Akis’ Food Tour – Pelion Episode 3

I am on the most beautiful
balcony in Greece. If not in Greece,
then certainly in Magnesia. In 1934, when Eleftherios Venizelos
visited the area… he called it:
“The balcony of Pelion”. My journey in Pelion starts here,
in Makrinitsa… and so does my culinary exploration
of the “Mountain of Centaurs”. First stop:
the beautiful Makrinitsa. I can tell this store
is owned by a woman. -Welcome!
-How are you? How are you?
It’s nice to see you in person. -The store is very organized!
-Of course! -And decorated.
-Of course! -How big is that pumpkin!
-I will make a sweet with it. -Did you bring it?
-My husband did. -With the pickup truck.
-Oh my god! This is a pumpkin that you definitely
make something with. -A sweet.
-A sweet? What else do we have? St. John’s Wort… I noticed that you list the benefits
of all your herbs. What’s that? That’s a movie
“The teacher with the blond hair”… I was in that movie,
I was six years old. -So you’re an actress too!
-Yes, an actress. Our parents got paid for it.
They got 35 drachmas. So you were a professional actress,
not just a stand in. That’s what I’m saying! You arrived just as I was going
to snack on some bread and olives. -Here, have one.
I haven’t eaten today… -In the cup?
-Yes, in the cup! -This is village business.
-Are we going to toast too? That’s great! Thanks! -Does it have a pit?
-It does. I have been here since 6 am.
I am ready to faint… and you interrupted my breakfast. Don’t you have some olive oil
or something. I have “Tsitsiravla” (Terebinth leaves).
Would you like some? Sure! This is our most local product.
It can be added to any salad… it can be served as an appetizer
with Tsipouro…. I am also a chef,
a traditional chef… It can also be added to pasta sauce. I will gift you a readymade jar
to remember me by. -I will use it!
-Of course! -Goodbye!
-Take care! I am leaving Makrinitsa
and heading to the neighboring Portaria. I am meeting Eleni. Eleni practices what we call
“Farm to table”. Whatever she serves
in her restaurant and her hotel… comes directly from her farm. Makrinitsa – Portaria
Eleni Karaiskou
Farm & hotel owner. Makrinitsa – Portaria
Niki Liamou
Cook -Welcome!
-Hello! -Hello!
-Is this your first time in Pelion? Hardly!
Who in Greece hasn’t been to Pelion? But I have never seen this before. I see chickens, ponies,
goats, cows, cats… lots of vegetables… I think you have it all. Indeed, just as you said. -You also offer cooking lessons.
-Yes. People visit and cook with you,
gather the eggs with you… picks the vegetables with you.
It’s a unique experience! It is unique.
They take it home with them… and then they cook Greek dishes
in their home countries. It is very significant. -So today you are going to teach me.
-I will. A proper lesson,
Like you do with everyone else. Fresh eggs. Not even my fridge is like this. Akis I will leave you in the capable hands
of my aunt Niki and my mother. and will go back outside
to continue my chores. -We will have the pie ready.
-I will come and taste it. -We are not making pie, are we?
-No. -What are we making?
-Sautéed greens with fried eggs. Perfect!
How do we start? -The onion.
-Ok. How would you like it chopped? Diced. -Finely diced?
-Yes. In Pelion we call chard “Pazia”. Pazia…
I will call it that too from now on. What other greens grow in Pelion? There are a lot of wild greens… There are about 3000 types of herbs. -3000…
-That have been recorded. My eyes hurt a bit. -From the onions.
-The onions and the leeks. Pelion onions are very strong.
Oh my god! What else needs chopping? -Everything!
-So I chop everything here. -Can I help?
-No, you are new to our group. I will tell you a secret for this recipe.
In the Spring… we add a few mirabelles plums as well. I’m sorry I am not looking at you,
but I am tearing up. Even the spring onions are strong… -Tears of joy?
-Yes, exactly! This is unbelievable.
