Amazing Selling Machine 8 2017 Complete 4 Videos Training ASM8 Matt Clark Amazon🏃

hey there I’m Matt Clark and I’m Jason
Katz and today we’re gonna tell you Amazing Selling Machine 8 about the biggest opportunity to build a
real long-term $100,000 per month business that you’ve ever seen
this opportunity is likely the secret to the financial freedom you’ve been
looking for to start we have a question for you if you provide anything on
Amazon or do you know anyone who buys on Amazon what have we told you there’s a
way you can build a real successful business of your own selling on Amazon
today we’re going to show you exactly how this works we’re also going to tell
you why we’ve decided to come back and teach you this after a year-and-a-half
of focusing on our own successful businesses selling on Amazon if you’ve
heard about selling on Amazon before nearly everything you know or think you
know has all changed you see we’ve both sold millions of
dollars worth of products on Amazon in fact the last year alone we built
brand-new highly successful businesses from scratch leveraging this massive
online retailer last year in 2016 Amazon generated over a hundred and
thirty five billion in sales but what you may not realize is that Amazon is
just getting started there are two reasons for this first after all the
widespread adoption of buying online after smartphones tablets and one-click
ordering pioneered by Amazon by the way online sales are still just a fraction
of total sales people are still buying lots of stuff and physical
brick-and-mortar stores but not for long according to a report from the
Department of Commerce in 2016 ecommerce sales accounted for just
eleven point seven percent of total sales this means only about one out of
every ten purchases was made online now let me ask you a question do you think
in the future people will buy more online we do online sales as small as
they are compared to total sales are growing rapidly compared to
brick-and-mortar sales and who stands to win with this massive unstoppable trend
you guessed it Amazon according to report by slice
intelligence Amazon accounted for 43% of all online sales in 2016
that’s a 30% higher a chair than the year before this means
Amazon is gobbling up a bigger and bigger share of online sales each year
Amazon’s growth is even more dramatic internationally in Europe Japan and many
other places now let’s think about this for a second online sales are going
rapidly Amazon’s percentage of online sales is growing even faster what does
this mean well if Amazon sold over a hundred and
thirty five billion worth of products last year it’s completely realistic to
believe that Amazon will be signed 300 to 400 billion per year in the next
three to five years and what does all this mean for you well you’re about to
find out the second reason we know Amazon is just getting started is that
they’re not settling for just selling more the same old way they’re pushing
the boundaries of what’s possible and selling physical products like no
company in history with flying drone delivery around the world local store
pickup from online sales massive completely automated warehouses all
around the world and even creating their own shipping company it’s absolutely
mind-blowing what Amazon is gonna achieve in just the next few years alone
so as I hope you’re starting to understand this is just the beginning
for Amazon we asked you just a few minutes ago if you or someone you know
buys on Amazon if you’re like many hundreds of millions of people around
the world the answer is a resounding yes or soon will be what you may not know or
completely understand right now is that it’s not Amazon selling most of these
products you buy on its website it’s people just like you and us in about
five minutes you can have an account set up to sell products on Amazon’s own
website we’ve taught a lot of people to business model that anybody can follow
leveraging the power and massive reach of Amazon we estimate the people we’ve
taught are selling over a hundred and fifty million dollars per month on
Amazon right now because of this success we’ve been fortunate enough to meet
incredible people such as Richard Branson Robert Kiyosaki and Russell
Simmons we’ve even been featured in success magazine Forbes business calm
and more we have members that have gone from knowing absolutely nothing about
business or selling on Amazon to producing incredible life-changing
businesses for example we have Peter and Adina
there are a couple from Romania that before starting this business barely
spoke English in fact to learn how to do this business they had to use Google
Translate to even get started they started with barely any money and now
they own a business selling on Amazon in the US a long way from where they live
that produced over 1 million dollars in sales last year and then we have Sara
Douglas from Redmond Washington her husband started this business with a
zero experience while raising their young kids and working full time running
to music schools and just their second year of doing this business they
generated over a million dollars in sales and were able to quit teaching
music all together now in their third year the training to do over three
million dollars in fact they’ve already generated over a million dollars in just
the past five months we also have Theron Andrews from Sherman Texas Theron is a
former marketing professional and musician who is laid off from his
corporate job back in 2015 and was determined to never have to go back to
his corporate world he now runs a highly profitable Amazon business doing over
400,000 in sales a year and his products have become so profitable that Amazon
has recruited him into their invitation-only vendor program these are
people just like you and us that started with little to no experience and have
gone on to completely change their lives forever with what you’re about to learn
you can build a real sustainable highly profitable business starting today just
like one of these people there are just four primary steps you need to follow to
do this first you need to select the right kind of product to sell second you
need to find a supplier for that product third you need to use Amazon shipping
and warehouse service called fulfillment by amazon or FBA to automate the
business so you never have to touch or manage any inventory and fourth you need
to launch your product on Amazon and use a few special techniques to immediately
get lots of sales so you start making money fast over the next few days we’re
gonna teach you each of these four steps this video is just the first of a
four-part series by the end of watching each of these four videos you will know
the process for building this business the right way you want to watch each in
order so you don’t miss anything today we’re gonna cover how to select
the right kind of product to sell if you follow the product selection process
you’re about to learn you will have a great product that makes you profit each
and every day even while you sleep there are millions of products sold on Amazon
with this process you’ll narrow that down into red-hot opportunities with
high profit margins low competition and easy profit producing potential before
again today’s lesson let’s talk briefly about where Jason and I come from so you
know we know what we’re talking about years ago I was working an 80 hour a
week job in investment banking and I knew I had to get out that job was
draining me and I wanted to be free to do whatever I want whenever I want I
wanted to travel spend time with my friends spend time with my family
and truly live a free life with security and financial freedom so I ventured out
left my high-paying job and started my own business I fumbled my way through
building an e-commerce business selling physical products it took years to
figure everything out but eventually I started seeing success things really
took off when I discovered the opportunity on Amazon I literally
doubled my entire business I’ve been building for years and about one week
when I figured out how to make Amazon work for me I scaled my Amazon sales to
hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars per year
finally achieving true financial freedom along the way I joined a high-level
business networking group for people with seven-figure businesses and met
Jason in 1995 I started working for a large forest products company in Canada
even in a few years I was getting promoted and transferred to other
facilities things were going okay but I had this constant nagging feeling inside
that it was trapped then all of a sudden the CEO of my company did away with all
employee bonuses coincidentally that same year he received a 7 plus million
stock option bonus I now was 100% convinced that my assumptions were true
I was not in control my job was not secure and all I was doing was working
hard to make others wealthy that was not freedom and to me being trapped was not
acceptable within three years of having this newfound inspiration I was able to
create my own successful and more important I was able to quit my
job that was in 2005 and for the next six years I ran three different
businesses that all were able to generate millions of dollars in revenue
but something was still missing I never seemed to be able to truly gain
control over what I was creating and I knew I was missing something that is
when I decided to join that high-level masterminding networking group and met
Matt it was through that chance meeting that my eyes were open to the power of
creating my own brand and leveraging the insane power of Amazon within four
months of gaming my very first product up I was generating hundreds of
thousands of dollars in revenue each and every month with a very healthy 40
percent profit margin I have not looked back since we both are passionate about
entrepreneurship and love helping people our mission is to give people freedom in
their lives by teaching them how to build highly successful businesses far
too many people in this world a slave’s a job for years and years many never get
to live their own lives we don’t want this to be you we want to show you that
there’s another option a way to build a successful business of your own quickly
and for long term we know you can do this we’ve taught thousands of other
people just like you that have come from all walks of life all backgrounds in all
over the world and now it’s your turn the very first step is to get set up to
sell on Amazon fortunately this takes just about five minutes the reason we’ve
decided to release this video series is that the opportunity on Amazon right now
is bigger than ever one of the reasons for this is that Amazon has built huge
platforms all around the world that you can sell on we used to tell everyone to
sell in the USA now if you live in Europe especially Germany or Japan we
actually recommend you selling your local Amazon platform such as Amazon CEO
UK Amazon de or Amazon JP there are billions of dollars in sales every year
on these platforms and the competition is crazy low now if you do still live in
the USA or in another non European country and not in Japan we recommend
that you start with Amazon calm the USA Amazon platform so let’s
show you the right kind of account you need to quickly set up to sell on Amazon
so here I am over on Amazon seller central as you can see I you are L is
just seller central Amazon calm and so this will be the page you’ll actually
log in from now I went to they have a page very similar for as you
can see here is seller central Amazon Kota UK for the UK platform here is
seller central and here is seller central dot amazon co JP so you
can use any one of these if you’re in Japan I would use the Japan one if you
are in Germany I would use this one if you’re somewhere else in Europe I would
use the UK one if you’re anywhere else you pretty much want to go to the
dot-com which is the USA platform and so once you’re over here all you do is
click this register now button and it’ll take you to this page so this is
actually services on as you can see they have a lot of information
here your feel free to read through it if you want to but basically what you
need to do is you need to click this big start selling button and there’s a few
different plans they’ll mention so if I go to this pricing screen here you can
see that there are a couple different options there sells professional sells
an individual you don’t really want to mess with the sells in individual you’re
eventually gonna have to change that anyways so just great go straight to
selling as a professional because that’s where all the features you need are
going to be so sells a professional is just $39.99 a month very inexpensive so
it’s not like a cost very much but this is the account you need to get set up to
sell on Amazon once you’ve set up that account you’re ready to find your first
product to sell there are just five criteria you need to select a red hot
product opportunity the first criteria is selling price you want to find
product selling between 20 and 70 dollars we found this to be the sweet
spot when it comes to product price because there’s enough profit margin in
there for you to build a great business and inventory is not very expensive
here’s how to find the selling price of products on Amazon so now I’m going to
show you how to find the product selling price for the products your researcher
on Amazon and sometimes Amazon changes how the listing setup looks based on the
category so in this first example you can see once the page loads right front
and center you see the price so what there is is there’s the price and this
is what usually in the back end they put is like the manufactured recommended
price so this is just a higher price they’ll put in to make it look like
they’re sewn at a much lower price the sale price here is what it’s currently
being sold at and you’ll find most times you will see that there will always be a
sale price put in it on Amazon most people do that so they’ll have it so
that they’re saying the product goal is for $99 but they’re selling it for 43
but in this example I imagine they’re probably constantly selling it at around
the $43 mark another example here you can see how now the product price is
over on the side but again the same thing you see list price $24.99 but the
actual price are selling it for is 22 dollars and five cents so one thing to
keep in mind is well when you’re looking at price that from both of these
examples you see this one says forty three dollars and ninety nine cents and
free shipping and this one says $22 and free shipping and orders over thirty
five dollars that’s because Amazon offers free shipping on products over
thirty five dollars so that’s another important incentive to keep in mind when
you’re looking at what to price your product done the second criteria is
what’s called best sellers ranked for red hot opportunities you want a best
sellers rank between five hundred and five thousand one of the most amazing
parts about selling on Amazon is that it tells you exactly which products are
most popular products with the lowest best sellers rank are the products that
are selling the best think of this just like a competition the number one
product is the top product however because Amazon is so huge you don’t need
and don’t want to sell products that are ranked at the top those products are
usually just too competitive there are incredible opportunities if you go just
a little deeper that produced thousands of dollars in profit per month each
you see Amazon is more than doubled in size since we started selling on this
huge platform this means that now there are actually even more
