Amazon Affiliate Earnings and Adsense Earning Report 2019

Hi everyone, Today’s video, I’m gonna show
you how much money I earned from Amazon affiliate program without product review. This is a beginners tutorial. If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, if you have low traffic for your website, if you haven’t ready to review Amazon products,
this tutorial will help you. So, I ‘m gonna show you how you can make an
extra $200a day or month. If you use this tips, you can increase not
only Amazon earnings but also you can increase Google Adsense earnings. You can increase your website traffic and
earnings by using this method. You will apply this content idea for peak
shopping times and e-commerce events. The upcoming peak shopping times like valentine’s
day, mother’s day, easter, father’s day, Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,
and Christmas. ok, let’s start, Open Google trend is for analyzing keywords
popularity. Now you need to get low SEO difficulty keywords
with a large search volume. Go to free keyword research tool uber suggest. type Valentines day and select country United
States Now you need to click view all keyword ideas. Here is a long tail keyword and take “valentines
day images” and valentines day gifts. valentines day images keyword has very low
seo difficulty and high search volume which means you can easily rank for this keyword. First, you should create your blog post with
this low seo difficulty keyword like 20 lovely valentines day images in 2019. You can get royalty free images from sites
like unsplash, pixabay After creating your blog post, open your Amazon
affiliate program. Go to product linking menu. First step, click banners Now you need to get a seasonal banner whether
its Christmas season, mothers day or valentines day here is valentine’s day Select one or two perfect banner sizes which
are perfectly fit for your website. Next step, you can also add Amazon Native
Shopping Ads. Click Create Recommendation Ads Now you should put valentines day gifts in
the Search Keyword section. save and install native ads script on your
site. I earned $150 from Amazon affiliate program
and $500 from Adsense for only one blog post. If you create a more related blog post around
this topic, you can make $200 to 5000 for the future shopping times or events. So keep an eye on the next popular holiday
season or event. You will earn extra revenue. That’s it. If you like this video, Please like and subscribe
to our channel for more useful content. Thank you.


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