I have chopped countless onions… I thought I was immune… So, how do we execute the recipe? -We heat the pot…
-and add oil. -That’s quite a bit.
-It calls for a hefty portion. You are right.
We are going to add a lot of greens. -You are adding more!
-Yes. -You are very generous with it.
-That’s how we are in Pelion. -Now, we will add the greens.
-All at once? -Yes, all at once.
-Ok. We add them all in.
How long will it take? -How long, Niki?
-About 15 minutes. We added everything
except the garlic… I will add it now. Come on Niki, do something.
All you did was chop some garlic. And… fresh tomato.
Should I add it? Yes. Now I will stir
until the greens soften, right? -Yes.
-Perfect! I will add the hot pepper. We have stirred enough.
It’s time to add the eggs. Let’s do that. I will put one here… This is nice.
We all are working together…. to make the food, right? We put it back on the burner.
Perfect! -We put the lid on.
-Oh, it has to be covered? -Yes.
-For how long? About 10 minutes. -I needs that long?
-Yes. Come on Niki,
when are we going to eat? Here you go. Oh my god!
And it’s still boiling, off the burner. It’s incredible! Niki, serve faster. I have to be polite
and wait for you… but I want to taste it. -Because you said that I didn’t help…
-She will bring you something else. They are cooked to perfection. Not even the French
cook eggs like this. What’s this? -Baked beans?
-Yes. Oh my god! It’s out of this world!
Incredible! -This is impossible.
-This is Greece. This is Greece. I am going to try the beans. This is a delicacy. When I was little
the only thing I didn’t eat was… -Baked beans.
-Yes. It’s time. I have been eaten them for years.
I realized their value. Unbelievable. It needs some feta cheese as well. These are the tastiest baked beans
I have ever eaten… and they are unfairly put next to this… because this is one of the best
dishes I have ever tried. Oh my god! Put the bag on your shoulder…. the other way was easier. We dip the cookie half way… Loukoumi-cookie! I find this more gourmet
because I haven’t had it before. Wow!
The apple has caramelized… it is amazing. Out – of – this – world! The breakfast served
at the traditional guesthouses in Pelion… deserves a Michelin star. Definitely one of the best
parts of the trip. Portaria
Anna Sfaka
Hotel employee -Good morning.
-Good morning. -How are you?
-What is all this? -Is this breakfast or a banquet?
-Breakfast. I hope you try everything. -Milk pie
-Milk pie and apple pie for sure. They are very tasty. It’s a shame because
I am cutting the first pieces. They say that the first piece
doesn’t come out perfectly. It’s the lady’s of the house. -You can also try the marmalades.
-What’s this? Cake. It’s homemade. Watch what I will do.
I will put marmalade on it. All the marmalades
are homemade as well. I will try the quince,
do you mind? -No, not at all.
-Perfect. -Should I try something else?
-Rice pudding. You are in the sweet section. I will start with the milk pie. It reminds me of “Bougatsa”. It doesn’t have semolina.
It’s made with flour… and his has a strong orange flavor. Let’s try the apple pie next. Oh my god! It truly is a “Tart Tatin” of Pelion. It’ not your usual apple pie.
It’s a cake on the bottom… on top it has apples, raisins,
cinnamon and all these goodies… It is amazing. I will have a bit more. Let’s try the quince. I really nailed it.
Quince and cake. Incredible. What can I say.
It’s amazing. Everything we see and eat
in this hotel is an example to follow… by all hotels… Breakfast in Greece
should be like this… because tourists visit
and they should enjoy… traditional Greek flavors. Rice pudding… Perfect. After this hearty Pelion breakfast… I have enough strength,
which I will need… because I have to gather olives. This season, all the residents
stop everything else they are doing… in order to pick olives
and make their oil for the year. Let’s see how
the harvest went this year. Portaria – Ano Volos
Antonis Andrinos
Olive oil producer Watch your step. Don’t step on the olives. -This is how olives are harvested.
-Yes. How many kilos of oil
will you get from this tree? About 80 kilos of olives. It’s about 5 kilos of olives
for 1 kilo of oil. -How many trees do you have?