great product opportunities available for you to choose from so here’s how to
find the best sellers rank so once you’re over on Amazon to start finding
products within a certain best sellers rank range a little trick is to type in
the Open bracket here close bracket here and start selecting a category now and
one of the PDFs you get access to as part of this launch video you’ll learn
categories that are good in categories to avoid but for this example I’m just
gonna pick the baby category and I put that little search operator in there and
click the search button and as you can see it pulls up a whole bunch of
products that are more or less sorted by bestsellers rank and so if I start
looking at some of these like say for example this one I open this I guess oil
diffuser up and I scroll down you can see this is one of the products sold on
Amazon if I scroll down to this section that says product information so as you
can see says bestsellers rank is number four and home and kitchen so this
product is ranked number four the fourth best selling product in all of home and
kitchen so I’m gonna close that one and I’m show you another example so I can
keep going down there’s gonna be a lot of pages here I can flip through so
there’s 400 pages so let me just jump over to page 3 to show you something so
if I keep scrolling down here and I say for example there’s another similar
product so essential oil diffuser if I click on this one so now this is on the
third page and I scrolled down here to the product details on some product
pages for whatever reason on Amazon it’s slightly different but same kind of
section and this one says Amazon bestsellers rank so this one is number
346 in health and personal care so remember you’re looking for products
that are between five hundred and five thousand and this what we call the
top-level category so this is the one that’s right here 346 and health and
personal care these subcategories you don’t really need to worry about those
pretty much at all so as you can see this is number one you could be like oh
this is the number one best-selling product in the category yeah but it’s
the sub sub sub sub sub category of chemicals all the way deep into all the
rest of these categories so this could be number one in this category but it
could be number fifty thousand in the top-level category and barely ever sell
anything and so really just pay attention to this top-level category and
the way to do it you type in this little search operator
here choose a category and start digging through these deeper and deeper so I
could go to page four I can go to page five I can go to page 100-200 however
deep I need to go until I start finding products that are between 500 and 5,000
and so I’m going to show you a couple other examples just so you were super
clear on the top-level category versus the subcategory ranking and so this is
just another random product I kind of have pulled up here so if I scroll down
to this product details section this is 128 and health and personal care so
that’s the top-level category but it’s number two and you know medical supplies
and equipment health monitors body weight scales digital so don’t worry
about that one just 128 that’s all you’re worried about so if I jump over
to this different product which looks like a luggage scale so if I scroll down
for this one this is number two and industrial scientific so super high
ranked and it’s number one of these other ones so really only worry about
the top one in this case it’s industrial and scientific and then one last example
just to make this even more clear is this is a temperature calibrator
apparently and so this one is number 18000 in the top-level category which is
industrial and scientific so this product would not fit that 500 to 5000
range but it is you could get confused and think that oh this is number 15 or
number 232 but these are subcategories not what you want to worry about so just
focus on the top-level category the third criteria of the red hot product
opportunity is weight you want a product that’s small and as light as possible
this makes the shipping process easier cheaper and faster
we recommend selling products that are no more than three pounds in weight we
also recommend finding products that are smaller if possible here’s an example of
what this looks like so what I have in front of you here are three product
opportunities that I want to show you about the weight and size of the product
so when you go to these opportunities you want to scroll down until you see
the product details section in the product details or product information
section you’ll see the product dimensions in item weight as we
mentioned you want to find products that are less than three pounds and
preferably small as you can see for this product which is
selling quite well this product weighs 2.8 pounds so it’s just under the 3
pound mark because of the larger product dimensions you have to consider how many
packages can be put into a shipping container and sent over the smaller the
product dimensions the more you can send therefore lowering your price and the
lower the weight because you do pay shipping based on weight as well the
cheaper you’ll get the product so this is a decent product 2.8 pounds but it
does have a larger packaging size this doesn’t mean this isn’t a good product
in fact this is a great opportunity it has a decent selling BSR it has a good
selling price it’s upwards of $43 and because of this in combination we’re
estimating if this products probably earning about 33,000 dollars each and
every month and revenue another example we have here are these disposable
plastic plates this is a great product easy to private label and if we come
down here the problem is it’s very heavy and the packaging is very large so
you’re going to be spending a lot of money to get this inventory to Amazon so
this doesn’t mean that these are good products to eventually get into but for
just starting out do you want to be very smart with your cash flow so you want to
avoid products like this so you can send the majority of your cash flow on pain
for the actual inventory rather than wasting it on shipping expenses one
other example I have for you which this is another great product selling at a
high price of $49 and it’s selling quite well it has a PSR of 2779 and so because
of that you know we’re estimating up this products doing easily another
thirty thousand dollars a month in revenue it’s got a decent weight 2.2
pounds as you can sell tell by shipping weight and the product dimensions it’s
fairly large still which makes it a little riskier but because of the weight
you can see here that it does meet our criteria now one thing important to
notice you’ll notice that sometimes Amazon changes how the product area
looks so you’ve got the product information on this one how it has the
area but on this one you can see it looks a little different so what you’re
looking for is either product details or product information it just depends
on whatever the category is Amazon sometimes gives you different titles for
that area the fourth criteria of the red hot
product opportunity is the number of reviews when an Amazon customer is
shopping around and deciding which product to buy a big factor is the
number of reviews of one product versus another the number of reviews is an
indicator of social proof the more reviews the better the customer thinks
the product is so you want to look for product opportunities with less than 500
reviews this means it’s still easy for you to come in with a new product
starting with no reviews and still be a compelling option for the potential
buyers here’s what this looks like on Amazon now I want to show you a couple
of good examples of products with less than 500 reviews and finding the reviews
is really easy as when you first go to the product you’ll see right under the
title the amount of reviews that there are so you’ll notice with this one this
looks like it’s a magnetic spice tin selling at a good price thirty three
dollars and seventy-five cents and if we scroll down to look at the top level BSR
we see that it’s two thousand two hundred and ninety one so we know this
product selling probably about thirty units a day but with only a hundred and
thirty eight customer reviews you could easily come in here and start competing
with this product another example of this is this organic pack and play mini
crib sheet set so it’s sawn for twenty three dollars
and ninety nine cents and it only has forty four customer reviews but yet if
we scroll down we’ll see that it has a PSR of two thousand five hundred ninety
six so again selling probably around thirty units a day making a very good
monthly revenue so these are two products with decent amount of reviews
for you to be able to come in and compete with the last criteria of a red
hot product opportunity is what we call private label potential years ago when I
built my first business I was selling high-end supplements with other
companies branding on them it was a pretty good business and I was
able to scale it up to about two million dollars a year in revenue in about two
years however I kept seeing new marketing opportunities including
selling the products on Amazon but the brands were still stuck in the old days
of selling these products directly to doctors offices I dreaded
opening my email at the time because I knew I would have yet another
manufacturer with an angry email telling me where I could or could not sell their
brand luckily I eventually discovered that I could actually sell similar
products with my own branding on them it was basically the same product I just
used a manufacturer that would put my own made-up brand name on the product
labeling my profit margins went way up I now had the freedom to control what I
did with the brand to build a real long-term highly profitable business you
absolutely must sell your own products you don’t want to be at the mercy of
whatever a brand wants you to do fortunately it’s incredibly simple to
create your own brand these days you can do this with just about any product on
Amazon let’s take a look at a few examples so now I want to show you just
a couple examples of more products that are great opportunities and how they can
be easily private label so I hope you’re seeing with all the examples we’ve been
showing you that all of these products can be easily private labeled but we
want to show you a couple more examples so the first one I have here is the aqua
topia deluxe safety easy bath kneeler and as you see the product if we look at
different examples it just simply has the name aqua topia on here so really
the branding itself on the product your private label or will easily do that you
can look at how this person’s product is make it your own unique way come up with
your own unique brand name and for the packaging it’s very simple most likely
the manufacturer itself will give you some packaging options you could even
just put it in a simple bag or you could get fancier and get them to put it in a
box and the manufacturers are very easy to work with they usually work directly
with packaging suppliers if they don’t have one in-house already so you just
work with them you can either work with their in-house designers if they have
that available or you could use some services like 99 designs and be able to
figure out what your brand he needs to look like to work with them
we recommend starting easier usually just start with the branding options
that come with the branding and packaging options that come from the
manufacturers themselves but as you can see you could easily brand this and do
some creative packaging and here’s another product example that you can
easily get your own private labeling branding on this is a bathroom surface
cleaner it doesn’t come with the drill as you can see but you can come up with
your own brand name do your own distinct coloring and really package it however
you want it doesn’t look like there’s any branding on the actual products
themselves but they have this great name the drill brush power scrubber you can
come up with your own name and packaging again can be really simple again you
just use the manufacturer can come in just a polybag if you want initially as
you start getting sales coming in you can start work with the manufacturers
and to be able to really create your own unique branding
now one thing I did notice if you look at this picture and you can see that
they actually have a little bit of branding right there so even just
putting the branding on the product itself is super easy just in this little
area they have the name of their website right there and it probably says drill
brush com hard to see from here but it’s just so easy to be able to get this
stuff uniquely branded to whatever brand name you want and then do simple
packaging to get started with to get your product up on Amazon and again once
it starts selling once you start getting the cash flow come in you get more
complicated with the packaging and really design it to meet the niche that
you’re in the market that you’re in so if this one if it’s primarily females
that are buying this product you would find that out through all your customer
database that you’d be gathering that you can really start refining this to
really hone in on what that market would want from packaging standpoint so how
much can one of these product opportunities actually make you with
over a hundred and thirty five billion dollars a year in revenue there’s a
crazy amount of sales on Amazon every single day some products sell over fifty
thousand dollars per day on Amazon alone that’s obviously a little extreme but we
just want to let you know the magnitude of the sales potential year an average
product we are one of the people we’ve taught selling elmas
can produce anywhere from fifteen to forty thousand dollars per month and
sales a typical profit margin meaning money in
your pocket per sale is around thirty to forty percent
this means a single product can make you between four thousand five hundred
dollars to sixteen thousand dollars per month in pure profit amazon doesn’t
release exact sales data for products sold on its platform so we have to
extrapolate the sales data based on our own results so in amazon and the results
of other top Amazon sellers we know just to give you an idea here’s a few
estimations of the sales and profit levels of products sold on Amazon so
here I am over on Amazon just looking at a couple different product examples to
show you exactly how much these different opportunities can make so this
is an outdoor wireless security camera it sells for about seventy dollars if I
scroll down to the product information section bestsellers rank on Amazon is
number seven hundred and fifty five and home in kitchen we estimate this product
sells about three thousand a month or about a hundred a day number of units
and that’s about two hundred eighteen thousand dollars a month in sales or at
around a thirty percent profit margin about sixty five thousand dollars a
month in profit from this one single product and as another example this is a
one of the essential oil diffusers if I scroll down and this product sells for
about twenty seven dollars and if I scroll down and this product is ranked
about seven hundred and forty four in home in kitchen and so this product we
estimate sells also around three thousand units a month or about a
hundred day estimated monthly sales about eighty three thousand dollars and
once again at about thirty percent profit margin after everything’s
considered that’s about twenty five thousand dollars a month and profit from
this one single product on Amazon that’s not even in the top 100 not even in the
