Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Hey Guys
I’m guessing you are watching this video because you are looking for a way to get your Amazon
links localized so that you can increase your Amazon commission from different countries;
well you have landed at the right place. I have been building Amazon affiliate sites
for a few years now and have been having great success generating a full time income, but
have always felt I could make more. Then by chance I discovered an Amazon affiliate
link localizer plugin for WordPress. This is a great plugin that lets you convert your
entire Amazon affiliate links and then display your links for the Amazon locale based on
who is visiting your website. Using this Amazon link localizer plugin you
can sign up for any country where Amazon has an affiliate program including: United States,
Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom.
This turned out to be a huge commission booster for me and I am now making thousands of dollars
each and every month! One of the other benefits of using this Amazon
affiliate link localizer plugin is that it will also save you time as you can search
Amazon from inside your WordPress site. After being spoiled with this plugin I would not
ever want to go back to the old way! I recommend this Amazon affiliate link localizer
plugin all the time to other people building Amazon sites, it’s a great plugin.
If you want to find out more just click the link in the description which will take you
to their website where they have a lot more information than I can tell you here.


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