-About 90. -How many days will it take?
-4 days. You are fast. I have a lot of help
and that saves time. -Can I help?
-Of course. You hold it from here… and as softly as you can
you put it in the branches… -Like dusting the olives.
-Exactly. So you can relax
and I will do the work. This way we don’t injure the trees
we just tap the branches… so the olives fall off. The secret is not to stand underneath it
so the olives don’t fall on you. -Was it a good year?
-Yes is was. I can tell.
The olives are robust. They are. Akis! We are finished with the tree. You will go on that side
I will go on this side… so we can gather the canvas. Great. We help the olives bunch up
like this. We are careful here
so the olives don’t fall to the ground. -That’s a lot of olives.
-Yes. We did good work. Now we have to remove
the twigs right? The larger ones, yes. Which olives are for oil
and which ones are edible? The edible ones
are the ones you water. They are usually large. These are not watered,
they are for oil. You can see they are oily. When I was little,
my grandma used to say… “Five olives are as good as steak”. True. This way you appreciate
the oil you eat… once you have done the work
and understand the process. Then you don’t use it to fry potatoes
that easily. So, how does the sack
get to the car? I will need some help, guys. Not like that.
Everything has its way. -It’s forty kilos, right?
-Forty – forty five. I lift more at the gym. You managed this one.
But if you lift 20 of these… you won’t be coming in to work tomorrow.
You will have back pain. I think you haven’t realized
how strong I am. So, how do I do it? You turn it over… and off you go! -On the shoulder and go.
-Put it down. Come over to this side. Grab it from the corner. Over the shoulder… It was easier the other way. That’s ok. I got this.
See you at the truck. Let’s go! Great! Come on! Where are you? -You are faster than me.
-I am. Well, I did only bring one… Where were you?
I was waiting for you. Let’s secure them. Where are we off to now? To the olive mill
to press the olives. Hello! Welcome. -Shall we unload?
-Yes. -Akis. These are yours.
-These are mine. I picked them. We are going to empty
the sacks in here. How long does it take
to get the oil? About an hour and 15 minutes. That’s it? This is where
the olives are picked up. They go up… the leaves come out of the pipe… the olives come down… they are washed… weighed… we see how many kilos
the olives are… and they come through here,
in pulp form. Really? It will go through the machine… which separates it into
oil, water and pomace. But the oil is not pure yet. Which brings us to the final stage. The oil goes through there
and is separated in the splitters. It is cleaned, filtered and weighed… it goes into the containers
and is ready to eat. Let’s try. -Of course.
-Let’s see what we made. So we can rest as well. -Let’s start dipping.
-Good job. We dip… The best meal, right? Perfect. You have to try so you can check
the quality of your oil. When you have quality oil
you don’t need anything else. Bread, salt, oregano… and dipping! Oh my god! I am quickly heading to Ano Lechonia… and to one of the most picturesque
train stations in Greece. “Moutzouris” the Pelion steam train… is one of the area’s
favorite attractions. It is also a wonderful way to enjoy… Pelion’s nature and wild beauty. The train will be arriving
at any moment. I will make a quick desert
to serve to the people on the train. I hope there are
a lot of passengers… because I am going to make
loukoumi-cookies… Gourmet loukoumi-cookies. Ano Volos – Ano Lechonia
Train station
“Moutzouris” terminal station Recipe: Loukoumi-Cookies with chocolate. So, I have beautiful “loukoumi” here… and what I am going to do is… I have a pot with a pan on top
so the water boils… I will set the pot aside… because I need boiled water… and I will put the pan on the burner… and I will put the loukoumi
in the pan. I will melt them
and then I will fill the cookies. I stir well… I put the pot back on the burner… on the Bain Marie… and I will take spoonfuls
of the loukoumi… and spread it on the cookies. Once it is spread,
we take another cookie… we press down… and the loukoumi
will stick to the cookie. I do the same
with the rest of the cookies. As you can see,
I am keeping it warm… because if I take it off the heat
it will get cold immediately. As before, we spread the loukoumi… which has become like caramel… You just press down
and the loukoumi has melted… and will cool down in seconds. We put a clean pan on the burner. We will coat them with chocolate. The bar is 200 grams. I will set aside about 50 grams… So I can use it in the end. I will put the rest
in the Bain Marie… so the chocolate melts… but because
I want it to cool quickly… I have to somehow
temper the chocolate. Very simply, I will put the chocolate in
and let it melt… and I will finely chop
the rest of the chocolate… My chocolate has melted,
I take it off the burner…. I will add the cold chocolate… Perfect… and I will stir one more time. This way my chocolate
will not be too hot… and it will cool down a lot faster,
when I pour it on my cookies. It’s time for the best part! We dip half of the loukoumi-cookie. You can dip it whole if you want. We let the excess chocolate
drip back into the bowl… and place it on parchment paper. That’s one. Isn’t this a great snack? Amazing! -Hello!
