Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners-Tutorial and Training to Make $1000 Your First 30 Days

hey how’s it going Jeff here from money
buys dreams dot com and in this video today this is going to be for Amazon affiliate
marketing for beginners so if you’re a beginner who is looking to get into
affiliate marketing and you’re interested in being an Amazon affiliate
then this video is going to be for you so what I’m going to do in the next
couple of minutes is I’m going to hop over to the computer I’m going to give
you some helpful tips and show you everything that you need to know about
the Amazon affiliate program right because I remember what it was like when
I very first started with affiliate marketing I didn’t have the resources
that are available now and so what I want to do is I want to help anybody
who’s just starting out who’s interested in making money online to start with the
Amazon affiliate program because it’s so powerful and there’s so much money to be
made or is it beginner that it’s a great place to start right it’s the perfect
place to start for every beginner so what I’m going to do is like I said well
hop over to the computer we’re going to go through the entire Amazon affiliate
program I’m going to give you some tips to get started with the Amazon affiliate
program as you hang around until the end I’m going to give you my free four step
training that’s going to help you to make your first 1,000 dollars in your
first 30 days with the Amazon affiliate program right so you’ll be able to get
access to that in the link in the description of this video so all you
have to do is click on that link ed over and you’ll have immediate access to my
free four step training so that I feel like every Amazon affiliate to go
through when they’re first starting out right so with that being said let’s hop
on over to the computer let’s go through this amazon affiliate program and let’s
see what it’s all about so that you can get started today with your
own Amazon affiliate vision now deciding let’s go alright alright we are here on
the computer and what I’m going to be doing is walking you through the Amazon
affiliate program and explaining to you exactly how it works so that you’ll know
if Amazon affiliate marketing is for you or not
right so one of the things that I really love about Amazon is the way that they
market right all you all your job is as an affiliate is to get people to go over
to the Amazon website and purchase a product that you’re promoting right so
as you’re probably well familiar Amazon has all of these different categories
right so what these categories are in in the marketing world in the affiliate
marketing world these categories are called niches right so for example
beauty and health would be a niche food and grocery would be a niche home
gardening tools would be a niche right see what you would do is you would
select a niche that you want to market products from right so let’s say that is
electronics for example and we’ll go with video games right all right so
let’s say that you want to make money you want to have your own video game
affiliate marketing site so what does that exactly mean alright so you’ve
already decided that your niche is going to be video games now over here on the
left you can see an even further breakdown of the video game category
right so you’ve got ps4 ps3 Xbox one Xbox 360 Nintendo switch Wii U all that
good stuff right over here on the left that’s broken down so maybe you decide
to go even further and say hey you know what I’m only going to have a
PlayStation 4 video games affiliate site so then you drill it down even further
right alright so what you would do is you would create an Amazon affiliate
website or or based on this niche that you’ve
chosen right playstation4 so on that site and in that store what you would
have is PlayStation 4 games you would have consoles accessories these would be
your categories right so that is how your store would it would be set up
right and I’ll show you an example here in just a minute of a couple of
different stores so that you get a better idea of what I’m talking about
here right but what would happen is let’s say you’re promoting PlayStation 4
games someone comes to your site from the search engine let’s say they’re
searching for of Crash Bandicoot right Crash Bandicoot let’s see if I can get
this here all right it’s going to bring the picture with me it looks like
alright but either way let’s see here ps4 review right somebody’s looking for
review of this crash bandicoot game they type it in the search engine and then
they go over to your site now I have no clue whose site this is but this is an
example right so they find you in the search engines they go to your Amazon
affiliate site right and then there you have a review all right now this can be
a text-only review it can be a video only review or it can be a mix of text
and video for this one it looks like they’ve chosen only text and pictures
for the review right so someone may come over here read this review and then see
that there is a link to click on to go over to Amazon now in this case I don’t
see any Amazon affiliate links or anything like that but let’s just
imagine for a minute that there are Amazon affiliate links in here that go
over to Amazon and allow someone to purchase a game that is exactly how the
Amazon affiliate program works right so this would be an example of getting
search traffic from the search engine right now another way that somebody
might might find you is on YouTube right so you might decide that you want to do
a YouTube review and so someone might do the same thing
Crash Bandicoot ps4 review right and then same thing with YouTube as in
Google is there going to come over here watch your video and you can see there
is an insane amount of traffic for these types of keywords right so one week ago
over a half a million views right one week ago 120,000 views alright 20,000
views I mean just an insane amount of traffic right and so what you’ll be able
to do is you could put a link of to your store from YouTube and then when people
go to your store they click on the crash bandicoot game and they purchase it from
Amazon you can also put your Amazon affiliate link straight into the
description box of your video right so as you can see this is something that
requires a little bit of work it’s not something that you know as easy as
people might like to say that it is all the time but the few hours of work that
you put in up front will reward you for a very long time so you need to
understand that this does require work but it’s very very rewarding right so
how do you join the Amazon affiliate program so it’s free to sign up with the
Amazon affiliate program all you need the most important thing you need is a
domain name and a site setup right and so that’s one of the things that I cover