top five hundred of its category on this massive platform and remember nearly all
of that happens 24 hours a day seven days a week
whether you’re on vacation or spending time with your family sales on Amazon
keep rolling in no matter what you do with your time and that’s just one
product in this series you’re going to learn about how to multiply this level
of sales rapidly this is how we hundreds of thousands of dollars on
Amazon in a single month and so if people we’ve taught for example Devon
Deroche one of the people we’ve taught who just started this business a couple
years ago sold over $400,000 in December of last year alone one of the best parts
of this business is that you can do it from anywhere no matter where you live
you can do this business we have members from over a hundred different countries
that sell in the USA and on Amazon platforms around the world by leveraging
Amazon’s vast resources you can automate all of the shipping order processing and
even most of the customer service you can run this business from a coffee shop
in Paris or a beach in Thailand it’s up to you what you do with your freedom
this is how Peter and Adina built a million dollar business selling in the
USA all the way from Romania without ever stepping foot in America with what
you’ve just learned you’ve dramatically increased the level of success you can
achieve selling on Amazon we’re just getting started
you know the stand above teaching someone to fish rather than just giving
them the fish well you just learned how to fish you now know the process for
finding a near endless number of amazing product opportunities on Amazon but we
want to go one step further we’re actually just going to give you some
fish over the past month we follow the process you just learned and put
together a big database of redhot product opportunities each one of these
is an opportunity to produce thousands of dollars each and every single month
in profit and we’re just giving them all to you enter your email below this video
as soon as you finish watching it and you’ll get instant access to 100
incredible product opportunities on Amazon plus we’re giving you a list of
good product categories to find redhot product opportunities and categories to
absolutely avoid on Amazon not only that we’ve also included a brief guide to
help you get set up to sell on Amazon from whatever country you live in this
is our gift to you to get you started on this incredible journey remember there
are four videos in this series in the next video which releases on Friday
April 14th you’re gonna learn the new process for finding suppliers for any
product you want to sell and how you get the best margins available so you
maximize your profit from every sale you make on Amazon you’ll also learn the
exact process to automate this business leveraging Amazon so you free your time
up to do whatever you want go ahead and enter your email below this video to
grab your copy of the 100 red-hot product opportunities while they’re
still available we’re gonna have to remove them soon so grab them while you
can there’s one more thing one of our very
successful members with zero Amazon experience before is built an entire
multi-million dollar company sourcing products from China without ever
stepping foot in that country in the next video of this series you’ll learn
how he does it and you’ll even get to see his real live results inside his own
Amazon solar account see you in the next video hey there I’m Matt Clark and I’m Jason
Katzenberg welcome back to this video series we’re showing you how to take
advantage of a massive opportunity eleven in one of the world’s largest
online retailers to quickly build $100,000 per month business that’s right
we’re showing you the process to quickly build a real business by grabbing your
piece of Amazon’s over 135 billion dollars in revenue in the first video
you learn the simple process for finding redhot product opportunities on Amazon
you learn the right way to do product research and find goldmine opportunities
on this massive platform to build your business right from the start we even
gave you a list of hand-picked product opportunities to get you started if you
haven’t watched that first video yet go do that now each of these four videos
built on one another and you don’t want to miss a thing don’t worry we’ll still
be here today we’re walking you through the process of finding great suppliers
for any product opportunity one of the biggest misconceptions about selling
physical products is that you have to spend a bunch of time managing inventory
what you’re gonna learn today is going to show you how simple and nearly
automated is to sell real physical products on Amazon you never touch any
inventory and this means you can live or vacation anywhere in the world while
your business produces sales for you even while you sleep if you remember
Sarah Douglas from the first video her and her husband live in Redmond
Washington and have sold over 1 million on Amazon in just the past 5 months with
the system you’re learning they run this business from their home while raising
their kids they don’t have a warehouse and they never manage any of their
inventory Amazon does all of this for them when they started right where you
are watching a video from us just like this they didn’t know anything about
selling on Amazon that picked out some red hot product opportunities and simply
moved on to the next step which is to find a high-quality supplier depending
on what kind of product you sell your supplier may be located in the USA China
or somewhere else the location of supplier doesn’t really matter a whole
lot to how you do this business the steps are nearly identical this means
once you know this process you can sell any product you want anywhere in the
world if you sell a nutritional supplement beauty
or any other product that goes on or in your body your supplier is likely going
to be located in the USA if you sell just about anything else
your supplier is likely located in China or another country outside the USA to
find a supplier for the health and beauty product you simply go to google
and type in the product name and manufacturer here’s an example over here
on Amazon I’m looking at a product that it just kind of randomly found it’s a
vitamin b12 sublingual drops and so this is the kind of product that I found a
great opportunity with and wanted to sell you know anything that goes on your
body or in your body like this is likely gonna be sourced in the USA especially
if you’re selling in the USA so to find this kind of product I would just go
over to Google and just type in vitamin b12 sub lingual drops and then something
like manufacturer the other option I can do by the way is probably label or
anything like that will kind of find me the same option but I’ll stick with
manufacturer to get started manufacture and if I scroll down you’ll
see there’ll be a few that may just be selling the product and for some reason
they’re just ranked for that keyword there’s gonna be some like this which is
more along the lines of what I’m looking for Amazon even shows up obviously we’re
not looking for the same exact product we want somebody who can put our own
label on it so this private label contract vitamin manufacturing this
could be a possible option this is another one could be an option and I’ll
see if there’s any other that pop up and so those will be enough to kind of look
at to get started and once again I can change this to private label and scroll
down and I’ll find some other ones so there’s that same one that we already
found and if I keep digging through these like reliance private label
supplements so there’s gonna be plenty of different options and so then all I
do is go over here and start looking for their contact information I’d make sure
that these ingredients are fairly close to what I have over here if not you can
always contact them a lot of them can do custom stuff as well so I would just
contact these people shoot them an email here info and nutrition manufacturer com
I’ll give them a call and that’s really how easy it is to source products from
the USA even if you’ve never done this before once you find a supplier simply
send them an email or give them a call we’ve included a supplier contact
template below that you can use when you first contact them to find a supplier
outside of the USA the process is even simpler there’s a massive company called
Alibaba that is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars one of their main
websites allow you to easily find suppliers for just about any product
anywhere in the world you need zero experience to use this website to find
suppliers for any product you want in fact rather than us showing you how to
do this we’d like to introduce you to someone
this is a member of our is that just a few years ago is working a corporate
finance job he was spending eight to ten hours a day at the office and settling
for just as two week vacation a year he had little time to spend with his wife
and two kids and wanted more freedom he started by watching a video series just
like the one you’re watching right now in less than a year after starting his
business leveraging the power of Amazon he was making more money from his
business than his well-paying executive corporate job he quit his job and he has
never looked back so I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Mike
McCleary you’re gonna be hearing more about Mike over the next two videos for
now I wanted Mike to join us today to show you how easy it is to source
products from China you see Mike and never build the business before much
less sold on Amazon just a few years ago he had absolutely never source anything
from China and even today he’s never been to China at all and now he
regularly sources high quality products for successful businesses from China
right from his home in st. Louis Missouri
alright Mike take it away thanks Jason and I’m really excited to be here to
show you just how easy it is to source products from anywhere outside the USA
but before I do that let me show you exactly what it looks like to run
multiple physical products businesses selling online all right so here I am
logged in to one of my Amazon seller central accounts and this is exactly
what you’ll see as well once you start your own Amazon physical products
business and log into your own Amazon seller central account when I started
out I only started with one single Amazon business just like you and
everyone else and as you’ll soon see it only takes one to be incredibly
successful in this business so let’s start off and take a look and see how
sales are going today now this is gonna be all in real life time so you’ll see
exactly what I am seeing all right so we go to reports and we go to business
reports and here we are at the time right now this was last updated at 1:40
p.m. Pacific time so the dates are always Amazon time on the west coast
which is Pacific time right now we are at sitting at about 1770 in sales so
we’re probably looking to do over 3,000 in sales today on this account not a bad
day so let’s go to custom and I’m going to show you an entire year’s worth of
sales for this business we’ll scroll back to January first all right and then
we’re gonna show it through December the 31st of 2016
can hit apply all right so as you see last year we did a total on this
business of not quite a million dollars nine hundred and twenty thousand dollars
and if you look down here at the ranging see exactly what I’m talking about now
I’m doing this all in real time so you’re seeing all these little things
show up that show exactly we did on each day as far as units and dollars so this
is just one particular business and this is one years worth of data last year now
to show to you that this is not a business that is short-lived and that is
actually very consistent let’s take a look at the previous year so let’s do
that so back as far as we can keep going back tells me I can’t go any further
right there so April the second so today is say for the second so that’s as far
back as I can go and let’s go up as far as we can and
again April the second so full 24 months remember one year was nine or 20,000 now
let’s see what 24 months is all right so 1.96 million dollars over the past 24
months or two years so as you can tell this business is really consistent it’s
not about a million dollars each of the past two years and again this is only
one of the Amazon businesses that I have and I’m gonna show you a few others over
here as a matter of fact let’s switch over so since these are other accounts I
have just logged into them so here is another Amazon business
we have so this one did a little over 300,000 in sales for last year and
there’s the dates and again you can see those actual dates down there make sure
you know I’m not monkeying with any numbers and then I do have another one
pulled up as well this one here did about four hundred forty five thousand
dollars in sales for the same time period January through December 2016 so
if you’re doing the math now I believe that’s around 1.6 1.7 million last year
just on these Amazon seller central account businesses that I have here now
that doesn’t include a couple of other things that I’m gonna try to show you
right now so let’s switch over and look at what’s called our Amazon vendor
account alright so now I’m logged in to what’s
called an Amazon vendor central account and very few people will ever see this
type of account because the only way to become a vendor with Amazon is to be
invited into the program there’s nowhere to sign up for you can’t be referred to
it Amazon simply has to take note of your brand and how well it’s selling and
how well it’s being reviewed and how it’s consistently doing well month over
month year after year before they’ll actually invite you to be a part of the
program and when that happens then they will actually purchase products from you
direct or wholesale and then they will sell them on Amazon and we’ve now been
members of this for close to three years now that’s how well our products did
after the second year during the second year of business Amazon invited us into
this program and it’s been a fantastic program for us so as you can see here
there’s not a lot of reporting data available in this system it’s not nearly
as robust as the seller central account said I just looked at pretty much
everything we have to view as just purchase orders so last year we had 31
purchase orders you can see the dollar amounts are pretty good over here we get
about two to three purchase orders a month last year but one thing you’re not
seeing on this screen are something called direct import purchase orders and
so that has been another real big boon to our business and as you can imagine
when they’re shipping via container they place some larger orders and that’s why
you don’t see as many on this screen here but to give you an idea let’s go
back and look at 2015 so we had 31 orders and last year there we go
318 orders the previous year if you look here in the preview
here this was here the chipping window is between looks like Thanksgiving and
Christmas the week before you weeks for Christmas we had a quarter in a million
dollar order from Amazon that’s right that’s two hundred fifty six thousand
dollars all ordered on one day to be sold as part of a deal of a day so this
has been a fantastic experience for us hopefully I’ve given you a bit of a
taste of what it’s like to have your own physical products business selling on
Amazon and how it’s completely possible to take that business just like we have
and grow it into a business doing just under three million dollars a year now