-Hello! Welcome!
Loukoumi-cookie? Thank you very much. Loukoumi-cookie? For you… -Loukoumi-cookie.
-Thank you. I made it.
I was on time for the train… and I was able
to treat all the passengers. Next stop:
The beautiful Agios Lavrentios. I am in Agios Lavrentios… one of the most picturesque
villages in Pelion. I am going to meet
my friend Dimitris… who will show me how he has developed
the recipes of Pelion. Right, Markos? He says yes. Ano Lechonia – Agios Lavrentios
Dimitris Maheras
Chef What do you think of the village? It is incredible, very beautiful… I know that culinary wise
it has advanced quite a bit. You have contributed to this. I strive for the best, it’s true. How did decide to come to the village? I studied at the Panteion University,
I am from here… and I joined the family business. My mother was a very good cook… and I hope I inherited
some of her talents. I would like to serve you
two dishes I have prepared… So you can tell me what you think. You are very famous.
You are the village’s famed chef… so you must be very good. You will tell me. Beef with chestnuts… and… Pelion Boubari. -Boubari?
-Try it. It’s a traditional dish of Pelion
with lungs, heart… and various herbs. Can you tell me what else is in it? Bulgur wheat? No, it has rice… I will call it a sausage,
but it’s not a sausage. It’s more gourmet than that. It’s traditional.
That is gourmet. -Have some too.
-Thank you. So I can see what I made. -Potatoes?
-Yes. They are cooked together. Some beef… nice… The chestnuts, I imagine… They are local, you can tell. You can tell that
this is of excellent quality. Thank you. The sauce is truly something magical. You can tell that someone
put a lot of love in this. How did you make it? I sauté the meat and the onions…. and I add “Mavrodafni” wine
and it cooks in the wine. I then put it in the oven
and it slow cooks for a long time. -The wood oven makes the food tastier.
-Tastier and sweeter. What about the chestnuts. They are added towards the end,
after they are boiled…. We clean them and add them towards the end
so they don’t melt… along with the prunes. I can’t tell you which one I prefer.
I like them equally, truly. Boubari is a traditional Pelion recipe… and the beef with the chestnuts
is a bit more, as you say, gourmet. I find the Boubari more gourmet
because I have never tried it before. -Thank you
-Do you make this by yourself? -Yes.
-Really? We get the intestine from the butcher,
we wash it very well… lungs, heart,
peppers, onions, parsley, rice… That’s quite a process. and then I cook it. It is incredible.
I will try to make this. I am not sure it will be exactly the same,
but I think it will be close. I don’t know
how good a cook your mom is… but you have taken the dishes,
developed them… and created something very special. I will remember these dishes
and when I pass through again… I will come to have them again. Thank you very much. It’s dreamy. Since I am in Pelion
I have to make something with apples. The famous Zagora apples
are not only very tasty… but also a very highly exported
Greek product. Although you were expecting me
to make something sweet… I decided to make something savory. Agios Lavrentios – Pinakates
Altitude: 1,610 meters.