in my free training let me just hop over to that real quick so you’ll be able to
see exactly what I’m offering to you in my free training right so what’s your
what you’re going to get whenever you get access to my free training is a
four-step over-the-shoulder training course so let me just pause this video
and this is the exact page that you’ll land on when you click on the link in
the description and so in the first video what I’m going to be showing you
how to do is how to set up a profitable Amazon affiliate website in 10 minutes
or less right now this is your very own site it’s on your own domain it’s on
your own hosting and it’s your own store right
let me show you how to set all that up in ten minutes or less right and then
the next training what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over how to find
the most profitable products to promote on Amazon right because there’s no sense
in just throwing every product that you can find out there if some one we’re not
going to work right you want to find the most profitable products right up front
so that when someone lands on your store they’re more willing to purchase that
product just because it’s one of the best out there right so that’s what I’m
going to be covering in video number two in step three of your training we’re
going to talk about how to get visitors to your Amazon affiliate site so we’re
going to talk about the different ways like a couple I just showed you getting
traffic from Google getting traffic from YouTube getting traffic from social
media like Facebook Twitter Instagram places like that right that’s what we’re
going to cover in video number three and in the fourth and final step we’re going
to be talking about taking your affiliate earnings to the next level so
like I said this is a free training course that I’m offering to you it’s
going to help you generate a thousand dollars per month with the Amazon
affiliate program in your first 30 days and you can get instant access to it
right now by clicking on the link in the description of this video and then
heading over and just give me your name and address where you want me to send
the course to and that’s it that’s all you have to do right you’ll be able to
get immediate access and dive into that free training right now today so right
so all you need to do is join the Amazon affiliate program and then you build
your store build your Amazon affiliate site and you start getting traffic over
to that store and to your site and then you earn a commission from every product
that’s purchased like I said that is one of my favorite things about Amazon is
let’s say someone buys this game here right let’s say someone wants to
purchase this game alright but then they go down through here and they say these
items were frequently bought together so now if someone decides okay well I want
all three of these games these are pretty cool right then you just earned a
$40 sell in two $114 sell and you get commission
of every single item that they buy so they may come over here and buy a new
headset more new games you never know what they’re going to buy right Amazon
does a really really good job of advertising additional products to these
people right all right so you know what you need to know about the Amazon
affiliate program is that you might promote one product let’s say you
promote just this game but everything that someone adds to their car and and
buys you’re going to get a commission for right so that’s super powerful and
you may be turned off by you know 10% Commission’s or 8% Commission’s or
whatever it is that they’re going to pay you for certain items but it all adds up
in a big way getting commissions on everything that someone puts into their
cart right so super-powerful platform it’s as simple as finding a niche that
you want to promote products in building a store let me show you what one of the
stores looks like right all right so let’s take a look at a store that you
can build this is an example of one of the stores that you can build in under
10 minutes full of products in your niche that are highly relevant that
people are buying right now right so you can have different categories like I was
showing you women’s clothing men’s clothing handbags and this is just an
example of a fashion store you like I said you can promote anything on the
Amazon website and easily have it in your store with your affiliate ID coded
to that product right so when you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program
you’re going to get an affiliate ID now what you’ll do with that affiliate ID is
you’ll use it to build links so let’s say I wanted to build a link to this one
right here I can go over and say I want to text link boom there’s my link right
but by building a store like this all you need is that affiliate ID you put
that ID in one time and from there on out every single product that is in your
store is coded to your affiliate ID so that you make the commission off of
every single item that someone buys when they go to the Amazon
site after clicking on your affiliate ID so hopefully that gives you a good
understanding of the Amazon affiliate program hopefully you’re ready to get
started with the training that I’m offering to you I know that it’s going
to help you if you’re someone who wants to make your first thousand dollars per
month with the Amazon affiliate program I highly recommend that you go ahead
down to the description right now click on that link just put in your name and
email address I’ll email you the course materials and you can get started on
them right now this course has helped thousands of people to earn thousands of
dollars and I know that it will help you too right now I don’t know how long I’m
going to be giving away this course because like I said so many people are
using the information in this course to generate thousands of dollars so I’m
thinking about boxing it up and selling it as a digital course so make sure that
you go ahead and get access to that right now while it’s free and start
going through it immediately when you receive it so like I said that’s the
Amazon affiliate program in a nutshell you’ll get way more in-depth information
in my training course so go ahead and sign up for that right now guys I hope
this video has been useful to you I hope that you’ve learned all about the Amazon
affiliate program especially if you’re a beginner go out there and get started
this is the best way that you’ll start to see results very quickly there’s a
lot of different niches a lot of different products that you can promote
with very little competition so I really hope that this helps you and benefit you
and at least knowing where to go next alright guys so that’s it make sure you
subscribe to the channel give me a thumbs up on this video leave me some
comments below and I will see you in the next video thank you so much


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