AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 Unboxing!

– I think I’ve given myself
a bit of a head rush, that probably wasn’t a good idea. What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and we have here the
brand-new Apple AirPods Pro. One of the first videos
with these in the vault, SuperSaf style of course. So, a thumbs up for that
will be appreciated. And these are quite different
to the current AirPods that we have, and I also have here. So, not only will be
checking out the AirPods Pro but we can also compare
them to the current AirPods. Let’s go ahead and get these unboxed. So, straight away from
the front of the box, you’ll see a picture of the new design, which we’ll be taking a better look at. And then at the top
here it says AirPods Pro and at the back we do have a picture of the wireless charging case. So, wireless charging is
supported here in the case. And at the bottom it says
compatible with iOS device, iPadOS device, Apple watch or
Mac with the latest software, works with Qi-certified chargers. It does not have any
reference to Airpod this time, which is good right. Let’s open this up. Designed by Apple in California. We are initially presented
with some paperwork. This also has a Quick Start Guide, but that’s fine, we’ll
be running through all of that in this video. Then we have the AirPods Pro
and put them to the side, and see what else we get? Now inside this little compartment, we do have some flexible silicon ear tips. So, we have small and
large and the mediums are already installed. So, this is the first time
we’ve had ear tips like this on the AirPods which is pretty cool. And then we have a USB
type-C to lightning cable. Now I’m assuming the reason why
it’s lightning to USB type C and not USB type A is because
the new iPhone 11 Pros do have that connection as well. So, I’m not sure if it’s gonna
affect the speed of charging at all but you should still be able to use a regular lightning
cable that you have if you don’t have the iPhone 11 Pros to charge these up. Now getting to the Airpod,
Airpod Pros, AirPods Pros. No AirPods Pro. Right here is the charging case
which is slightly different in size compared to the
current AirPods case. So, you see here that
it’s slightly shorter, but it is wider. I mean if I put this horizontal
then it’s not too much bigger, it is a little bit bigger, but it is roughly the same depth as far as I can see. So, it’s not really
gonna feel too different if you’ve already been
carrying the current AirPods. Right now let’s open these
up and there they are. Let’s take a closer look at
these before we link them up. So, right away I can see
that the outside tips are not as long as what we’ve
had on the current AirPods. And then we’ve got these black vents. Now just bringing in the current AirPods for a physical comparison, you can definitely see that
the tips that hang down, I don’t know what you call
them, are much much shorter on the AirPods Pro, which
I definitely do like and the AirPods Pro are also
IPX4 water and sweat resistant. So, if you’re gonna be
working out with these then that should not be a problem. Let’s go ahead and link
these up to my iPhone now. If you’ve ever used AirPods before, you’ll know that the pairing is very very easy with your iPhone. If we just pop this open, you’ll notice that
we’ll get a notification very soon, there we go. AirPods Pro you can
temporarily connect AirPods to this iPhone to share audio. So, that’s quite interesting. If you do have a friend and
you want to share some audio, then thanks to iOS 13,
you can now do that, which is definitely quite cool or you can connect to iPhone. So, we’re gonna connect
straight to iPhone. It says hold the button at
the back of the charging case. So, we’ll do that. Connecting, done. And it says setup “Hey S,” I’m not gonna say, I don’t
activate everybody’s devices. And then it actually shows you how much battery life is left. So, I’ve got 64% in the case and 100% on my AirPods Pro, done. And there we have it. Nice and easy. I absolutely love this
simple connection process. Super, super straightforward. Now one of the key things
that we’ve got here on the AirPods Pro is
active noise cancellation. And Apple are saying that
the AirPods Pro are the only in-ear headphones with
active noise cancellation that continuously adapts to
the geometry of your ear, and the fit of your ear tips. Now the way this works is that
there’s an outward facing mic that detects external sound and the AirPods Pro then
counter it with equal anti-noise canceling the external
sound before you hear it. Now what’s really interesting
is that the noise cancellation is adjusted around 200 times a second. That’s insane and that’s gonna ensure that you get that immersive sound and that it keeps the outside noise out. Let’s try these on and
put them to the test. Now firstly let’s talk about the fit. So, some of you guys may
already know that’s with the current generation AirPods, they actually struggle to stay in my ears and they do fall out. My ears are a bit of a weird shape. So, I am that small percentage
of people who does struggle with those types of earphones. On first impressions,
they do seem to stay in and that seems to be
thanks to the silicone tips that go inside. So, let’s test this out. Okay they’ve stayed in, and I think I’ve given
myself a bit of a head rush that probably wasn’t a good idea. But yeah they seem to stay in. I’d be confident to maybe
go for a run with these, although I don’t actually run much. Maybe a fast walk or something but generally I can
definitely say that the fit is much, much better compared to the current generation AirPods. Now if you go into the settings, you can actually do an ear tip fit test. So, what this is gonna do is it’s gonna test the fit of your ears by using the internal mics. Okay so I’m gonna play this here. It’s playing some music. Okay, so they’re saying