Recipe: Savory stuffed apples The recipe is very simple. We need a pan on the burner… and, as always, we will start off
with an onion. Finely chopped… Along with the onion,
I will add some bacon. Normally the only fatty substance
we will need is butter… but because it will burn
if we only use butter… we will add
a bit of olive oil as well. I will add the onions and the bacon… I give it a good mix… One and a half tablespoons
of butter is enough… we drop it in… and add the garlic. Always remember that this recipe
goes perfectly with the ultimate herb… Sage. It goes in now. It goes in now because we want it
to add flavor to the butter and the oil. Now, I will add my ground meat. I will turn down the heat. I want to cook the ground meat. On to the apples.
We chop of the cap… we begin emptying
the flesh from the apples. Like this. I set them aside… and I will chop the flesh
from the apples… and drop it straight in the pan. I will start cooking the apple. What is magical about the apple
is that when we sauté and cook it… it melts and turns into puree. What will I glaze it with?
With wine. Red wine… I will add some pine nuts… I haven’t added any salt,
so I will do that now. Let’s not forget
that this is a savory recipe. I will add the salt… and some pepper… and I am waiting
for my ingredients to blend. It won’t take too long. While I am waiting I will chop
some parsley to add in the end. I also want to add a little bit of… nutmeg. Perfect. It’s time to stuff our apples. We start stuffing. We place our apples… and… I will use a cinnamon stick
to seal the cap. It’s perfect. I repeat the process. More stuffing, more stuffing… more stuffing… De-li-cious! Cap…. we close it… and it’s time for the oven. I place them in the oven… and I wait for them to bake. My apples are ready. As I said, they don’t need too long. I want to do this right. Perfect. They are stuffed… They are ma-gi-cal. You will serve the apple as is
on a salad. Everyone will love it! I want to get a bit of everything. Incredible. Out – of – this – world. Unbelievable. Nature’s palette. Feta and honey in when it’s done. Oh my god. You don’t have any complaints.
We shared the food, right? Where are you, Dee! -We will make a roast beef…
-A humble roast beef. Awesome. -It’s so tender.
The machine rocks! Let’s go Artemis. Akis, the whole village has
cobblestone streets… we can’t avoid this terrain. So everything gets done
with the help of these animals. If we want to get around,
or transfer things. It’ nice. To be honest, it would be nice
to go to the café this way. Good morning! It’s a little uphill now,
will get there slowly. The cobblestones streets extend
from the mountain, at the ski resort… all the way down to the sea. These streets were used by the residents… either for transport
or to go their farmyards. Are these horses Greek? They are Greek breeds,
they are ideal for this area… They are shorter… and have a lower
center of gravity… Both the cobblestone streets
and the mountain paths are difficult. Akis, this is Hatzini square. It’s a magnificent place… many visitors come here… and enjoy… what lies ahead. This is incredible! Amazing! Nature’s palette. This spot… with all these beautiful colors of nature
as a backdrop… is, I think, the ideal place to cook. Pinakates – Agios Lavrentios
Xatzini square
Recipe: Spetzofai variation I am in Pelion,
how could I not make “Spetzofai”? I will make Spetzofai
exactly how it should be made. We start with the sausage. We will cut it into nice slices… My pan is hot… I stir… I can see that my pan
is a bit dry. I will add some oil. Perfect. Once it has a nice color,
I turn down the heat… keep it low… because the next step
is very important. I take out the sausage… Oh my god! I’m moving on the peppers.
