Ama Top Product Analyzer – Amasuite 5

Let’s say you want to find a product you can sell on amazon, well, one of the way you can do that is by looking at the various categories Amazon has for the products that are being sold there. So, for instance you have Home, Garden & Tools, Sports & Outdoors and then within all these large categories there are various sub categories beneath, so you can for instance go down to Patio, Lawn & Garden….. And then once you’re inside the Patio, Lawn & Garden sub category, you can go here to Grills & Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Cooking Tools & Accessories and then for instance you can try and find something that could be an accessory to a Bar-B-Que Grill. And then you can use that as something you can private label and sell on Amazon. Now once you’re on Amazon though, you’re looking at a bunch of different products, bunch of different categories and there’s a lot of information altogether, and you have to look through a lot of different products one by one….. So instead, what you can do, you can actually use the PRODUCT ANALYZER to go through these categories for you. So you run the software, you go down to the category that you might be interested in; let say Patio, Lawn & Garden, you can click this button here and it’ll bring up all the sub categories. And then within these sub categories there maybe multiple levels, so you can come down to Grills and Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Cooking Tools and Accessories, and now here’s the Cleaning and Maintenance categories, so we can select these different sub categories and then run the software…and now it’s going to go out to amazon and it’s going to pull in all the products within these specific sub categories. So, you can very quickly determine, Okay what are the best sellers in the combination of Grills, Grill Brushes, Grill Scrapers; right here within the software. And once it’s done this really quick pull, you can get actually more information about these products and pull in everything else. And so, what this is actually doing is its showing you, Okay, here’s the main category that the products are listed in, here’s the BSR, which is an indication of how well the product is selling, you can see the sale price, you can see what the rating is, the total number of reviews the product has, so you can determine whether or not this is something you can compete with, you can see how much the product weighs, you can see how its shipped so you can get an indication of whether or not it’s a private label product, you can also see how many people are offering the product, so typically higher number of offers means that it’s a major brand perhaps and so there’s a lot of different sellers. If there’s only one or a couple offers then usually it’s a private label product. So, you can see all this information at your fingertips simply by using the PRODUCT ANALYZER…you come in here, you select the sub categories you like to pull products from, and it’ll pull all this information in there for you! And then, of course you can analyze this data, you can filter it, you can look at what products are selling well…..and then dive in deeper to determine what you might like to sell on Amazon. And so, the TOP PRODUCT ANALYZER is a great way to help you get the initial search done, for the products you might be interested in selling on Amazon by starting at a wide level of a specific category you might be interested in, and then narrowing it down deeper! This is a short demo of the AMA TOP PRODUCT ANALYZER software, but if you’re at the stage in this process where you just have no idea what it is you like to sell, this software will help you narrow down your choices. So, pick the software up by Clicking the Link below this video!

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