Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – How to Make $100 PER DAY From Scratch

hey there my friend how you doing it’s
Chris Njigha here from and it is very exciting episode today
what are we talking about we’re talking about a quick an Amazon affiliate
marketing tutorial alright I’m gonna show you how you can make $100 per day
from scratch using affiliate marketing on Amazon all right so you think
wondering about hey you might hear people making money on Amazon how are
they in doing it and how do I get started
oh by the way I don’t have any money to get started making on the right video
alright stick around my share to you first things very and how you can make
it work even if you have no money you’ve got nothing from scratch I can start
generating $100 per day on Amazon do arguably the largest online shopping
websites in the world alright to stick her out the net so yeah we have no already hate
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alright and finally get that breakthrough that you so deserve alright
so what I’m gonna do is let me share what you step-by-step a few things that
you can do right now even if you’ve never heard of Amazon which will be kind
of shocking if you haven’t right but if you’ve never used Amazon Associates
Program or the affiliate program I’m gonna show you how you can be started
with that alright show you how this little desk was set up looks and then I
show you how to start generating cash money for you right now whether you want
to do it on a part-time basis and just make a couple couple extra bucks here
and there to help supplement or you want to make this thing a full-time gig hey
there’s options and there’s a place for you alright so let’s get down right into
it so I’m just going to get out the way alright so here as you can see I’m
alright on Google Ray and I’m basically all I did was like googled Amazon
Associates right so you can see that here right it pulls up this side and you
click on it and I’ll take you to the website right so once you get here is
you can see Amazon Associates this is basically what they call their Amazon
affiliate program alright and like as you can see the page is real simple
because all you do is join right advertise and whatever products you’re
advertising and then earn commission fees right and need to see up to 10%
generally it’s like four to 10% that you can earn and they call it advertising
fees basically that’s your commission right that you could earn on different
products right so I’ll show you how you can make a generator hundred dollars a
day and what what I really mean by right so first is you want to get
started with the program by coming up you join now for free right so if you go
there and click on there it’s going to take you to a place where you can stay
to sign in right so for me I’ve already done this so if I were to go back all
I’m gonna do is just say login actually right when you click here it’s gonna
take you is let me ask you the site login your Amazon if you already have an
Amazon account and then take you from there me I already have one so I’m gonna
go here where it says login and then it has my thing here and then you just sign
in right okay so it’s signing in signing in bam alright so here we are all right
so here’s pretty much the dashboard right the dashboard so up here you can
see they’ve got a lot of different things here that you can do promotions
product linking the tools that they give you reports and things of that nature
right so really the important thing is kind of taking a look right it gives you
like an earnings Gold would be right in the last 30 days and then a summary for
the month and things like that so I want to address something that you’re
probably looking and thinking you’re like wow Chris you don’t really have any
names or any you’ve not really made any money in this thing at least in the last
30 days right and I will say you’re absolutely right you see because for me
I have not I’m not really I’ve used Amazon program and the links and things
like that so I’m kind of familiar with how that process works but I’m really
not promoted or a whole lot of products directly from Amazon so I’ve made a
couple of hundred dollars and other affiliate programs here and there but
for the most part Amazon is kind of still new to me in terms of making money
from it and so you might be thinking well Chris if that’s the case how are
you gonna teach me how to make a hundred oz per day off of Amazon if you’re not
really doing it well what I’m about to share with you is information that I’ve
learned from other marketers and other people that I’ve even worked with or
that I’ve seen seeing them doing it doing it right so the thing is that is
there and this is probably something that’s gonna be a handle for many of you
because you’re thinking hey I’m starting starting off trying to make money on
Amazon from scratch I’ve never made money before right
how do I ever get anyone to buy anything from me and I’ve never made any money
before and the thing I will tell you is that you really have to stop beating
yourself up with different with that type of thinking right you have to
remember that everybody starts somewhere and if someone has already has done it
before that’s proof to you that it can be done you see for most people they may
think and say you know what I could never do a video about you know make it
make learning on Amazon because I’ve never really earned before and I will
tell you that’s because you’ve got confident you see for me I believe that
if someone else has already done it if this person has done it and this person
is done and I’ve met them and I’ve talked to a lot of these markers and
these and these are entrepreneurs who would have made the money I’ve seen it
and it’s proof to me that it can’t be done
I have absolute confidence in myself that I can do the exact same thing too
and if they can do it I can do it and if I can do it they can do it guess what
you can too starting from completely scratch from zero okay so this is the
path of the production of this video which is September when it’s a September
24th 2018 right you see zero here I won’t promise you that I will do another
video in the next six months from now and showing you results right because
that’s how long sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get successes
that’s just the way it is but I have confidence and you should too and
yourself that you can get the same results too if you do the work and
follow the process you will get the same thing – and I’m going to show you the