let’s head on over and let’s look and see just exactly how simple it is to
find your very own suppliers for practically any product you can want to
source all right so here I am logged in to a site called a li ba ba
dot-com and this site just is so incredible it makes it possible for
practically anyone to source any product from anywhere in the world while sitting
at their desk at their house so to show how easy this is let’s use the two
examples that Matt used in his first video a wireless camera and also an
essential oil diffuser so all you need to do is go here and you search for
products and you’ll type in what you’re looking for is listen search for a
wireless security camera enter that and as soon as you enter its gonna pull up
dozens if not hundreds of different products that you’re looking for look at
all these that are on here it’s just amazing they show you too many options
but there are a lot of ways to filter it down over here you can see exactly all
these different filters that you can use IP camera I believe the one that he
looked at was an IP camera we could select that and fill that filter out the
ones that are not there in styles the technology whether they’re waterproof or
not and then some other things that are really cool like where is your supplier
located China United States other countries in general most the companies
that for products that you were looking for me are located in China and then if
you’re ever worried about whether or not the company you’re looking to work with
is legitimate they have supplier types down here that
will also help you weed out some nefarious characters
a trade assurance actually means that Alibaba will ensure your order to make
sure it meets your requirements gold supplier means that this company has
paid to be a member of al Alabama and they’re pre-qualified based on certain
qualifications on-site checked means that someone has actually physically
went to their plant to make sure that they really are making these products
like they claim they are and then a supplier means that they have been
assessed online by a third party and they are a legitimate business doing
business here in Alabama so we get a check as many of those or all those as
you want a lot of times you know the on-site checked and assess suppliers are
good enough let just pick one for now it filters out the other ones that you know
we may not want to see we scroll down till we find a camera that we’re
interested in this one looks pretty interesting let’s see its final one a
little cheaper here we go right here are the mini Wi-Fi cameras anywhere from
fifteen to sixteen dollars the minimum order is one piece that’s great just for
trying to get you know a sample in let’s click on that as soon as you do it’s
gonna open up a new window so you don’t lose your whole list over here there’s a
new window and it’s gonna show you all the details about the supplier and the
product itself you can click on the company profile look at the other
products that they’ve sold here’s all the details on you look and the best
thing is when you get to the very bottom just gonna scroll down here once you’ve
read and decided if you like this product or not this is how easy it is to
reach out to each one of these suppliers they have a built in email system you
don’t have to have Skype you don’t have to use your own email address you simply
type your message here and it goes straight to their inbox and then usually
within about 12 to 24 hours they’ll reply to you asking answering any
questions that you might have this is an incredibly easy easy way for anyone to
contact people and find products and this doesn’t exist ten years ago at
least not as easy as it did and makes it so that anyone can source a product
anywhere around the world now let’s uh go up here and do one more
search just to make sure you know we didn’t get lucky looking for a wireless
security camera I’m gonna show that virtually any product you can find an
Ali Baba let’s try and Matt’s other one the essential oil diffuser there it is
and here are the results you can scroll down and see dozens among dozens of them
as a matter of fact here’s one that looked very
similar to the one that he had let’s click on that right there yeah it looks
it looks a lot like the one that a that Matt found scroll the bottom you can
read all the details on it tells it this one has some good pictures and some
really cool features and then the bottom course if we wanted to ask some more
questions about that we simply send an email to sunny Jen and they will give us
all the answers that we want and hopefully work out a deal to get our
first order going with them so hopefully that explains exactly how
easy it is to source products from as far away as China you know 7,000 miles
away from I’m sitting here near st. Louis Missouri you could be closer or
further but all you need to be as close to your computer and this process is
incredibly simple and incredibly fast to do all right thank you Mike
you see Mike had never done this before not long ago and now he’s a complete
expert in sourcing physical products from anywhere in the world with what you
just learned you can build a real business leveraging the power of Amazon
selling real tangible physical products right from your own home once you find a
supplier the next step is to use Amazon’s massive resource to nearly
automate the entire business years ago Amazon started building a network of
hundreds of warehouses all around the world to store ship products according
to statistic comm about half or 49% of all paid units sold on Amazon come from
people just like you and us selling products in Amazon this means the vast
majority of those warehouses are storing products that people like us sell this
network of warehouses is called fulfillment by amazon or FBA with this
incredible system unlike anything ever before you can sit at your home or on a
beach and have your supplier send inventory in Amazon and you produce
sales on Amazon without doing anything once you have your supplier send some
inventory to Amazon whenever someone buys your products on
Amazon the inventory is automatically deducted from your stock then Amazon
credits you with the sale then every two weeks deposits the money right into your
bank account they even take care of almost all of the customer service
because they’re handling all the inventory stores shipping packaging and
fulfillment your entire business ends up being just watching your sales roll in
on Amazon checking when your inventory is getting low emailing your supplier
since the moment Amazon it’s absolutely incredible how
powerful and simple this whole system is another incredible benefit of using FBA
something Amazon introduced not long ago have you ever seen the prime symbol and
shocking on Amazon this is an annual membership rolled out a few years back
that now has over 66 million paying members last year alone it added 20
million members and this year’s gonna add even more when you sell on Amazon
the right way and use FBA all Prime members get free two-day shipping on
your products and doesn’t cost you anything as the seller of those products
this means by leveraging this system you’re basically able to offer a huge
chunk of Amazon customers free shipping on your products without spending
anything this is just one more reason why selling on Amazon is becoming
essential to owning a business with this full system you get to tap into the
incredible power of one of the largest online retailers in the world and nearly
automate the entire business Peter and Adina are now able to spend more time
with their young kids and are an inspiration to all the people around
them in their home country of Romania their million dollar business is the
source of financial and time freedom that they have always dreamed of through
Ron Andrews along with his wife and fellow musician Romy
are now able to work anywhere their music takes them and have worked on a
cruise ship in the Caribbean a hotel in London and countless other places where
only requirement is an internet connection now that you know how this
business works there’s one last incredibly important
part of this business anyone can throw a product up on Amazon
all the power lies in what you do once it’s live and available for sale most
people including most Amazon sellers today do not have a reliable effective
system for systematically producing sales every single day on this huge
platform we spend years working on Amazon exploring every part of how it
works and why it works we sold millions of dollars on it and have taught people
who in total now we estimate sell over a hundred and fifty million dollars a
month and make up a significant portion of Amazon’s third party seller revenue
it’s safe to say we are at the epicenter of what’s working right now in selling
on Amazon in the next video we’re going to show you an incredibly powerful
system for taking a new just launched and turning it into a
constantly growing cash producing asset for you and your business you’ll learn
how to turn your product into a consistent stream of income and you’ll
learn how to double triple and quadruple the success to produce as much profit as
you want through your business this is how people we’ve taught have gone from
zero sales and brand-new to selling on Amazon hundreds of thousands of dollars
per month in an incredibly short amount of time all this and more is coming in
the next video for now grab your copy of the Amazon sourcing and automation
blueprint below this video you get a step-by-step process for turning any
product opportunity you find on Amazon into a real tangible money-making
product for your business with just a laptop and an internet connection as a
bonus we’re also giving you our proven and tested initial supplier contact
template this pre-written email template allows you to immediately
come across like a professional and be treated like one
when you contact suppliers for any product opportunity give both of those
right now below and we’ll see you in the next video hey there I’m Jason captain died and I’m
Mac Park welcome back we’re here on the third video of this series showing you
how to build a real life changing business leveraging the power of the
hundred and thirty five billion dollar online retailer in this
series you’re learning the exact process we and other people we’ve taught have
used some millions of dollars of our own products on Amazon this incredible
opportunity is absolutely taking off right now we all know Amazon is growing
like crazy it’s going faster than just about any other company of its size just
since we started selling on Amazon it’s more than doubled in revenue but what’s
even better is that right now is an incredible time to get in on this
platform and build a real business online retail is still less than 20% of
all retail sales even if we may not realize it because we do more and more
of our shopping online offline shopping is still by far much bigger however we
all know the trend is quickly moving toward online shopping each year more
and more people are buying online for just about everything they need in their
lives and who stands to benefit the most you guessed it
Amazon by the unstoppable trend of purchasing online alone Amazon is
growing like crazy however Amazon isn’t sitting idly by and
waiting for growth to happen it’s pushing like crazy which is creating an
even faster growth on this platform that anyone would have expected with drones
massive collection of warehouses even local stores to pick up products bought
online and expanding internationally like crazy in places such as Europe
especially Germany Japan India and now Australia the opportunity to learn and
leverage this platform is right now but we can’t say it’ll be the same for long
whether that’s six months from now or two years from now we’re not sure all we
can say is that right now it’s so incredibly simple to build a
fast-growing real business with Amazon you wouldn’t believe it to do this you
need someone by your side that really understands the platform fortunately
we’re here with you right now to be your guide
we’ve both sold millions of dollars on Amazon and I’ve taught other people how
to start from scratch and build businesses that are incredibly
successful everywhere from 10,000 a month to over 1
dollars per month so far you’ve learned about Peter and Adina from Romania who
built a million dollar business selling products in the USA and didn’t even
speak English when they started you also heard about Sarah Douglas who built her
business which is projected to you over three million dollars this year and then
there’s thrown Andrews former marketing professional and musician who is able to
work anywhere he and his wife were performing and his products have been so
successful that Amazon is now buying direct from him
there are thousands more people just like these that we’ve taught the right
way to build a real 100 thousand dollar per month business leveraging the power
of Amazon right now you might be working a nine-to-five job wondering if you’ll
ever achieve financial freedom you’re likely worried that you might be working
this job just trying to make ends meet well beyond a normal retirement age or
maybe you’ve tried your hand at building a business before and have not achieved
the level of success you hope for you might even already sell on Amazon
but just haven’t figured out how to really make it work like the top sellers
whatever your situation is we’ve helped people just like you change their lives
and achieve true financial freedom and the flexibility to live anywhere and do
anything it all starts with taking action and
learning the real way to build this business in the first video of this
series you learned about this great opportunity and how to find redhot
product opportunities on Amazon right now in the second video of this series
you learned how to find high-quality suppliers for any product and how to
nearly automate this entire business so you can run it from anywhere with just a
laptop and an internet connection today we’re giving you a step-by-step process
for launching a brand new product on Amazon so you produce sales incredibly
fast even with zero experience a big question we’re always getting about the
business is how do I compete with all the big-name brands out there when
you’re selling on Amazon you’re selling on a level playing field when an Amazon
customer is looking to buy a product they don’t just start digging around on
the internet to do a bunch of in-depth product research they just type a
general product description into the search box and buy whatever they see
with what you’re gonna learn today you’ll learn how to get your brand new
product to show up on the first page when someone searches on Amazon Amazon
currently gets over five million monthly unique visitors on
its website so what you’re about to learn is incredibly powerful what we’re
going to show you is pretty much all you need to compete with even the biggest
brands you’re using Amazon’s built-in trust to instantly add trust to your own
even brand-new product there are two parts to ranking high and producing
sales in Amazon first you need to create a well optimized listing that converts a
high percentage of Amazon customers who check out your product into buyers
second you need a system to launch your brand-new product so you can start
producing sales immediately let’s talk about the first part creating a well
optimized Amazon product listing that converts tons of shoppers into buyers to
show you what we’re talking about let’s check out a few examples on Amazon what
I want to show you here is an example of a really well optimized product listing
