AMAZON AFFILIATE EXAMPLE – Football Snack Helmet Niche Site Teardown

this is the first installment of the
Tuesday tear downs what’s up is that coming in here from niche site project
people really love tear downs and I like to do them I’m gonna try and keep sort
of a regular format so I’ll share the report from SEMRush or at least the most
basic information so we could get kind of an idea on the traffic and then we’ll
also go ahead and look at what I like what I don’t like some tips and
suggestions so be sure to stick around for all of it by the way if you’re new
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started we are looking at football snack helmets now this is a very very niche
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just say yeah I want to see more of these tear downs let me know what you
like and what you don’t like as well so this site is one that has been outed
this happens to be your site and if you want this video taken down just shoot me
an email and let me know I have you know professional integrity and I only show
sites that have already been publicly shown so this is one of them here’s how
these are going to work and at the very beginning I’m going to show you some of
the details from some rush just the high level so we have football snacks sorry
football snack helmets calm organic search traffic and by the way some rush
is just an estimate so the organic search traffic says four hundred and
forty per month additionally right so this is an
estimate most of my observations are that this is low sometimes it can be you
know three four times higher because of longtail keywords that aren’t
necessarily noted now when we take a look at the traffic it’s mostly us about
about eighty percent there we see that the rankings were pretty low for a while
it looks like the site started in maybe early 2016 or late 2015 and then about a
year later it sort of jumped up now by the way I have
you know that sort of behavior sandbox and just having your site age is a
valuable thing and then we see a little further on looks perhaps this is a
seasonal niche but a little further on in mid 2017 the traffic seem to go up
again this is all based on estimates based on estimates for what this site is
ranking for so we could see down here the site’s ranking number one for
several terms it looks like the totals are roughly in
the you know under a thousand so mid three figures and they’re all around
football snack helmets and I fought NFL snack helmets that sort of thing so that
gives us sort of a picture it’s ranking for very specific terms I wouldn’t
necessarily call these buyers terms but it’s so specific that it’s probably a
good thing so again there’s a few others on here but those are you know within a
full within the sort of premium membership in the SEMRush so if you’re
interested in checking out a trial of summer I’ll put a link below I think
typically you get a seven-day trial unless they change something with you
know their policy the link below is my affiliate link and you should be able to
get like a 14-day trial tons of excellent information in here okay so
let’s start looking at the site first I’ll tell you about three things that I
like so number one I like that this homepage doesn’t have like a super long
like affiliate review it’s sort of like you know why I have a snack helmet it
has like the hero image at the top and then some pictures of these snack
helmets then you know a few ideas and other you know things like that I guess
here then they put a YouTube video which is nice it looks like it’s about DIY
Super Bowl treats apparently and then they have like you know native native
ads from Amazon here so that’s fine overall
I do have some suggestions but we’ll come back to those so I do like that the
home page isn’t affiliate you know an affiliate review I see that a lot of
times on these super niche sites now as we’re just looking around we can go to
the about page and it’s by a guy named Jay he’s an Eagles fan and he explains
why he has this site this is great I love this home pay order this about page
has a picture of Jay it doesn’t matter if that’s him
that does look like it’s probably you know a normal dude and additionally it
explains like the origin of the site and it establishes credibility in like
Watson it establishes credibility because he’s actually a sports fan so
that’s great it’s fairly short he does have it looks like you know another set
of native ads here which yeah that’s fine you know you’re sort of guessing at
the team’s here but it could get someone over to Amazon okay as we’re moving on
another thing that I’d like and I can sort of appreciate is they actually did
good keyword research and we could tell because you know they’re ranking number
one for several terms and it’s it’s clearly very focused so they they did
good keyword research we can see that what I don’t like I’ll give you three
things that I don’t like now so number one it’s way too narrowly branded right
so football snack helmets this is like how people were building sites in like
2007 and I mean I wasn’t even doing internet marketing then but I mean this
is a very old way to do things and I would say this site falls into the quote
micro niche that sometimes people refer to I think it’s a kind of a poor choice
it’s short-sighted and I don’t think it’s the right way to do things now if
you’re just if you just want to get you know started and maybe test a little bit
that’s okay but like I mean it’s just painting yourself in a corner you really
can’t have much else on here besides foot
snack helmets and let’s face it I mean a lot of people don’t care about these I
mean I’m not a sports fan I don’t care about football or really any other
sports either so or team sports anyway so I mean a lot of people it just
wouldn’t apply we look at the keyword research there’s a few hundred searches
but I mean this is never gonna be a huge site so that’s you know something I
don’t like it all on the homepage I like that it wasn’t affiliate content but I
don’t like this big hero image it doesn’t fit well at least on my
particular screen that I’m looking at now it does show a helmet with some
snacks in there but it doesn’t fit and it’s obviously like the wrong size for
this specific theme and I’d rather see like copy right away and just
information so it’s a personal preference the home page actually
doesn’t matter too much but this just doesn’t I mean it looks like they don’t
care and they didn’t try so that’s number two and then the big thing right
so the content really is lacking so we have we have this sort of you know home
page and then we’ll go to the blog so we have three snack ideas for your football
snack helmet okay fine that’s a good idea
and there’s like two posts basically there’s like two post here and that’s it