As you can see I have quite a few. I want you to cut the peppers
into big pieces… The objective is to have
different textures. If we cook the peppers properly
the peppers will melt in the pan. Look at this. For the time being
I don’t need to add anything else. I have to let the peppers
to do their magic. I will only add some salt… some pepper… and I will be patient
for 15-20-30 minutes… until my peppers soften up
and become a marmalade. It’s time to add the sausages in again. Red wine. We pour in the wine, generously. I will also add the tomato paste… two full tablespoons… stir… I will add the oregano… Dry oregano… generously… dried crushed red peppers,
hot paprika… or anything else you want. The last ingredient
we are going to add… is of course the tomato. I have two nice tomatoes. I will grate them. That’s it. What I usually do with Spetzofai,
which is not done traditionally… after it’s done cooking
I like to add some feta… and a tablespoon of honey. I don’t use it for the sweetness,
but for the consistency. It will keep my dish more fluid
and with better texture. It also adds to the flavor. We stir.
Feta and honey in the end. We stir with lots and lots of bread. I will cut it open… and… I will pour my food inside. and… you can sprinkle some feta on top. Don’t forget, we always add the oil
to Spetzofai in the end. Pour generously,
it is a oil-based dish… and we will get all
the beautiful taste of the olive oil. -Sausage?
-And what an ambiance… The difference here is that
they add a lot of oil to the food. It makes it heavy. The peppers
and the sausages drown in the oil. It’s good but… but it’s not like this. -This is lighter.
-It is. You can’t complain.
We shared the food, right? Let’s go on and enjoy our food. The peppers and the sausages
are incredible… It is amazing.
and the feta is a nice twist. Horse ride with Pantelis, check. Cooking in a great place, check. It’s finally time
to meet my friend Dee. I wonder what is taking him so long… but I know that
here in Agios Lavrentios… people have different schedules. Finally! Where have you been, Dee! Hey man, what’s up? I was left here waiting. That’s what you get
for waiting for Spinas. He has fired up the machine
and is cooking. Shall we? -It’s nice here.
-Yes. It’s Greek Texas. Is this car practical in the village? For around here and rides around Pelion,
it’s fantastic. But it’s obviously not
for gathering olives in the village. This is a “Sunday” car… to go out and enjoy the ride. A ride in Pelion in a Cadillac,
naturally. Agios Lavrentios
Dee Lord
Motorcycle mechanic – musician Here we are… Where exactly? Here? What’s this? Hey man, this is the bike. This is what we get around on… This is the bike… Let’s see, will it start? Because it’s old I don’t get fined.
Let’s go eat. Let’s see if the let us in. This is… awesome. -Let’s go inside.
-You first. We are here! This is Akis, Mr. Akis… -Giannis…
-How are you? -Spiros, Konstantina.. Let me take off my jacket,
it’s very hot. This is Robby, Akis
we are all from this area. This space is awesome.
I’m not sure what it is. Is it a garage, a bar, a hangout?
What is it? It’s not just a garage. What are we going to do?
What did I interrupt? We were making the pasta… -And he is the group’s cook.
-He is the oldest member, yes. -The Italian.
-The pasta is going well. So what’s the deal.
How long do you stay here? I am here 8 months a year… You spend 8 months here… How many days a week do you work? Work never ends in the village.
You need wood, etc… It’s hard work. And the bikes? All day, From 9 in the morning,
till 9 in the evening. Giannis… Roberto, I have known
since we were kids… Spiros who was the first to come… We work
and we all have something to do. -So you all knew each other in Athens?
-Yes. So one brought in the other. I have a surprise for you… You will marinate for me… so I can make a roast beef
in the machine. -Roast beef?
-Yes. -In the machine…
-Yup. Come on, Man.
I thought we could marinate over here… where we have some room. We are not going to make
a roast beef with crazy ingredients… We are going to make
a proper roast beef… A humble roast beef. but our meat is good,
so I will only add some olive oil… Awesome. Salt… generously… lots of salt. We are not elderly
with heart problems yet… Some dried crush red peppers,
because we want it to be a bit spicy… And pepper from the scull. Awesome. So… we will mix… so now you will rub
everything together… -It needs some love.
-Awesome. -I think…
-Are we ready? We are ready to cook. -Perfect, let’s go.