as you can see they have a great product image that really shows you how to
actually use the product you can see different examples of how the product is
used are clean images the white background as you can see the title it’s
got good keywords in it it describes exactly what it is that the product is
if you scroll down a little bit you can see the bullet points they really hit on
the benefits and features and as we scroll down you can see that when we get
to the product description it’s very well formatted so that it’s easy to read
they bold certain areas to draw your attention to it and they really try to
give you as much information as possible as to why to buy the product on the
other hand as an example of a poor product listing you can see this one
very poor images one simple image doesn’t really show you you know what
using the product would be like bullet points they have the model number this
does nothing to add value this does nothing to help the consumer understand
what benefits and features that this product has the title very much generic
it just tells you exactly the model number and what the product is that it’s
an and they don’t even have any product
description that’s worthwhile to pay attention to in fact if you when I first
scrolled on here I went right by it trying to find it so you really want
your product description to be part of the sales process to really help answer
questions so again this is an example of a poor product listing and this is an
example of a very well optimized protocol listing the first step is to
get high quality product photos nowadays it’s best to just send one unit of your
product to a real photographer to take photos you can find these photographers
easily online this can be as cheap as just $25 for professional product photos
you want the first image to have a completely white background because that
is what Amazon’s rule requires for the other images you want to use all
available slots for most products you have nine total image slots available
including the first one with the white background with the other image slots
you want images that show different aspects and uses of your product the one
downside of shopping online is that you can’t touch and feel the product with
your images you want to give people the sensory experience of using your product
by including great images that let them know exactly what your product is like
next to fill in the rest of your product listing you need to know what keywords
to target the majority of sales on Amazon happened because someone types in
a search term into Amazon search box to look for a product you want your product
to appear on the first page for as many search terms as possible customers will
type in lots of different searches many that you would never think of so you
want to make sure Amazon knows your product is relevant to as many possible
that makes sense there are four main places you’ll include your keywords the
most important are the title and then what we call the back end search terms
this is the product title so I’m over here on Amazon and as you can tell I’m
looking once again at this vitamin b12 product and so this up here is what
we’re talking about when we say product titles so this whole long thing is the
product title this is a little different than what Amazon kind of expects people
to do but it does help including these different keywords to get your product
to rank higher and faster and be more relevant to more search terms so just so
you can see how this compares to some other examples I’ve just searched for
vitamin b12 sublingual up and you’ll see this one is this is their
entire product title a little bit shorter this is a more standard kind of
version so this is nature made a big supplement company and so as you can see
this one person has gone a little further this is a little you know sort
of going above and beyond including these symbols inside of their product
title but you can see a lot of different ways to do this but the end of the day
this is what we’re talking about with product titles and here’s how to access
the back and search terms for any product you sell on Amazon so I’m
actually here logged into seller central and I just clicked add a product you can
get to the same screen whenever you already have a product and you want to
edit it but as you can see I’ve clicked here on this keywords tab and from here
is where you add in what we call the back end search terms is a little
description here and so you have the ability to add a lot of these but what
we found out is that for now you want to stick to a maximum of 2,000 characters
Amazon allows 1000 characters so not 1000 words 1000 characters per line so
basically you’ll pretty much fill up two lines and that’s what we’re talking
about with back-end search terms the other two primary places you’ll use to
increase your products relevance to more keywords are the bullet points and
description so here’s where both of those are found so I’m back on this
product and so to look at the other two places I just scroll down here sometimes
there’ll be this more links sometimes not it just depends what Amazon happens
to be testing that day but as you can see here are some bullet points and so
these have worked in quite a few different keywords in here most products
have five bullet points and so you can have quite a bit of text in there a kind
of standard way to do it now is to include a big sort of all capital
letters more or less headline there and then some more descriptive text under
each bullet point they’ve even worked in a ability to try risk free so they’ve
done a pretty good job here so these are the bullet points a great place to sort
of work on additional keywords and sales copy and then if I scroll down here they
have a very sort of advanced product description in most cases it’ll just
include text which is perfectly fine but this section here is the product
description and that’s another place where you can work in a lot of good text
for getting the product to rank higher on Amazon so how do you find out which
keywords to use to increase your products exposure and sales on Amazon
well there are quite a few different tools you can use let’s cover
one of the free ones when doing research on what search terms and keywords to use
one of the free tools that you can use is Google’s keyword planner now to find
it simply go to google and type in Google Keyword planner and it will come
up and you can see here keyword research and strategy when you click on that
you’ll have to have a Google account and so if you don’t you’ll need to create a
free Google account first and then you’ll be able to log in and go directly
to this tool when you’re in this tool what I like to do is enter your product
or service so for this example we’re gonna use essential oil diffuser so you
enter the keyword term here and then you go down and I don’t put any other
criteria in I just want Google to give me as many keywords as possible right
now and I click get ideas once Google runs through its database it’ll now spit
back a bunch of keywords and as you can see we have over 700 search terms that
we can use now that are potentially good for our listing what you’re gonna want
to do next is download these ideas so you’ll download them and then you can
select CSV or any of the other options I just recommend CSV and I don’t select
any other option on here and click download and you can see your download
is now available save file so then you save this to your computer now what I
like to do is use the free Google spreadsheet to be able to open this so I
go into my Google Drive and then I open up the file that I just downloaded from
Google and you’ll see it opens it up first in a format like this dot CSV and
on the top you’ll see where it says open with Google sheets just click on that
and it’ll now transfer that data into a workable spreadsheet where now you can
start sorting so that you can really pinpoint down to words that have the
best monthly search volume how I do this is I recommend that you click on the
columns that have the data in it and then you’re going to go up to where it
says data and then sort range now because our data has
so that the first row you can see the headers of what the content in those
columns are I click on that and then what I want to sort by is average
monthly search and I’m going to go from Z to a so that’s descending so it shows
the highest search to the lowest now one of the problems with the way the data is
put in here is you can see the average monthly searches shows 1k to 10k but if
we scroll down a little bit you’ll see that it then jumps up to 10k to a
hundred K now this is just because of how Google puts the data in here and
then how the spreadsheet wants to sort it but you want to highlight all the key
words that have a high amount of search volume so anything with only a hundred
to one thousand I’d recommend not really focusing on right now now obviously you
want to use as many keywords as possible because a lot of times this date is a
little bit different than what Amazon has but it’s always wise to start with
the highest search volume words first and these are the ones that you want to
move forward with now you don’t want to just blindly copy all these keywords and
paste into Amazon for your listing because you really want to sure you have
a good relevancy meaning that these keywords are truly related to what your
product is now I don’t know most of these keywords in general if they’re
good but something like for example cedar oil now if you’re selling the
essential oil diffuser perhaps cedar oil is not something that’s actually used in
an essential oil system maybe that’s something used for example with hardware
our in-home and improvement so if you know that through a little bit of
research you’d want to remove that so you want to go through make sure you
only have keywords with the best search volume and then remove any of the
keywords that don’t make sense again don’t just blindly take those keywords
and throw them in and that’s a good way to use a free tool to be able to get
some very powerful keywords to be able to optimize your Amazon listing once you
have this big list of keywords you want to put them into a spreadsheet and
remove any that clearly don’t make sense for your product now you have a good
list of keywords prioritized by search volume
to keep things simple just start with the highest volume keywords for your
product now you want to start working these keywords into the available fields
without keyword stuffing which means just throwing a bunch of keywords in
there that nobody can or would want to read with your title you can in most
cases create a fairly long title that includes lots of good keywords you want
to put your highest value keyword at the beginning of your product title then
work these keywords under your bullet points and description but remember real
people will be reading and deciding whether to buy your product based on
what you write so your first objective for those items is to get people to buy
however with your back-end search terms nobody will ever see those so the point
of those fields is to just include as many keywords as possible up to two
thousand total characters once you do this you will have a better optimized
product listing than 99% of sellers on Amazon
most people sell it on Amazon just know the basics you’re now using strategies
more advanced and what the average Amazon seller uses and we’re just
getting started for quite a few people doing this keyword research and listing
optimization is enough to start producing sales even before you do
anything else so once you have your well optimized product listing you’re ready
to prep for your product launch the first thing you want to do is get five
to ten reviews on Amazon for your product you don’t want to start getting
that kind of traffic to your Amazon product listing with no reviews just
think like a shopper would you buy a product with no reviews likely not to
get your first five to ten reviews the easiest way is to reach out to friends
and family members just tell them hey I have a new product I’m selling on Amazon
and I’d like to send you one for free then once they receive the product and
have had a couple of days to use it ask them can you please tell me what you
thought about the product by leaving a review on Amazon this is usually enough
to get your first chunk of product reviews and so once you have your
initial five to ten Amazon product reviews you’re ready to start your
launch and start producing sales if you haven’t already in fact we’re actually
going to bring back Mike McCleary to show you how easy it is to launch a
brand new product on Amazon to start producing sales fast
mike has tested tons of different product launch strategies since he
started so on in fact we call him the Amazon launch
guru although I’m not sure he likes that name too much we literally just use a
strategy to get one of our products ranking in the number-two spot on Amazon
for the most competitive keyword for this product the product went from
nowhere on Amazon to number-two in just five days
mic is now going to show you how this works and how to execute a simple
product launch sequence to start ranking for keywords and producing sales we call
this completely updated launch process the listing launch formula 4.0 thanks
Matt all right now it’s hop right into the listing launch formula 4.0 now
remember before you actually launch your product it’s important that you’ve
optimized your product listing just like Matt and Jason already talked to you
about making sure you have a good title product images bullet points description
have the back end search terms filled in and that you’ve also gotten about five
to ten reviews now once you did that the launch process is actually pretty simple
and it only involves three steps so let’s talk about the three steps right
now the first one involves taking advantage of Amazon’s 95 million unique
visitors each and every month most people when looking for products to
buy they go straight the Amazon and what they do when they’re there is they
search for products on Amazon what Amazon lets you do and not a lot of
people know about they let you put your product right there on the first page of
results by using something called their sponsored product ad system so I’m going
to show you how to set that up and you’d have to know virtually nothing about it
because they also have an automatic way of making this run so you get here by
logging into your account on seller central clicking on advertising and then
campaign manager so we’re gonna create a new campaign and that’s what the screen
is doing right here so the first I’m gonna do is we’ll give our campaign a
name we’re gonna pretend that we’re selling a spatula so that’s I’m calling
this campaign you give it a daily budget and see here you can even do this as
small as just $1 a day but let’s give it a $10 daily budget then you give it a
start date and that’s today April the 5th and you can put an end date in here
but I like to just leave that open that we can always come in you can always
pause this or stop it at some point in the
now below that is where we’re gonna select the targeting type and this is
where it becomes incredibly simple you can select manual chargon if you want
and then you have to put in what keywords that you believe people will
search for in order to find your product now that works and a lot of times in the
advanced sellers not to do that but Amazon makes it even simpler with what’s
called automatic targeting if you select this there’s virtually nothing else you
