough thank you very much for listening and
I’ll see you next time Affilorama affiliate marketing for beginners training course lesson 1


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