AlterStores Review & Bonus Offer – Watch AlterStores Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

Hey, Sam here. Let’s talk about AlterStores. Just a few seconds to check my huge list of
high quality bonuses included in this offer. Let me ask you a question. Do you know the best way to make money online? Sell eCom products! AlterStores is a cloud based platform,
that allows you to quickly create Affiliate Stores, with products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart
& Bestbuy. More products selection and price comparison
let your visitor know, they are getting the best deal. You don’t need to install anything or host
a website of your own. It works in 3 simple steps. Step1: Create a store. Log into the cloud based dashboard, choose
your brand name, and your subdomain. Set up your API keys, for Amazon, Ebay, Walmart
and BestBuy. Step2: Add Products. Add categories for your products, now search
products and import them. Select products from the search results, and
import in one click. You can view your products and edit them. You can change the status from published to
draft, you can edit description, category, and you can add tags. The software automatically picks a video review
for a particular product. You can also see all the related images, and
you can set an image as featured. Step3: Customize your store. Choose the design of your storefront. Modern, Elegant, Classic and more. Click on the gear icon to customize. Add a homepage slider, add banners and social
links. Set up your logo, add or remove pages, customize your menu. You can also enable email alert for subscribers, share
on Facebook & Twitter when a new product is published, and when a product price drops.

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