need to do Amazon will look at your product your listing
it’ll look at other listings similar and they’ll start showing your product on
the first page of search results where they believe buyers are already looking
for your product they know they have better information than anyone out there
in the entire world as to what search terms people look for when buying
products so why not start off letting them optimize your campaign and figure
out where to put your product on which search page so we’re gonna select
automatic targeting and then go to the next step now on this page we just need
to give our ad group a name doesn’t matter what as well select just them
we’ll use the the one that they’re talking about right there just the
default name you go down you search if you have more than one product you
search for the product you’re going to sell let’s say that I’m going to search
for our spatula product and then once the product you want comes up you hit
select and then the last thing we need to do is tell Amazon what we’re willing
to bid every time someone clicks on our and now you’re they’re suggesting in
dawa 17 but if you look here the range is actually anywhere from 57 cents to 16
2015 1 we can go small let’s just say that we want to start off only bidding
25 cents every time someone clicks on our ad and finally the last thing we
need to do is simply hit save and finish and within minutes your ad will be
running on Amazon and they’ll be showing your product to their customers alright
so the second step in the listing launch formula 4.0 is actually creating a
coupon or what amazon calls a promotion inside of seller central and you get to
the screen by going to advertising and promotions and what we do here is we
select the create of money promotion now we’re going to select the
product and I have one picked out here a test product you type in the percent off
we’re gonna go for 40% then you type in the beginning and end dates we’re gonna
make this go for about a week and a half so we’ll Selene select April 15th you
give it some type of promotional names so let’s call this our listing launch
for spatula then we’ll scroll down alright the next thing is we actually
have to come up with what the coupon code is and to do that we select the
group coupon code which means that everyone who gets this coupon we’s the
exact same coupon code and that’s actually called a clean code inside of
seller central it’s just eight random characters every time you’d suggest the
code Amazon will suggest that different eight characters for you also you can
come up with your own cool code if you want to just has to be eight characters
long now I do leave this box checked make
sure that each customer only use the coupon one time so the same person isn’t
creating multiple orders and getting this forty percent off our coupon our
product and then the last thing we do we go down to customize messaging and you
want to make sure that you have this box unchecked that means that if the if you
want your coupon to be seen by every single person who comes across your
product on Amazon you leave that checked but since this is a special launch
promotion and it’s a high promotion like forty percent off I probably only want
the people that I’ll be sharing this with in the next step of the listing
launch formula I only want them to see it so I’m gonna uncheck this to make
sure that only the people that I give this to will see it then we simply
scroll down click on review and then submit and then this coupon will be live
usually within four hours now remember what that code is because you’re gonna
need that for the next part of the listing launch formula now the final
part of the listing launch formula is to actually launch your product and start
getting some sales and in order to demonstrate this we first need a product
to sell so I’ve pulled up the window FST six 6.5 inch blade fish spatula not
actually a product of mine but it looks like a pretty cool product
so this is the product when you use for our sample and there’s three very simple
ways to launch your product the first is simply emailing your friends and family
you’ll give them a link to this product right here are your product link you
would also give them the coupon code that we just set up and just tell them
about your new business your new product and ask them to help you support it by
getting your product at a drastically reduced launch price second you should
also do the same thing and post your product and the coupon on your own
personal Facebook Timeline it’s very simple to do and that way you’ll hit
even more people because you actually be hitting friends of your friends as well
but the third and most powerful way to do this is going to take advantage of
Facebook’s advanced targeting system and I’m going to show you how to do that
right now all right now before I head over to
Facebook and show you how to do that let me quickly copy the link to our
product because we’re going to need that during the next step and you simply we
do the same thing for your product all right now over on Facebook I’m actually
on a page called ninja spatulas this is a fictitious page that I created to
demonstrate how easy it is to create your own business page on Facebook
anyone can do this completely for free it’s different than my own personal page
you simply go to the menu up here in Facebook and there once you select them
that there will be a create page option and again completely for free now when
you do this this is much more powerful than what we just did previously when we
sent the email out to our friends and family that only went to friends and
family when we post it on our own personal Facebook wall that went to the
friends of our friends and family so much bigger and better but still not
quite everyone we might want to sell to when you have a page on Facebook you can
actually target anyone that you want who’s on Facebook anywhere in the United
States and Europe Canada Japan wherever you’re selling and wherever Facebook is
that you can really narrow down and target those people I’m gonna show you
how easy to do it is to do so all we need to do is quit a very quick little
ad here and simply we’re gonna we’re going to create a post on our page and
then advertise our new spatula so get your main
ninja spatula for 40% off while supplies last and then here’s the really cool
thing I’m gonna paste in the link to our product and watch what happens as soon
as I do that Facebook goes out pulls in all the information for me off of Amazon
it’s got a picture of it it has a description of it even has the latest
reviews for it all without me doing practically anything at all I don’t have
to upload any of this it pulled in all the content that I want if I wanted to I
could even upload an additional picture for the spatula but this is plenty
enough for me the only other thing that I really want to do is make sure people
know about the discount code that we just created use discount code let’s say
that we created a character a character one called love fish during checkout and
now there’s only two things left to do first I’m simply going to publish the
post I could go ahead and boost it like I’m going to show you the next step
right away but I found that usually it’s much easier to publish it make sure that
everything looks good and then go in and boost it so let’s publish this post on a
page all right so our post is now published on our page and the next step
is to actually boost it to take advantage of Facebook’s advanced
targeting system and will click the boost post button and it’s going to show
us a little preview of what our ad looks like it looks good the one thing I want
to change instead of having a learn more button down here let’s make it a shop
now button this will update in real time as you change your ad there we go there
it is so our ad looks good now we need to do two things we need to target who
we’re gonna show this ad to and then figure out how much money we’re gonna
spend or what our budget is so first let’s target this by default it is
targeting people in Illinois age eighteen is sixty five-plus because I
live in Illinois so let’s click on the edit and change that all right I’m going
to remove Illinois and simply start typing in United States
there we go click on that so now we’re gonna be targeting all the United States
so now that I have the gender the age and location picked what I really want
to do and the real power facebook is to start targeting people based upon what
they’re interested in so since I’m selling a spatula I think
people might like cooking so we simply type in cooking we select that that’s a
really large group 510 million people so let’s narrow that down a bit what we’re
gonna do here is actually narrow the audience by entering another criteria so
I want people who buy on Amazon so you type that in you select that alright 169
million now it’s not going to add those two together instead it’s gonna layer
them on top and on each other so this is going to target people who like cooking
and who shop on that’s incredibly simple yet incredibly
powerful to do so let’s save that because that’s exactly who I want to
show this to and then the last thing we want to do is just pick our budget how
much you want to spend on running this ad as you can see you can do it as four
little as twenty dollars and even at 20 dollars Fitz will show this ad –
anywhere from 2,200 up to 5,800 people that is a total bargain to get your
products out in front of not only that many people but in front of that many
people who are interested in cooking and who shop on Amazon this didn’t exist ten
years ago but now we have this tool called Facebook at our fingertips and it
makes launching your product so much more powerful than it ever has been
after that we’ll simply choose the duration I think we can run this just
for one day because we can always come in and boost it again or we can create
another one based on how well this ad runs and then lastly all we need to do
is click the boost button and then within one hour usually Facebook will
have reviewed your ad and it will be running and showing in front of the
people that you target it so that’s it for the listing launch formula 4.0 map
hopefully everyone here it’s got a chance to see just how powerful it is
and how simple it can be to take any product and get it out there in front of
thousands of people who are definitely interested in it and who shop on Amazon
absolutely incredible right this how you can go from knowing nothing
about selling on Amazon to producing tons of sales just by letting someone
who knows what they’re doing show you the way to continually produce
more and more sales you simply repeat this process relaunch your product and
post on your growing social media channels such as Facebook and you
continually push your product on Amazon higher and higher for more sales the
amazing thing about this business is how simple it is to grow it just by
repeating the same process let’s say you launched your first product with this
process and it starts producing twenty thousand dollars a month in sales to
grow your business you simply launch another product in the same market under
the same brand and leverage what you’ve already done then your business can
quickly go from producing twenty thousand dollars a month to forty
thousand dollars a month and even up to a hundred thousand dollars a month or
more all by repeating the same process you’ve already learned this is how you
can go from having zero experience in business or selling on Amazon to
building a real business that produces a hundred thousand dollars per month for
you in very little time there are tons of people just like you that started
with little to no experience and change their lives with this business for
example here’s Gracie Smith she has an active duty military husband and two
kids because of her husband’s job she’s constantly moving in different places
she needed a business that could give her financial freedom and could be run
from anywhere her business generated a hundred and forty thousand dollars in
sales in her first year in 2015 then in 2016 her sales more than doubled to over
three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars she already generated over a
hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in sales this year and is on pace to do
well over half a million dollars all while working from home and raising her
two kids in fact after their most recent move in late 2015 she was so exhausted
that she did virtually no work the first half of 2016 and let the business run
itself and still had their best year yet as powerful as what you’ve learned so
far in this video series is it’s just the tip of the iceberg we’ve been
building businesses with Amazon and teaching people how to build businesses
with Amazon for years we have worked with thousands of people from all over
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the second component is something so powerful that I’d like to introduce you
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guide right now below this video before it’s unavailable we’ll see you in the
fourth and final video hey there I’m Matt Clark and I’m Jason
katzenback welcome to the fourth and final video of this series showing you
how to build a real hundred thousand dollar per month business leveraging the
power of Amazon we’re about to show you how you can build a business leveraging
this massive platform with over a hundred and thirty-five billion dollars
in revenue per year but before we do that make sure you watch the first three
videos of this series first if you haven’t watched those first three videos
yet you won’t fully understand the power of what we’re about to share will still
be here so go watch those videos right now and then come back now assuming
you’re all caught up let’s get to it as you learned in video 1 Amazon is growing
rapidly over the past few years and is a position to grow by even larger amounts
in the coming years online retail is still a small percentage of total retail
included all brick-and-mortar retail sales
however it’s quickly gaining ground in the one company best positioned to win
because of this is Amazon Amazon shared online retail right now is huge and its
share of total retail is getting bigger every day
lucky for you right now there’s an incredible opportunity to take advantage
of this rapid growth and build your own incredible business leveraging the power
of Amazon building a business with Amazon puts you on the fast track to
what you’re really after freedom whether you live in the USA or anywhere else in
the world you can build a business leveraging the power of Amazon it’s like
taking a sled down a hill versus walking down it you can get to the finish line
much much faster Amazon already has hundreds of millions of customers all
waiting to buy from people just like you and I even better with their huge
resources you can nearly automate an entire physical products business you
can literally sell any product you want large or small with just a laptop and an
internet connection whether your dream is to be a multi-millionaire live on the
beach in Thailand or just have a great business that allows you to spend more
time with your family you can do it with this model selling physical products is
a business that has been around for thousands of years and is never going
away leveraging Amazon in the internet makes us
timeless business nearly automatic like never before we’ve sold millions of
dollars on Amazon more importantly we’ve taught thousands of people many which
had zero business experience how to build a life-changing business with
Amazon you likely are still working a nine-to-five job right now or maybe you