exact process that’s work for other affiliate programs that I’ve used that
I’ve I can see no reason why it would not work the same exact way for an
Amazon affiliate program alright so if you want to learn and stick around if
you don’t all good – alright so here we go so here we go this is basically the
dashboard like I said it’ll show you your last 30 days of what you are doing
right so the important thing that we really want once we get here is we want
to be able to get Amazon links right so your product blinking right so that’s
where you can click here and go to product links and go to product product
links you click there it’ll take you to where
basically it’s real simple right they’ll tell you basically you can search for
any product on Amazon I mean any product any product that there’s some that’s on
Amazon which is just about anything and you can create a link all right this
link is your amp is your affiliate link so that whenever you take this link and
it specifically coded to you so whenever someone clicks on that link to buy that
product if they buy it you’re the one that’s gonna earn that five to ten
percent commission on that product and by the way too if they buy anything else
within 24 hours of being on Amazon you also get those debt that commission as
well which is pretty nice right so before I show you how you do that part
I’m going to show you I want to show you how you’re gonna get traffic right
because that’s the other big question that people have like okay great I can
come up here sign up for a website I’m in sign up for an account I can find
products to promote then how do I get people to like come to the to come and
click on it like how do I do that right and so one of the best ways you can do
that really is in my humble opinion is social media specifically you do man I
really really like you too because it’s power I mean don’t let’s not forget the
fact that it is like the number two search engine on the planet and people
are projecting in the next five to 10 years
it will actually surpass with Google as the number one search engine because
people are searching for videos and if you’re creating videos around particular
content then you are you’re providing value to people answering their
questions you’re more likely to like click on links and buy the stuff that
you’re Pro that you’re recommending to them that’s how it works
you find something and it’s more it works really really better much better
if you find a particular niche that you want to get into so I’ll give you an
example all right there’s a guy on YouTube right now
his name is Sean O’Connell I like this guy follow him right and he he his whole
channel was about reviews on on electronics phones cameras the latest
you know latest kids and mic microphones and things like that to do videos on
YouTube right and so what’s powerful about it is that
first of all you can see like think media is his brand right he’s got about
six hundred some thousand subscribers right and you may be looking at that
like wow yeah that’s how he’s able to make money
he’s got six hundred thousand subscribers right there’s a lot of
people that will potentially buy from him but then if you see that’s once
again I want to tell you I want to tell you their particular mindset when it
comes to making money making money like this you gotta remember this guy John
started from zero everybody has to start from zero there is no such thing as
people just showing about it now we’re being all successful I don’t know where
it doesn’t exist for every entity there was always a beginning always except for
maybe god I guess right whatever move the rest of us there’s always a
beginning you have to start from zero before you can get to 104 you can put us
and be awesome right or six hundred thirty four thousand guys start from
zero my channel right now is that only two hundred subscribers to me that’s
that might you know some people might think oh there’s a lot I don’t have any
and I would say yeah you’re right I mean that that takes time to get there
the Sun you guys nothing compared to six hundred thirty thousand and my mind wipe
you down with your own man he’ll never be as good as done or I’ll never be able
to make this work maybe make a hundred dollars a day no I’m not thinking that
and you shouldn’t either because I got a do my journey and so do you he’s doing
his journey we all have to do ours he should be just an inspiration to you to
say that it’s possible and if he can do it you can turn alright okay so off of
that so I’m gonna show you an example how he’s using affiliate marketing in
his business through a YouTube with Amazon right it’s very simple you can
already tell even his video on the beginning tells you best budget camera
for YouTube right so what is he doing he’s basically doing a review of the
Canon and 50 versus to Canada sl2 camera right so
he’s doing reviews and then guess what he’s doing right there matter of fact
this is probably his most popular video which is the reason why it’s like his
main video on this page so listen we just read more right and we go into the
video I’m just gonna pause it and then so what do we see what’s going to show
more and what are you talking about look at this right well that’s the best
punchy camera for YouTube in this video I’m gonna prepare the two and then you
can check it out on Amazon here you think what’s happening here you see that
you see that this link here most likely is going to take you to one of those
cameras because if he gave you like what you saw here you may want to buy and if
you buy a few that’s the case you’ll click on this one
it’ll take you to his Amazon page right so let’s click on it and see where it
takes you where it takes us right boom boom right when we’re right there on top
right here right this is the exact camera he was talking about
get this out the way and it’s the exact camera he’s talking about right so what
happens is that if I would have purchased this and by the way this
camera is six hundred and ninety-nine dollars right Joker is not achieved
right so imagine 10% of $6.99 that is about $69 right so that’s what he
wouldn’t make one person making this purchase one person he can make
potentially $69 about 10% commission right this is how it works you see that
to see how that works so what you’re doing what he’s doing is
just providing value right he’s providing value so let me give you like
I said the best strategy works works if you first of all you need to define a
brand or define an itch what kind of image do you want to get into what kind
