Amazon Affiliate Website SHOWCASE with Earnings Feb 2017

– In this video, I want to share with you some of the success stories and web sites that have been created by
my viewers who have watched my Amazon affiliate web site tutorials. So let’s get started. (piano music with wind blowing) Hello, it’s Alex here from WP Eagle. Thanks for watching. So in this video, I’m going
to be sharing with you some of the web sites that
my viewers have let me know about in terms of the
ones that they’ve set up after following one of my video tutorials. If you’ve not seen those
videos, I will put a link to the playlist that contains all of my Amazon affiliate tutorials in a card just up here, or is it up there? One of the two and in
the description below. Now all the sites in this
video have been created by viewers of my channel, just like you. And I’m happy to say that
a few of them have shared with me their visitor numbers
and even how much money they’re making which I
will also share with you, which should hopefully
inspire you to go off and watch one of my tutorials
and create your own site. So let’s get on the computer and have a look at some of these sites. The first site I want to
talk about is this one here, which is, which was sent in to me
by a chap called Benjamin. Now he set up a very simple site using the Kingdom theme and WooZone. He’s not even put a slider
yet or done any other styling, but he’s loaded it full
of Pokemon products which is obviously a great
niche to be in right now as Pokemon is blowing up big style-y. Now the thing that blew
me away with this guy is his earnings, and he was
kind enough to share with me the sort of money that
this site is bringing in. He even sent me a little
screen shot so here you go. Yeah, that’s nice, $646
in the last 30 days. He tells me that on average he’s getting just under a thousand
every month from this site. That’s fantastic. He hasn’t even done a huge amount of SEO or anything like that. There is a blog on here. And obviously if you
watch my videos you know I recommend that you blog
as much as you possibly can, creating content and
adding value to your site. But yeah, he’s added a few Pokemon posts, what do we have here, five? Five or six there. For that he’s getting
some good Pokemon traffic and of course looking
at that sales report, he’s getting some real nice commissions. Well done, Benjamin,
good site and good luck. He tells me that he’s been inspired to go off and create some more. I think he’s doing one around the cooking niche, and some others. That’s the thing, once you’ve
created a site, you can then go on, replicate it,
create more in different niches, and build up your revenue that way. The next site I want
to share with you today is from a viewer called Mary who set up this great little site
around photography, lenses and camera gear and
all that sort of stuff. Again, it’s using the Kingdom theme and it’s got a range of products. The great thing about this one
is that some of the products are of a very high value,
for example, these Canon, sorry Nikon and a Canon,
I’m a Canon guy, personally, but hey, Nikon’s there as well. You can see the kind of
prices of these camera bodies. We’re talking nearly
$6,000 so the commission on that is going to be tasty. It’s early days for this
site, it’s not been up long. But there are some blog
posts coming through which is great and they’ve
also added this widget here which is a Amazon discount
finders, which is something I’ve not used in my
tutorials, but I’m definitely going to be checking out
because it looks really cool in terms of being able
to show people stuff that’s on Amazon that’s on a discount. Now Mary says she’s going
to keep me up to date in terms of earnings and
traffic and all that sort of stuff, so when I hear
something I will of course share it with you in next
success stories video. The next site came in
from a viewer called David who has obviously followed my tutorial using the Flatsome theme. See he’s got a great looking
site here, all around hiking poles and boots and
backpacks and all your sort of hiking, walking gear, which
is a cool niche to get into. Now, again it’s early days for this site. He’s got a couple of blog
posts, obviously needs to add a few more just to fill out the site. Even so, he tells me he’s
done nearly $1,000 in sales, I’m guessing when he says
sales that’s the total Amazon sales, which means he would
have earned a commission of maybe 5-6% on that,
which is still nice. That’s $50-60 in your pocket,
which is a great start for a site that’s still quite young. Again, I love this
site, I love the design, I love the imagery that he’s found, obviously using stock images
and that sort of stuff. You can really put
together a site that looks professional and that
ranks relatively quickly and earns you commission
relatively quickly, which is always good news. The next site I want to share with you is from a viewer called Pippi. This is a site all about her,
she’s got her own t-shirt thing going on, it’s
actually her own product, which is quite interesting. Then she’s also mixed it
up with RV paraphernalia, accessories, that sort of thing. Again, really cool niche,
not something I would have thought about, and obviously
a big thing in America. You get your RV, load up the
barbecue and all that sort of stuff and head out into the wilderness. She tells me though this site
is only a few months old, she is already earning some revenue. I’m not quite sure on the exact figures and that’s fine, I mean,
obviously not everyone wants to share with me how
much money they’re earning, but she says the money has started to come in, which is great news. By the way, I will add
links to all of these sites in the description below the
video, so be sure to click through and check them out
in more detail yourself. This site was sent in by
Malcolm, who set this up. It’s all around drums. He obviously works in the
music business and he tells me that the site was set up,
I think back in October. He’s obviously loaded it up with loads of products using the Kingdom theme again. It’s looking really nice. He started adding some
blog posts, and, in fact, I spoke to him on Skype
just the other week, and obviously encouraged him
to do some more blog stuff. It looks like he has because there’s one that’s just been posted
just the other day. He tells me that traffic is
a bit slow at the moment, although there has been a
couple of sales, which is good. He knows that he needs to do
more social media, more blogs and that kind of thing to
really drive some traffic. I gave him some ideas, in fact, in terms of the sort of content
he needs to be doing. This sort of thing is great
where you’re kind of really targeting your posts onto
a specific set of products, for example, electronic
drums, and then refining it even further, under 500 quid,
or the best for a home studio, or whatever, so you’re
getting really specific. That way you can pick up
some of that really specific traffic from Google that
no one else is ranking for. The final site I want
to share with you today is,
which was created by a viewer called Tony. Again, I spoke to him on
Skype just the other day. He’s over in Finland, and
the reason I want to share with you this site is,
although it’s very new, I don’t think there’s any
traffic or revenue to speak of. I think he only got it
live like a week or so ago. I just wanted to share
with you the design. He’s using Flatsome, but he’s using a slightly different template
to the one that I use in my tutorial video, which is great if you’ve got the skills
and the confidence to go off and do that. You can do some really
cool things with Flatsome, and I just love the
look of this home page. Loads of lovely imagery,
and it really just does feel like a nice shop, as it
were, which is what you want. You don’t want to look like just a spammy affiliate site. You want to be a site that
adds value, looks good and instils some sort
of trust in your viewer that makes them want to click around and obviously ultimately
click through to Amazon. Again we spoke about blogs
and I gave him some ideas and how important they
are, and I can see that since that chat that
was just the other day, he has been putting a blog post up pretty much every day,
which is great news. I’m sure he’ll be getting
some traffic really soon and in turn, some commissions. Thanks for watching. I hope you found that
interesting, and you’re now inspired to go and set
up your own web site. I’d really appreciate if you could click the like button below. That really helps me out,
and please do subscribe by clicking up here, to be the first to know when I upload videos. I’ll also put a link
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