already own your own business or you might already sell on Amazon but haven’t
really figured out how to do it the right way no matter where you’re at
right now we can help in the first three videos you learned about a few of the
people we’ve taught this model to their lives are incredibly different today now
that they have their thriving businesses Peter and Adina now travel the world and
spend time having fun with their incredible children they’re an
inspiration to everyone they know because they took a leap of faith and
now have an incredibly successful business Sarah Douglas and her husband
Todd were able to give up working full-time at the two music schools they
ran and now have the freedom to run their businesses from home raise their
one and a half year old son and travel and visit amazing friends all over the
world throwing Andrews along with his wife and
fellow musician Rami are now able to run their business from wherever their music
takes him it had become so successful that Amazon now buys products directly
from them Gracie Smith has been able to build an
incredibly successful business even while moving time and time again with
her active-duty military family now she’s able to run her business on
autopilot giving her the time that she always wanted to raise their two young
children now it’s your turn we want you to be the next huge success story we
want you to achieve the level of freedom you’ve been dreaming about we want you
to build a business that changes your life and the lives of the people you
care about the program that’s produced all of these life-changing results is
called amazing selling machine amazing selling machine or ASM is a full
step-by-step program that walks you through how to build this business from
scratch as quickly as possible whether you have zero business
experience or in a brick and mortar business and want the freedom that comes
from Sun online or even if you’re an existing M
celer we can help you use what we know to create a real long-term highly
profitable business starting today in video one you learned how to find redhot
product opportunities on Amazon in video 2 you learn how to find high quality
suppliers for any product and how to automate this entire business with
fulfillment by Amazon then in video 3 you discovered the powerful listing
launch formula 4.0 our proven marketing system for launching brand-new products
to the top of Amazon to start a 24/7 stream of sales for your new product as
powerful as all this is it’s just a tiny portion of everything you can do to
build a great thriving business with Amazon our members sell an estimated a
hundred and fifty million dollars per month on Amazon needless to say we’re at
the center of everything you need to know about the latest cutting-edge
strategies and tactics for building a real business with Amazon everything you
need to build a great business starting today is included with amazing selling
machine we walk you through building the entire business from start to finish
step by step leaving nothing to question like our most successful members stay
just follow the system and you will build an incredible business that gives
you freedom in your life before we show you exactly what amazing selling machine
is all about and what’s inside I have a few questions for you do you want to
never have to work for someone else again
do you want financial freedom in your life so that you know your future and
your family’s future is secure do you want to be able to live life on your own
terms and be able to spend your time how you want not how someone else tells you
do you want to be able to spend time with your family to travel to do what
you want whenever you want because you have a successful business that works
for you 24/7 that you can run from anywhere in the world if you do then you
are perfect for amazing selling machine like the thousands of other people from
over a hundred different countries you will create a long-term profitable
business you can be proud of one that you can grow for as long as you want one
that you’ll have fun building because you’re building something for yourself
not for somebody else we know you may have never built a business before like
many of our members when they first got started you may be working a
nine-to-five job right now you like they have kids a family and other
obligations in your life that leave you a little short on time no problem
amazing selling machine is a full-fledged package of everything you
need to build your own successful business as quickly as possible in fact
much quicker than just about any other business on the planet there are four
primary components of amazing selling machine the first component is the
online web class you build this business from start to finish with the eight-week
online web class this training is a hundred percent online and can be
accessed from any web browser anywhere in the world you log in at your own
convenience follow the lessons and build your business you have access to the
training for as long as you want whether you’re building this business on the
weekends at night in the morning or during your lunch break you can do it
with the proven online web class we’ve developed what we call the momentum
learning method that helps you get results incredibly fast this is a
special technique built specifically to teach you how to build this business
each lesson in the web class is hyper focus and includes the exact information
you need to get to the next step in your business you watch the video lesson then
immediately take the next step and grow in your business then once that step is
complete you watch the next lesson and keep building your business this
incredibly effective method allows you to build your business step by step
faster than you can imagine the eight-week web class has taught people
from all around the world most with little to no prior business experience
how to build a thriving business now here’s something super exciting that we
have to share with you you know things are constantly changing and improving on
Amazon and we’re always staying on top of the newest hottest opportunities
available so to make the web class even better even though it’s already produced
many millionaires you will be the first to access the completely new updated and
improved eight-week web Plus we’ve spent the past 18 months building our own
Amazon businesses there are new strategies that nobody knows about that
are all included in the new eight-week web class to get you bigger and faster
results than ever before it includes the most up-to-date strategies tactics and
insights for building this business as quickly as possible
so you’re able to achieve the level of freedom
your life that you’ve always wanted we’ve even brought on two very special
people to guide you through your journey in the online web class you know Peter
and Adina they’re on Andrews and Sarah Douglas you want to know something they
all have in common they all were helped along their journey to huge success by
the same two incredible people Mike McCleary and rich Henderson both
Mike and rich have built their own successful businesses with amazing saw
machine but what gets them even more excited is helping other people just
like you achieve true financial freedom with this program so along with us
they’re gonna be guiding you along the way through the eight-week web class you
not only get access to the world’s greatest training on building a business
leveraging the power of Amazon you also get access to the top two trainers
proven to help people be incredibly successful with this model so Mike and
rich please tell them what’s in the eight-week online web class thanks Matt
as soon as you get inside you get access to the Welcome module which gives you an
overview of how this program works it gives you a few steps to get started
building your business immediately and it introduces you to the private
community of members then in module 1 you’ll learn which Amazon Marketplace to
start with exactly how to get set up to sell on Amazon the seven elements of a
hot opportunity products to absolutely avoid the perfect product selection
system the full SM product selection criteria creating your hot product
opportunity list and how to narrow your opportunity list down to the absolute
best products next in module 2 you discover how much you make from every
sale on Amazon all about product tuning the guaranteed way to make easier sales
the three-step simple sourcing system finding and contacting suppliers like a
pro I’m getting samples for your top product opportunity in module 3 you
learn what to do once your samples arrive how to choose the best supplier
and get the highest profit margins the amazing brand name creation process the
rapid Amazon listing setup method automatic list building with package
inserts shipping by sea and air and placing your first inventory order next
in you discover the exact steps to take to
prepare from massive launch success creating your global brand image with a
brand website setting up your automatic list building funnel and the five-part
brand building blueprint in module 5 we show you how to create an irresistible
Amazon product page with the perfect product page system including strategic
keyword research creating a traffic grabbing product title crafting bullet
points that sell closing the sale with a compelling product description and bring
your product to life with high quality product images you also learn how to
strategically price your product from maximum sales and profit and how to get
automatic Amazon product reviews with the perfect email autoresponder series
next in module 6 it’s time to launch your product to the top of Amazon with
the brand new advanced launch and rank system you learn how to get your first
product reviews no matter where you live in the world and how to use Amazon
coupons Amazon advertising and a few other powerful traffic platforms to
skyrocket your product up in the Amazon rankings in module 7 you take your sales
to the next level with the advanced Marketing System and powerful traffic
tools you learn how to advertise on Amazon like an expert how to produce
sales with a little-known secret advertising system only a fraction of
Amazon sellers know about how to set up your raving fan customer service system
and how to measure and scale your business profits lastly in the final
module of the web class module 8 you learn how to dramatically scale your
business the right way we show you how to leverage the brand you’ve built and
customers you required to double triple and even quadruple your business
multiple times per year by strategically adding additional products to your brand
you can easily multiply the success of your business by doing this the right
way and you learn everything in the last module of the web class thanks Mike and
thanks rich now I know you’re a busy person so you might be wondering how
much time will I need to spend on this day to build my business this is a great
question so to help answer it I’d like to give you an example of one of our
members who didn’t exactly have a lot of time to spend doing this Sarah Douglas
and her husband Todd both worked full-time running two different music
schools while also raising their one and a half year old son they were able to
take the training during their limited free time and launch an incredibly
successful physical product business that is now on target to generate over
three million dollars in sales this year we like you to be able to spend about
one hour per day going through the lessons in the web class and taking the
actions to build your business you can do this each day at night or in the
morning for example or you can lump it all together in one day on Saturday
mornings if you want either way it works if you ever have vacation a trip or
something I expect to come up no need to worry you can always come back and pick
up right where you left off and keep going so now that you know about the
first powerful component of amazing selling machine let’s talk about the
second the second component of amazing selling machine is the mentor program
our our only goal with ASM is to make sure you build a successful business to
make sure this happens we’re on some of our most successful ASM members to help
you start and grow your new business on average the mentors have sold over 1
million dollars on Amazon each and their own businesses these incredible people
not only have built very successful businesses themselves but also
absolutely love to help people just like you it’s their form of giving back to
the community that’s done so much for them anytime you have a question or need
help along the journey of building your business with ASM the mentors are there
to help they’re active in the community every single day and are waiting and
ready to help you continually move forward with your business the third
component of amazing selling machine is your lifetime access to the private and
exclusive community one instant access to a private community of highly
successful multi-millionaire Amazon sellers people that have built this
business from scratch and gone on are produced millions of dollars in sales
all eager to help you follow their same path so you can achieve the freedom that
they have good luck finding such a qualified community until now we’ve
built the world’s most successful can a physical product business
entrepreneurs filled with the most amazing group of people you’ve ever
known there is no way to access this private exclusive community without
amazing selling machine this 100% online community is accessible from any
computer any browser and any device you can tap into it immediately 24 hours a
day our members use this community every day to get help get inspiration and get
updated on the latest cutting-edge opportunities and strategies right now
as soon as they’re available and you can too when you get lifetime access to the
private community with the third component of amazing selling machine
with the community you’re never alone when you’re building your business you
have thousands of people who have already done what you’re doing at your
back and supporting you along the way in addition to the 24/7 online community
we’re also hosting weekly group coaching calls for the new amazing selling
machine members these live group coaching calls give you the opportunity
to ask questions get extra support gain accountability and learn additional
strategies live we’re doing one of these each week starting with module one now
don’t ever worry if you can’t make one of the group coaching calls you’ll have
the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time and can watch the full
recordings with Q&A inside the members area anytime you want the fourth and
final component of amazing selling machine is the private resource fault
this is a collection of our own resources we used to build our Amazon
businesses that you get exclusive access to as an ASM member for example you get
multiple copy and paste’ supplier contact templates product and sample
evaluation templates and other powerful proven templates that you can simply
copy to grow your own business you also get the private contact details of
professional services that we use such as freight forwarders photographers and
more and not only that you also get exclusive access to discounts on
powerful Amazon software tools one of these is the managebystats tool created
by one of our very own ASM members to easily track profit and send follow up
automated emails to your Amazon buyers as a new member you get six months free
of this tool a deal not available to the public with a private resource ball
