Alex Cooper of WP Eagle – Interview (Affiliate Marketer & YouTuber)

in this interview I talked to my friend
Alex Cooper over at WP Eagle it’s super interesting to get the background on how
Alex got started with his YouTube channel and I found out something that I
didn’t know he sold an agency way back in the day so we go kind of deep on that
and then talk about his goals for WP Eagle in the upcoming year let’s get to
the interview right now all right Alex good to have you on welcome and how are
you doing today I’m good thanks thanks for having me on a lot of my people that
are on my channel we’re very familiar with your stuff from there we kind of
share subscribers I think so it’s about time that I came onto your channel and
invaded one of your videos awesome yeah really glad to have you on in everyone
if you haven’t checked out how it’s this channel I’ll put links so you can check
it out but tons of great information on Amazon affiliate marketing marketing in
general WordPress and it’s WP eagle right so what else do you cover over
there Alex well the channel starting off has a wordpress channel it was WordPress
focus so you will find lots of videos on doing stuff with WordPress you know
could be full level tutorials on how to create sites ecommerce sites blog sites
affiliate marketing sites and but also if you want to do something specific to
your site you know maybe add some social media icons you know or do some SEO
optimization add a map add a forum all those kind of things you’ll find videos
on there so yet started being very WordPress focused but I’m affiliate
marketer and I’ve created affiliate marketing sites so there’s channel then
kind of went into that and how to use WordPress rights I’m really good at
marketing site awesome this is going to be sort of a general interview and this
is a great sort of segue so how did you end up creating such a channel like
what’s your professional background and you sound like a bit of a developer but
maybe I’m yeah okay I’m a bit of a developer I won’t say I’m a real
developer I’ve never been officially trained or anything on that I figured a
lot of stuff out by myself and my background is I rich well I won’t go
back too far but I originally had a agency and I was helping clients with
their Google Adwords and pay-per-click and a lot of clients were let down by
their websites so you know you create an excellent paid advertising campaign and
then you’d send the traffic to a website that wasn’t very good at converting that
traffic and that’s when I discovered WordPress and so I started offering web
services mainly creating landing pages for the the pay-per-click campaigns I
got really into WordPress you know actually
was blown away by how good it was and how easy it was to use and the power of
it and the fact that it’s free so yeah and I kind of stumbled across affiliate
marketing a few years ago and I realized that that’s really where I wanted to get
to I wanted to be an affiliate marketer I wanted to lose the clients because you
know they take up quite a lot of time there was ringing you and emailing you
and all that kind of stuff sorry yeah I thought WordPress was a good
thing to do I could see that there was a lot of people looking for information on
wordpress so I just started making a few videos on
how to do WordPress stuff and it just kind of screw from there and I’ve been
going in a 3 or 4 years only the last couple years that I’ve really been you
know working on the channel and now I upload every week if I can great that’s
amazing so when did you get started with WordPress in general it would have been
six seven maybe eight years ago when I actually purchased a website for my
company and the web developer recommended WordPress and they build me
a cycle WordPress and and before then I had had another site which it was kind
of like bespoke made and it was a complete nightmare and you had to pay
the developer every time you wanted something changing and you know if I
wanted to add a certain feature there’d be a lot of money and time involved
whereas with WordPress is you know generally there’s already a plug-in out
there so you can just you know you want to add a feature you want out of form
that’s fine just go and get a form plug-in you want out social media social
media plug-in so yeah that’s when I really got into WordPress when I
purchased a WordPress site off the development gotcha now
you mentioned you had an agency before that and I know we are going back
further but I’m just personally interested so how did you form the
agency like what skills did you have to do it how many people did you have
working for yes interesting a long long time ago my very first company when I
set up as you know self-employed to working myself I was doing Wi-Fi this
was when Wi-Fi was quite new so that gives you an idea of how long ago it was
so this was when laptops they didn’t really have Wi-Fi and yeah it was a new
thing and in order to have Wi-Fi yet to put a card in the side of your laptop
and put a Rooter in and all that kind of stuff so I had a company where I was
offering that service where I was hoping we would get onto Wi-Fi and I was out
networking one morning B&I meteor I think you’ve ever heard of BNI which of
these breakfast meetings are all around the world and you meet people at 7
o’clock in the morning it’s very early and you meet business contacts anyway in
there I met this guy there and he said have you heard of Google AdWords I do
Google Adwords and I said no but I’m interested I need some
more Wi-Fi clients you want to come and help me and he set up an AdWords
campaign and for long you know in a very short space
of time I was getting new clients and it just blew my mind that you could you
know put some stuff into AdWords set a budget and then you’d start getting
clients and this was back again you know when Edwards was actually quite easy
right and it was that was fairly new as well so and I was getting sick of the
Wi-Fi stuff because back then the Wi-Fi didn’t work very well so you know I did
still Wi-Fi then I was always getting clients call them in saying or the
signal dropping out it’s really slow that kind of stuff but I’ll just amazed
by this headward so I said to a in who who was the guy at the time I said look
I don’t want to do the Wi-Fi stuff anymore this AdWords is great you do the
AdWords and I’ll sell it for you I’ll be the salesman I’ll go out and do
networking in and that’s how it kind of worked so he did a lot of the work I did
a lot of the networking and the selling the same time learning about AdWords as
well and yeah we grew from there and we ended up taking on some very large
clients and we got into doing Google Analytics as well and so you know we was
large companies in the UK we had ended up with an office down in London and
