AFRAID To Take Her Out

– What’s up guys? Welcome to the Vlog. We are at Dunkin. – Imagine that! – Well, this one’s special because we’re here for a meet up. – Yup. – Palm Coast meet up. Abbie, you ready to meet friends? Hey! Hi! Say, hey! Look! Are you ready to meet friends? Hi again, okay. Go on in, we’ll get some breakfast okay. Hold on a sec. (whispers) They’re over here. Hi! – Hi guys! – [Asa] Hello. Hey, can you say hello, over here? Right there. Over here, over here. Say hi! What do you tell ’em? – She’s ready to eat. – Yes she is. We haven’t had breakfast yet. Come here. – Can someone just grab
me her shoe real quick? Okay. One shoe’s fine. All right. Everybody get in. Here, somebody grab — – Well that’s weird. – [Isaiah] Don’t do that. – [Lauren] Stand right here, Ella. Smile! Look at the camera. – 3-2-1 – [Group member] Cheese! – I’m taking like seven. (laughter) – All right, thank you. – Thank you. Appreciate it. Look at all these awesome subscribers. They’re the Brazees. Except for this guy, he’s a plus one. (Group laughter) There’s always one in the group man. It’s okay. She’s like, hey we’re
going to meet some people. And he’s like, okay. That was an awesome meet-up. – It was. – So many people here in this area. – I was shocked. – Me too. I thought we’d
have like five. Yeah. Abbie, did you have fun
meeting all your friends? Look at you in the middle. Y’all buddies. Could you put your
shoulder strap on please? Put it on. I did see her jump in your
arms. She was super cute. So the Brazees. If you don’t subscribe to
Lauren’s channel, you should. I’ll link it right up here. We’re going to meet them for lunch since they drove all the
way up here to surprise us on our meet up. That was
really sweet of them. – It was. I was like no way. It’s my girl. – She gave Priscilla an ornament, because we get ornaments every year for milestones for the year. And she gave you a new house ornament. – Yeah. It was a housewarming gift. – And I’m kind of stupid,
because it’s a key. And I thought it was an actual key. – Like how did she get our house key? (laughter) – No, I thought it was a key you get made and it was just cute.
To match my own stuff. – That’s funny. Good lunch picks though. – Thanks. – The turtle shack. We know how we feel about turtles, Isaiah. – Save ’em. Save the turtles. That was the joke. – Save ’em. That’s how we feel about them. – [Asa] This is beautiful.
It’s a nice spot. – Yeah. I like it. – [Asa] Come on kids. (humming) So, when’s the last time Ella
went out to eat with you guys? – She was three years
old, so almost four years. – But you guys know that we preach all the time about like, go out and do and let the child experience
and let the world experience. It’s super important. But you have to balance that between letting your
child experience things but also protecting them
from the environment. Let them become (murmurs)
to things so that they’re more successful and stuff like that. Make sure you go over
and watch Lauren’s video because she’s talking in her vlog today about taking your kid out and getting her out into
restaurants and stuff, where she normally has a hard time. But I think we’ve
figured out the solution, you just have to have football playing. – She’s been watching
the game the whole time. And honestly, you need to
have faith in your kids that they’re not going
to have a hard time every single time you do something. It’s more us that them. – [Asa] Absolutely. She’s doing great. – She really is. – [Asa] Except Abbie’s a little noisy. – But every time she’s
noisy, she just looks at her and smiles and goes
right back to football. Ella, can you say hi to the vlog? Say, hi vlog. – Hi, vlog. (laughter) – Yeah, Ella just thinks
Abbie’s a superfan or something (laughter) – But we’re going to
take Abbie out anyway. – That’s a point. We’ve learned a lot from you guys, like we
literally live by the words of the (muffled speaking). It sounds silly, but just do it. Like you even said in the car,
we’re just going to do it. – Well, in that episode Abbie just had, it usually happens but it’s
such a brief moment in time and I think, as parents,
we get wrapped up in the, it was terrible experience,
but it was really just a very small portion of the meal. The rest of the time was fine. – You can choose to take her out and totally end the experience, and then it’s a poor experience. Or you can move on, say that was a moment, and then you keep going. That’s awesome. That’s important for us too. – [Asa] You good? – She’s good. There’s definitely an important part of taking your kind out, Lauren, is like pushing as much as you can, but at some point let
them have a little bit of control as well. But they can’t when she’s like ‘I’m done’ You’ll be like, ‘no problem, let’s go’. You know what I mean? – That’s what we’re doing now. – Give and take, yes. (Multiple people speak at once) Time to go. – We’re so sick of listening
and hanging out with you guys. We never see you. It’s nice. – [Asa] Abbie, let me out. I’m in the back. – [Lauren] This was his idea too. He was like, ‘we have to go see them’. – [Asa] John likes us. John’s idea. (Casual muffled talking) – Awww. Do I get one too? Please? (People laugh) Wow. Wow. So much life in that one. – Look, Abbie’s already in the car. See you. Bye John. Thank you so much. – It was good seeing you, Lauren. (Muffled audio) – (Laughter) – [Asa] She loses the tenders. – Yeah – It’s okay there’s a lid on it. – I don’t have hands. My shirt’s going to blow
up (muffled speech). – What else is new? (Asa laughs) – [Asa] Girl, that shirt is everywhere? – Mine is too. (Muffled
crosstalk) We’re both like this trying to hide everything. It was really good to see you guys. – Yeah. Thanks for
coming to meet us, John. (Wind sounds covers John) – [Lauren] Sometimes he
likes to be hangout friends and do things. See you guys soon. – Yeah definitely. (Piano music) (Car sounds muffle Isaiah’s voice) – [Asa] You’re such a good brother. Do we have so much fun? Come on. Don’t go into the dash. Okay. Are you in? – [Priscilla] Is his tail in? – [Asa] Yes. His tail is in. (Door closes) Okay. We got you. We’re here. You go first. Go ahead. You got this. There we go. Isn’t it wonderful to be home you guys. – It is. – [Asa] You look so relaxed. Is it working better? – Yeah – [Asa] Priscilla’s getting orders out. – I am. – [Asa] Back to work already – Forty-eight open orders. – [Asa] Holy cow. You guys are amazing. All those sunglasses, and hats,
and keychains and all kinds of stuff. – Teatowels. – [Asa] Look at this guy. Did you have a good time?