that we’ve got a good seal with both of these. So, the medium should be fine for me but I guess if they want
then I could try the large or the small ones. Now let’s go ahead and play some music. Okay, all right, I’m not an audio expert by any means, but they
sound very good to me. The noise isolation is
also very, very good. And we’re gonna now test out
the active noise cancellation, so what you can do is if
you go here on to the volume settings, you can actually
switch between active noise cancellation, you can switch it off or you can go on to transparency. Now transparency is
gonna allow you to hear what’s going on around you. So say somebody’s talking to
you or if you’re on the train and you need to hear the announcements, you can switch on at
the transparency mode. But I’m gonna play some, I’m just gonna play some
stuff on my iPhone 11 here. I’m gonna see how much of
that I can hear with these on and with these off. So, the iPhone 11 is now
playing some royalty-free music so I don’t get sued. And I’m gonna now play some music on here and then switch on active
noise cancellation. (music playing) Yep. Okay that’s on pretty loud, so let me switch that off right. So, I can definitely notice the difference is quite significant as soon as you switch on active noise cancellation. The outside noise is definitely minimized and my volume wasn’t too loud. So, I was around you know 50-60%, so it wasn’t like the volume
was super loud or anything, and as soon as I switched
it off then you know I could hear a little bit of it. And then when I put on transparency then I could hear more of it. I was actually testing a pair
of these on the train station and they did seem to
work really well for me. Now I’m gonna listen
to some music on these and then I’m gonna switch
over on to the AirPods, the current generation AirPods and kind of see if I
can really notice much of a difference. Right I’ll take these off, put these on. Put these back on again. So, in my inexperience audio knowledge, I do prefer the sound of the AirPods Pro, and I like that you can
cancel out the noise, the isolation is so much better compared to the current generation AirPods. There does seem to be a bit more emphasis on the bass, on the current
generation of AirPods. That seems to be to kind
of you know just drown out some of the outside noise maybe. But I definitely do
like these and do prefer the AirPods Pro to the current
generation AirPods for sure. Now for controls, we actually
have a different way to control the new AirPods Pro. We have this capacitive area,
which you can press down on. Pressing once is gonna play
pause or answer a phone call. Pressing twice is gonna
skip to the next track. Pressing three times is going
to skip to the previous track and then pressing and
holding is gonna switch between the active noise cancellation and the transparency mode. So, if somebody comes over to talk to you, you can just press and hold. So, it’s definitely more
of a press than a tap but it does seem to
work okay and of course there is also support for Siri. So, you can ask Siri
to maybe call somebody, play something or even
find some directions. Now let’s talk about battery life. So, on the AirPods Pro you
can get up to 4.5 hours of listening on a single charge
or even up to five hours, Apple is saying if you
turn off the active noise cancellation and the transparency. There’s up to 3.5 hours of talktime. I did test these out
earlier for a phone call with a buddy and everything
did sound very, very good. I actually do really like this on the current AirPods as well. When it comes to phone calls
they are very, very good. Now those are the AirPods themselves, but as soon as you bring in
the wireless charging case into the mix, then you
can get more than 24 hours of listening time or up
to 18 hours of talk time. But I think the best
thing is that if you do pop these back in to the case, then leaving these in
here for five minutes will give you up to one
hour of listening time, which is definitely quite good. How long it takes to
charge up this case itself, I’m not too sure. I will have to see about that, but generally speaking,
battery life shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Finally pricing and availability. So, these are currently
available to pre-order and they are gonna be
shipping and available in stores from tomorrow. They’re gonna be retailing
for 249 pounds here in the UK or 249 dollars in the US. That’s $50 or 50 pounds more than the current generation AirPods
with the wireless charging case or around 90 pounds or dollars more for the current generation AirPods without the wireless charging case. Now in terms of my opinion on these, I would definitely pay the $50 more compared to the current generation AirPods to get these because of
that better fit primarily, as well as the active noise cancellation. I think those two things
are worth it alone just for those extra fifty dollars. But of course there’s
lots of other competition in the market as well. I haven’t tried too many. As I mentioned I’m not
too much of an audiophile. I do use the Galaxy Buds
a lot, which are coming in quite a bit cheaper,
but they don’t have the active noise cancellation, but if you are interested in the AirPods, AirPods in general are currently
the most popular headphones in the world, not just wireless. I’m talking headphones full stop and clearly that’s the reason
a lot of people do like them, and I think a lot of people are gonna be liking these as well. That’s what I think anyway. What do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did then do hit that
thumbs up button for me, and if you haven’t already, then be sure to subscribe
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