-Let’s go. Akis, do you think
we should put it in here? We will put the meat straight in here,
now that’s it’s hot… We will brown it on both sides… and while we are doing that… We will cut some vegetables
to make a small bed for the meat. We always have to keep in mind
that the meat mustn’t overcook. The piece is perfect, it’s sirloin. -Bring me the onion, good.
-Here’s a garlic as well. -Onion…
-Garlic… Leaf celery, laurel, two carrots. Perfect. Great. How did you get into bikes? The trick is to do what you love,
for a living… in order to be happy. Did anyone teach you,
or did you learn on your own? I went to America and trained
at the Harley mechanics school in 1994. It was a school
with another thousand students… Everyone with their bike,
it was like a prison setting. But we were all friends
and it was all cool. We talk about Engines and wheels. Just like you talk about
garlic and stuff. Perfect. We will cook it a bit
on the other side. What about the gravy? You want some sauce as well? I only have you here once. Ok.
Flour… -A bit more…
-Awesome. -We will add some wine…
-Awesome. We can’t’ just add wine.
I needs some stock as well. Toss it in. Perfect. -And some water.
-Good. Mix…
A bit more water… because it will be absorbed
by the flour. We will make lots of gravy. This is the plan: This will all set… and we will have a roast beef
with gravy sauce… on auto-pilot. -Off it goes.
-Perfect. Awesome.
Robby, bring the pasta! -We are ready.
-Our water is boiling. We drop the pasta in. Perfect. Did you roll them through the machine
or by hand? -The machine.
-You are fast! Let me stir a bit,
so they don’t stick to the pot. How many minutes
do they need to cook? About five. It depends on the thickness.
If they are thin they only need two. Fresh pasta cooks faster. You are amazing. He’s Italian. I am handing over the spoon,
I won’t interfere with your pasta. The sauce and the pasta
are yours. -I am out of here.
-Are you leaving us? Come on, Man.
Do some work…. leave me to my screws and bolts. Ok! Go to your screws… and we will make the pasta. How did you end up in Greece?
You said you were brought here? I was once in love with a girl. I am guessing
you don’t love her anymore. No, we broke up. and I stayed.
That was 12 year ago. Nice… Awesome, man! Do you makes stuffed pasta as well?
Ravioli, tortellini… Yes, I make capelletti pasta too. With liver and other ingredients. You have to say it
in a more Italian style… You have to use the accent. They will make fun of me. They tease me a lot. Your Italian friends?
No, here, that I speak differently. That you speak Italian? With an Italian accent. Don’t lose that. I will mix this a bit.
This is pasta! Look at this! Perfect. Your pasta is ready, take it
and I will bring the roast beef. Let’s see what we made. Our meat is ready! Let’s see what you made. It’s very simple. You requested it medium… you asked for sauce… I need a favor. Strain this sauce
and put it in a bowl… so we can pour it on the meat. -Ok?
-Done. I will cut it in half… It’s exactly as he wanted it. It’s succulent. If is if this cut
is not medium cooked… It gets very tough.
There is no point. It’s so tender. If you cook this for five more minutes,
it’s ruined. Where are you? Without a strainer.
I didn’t have one. And here comes the best part. You mind find some carrot,
but that’s ok. I will pour the sauce over the meat… Dig in guys, now that it’s hot. The host should go first. Of course. And to top it off… This is a feast! Dip it in the sauce, it’s over there. It’s good. If we had cooked it more,
it would be ruined. This is Greek beef… The machine has its own thing.
It is what it is. I want to try the pasta. The machine rocks! One, two, three. Incredible. If the ingredients are good… you have to be a screw-up
to ruin them. Come here, man
and take a bite… your jaw will drop off, man. If you dip it in the gravy,
it’s incredible. We are going to burst.
Who says that? Tell him something.
This can’t be happening. -What happened? He ate at home and he has
eaten here three times as well. He is on a growth spurt. He keeps saying
“no more I am full”… and then he eats again. And this is the end of a this trip.
I will remember for a long time. The nature, the beauty
and the gastronomy of Pelion.. are truly amazing. I am sure I will be back soon.


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