we’re a Google partner so I got to go to Mountain View and go to Google’s office
and it was all good fun and yeah it was good times and then of
ultimately I took on an investor for the company and in hindsight wasn’t a good
good move and me and the investor didn’t get on particularly well and he ended up
buying me me out and I kind of walked away and then the company folded after
six months and that was the end of that Wow you had a glue holding it all
together man that’s very strange good done if you ever experienced investors
in that kind of thing but then you know we had a company was working very well
and we had loads of good clients there was about six or seven of us and they
were all just subcontractors we were just kind of working very loosely would
meet up in coffee shops we had a members Club down in London where we met as well
and we met clients and clients were fine with that and the investor came in he
went to start changing everything he wanted to get as a proper office on
Regent Street so you know that’s the very center of London that’s the main
bit and the rent was was incredibly expensive and he started saying that you
need to come in every day and that maybe you should put a shirt and a tie on and
it wasn’t working and I don’t understand why an investor would come in and take
something’s working and then try and just change everything and and anyway no
I decide that it was a good thing because then I was able to you know take
the money that I got from that and sit down and think about what I wanted to do
and I wanted to yeah be an affiliate market here and that’s where I am now so
Wow in a sigma it was it was a good thing yeah and I learned a lot I met
some great people on the way yeah amazing that’s really cool I had no idea
so fast-forward some some years ahead you decided to start a YouTube channel
you’re sharing these tutorials because you’re becoming obsessed and proficient
with WordPress right so like what made you start the channel just watching
other youtubers actually I was watching and they weren’t doing work person
anything they were PewDiePie and people like that and there
was a guy called Tobuscus but talking to about Amy I don’t know yeah it something
bad happened to him but yet they were just making videos and they were making
loads of money as well a few tube and I thought wow I love I’d love to do
YouTube it looks really fun and just so cool but I thought you know I can’t
really do a comedy channel or a prank channel um that’s not really my thing
or a gaming channel I don’t think I can only do that so I just thought eh well I
could do tutorial videos and I hadn’t really thought about the affiliate
marketing side of things at that point so I just started doing tutorial I
thought you know I can make loads of money off the Adsense which in hindsight
any youtubers will know that that should not actually where the majority of the
money comes from most youtubers make make their money from other things not
Adsense yeah then I made the video on how to make a site and I realized that
in order to make a website you need web site hosting and you need a domain name
and all that kind of stuff so there was an obvious affiliate opportunity there
so I hunted out some good hosts which I’ve changed over the time if you look
this on my earlier videos I recommend different hosting companies but yeah and
that’s kind of how it went from there and one of the Murray took off and
started donating some affiliate Commission and you know that just drove
me on to do more and more I imagine because I’m going through the grind of
like trying to grow a YouTube channel and I suppose it never goes away but
like do you remember the early days like how long did it take you to you know get
a thousand subscribers or five thousand can you walk us through sort of oh yeah
baby I was very excited when I got my first a thousand subscribers and it took
a long time it could take a long time but now it’s it’s like a snowball isn’t
it like you know you gain some momentum your first 100 subscribers on YouTube
were probably the hardest to get once you viral your friends and family and
you got up to like 30 with that yeah the first hundred by the hardest but then
when you get to 10,000 getting to 15,000 was hard and you know I’ve just gone
past 20,000 and I’m really up to 21,000 already so it’s just you gained some
momentum it’s like all these things once you get that momentum going it becomes a
lot easier and yeah I’m really loving YouTube and just
the road in London there’s the YouTube space chopped into a few times and they
run events and you get to meet other youtubers small youtubers and big you
tubers so it’s just a lovely thing to do and yeah I love being a youtuber awesome
yeah and it’s funny cuz it wasn’t even a thing just a few years ago so very
amazing so you said you just hit about 20,000 subscribers right Alex so what
are your overall goals for the channel like where are you heading this year I
want to get to 100,000 subscribers that’s a big goal for me because then I
think you get a little plaque from YouTube that you can put on your wall
that’d be very exciting so yeah that’s a big goal to me for me to get 200,000 and
I think the end of the year is probably unrealistic but maybe by the end of next
year I should hopefully be there we’ll see as I say it’s all very exponential
so you know the more you have the faster you get to the next one so receivable
and yeah I just want to build up my community a bit more I love doing the
live streams I love the interaction I get from my viewers I put like a handful
of regular viewers that I see on every single stream and they always comment on
my videos and some of the comments that I get from other people around the world
you know guys in India Bangladesh Australia Russia all sorts places where
they say they’ve seen my videos and they built something and they you know even
making money or they’ve really left a new skill or some of that you know
that’s more satisfying and then how many subscribers you’ve got how much money
you making to be honest when you get one of those emails or comments from someone
that where you’re kind of changing someone’s life basically by giving them
some free advice very cool man thanks Alex really appreciate you coming
on the channel and if people have any questions for you I’m gonna ask them to
leave some comments so we can try to do our best to answer those maybe do
another video in the future if people are interested so thanks Alex yeah
that’s fine yeah good all the polls here in your comments by the way have a look
at the channel I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing and productivity so
if you’d liked it please subscribe thanks you


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