Aicliv Smart Power Strip Review – Are Four Plugs Better Than One?

What is this, not a Smart Plug but a Smart
Power Strip? Tell me more! Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
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you can tell that I have really embraced Smart Plugs. We use them to turn different lights off and
on automatically, but you can use them on any device that plugs in. You could control small heaters, coffee makers
or a crock pot. They are pretty versatile, and I really like
them. However, they are not terribly space efficient
as most of them only control one thing per plug. However I was looking around and found this
Aicliv Smart Power Strip on Amazon. Is this going to be any better, or just useless? Let�s find out! The Aicliv Smart Power Strip has four separate
smart plugs that can be independently set or used together at once. There is a 1250-watt 10-amp max draw, so be
sure that everything you have plugged into it will fit within those requirements. It also has three USB plugs that do not switch
on and off unless you hit the physical power switch that is on the strip itself. They can provide up to 2.4 amps of charging
on a single USB plug with a max of three amps across all three. As with most Smart Plugs, this can also be
controlled with any Alexa or Google Home enabled device, and on your smartphone with the Smart
Life App. Setting this up is just as easy as a Smart
Plug, just open up the Smart Life App on your smartphone or tablet, click on Add Device,
and then scroll down until you see Multiple Socket. Verify that the Aicliv Smart Power Switch
is plugged in and its indicator light is blinking, hit confirm and then add in your network password. After that it will spend a few seconds adding
the device, at which point you can name the power strip. At this point it will bring up the controls
for the entire plug, showing you the combined shutoff for all four plugs, and the individual
controls for each plug. You can rename the group and each switch individually,
giving you complete control over the Smart Power Strip. Using the voice control thru our Echo Dot
has been flawless, and we did a bit of a test with each switch to make sure it was working
properly when we first plugged it in. Alexa, turn on switch one. OK. Alexa turn off switch one. OK. Alexa turn on switch two. OK. Alexa turn off switch two. OK. Alexa turn on switch three. OK. Alexa turn off switch three. OK. Alexa turn on switch four. OK. Alexa turn off switch four. OK. Alexa turn on power strip. OK. Alexa turn off power strip. OK. All in all, we couldn�t be more happy with
how this has been working. We have used it continuously for the last
five months, and it hasn�t had a single problem. If you are interested in using one of these
Aicliv Smart Power strips we will leave an Affiliate Link to it in the description below
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