Have a busy weekend too? He’s exhausted. Buddy, you have a bed. Hard wood’s okay? Alright. That’s a lot of awareness shades. – Yeah. – If you already own a
pair of our sunglasses, then you already know. I get questions about my
sunglasses all the time. ‘Where did you get them’ is usually the question I get. Every once in a while,
someone notices the puzzle pieces on the side. On the earpieces, and they’re like, ‘where did you get those? My cousin has autism or
my brother’s son does’. Something like that. Pretty cool. They’re a conversation starter. That’s why I like them. Be warned if you order
a pair of sunglasses where people ask. You have to tell them,
this is why I wear them. They’ll ask about them, and I can tell you about autism and everything else. Part of the deal. Packaged deal. Hey. Me and Mom are going to go, okay? Are you going to stay
here with your brother? You’ve got to go help Nanny and Da. Bye. I love you. Hey bud. – [Isaiah] Yeah. – [Asa] We’re leaving. (Faintly speaking) We’re going to send Abbie up to you. – [Isaiah] Huh? – [Asa] We’re going to
send Abbie up to you, so you can keep doing homework. – [Isaiah] Okay. – [Asa] Alright. We’ll be back in a little bit. – [Isaiah] Alright. – [Asa] Go see your brother. (Rumbling sound) (Engine closes) (Hands rubbing together) We’re talking about painting
colors for the dining room. We’re thinking about this. We like this. We’re worried about it not
matching the browns that we have like the brown furniture, but you guys have some brown furniture, and it looks fine. I was worried about it. You’re looking very young. – [Mature Woman] Me? Thank you. – [Asa] Stuff’s working. (Priscilla muffled) – [Asa] She’s looking young. Look at this face. You got some sun too. I got to point something out. Furniture wise, this warms my heart. – [Mature Woman] That’s
why we won’t get rid of it. – [Asa] You see that? Those
are Abbie’s teethmarks all along there. – That’s a piece of furniture
that will stay forever. – So when we lived in this house, we had our TV on that as well, and Abigail, her piker was hardcore. But she would just bite it. She wouldn’t swallow it. She would just bite and chew that wood. – Here too. – [Asa] Oh wow yeah. She bit clean through that. – That was her height. How crazy is that? – [Asa] She was so short.
Those are Abbie’s teethmarks. How cute? Ruining expensive
blinds and shutters. So this was Abbie’s room back then. – [Priscilla] It’s big. – It’s been fixed. But this whole window sill, she had chewed on this whole window sill, like they replaced this
whole piece of wood, because she had just chewed
on the whole bottom piece, and tore it all to pieces. The worst was our table.
Remember our dining room tables? – Yeah. It looked like we
were eating with beavers. – We invited a family of beavers
over to dinner every night. Do you remember that thing? – Yeah – [Asa] The whole side of it
was sloped instead of square. She didn’t swallow it though. (Cross talk) – She didn’t get sick because
her immune system’s so good. – [Asa] Right yeah. She’s got a stomach
like a cast-iron kettle. We were here because the AC
wasn’t working on the car, so we fixed that. Of course they take their
car into the dealership and get it fixed like that. They don’t like, my
son-in-law is a mechanic I’ll get him to come
over and fix my stuff. They don’t do that. I would,
but they know we’re busy. The last time their fuel
pump relay went out, the dealership charged
them five hundred dollars. You remove a panel, unplug
it, plug a new one in, put the panel back on, and
the part itself was only forty-five bucks. And they
charged them forty-five dollars. – My mom is so cute. She
will not let you leave without giving something. – She’s like you want pound
cake? You want ice cream? – So I took a sugar-free Italian ice. – Fun. – I can have that. Thanks Mom. – We’re not going to
starve on the way home. – She didn’t have a plastic spoon, so I have her spoon that I’ll
give back next time I see her. – [Asa] Hi – [Isaiah] Hi – [Asa] Giggling upstairs. Are you hungry? Are you ready to eat? I love how you hop down the stairs. (Abbie laughs and makes noise) – [Asa] We have fed you,
we have clothed you. Yes – we have. Don’t lie. We have given you shelter. We’ve even provided entertainment for you over the weekend. We have done our jobs. – We just ate. – [Asa] Everybody is healthy, happy, well-fed. Good job being a mom. – Thanks. You too. Being a dad. Winning. – [Asa] Hey Cliff’s,
can you tell everybody thanks for watching. Say, ‘thank you’. Don’t open that. Huh? Say thank you. Bye. Thank you. Good job. Was that a kiss for me? Doesn’t matter. Both’re cute. Close it out. I don’t want to make you
feel like a circus figure, but it’s good for reference
as you can’t tell how big people are. Look how big John is. I’m not small, per se. He’s a monster. (Wind sound and muffled speaking) It comforts me. I’m like, don’t mess with
me. I have a big friend.


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