Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
just a what I like to wear to work try on haul video. Now my New York and
company try on haul did amazingly well surprisingly. I’m so surprised that you
guys were actually interested in what I like to actually wear to work. Cuz if you
guys don’t know I’m not a youtuber by trade. I do this as a hobby. I do have a
nine-to-five job and I do need attire that I actually wear to work. So today’s
video is just gonna be focused on some attire that I bought from Target, H&M and
New York & Company. And they are just summer inspired pieces. Some may be a
little bit too warm for the summer but it’s a piece that I really like that I
can transition into the fall months. But today’s first piece is actually from
Target and it is known as the women’s striped sleeveless crewneck knit midi
dress. I have it in the size small ad it is $15 on the target
website as well as in stores. I actually saw it in the stores first and then I
got it from Target. Now as you can see is you do have to have a kind of
special bra because it does kind of go in in the back. But I think this is the
perfect for like maybe a casual Friday or you can dress it up a little bit add a
extra belt. Do get a bra that kind of has a Razorback so you don’t have to
kind of get one of those little bra. You can get a bra conjoiner that can
kind of bring your bra in together for these type pieces. I’m not wearing mine
right now but I think it’s a very cute dress. Now I believe it originally
retails for about $22 but it was $15 and it was on sale and it’s been on sale for
the last couple weeks. One of my co-workers had actually bought it. Me
and her were in Target together and I saw her purchasing it. And I was like let me go ahead and get this dress too. So I ordered it online. You cannot beat the Target steal. Some of you guys in my last try-on haul were like you need to check out
target. Oh trust and believe I’ve been a target head. My last video was New York
and company focused but I’ve gotten some work and good work attire from Target. So trust me I’m not missing out on them Target deals. I too love a good Target sale. The next dress that guys are seeing on me right now is the New
York and company white floral bow accent sheath dress. It is in the size of medium
and it is $39.97 and this is what it is giving you. Size medium
I feel like does me really really well. Again like that then I’m top-heavy
so I was debating between small and medium and I just decided I just know
about small just gonna be a little bit too tight up here. Especially wearing to
work. It’s just gonna be a little bit too ugh. It’s gonna hug me right down here but it’s gonna be a little too tight up top. So I can deal with the fact that it’s a
little loose down below. It is a little loose down below. But that’s perfectly fine
just because it does fit me really well up top. Now again like I said it is 39.
If you guys go on right now and you do not see that the exact price that I’m
quoting it don’t worry. New york & company as I said in my last
try on haul always always always has sales. So you can always find a 60% off
50% off sale. I bought this during Memorial Day weekend sale so it was I
believe about 60 or 50 percent off. But they are always running a sale. So if you
see a you and you see it at like 70 dollars or something crazy like that you
hold off. You hold off about a week and they will have another sale. I promise
you New York and Company is no stranger to a good sale. So before I get into the
next outfit let me go into my hair. I know this video is about the fashions and
all that but I always get questions about my hair. What hair is that that
you’re wearing. This is actually my hair. It’s coming out of my scalp. This right
here is my scalp. So I just recently got my hair dyed and this is kind of a
look. It’s a twist out look. This is not crochet hair. This is my
actual hair. Now let’s get into the next outfit and the next outfit is a
two-parter. I really like this skirt from H&M and this is known as H&M pleated
skirt. I have it in the size 4. It is $34.99. Now I don’t have to top as of yet
that just goes really well with this skirt. So I just decided to pair with
this Target floral print sleeveless v-neck front button blouse in the size
medium. It runs you $17.08 on the target website. Again these
don’t go necessarily hand in hand however I do like them. And I decided to
pair them together with this belt that I have from Amazon. Again not the outfit
that would necessarily pair together but I did want to show you guys what this
look was giving you. So the next outfit that you guys are seeing up is the New
York and company stripe v-neck poplin shirt dress in the
size small $34.97 and this is kind of what it is giving you. When I first saw
it online I thought it was cotton for some reason. So I thought this was gonna be like a casual Friday type piece but no this is actually made out of a
different kind of material. Might be cotton but it doesn’t feel kind of as
loose. I thought when it said skirtdress it was gonna be kind of like a
cotton movable shirt dress. It’s kind of stiff which I kind of like and I can
kind of get away with Monday through Thursday. So I think I can wear this any
day of the weekend it would be still work appropriate. My work is very
business casual and this is definitely toying with that line of business casual
and I really do like it. It’s not as thick feeling as I thought it was gonna
be either. It’s very breathable and today’s high is gonna be actually 91 and I
actually don’t feel very much so heavy in this dress. Even though it has these
kind of a longer sleeves or it’s like a three-quarter length sleeves that kind
of roll up and puff right here. It’s still not very warm which I really really do
like. It’s not that short either. Again for me to be five two-and-a-half. Now I
feel like if you’re five five five six this dress is gonna be extremely short.
But the thing about New York and Co they do have typically short, regular, and tall lengths in a lot of their dresses. So you might
can get away with this if you are tall and they do have a tall size for you. Now
the next outfit you guys are seeing right now is I know it’s summertime but
it is a long sleeve outfit. I bought this this season just so I could have it for
the fall season. It was a good price so I decided to go ahead and steal it up. Now
although I will not be wearing it in this 90 degree weather this is the Zara
basic blazer. I have it in the color blue ish and that’s what it says on the site
color blueish. Size six and it is $34.93 And now I paired it
with the Zara ankle cropped pants. Also in the color blueish US size four and
this is $25.13. Now the one thing I would have gone up in this
blazer. I feel like just to be able to button it. Right now at a size six it’s a
little bit tight. I thought size six would be good considering how top-heavy I am
but again I should have gone up maybe one size. Bottoms do fit me really well. I
definitely like the look that the bottoms are giving me. Overall like the
suit. Again like I said my company is business casual but there are some times
when you gotta put on a suit to command the room. You know to mean business and I feel like this is a cute little business suit. It’s not that typical
black color you see or navy kind of color this is kind of a blueish color
as they call it. Royal blue in my opinion and it looks really really good. Now the
next outfit that you guys are seeing right now is from Target and it’s
just this target women’s leopard print a line pleated miniskirt. And it’s in the
size small and it is $27 and I paired it with this Target regular fit v-neck tank
top. It’s in the size medium and it is $18. I overall like both these pieces paired
together. This is very breathable type of a fabric. I don’t feel like it’s too warm
for the summertime. I think it’s just right and doesn’t have that cotton feel. I also like the fact that it’s not very thin straps for it to be a tank top. The skirt
fits me a very well as well. And I really overall like this
outfit. Now overall if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up. Even you
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I have on here and i will see you in my next video. Thank you so much for
watching! Bye!

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