easily worth ten thousand dollars or more you get an insider advantage over
other Amazon sellers we’ve included everything you need to build a business
with this model to start your business all you need to do is get some inventory
which is as little as five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars to get
started we’ve taken care of nearly everything else for you so as a recap
the four components of the amazing selling machine are number one the eight
week online web class number two the mentor program number three lifetime
access to the private and exclusive community and number for the private
resource fault with any one of these components you could build this business
and be successful but with all four combined you are unstoppable and have an
advantage nobody else building this business has remember everything is a
hundred percent web-based so you can quickly build this business from
anywhere at your own pace now before we reveal to you how you can
get everything inside of amazing selling machine at absolutely zero risk to you I
mean seriously you will be blown away by what we’re doing for you to put all the
risk on us I want you to think about this what is your time worth to you
what’s it worth to you to be able to spend your time however you want do you
want more time with your family do you want to travel the world do you want to
have experiences and adventures and live the life of your dreams we all only have
a limited time on this planet and we care about nothing more than helping
people unchain themselves from lives of restriction most people spend years
decades even chained to a desk working a job they don’t like all with no hope of
ever being financially free this is no way to live there is another option
we’ve discovered it and our members are living it and you can too it’s building
your own successful fast growing business that provides for you even
while you sleep you know if you want to go out and buy a
franchise to get started in business a mcdonald’s for example you’d spend at
least five hundred thousand dollars if you want to go learn business by getting
an mba you’d spend $100,000 to $200,000 plus miss out on two years of your life
and being in student loan debt for years what about starting a local
business a restaurant for example according to Forbes that would set you
back up to 1 million dollars with no proven path to follow and no guarantee
of success on the other hand you can follow a step by step proven system for
building a proven long term business that’s been around for thousands of
years right now amazing selling machine
doesn’t require you to spend five hundred thousand dollars like buying a
franchise it doesn’t require you to spend $100,000 to $200,000 like on an
MBA and it definitely doesn’t require you to spend a million dollars like you
would if you wanted to start a restaurant to try to get financial
freedom in fact it’s not even fifty thousand dollars or twenty thousand
dollars or even ten thousand dollars you can get instant access to the same
proven program that’s helped people go from knowing nothing about business to
produce II millions of dollars in sales for just four monthly payments of nine
hundred and ninety seven dollars or you can save by paying up front for only
three thousand four hundred and ninety seven dollars like we said we are
passionate about helping people achieve freedom in their lives this is why we
built amazing selling machine and this is why we’re giving you the opportunity
to get inside and access everything for such a low investment best of all and
you won’t believe this you can access amazing selling machine with absolutely
zero risk for a full thirty days after the first module releases you get to try
out the program if at any time during those 30 days you decide it’s not right
for you no problem simply send us an email a live chat
message or give us a call and we’ll give you a 100% refund it’s that simple the
30 day refund period gives you plenty of time to jump into the program and
experience what it’s like to be an ASM member you have plenty of time to setup
your seller central account pick a product find suppliers and more all
before having to fully commit we’re literally giving you a significant chunk
of the entire amazing selling machine program with zero risk we know we’ve
built the best program ever created for building a fast growing business
leveraging the undeniable power and momentum of so we have
nothing to hide and no problem putting everything on the line for you if we
don’t live up to everything we then you get everything you’ve invested
back you get to experience a training access to mentors engage with the
community and access to private resources and then if you’re not
absolutely blown away by how quickly you’re building successful businesses
that changes your life you can get out now because of this crazy guarantee and
because we like to give everything to help our members there’s something we
have to warn you about for the past 18 full months nobody has been able to get
into the amazing selling machine we’ve had support tickets phone calls website
visitors and even friends and family begging us to let people into this
program we’ve said no to each one of them we spent the past year and a half
in the trenches building our own successful Amazon businesses we’ve
discovered new strategies that are more powerful than anything we’ve ever taught
before we’re including everything in the brand new completely
upgraded ASM 7 you’ve seen a glimpse of the power of these strategies with some
of the many successful members we’ve shared with you so far you’ve even got
to see real live results inside Mike McClair ease business so right now for a
very limited period of time you’re in a small window of opportunity to get in
right now you can grab your access to amazing selling machine but if you wait
you may never be able to get in again we have no definite plans of reopening we
want to give everything to our past and new members and once we close the doors
we will focus everything on them another thing you should know is that because of
the results our members are getting we’ve decided that even if we do let
people in again in the future which we very well may not the investment will
likely be thousands of dollars more than it is right now
don’t wait even one more hour or you may come back and see that this page and
video are shut down and you’ve missed your window click the button below this
video right now before it’s too late and grab your spot and amazing selling
machine join the community of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and start
building your business and change your life forever right now we’re excited to
see you build your business your life will never be the same we’ll see you
inside my name is Kenny Davies I’m from
Clearwater Florida and ASM – actually is when I joined so October 2013
hi I’m Patrick I am from just Northwest Michigan
I signed up May of 2014 is ASM 3 my name is Bryan clicker and I joined ASM and
ASM one my name is Devin Doris this is my wife
Katie and we are from st. Louis Missouri life before ASM I was I had a 95 job I
wasn’t happy was not happy at all so yeah it’s a ASM basically gave me the
opportunity to start my own my own company and work for myself which has
been it’s literally it’s just been life-changing
I thought about it for a long time and I gotta tell you I’ve been exactly where
you guys ready for maybe kind of considering you know is this something
that makes sense to do and one of the things that I did is like listen I’m
just going to go ahead and follow every step that these guys have laid out and
really it was a lot of trust only thing I knew is that Amos always a big
opportunity and that I knew that a lot of sellers don’t know how to work Amazon
I knew these guys did you know always had a desire to be an entrepreneur but
you know I was also working a day job my background was finance and accounting so
at the time I was working in financial reporting I worked in police and I
worked six days a week 12 hours each day so it was very difficult to get away
from that you know it was very very like tough schedule I was working for another
company actually doing sort of a similar thing as far as sourcing and stuff but I
was actually working in 95 job even though Amazon seemed like this daunting
thing when I saw people and I talk to people and I met people that were
actually doing it it seemed more attainable to me and I thought oh my
gosh I can do this I can have my own business I found out about
s/m from one of my friends then my wife was getting ready to go back to work
since our youngest child is going into kindergarten I figured okay this is the
opportunity I don’t have a business background and I don’t know one in my
family owns a business and just to go from that to where I am now and feel
like I’ve acquired such a priceless wealth of knowledge it’s just amazing in
the way the course is laid out baby steps that they have you take just make
the whole thing so streamlined so easy yeah when when we saw the videos for
amazing selling machine it just seemed like such a great opportunity that we
couldn’t pass it up I run my own business I you know I work from home I
work from anywhere in the world like right now we’re here in Santa Lucia and
I’m running my business from Santa Lucia the beauty of this particular business
model and the way this business works is that my income isn’t dependent upon me
showing up at a 9:00 to 5:00 job at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning Monday through
Friday once we got started we are like man this is this is just very you know
simple business that yes it takes a lot of work but you know compared to
anything else we had tried it seemed very you know easy and straightforward
and very natural for us so you know we were like why would we you know try to
do anything else you know this is just working so well the biggest thing is
I’ve met some incredible people that have been more than willing to help me
achieve my goals I think everybody in this community really wants to see other
people succeed and they want they genuinely want you to make yourself
better I gave it a shot and within three months I was able to put my 95 job yeah
quickly got to a point where I was actually making more than I was making
at my nine-to-five with my own company so it was awesome or we’re easily well
into the millions now per year and it’s changed our life you know our lifestyle
has changed we’re out of debt I love that we’re able to finally check off and
make progress and some of the things we’ve talked about can we cook together
as a family more often and actually not be so running around can we get from
point A to point B and actually see each other can we work out and work toward a
certain level of health and fitness that we’ve always talked about doing you know
we’ve been married for 12 years and I think are these last four months we’ve
spent more time with each other working together and actually being around each
other enjoying time together then we have in the 12 years that we’ve been
there the freedom to spend more time together as a couple like growing this
business it’s brought us closer together and I think it’s really it’s nice that
it’s created freedom in our lives travel together to you know take a day off
together whenever we want things like that it’s really cool it afforded me an
opportunity to do something on my own and actually have something real it
wasn’t like other shiny objects it was something that you do and you’re totally
accountable it’s it’s all on you you’re not depending on somebody else you’re
depending on the effort that you put in and the ideas that you have and you are
your own limitation like you can grow as big as you want or you can just you know
do something for play cash this opportunity it was just amazing because
we always wanted to do something online and we didn’t know what to do and this
involved online and physical products have just nailed everything for us
starting our own business it’s not the first time we’ve done it but this is the
first time I’ve had guidance all the way but listen how do I miss
way back and we had to just work it out and here we’ve got this incredible
opportunity to see what other people have done before us follow the park
invent our own way this evening if there isn’t the seeding it’s everything we
wanted there’s no better way to be honest with you you get you get given
the way forward the journey that you you can take and everybody’s journeys
different and you know there’s there’s a footprint and there are people that you
can turn to when you need help within the Facebook community I was able to
leave my my full-time job last May and you know work on our business full-time
and you know so it’s definitely helped us create a lot of freedom and just you
know the ability to kind of choose what we do and when we do it they’re willing
to do the work then it will work for you there’s absolutely no reason I’ve
basically gone back within the last year and retaken the same course myself
relaunched another new product and I’m making more money from that product than
I was making for the products I launched earlier it’s worth every single penny
okay so let me tell you a little backstory first of all this of course at
this point has paid for itself over well over well over a thousand times okay I
signed up three and a half years ago it’s paid for itself or well over a
thousand you know that’s a pretty good return on your investment you can’t
complain about that and it will continue to pay for itself from
making like a couple thousand dollars a month’s helping my husband to doing 80
80 to 85 thousand dollars in sales a month in less than a year it’s been
life-changing in the sense that you know we always wanted to travel and now we’re
getting the opportunity to do that together for our business you know
amazing selling machine really made it so simple to you know very procedural to
get started in a business and you know how to find a product how to source it
you know and then how to like launch it on Amazon and scale it with with
additional marketing and so it really opened the doors to you know just
creating an income stream that you know like I honestly haven’t seen anything
else out there like it you’re gonna regret not doing it don’t
just just just click the button and give it a try look if it’s not for you I mean
they do a money-back guarantee you know for a certain amount of time you get to
try it out and see they are genuine guys that have their priorities in the right
spot you know people first family first and then you know your business is an
extension of how you operate in life it’s just awesome you’re not on your own
and also it hit a roadblock there’s always someone there reaching to reach
out to I’m free and I’m putting all my attention to like Amazon I just had like
crazy amount of inspiration and motivation and just hearing the stories
and sharing the ideas and just seeing other people succeed and just knowing
you’re a part of this already and you can be so much more like if you just
keep doing the same steps and just keep growing in you know this is the little
eggs sky’s the limit you know sky’s the limit
you you shouldn’t be like thinking think big that’s all you know think big
believe in yourself and just never give up like Matt said look you’ll blow that
much money on stupid useless stuff okay throughout the course of a year buying
things that that will not build or do anything for you so give it a shot
really give a shot you you won’t regret it give it a shot


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