of plant who are you what you want to talk about
what’s interesting to you right I’m gonna actually do a video pretty soon
I’m gonna release on seven or eight of the best affiliate marketing examples of
niches in in that you can do that work really well on YouTube alright I’m gonna
release that video pretty some has not done yet
but as of the making of this video but it will eventually be in the comment
section or in the description for you to check it out
but you wanted to decide on what type of bitch what do you want to talk about
what works for you what’s interesting to you right
if Tec is your thing that you can make tech your thing right and then create a
channel I started doing with you start doing giving value start doing
information comparison videos um different things like that right so you
look at show notes right so what he also has a show notes his video gear lists
and resources this is everything he uses so the thing is that these six hundred
thirty thousand people that are following him if they like his style and
like what he’s using how his videos are coming up they may want to use the stuff
that he’s using to does that make sense so he like hey he’s using cannon empathy
camera okay boom Amazon way cuz you can see that right
Amazon Lee for this for this one the amount of dr. Amazon Lee the kit lens
Amazon link um he’s got a whole video series on best budget YouTube equipment
right here and you know that’s a bit a link that will take you to that video
search which I can bet we’ll have more Hamazon links right so it’s very simple
it’s very simple what you’re doing is deciding on a brand or a niche getting
into that niche creating video content that is helpful that helps answer
questions that people may have that’s valuable reviews comparison videos right
kit videos things like by our guides things like that and then putting your
links in those video description so that people can learn more if they want to
and buy from you right this is a resisted free settling ship said because
more people are gonna be like wanting to five hey you helped me you answered my
question how I want to buy from you does that make sense
and then another thing on goal I do want to get at that I want to decide I want
to express is that please don’t think that just because people are already in
these niches that you can’t get involved like my our friend here has six hundred
thirty thousand in the in the any tech electronics and phones and cameras
reviews computers niche but you can’t get involved because that
once again as loser thinking you’re treating yourself like a loser and
you’re a winner and where there’s no way I don’t matter if other people are in
those niches they haven’t seen you yet you haven’t arrived yet they know this
guy shine but they don’t know you yet and you’re about to come in and make a
splash you’d rather be different you’re unique and your own performance even if
you’re sharing the exact same information and your delivery is way
different from him and you’ll get different results maybe better maybe
worse who knows it’s gonna get some results right so essentially how you
make $100 per day is exactly what I described getting into the niche
creating content around it and staying consistent with you because it’s gonna
it will take a little bit of time you don’t get to this level overnight this
guy’s been in it for seven eight years you’ve been doing this right just get
started start from a zero it’s okay hey I’m only at 234 subscribers as of the
recording of this video I haven’t made any sales on Amazon
itself right I’ve made it another affiliate program but guess what though
every confidence in the world just like you should that I groove success is
right around the corner just keep on with the keep on all right okay lastly
I’m gonna show you then once you decide what you want to sell we’re gonna go
back here and we’re gonna basically create our links right so you put these
links in the descriptions of your videos and I mean it’s real simple right you
can need you can do it one of two ways you can do it right here or after your
associates website or you can go back to the Amazon website itself right it’s a
great website itself and create it from there so either way it works so I like
to say hey you know looking all Amazon and you can search for like let’s say
we’re looking for that camera right you know you’re looking for that you know
that listing that camera that he had the air cannon and 50 right let’s do that
one and you just want to get your own link for that and you can and 50 and you
click go it always going to do it’s going to start searching for all those
cameras right and so this is most likely the one right because I think we saw it
was like $6.99 right and you notice they’re usually whichever one comes up
first has the highest sales mic it’s probably the one you’re looking for
right if you don’t if you’re not fishing you can always confirm though just by
click on the link to see the actual sales page itself
right but then it’s so simple all you gonna do is go here to get link you
click on the arrow and you can either get a text link like this or you can din
what I like to do is shorten the URL on it and it gives you a nice little clean
link right here take this thing copy it and you can do whatever you want with it
go back to a YouTube video right and and post it into the into the you to the
video description done that’s it that’s it right and just go back go back to
that video you post it in here done you’re good to go
so that’s it my friend hope you enjoy it I hope that video was helpful all right
that right there is the Amazon affiliate marketing tutorial to show you how you
make $100 per day right now even if you’ve got nothing starting right now
Amazon alright so if you enjoyed it don’t forget to be like if you subscribe
to the channel and oh by the way if you want to know my number one recommended
way to make money online to learn affiliate marketing and wherever however
way to utilize it Amazon or any other place and get paid at the same time may
want to check out the program that I recommend in the description of this
video right click on there take you get to get you more information alright so
that’s it my friends these videos better on Amazon market alright eye tutorial
and how you make $100 per day right now even from scratch from Amazon even if
you’ve got no skills alright so that’s it I’ll see you on the next one
be blessed stay hungry out there and to be next exciting episode be blessed stay
hungry by now


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