hi everyone my name is Aimee Montgomery
I’m a life and business coach and I help people make money and find happiness and
today I’m gonna give you the top five things that I feel that are the most
helpful that you need to know about Alibaba. So a lot of people go out to
Alibaba and they will just think that they can find a supplier just by doing a
search and that’s all they have to do but the reality is is you could end up
losing money hiring slave labor you could even end up hiring a company
that isn’t even a manufacturer they’re a third party and they really can’t
produce what you require of them you could end up some with somebody taking
your money and running so I want to cover some of the things that I really
feel are important as you go out there and you find a manufacturer for your
private label number one is BSc ice certification this is really really
important because it ensures that your supplier is not going to hire slave
labor when somebody is bsdi certified it means that they give their employees
water they give their employees brakes they don’t hire children to do all of
the work and they don’t do any slave labor there’s a certain requirement they
have to live up to an order to get this certification so if you just go out
there and you hire somebody and you they don’t have the certification that could
actually mean that you are supporting slave labor so make sure that you do
your homework simply by checking the box on the left of alibaba’s search and with
it says BSC I so you actually all your results are the suppliers that are
certified number two is going to be FDA approval now obviously this is not for
every product that’s out there this is only going to be for the products that
are going to be something that you’re going to eat off of or ingest in some
way it could be makeup could be kitchen items could be baby products whenever
something is FDA approved not only does it give your customer more faith in your
product but it’s also going to help you with importing that product into America
once it’s manufactured so just make sure that they have these certifications but
number three thing to know is that not all the companies out there are
manufacturers some of them are suppliers there’s all types of different companies
that are on Alibaba so it’s really really important that you do your
homework and make sure it’s a manufacturer that they are creating your
product if not you have a middleman and that may drive prices up because they’re
taking a cut it could mean that they’re not they’re not able to produce your
product how you desire them to you don’t want anybody else in the process besides
your manufacturer so make sure that when you go and select somebody you are
dealing with a manufacturer number four is alibaba’s ranking now they have a
nice little ranking where if there’s certain manufacturers or suppliers that
qualify that they’re verified in some sort of payment process or different
things living up to certain standards Alibaba puts them into their little
categories now I would not personally depend on any of that
to make my decision for all I know they like pay a fee to be able belong to
assert certain club or something and then that’s what Alibaba does I don’t
really understand or know how Alibaba puts those people in those categories if
you know go ahead and post down below anything that you know about those
categories I think that it’s more important to find somebody that’s going
to deliver that’s going to give you the product that you want when your samples
arrive that they’re really what you want that they use the materials that you
want that they’re FDA approved bsdi certified and that they have you know
some real good current credentials behind them so I wouldn’t really depend
on those to make my decision number five is I’m going to mention that
it’s really important to do investigation on the manufacturers that
you are looking at now I recommend that people find maybe six to eight
manufacturers and you want to filter them you want to negotiate with
the price of your products and you don’t want to do that right away with the
first email it’s a process that you walk through but with the first ones you’re
really introducing yourself you’re asking for the quote you’re gonna be
able to provide them information about your business that you’re credible you
want to find out if they’ve had businesses like Amazon order from them
if they do business with Walmart if they do business with Target these are the
types of manufacturers that you want and the reason is is they’re going to be
familiar with all of Amazon’s rules and regulations and importing to America and
all of this so it really cuts out a lot of the work for you and if you can find
manufacturers that have photographs of their working space and their of their
warehouses and where they put the stuff together that’s really great if you can
find how many employees they have how long they’ve been in business and just
all of those little details now if this is something that you really need help
with I’ve actually created a cheat sheet that you can get on my website and I
will link it down below and it basically is a step-by-step process of importing
from China and all the things that you really need to know from working with a
four door inspector and even giving you some email templates to send to your
these manufacturers to begin the communication process if you’re really
not sure what to say and how to work with them because you’re gonna need all
sorts of measurements and weights and all of that sort of thing so if that’s a
little bit overwhelming to you again I will link that down below so you can get
your hands on that and hopefully that will help you so guys thank you so much
for watching my video this week I hopefully this has have been helpful for
you and we’ll see you next week

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