this second one is about cleaning the helmet and they’re pretty short too if I
had to guess that’s like 300 words or something like that maybe not even that
much first ones a little bit longer it’d be great to have pictures of tortilla
chips salsa and hot cheese dip in the helmet or the Swedish meatballs and IKEA
stuff in the helmet right that just makes sense it’d be way more interesting
to have that in there or let’s say they don’t have that I’m sure they got these
ideas somewhere else they could get a YouTube video and put it in there or
have a picture of IKEA just anything right just make it look like you care
about your content it doesn’t have to be perfect it just
has to be something so that is something they really need to work on the content
really isn’t there the next part that I’ll point out so it’s just our you know
snack helmet so we’ll go here we’ll just pick arbitrarily a team here let’s pick
I’m from Atlanta let’s pick the Falcons here so we have some information they
tell you about the team info they tell you about the snack helmet info which is
good and then some sort of a ranking here I’m sure
this is some sort of a plugin of some kind I’m not sure which one but it looks
like it’s tied to actually it’s not tied to Amazon at Aulis their own ranking so
some plugin for reviews and I mean we have to imagine right the snack tray
size the helmet size and the helmet quality the team authenticity these are
all the same just with a different logo so this kind of is useless information
but interesting right so I mean when it comes down to it there’s not much you
could put for individual teams but it’s interesting at least they’re snacks in
this image over here so again the content is sparse I’m not sure how you
would beef up the content or I mean actually I’m not sure it really matters
so just a quick recap what I like I like the homepage didn’t have affiliate
content or at least it wasn’t like an affiliate review the about page was
personal it explained why the site was there I had a picture of the founder of
the site the third thing that I like is it looks like they did keyword research
at least in a very narrow micro niche if I may use the term things I didn’t like
the site branding way too small they painted themselves in a corner and
there’s basically nothing you could do with this it’s also very seasonal so
just an aside it’s very seasonal I would imagine because a good portion of the
year they’re like no one’s having these snack party or parties to have these
football helmets snack deals so the third thing that I didn’t like a big one
is there’s not much content so I mean that’s sort of the that’s the thing this
the engine that makes these sites go is content if you have very little content
I mean you’re just necking you’re limiting yourself you’re not
going to get more traffic so my suggestions based on those things so
number one bran the site better make it like just sports stuff that you could
buy people do buy a bunch of other stuff you know while I’m not a sports fan I
realize a lot of people are sports fans further right maybe there are other
types of snack like novelty snack holder things that you could do so I I don’t
know I’m just gonna make stuff up maybe there’s like a baseball you know bat
snack thing maybe that’s an idea for someone I’m not sure what other ideas I
could come up with maybe some sort of NASCAR snack helmet deal I have no idea
but the point is if you brand it more generally you can have these football
snack helmets sort of like in a silo if you will of content not by the pure
definition but you could just have different products that you focus on and
that allows you a lot more flexibility so that you can actually grow the site
you can’t do much with this size so that’s the number one thing branding the
second part and the major you know the other major thing is if you brand it
more generally you could add more content so have actual reviews perhaps
right they have a ton of like how-to content on like tailgating and throwing
parties for sports and just based on that I bet they can get tons of traffic
I mean you can get recipes out there oriented towards like various teams you
could probably name the recipes after teams or players on the teams I don’t
know any examples but you could really put a lot of content out there and then
funnel people over to the products that help you you know throw a party or
tailgate or whatever quick note I’m going to throw in a
little bonus here in a second so in there navigation to have the helmets and
then the team’s great so it’s easy to find stuff they have the about page they
have the get your section here so this get yours actually goes to Amazon and
you’ll see this actually is a it’s not clear that you’re going to Amazon’s are
cloaking the link it’s not cool you know Amazon is not okay with that in general
there are some no different opinions but in general
this is cloaking the link it is unclear that I’m going to Amazon but when I
click the link you’ll see here I do indeed get redirected to Amazon to this
page with football snack helmets it’s just the search page the other part this
one is slightly more clear as tailgate bundles and I can see the link does go
to Amazon / the short link so when I click on that it is bundled up already
and it’s sports you know bundles basically team bundles so these are the
350 range the thing is this is not going to convert that well so just from a
marketing perspective when I clicked on it I was like oh tailgate bundles cool
but I don’t have any idea what’s in the bundle before I go to it I don’t know
the price point or anything like that in my head I was like I’ll spend like 50 or
60 bucks on like a bundle of stuff that’s put together but when I click
over here I’m thinking damn three hundred and fifty dollars I’m gonna have
to check with my wife before I buy something that expensive so it kind of
like you know this first row here is a little much as we scroll down it becomes
more manageable so that part isn’t as bad but you know if I’m just browsing
around I see 350 I’m like forget that I got stuff to do and I’m out of here so
this concludes the review on the football snack helmets let me know what
you think in the comments below let me know if you like this style of review a
little quicker hint I’m gonna talk about what I like when I don’t like and then
suggestions and by the way the question of the day is what did you like about
this site what did you not like about this site and what would you change if
it was your site let me know in the comments below
be sure to check out the comments by the way some of the best suggestions some of
the best ideas are in the comments from the community thanks for checking out
the video and again if it’s the first time you’ve
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