Amazon Associate Account in Nigeria, Africa or Outside US | Detailed Tutorial

in this video I’m going to show you how
to awkward and Amazon associate accounts in Nigeria or in any African countries
it is no money that can actually not have an Amazon affiliate accounts as a
Nigerian or even as an African for that matter
hey anyways I am a certified Amazon as sheets and I wanna show you how you also
can be if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it is a system in which you
also advertise our products for somebody and get a commission for it so if it’s
something that interests you please keep watching this tutorial you need an
Amazon accounts which is easy to opium discuss adavi Ramudu windows
and you’ll be able to open it you need an email account a gmail as a Google mu
is actually preferable you also need an application known as text plus like I
use and your application but I use X plus when I opened mine
so that’s is am like an application I can of you means a US or UK number
because many people get some at that points where they need to verify their
identity you cannot verify at the identity without a US or UK number so
that is what I use my name is Victoria and thank you so much for stopping by
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so make sure to check it out alright let’s get right into it so right now I’m sharing my computer
screen as you can see my gmail is ready my Amazon account is also ready and my
Amazon account the address is set to my country which is Nigeria so it doesn’t
matter if your address is your country the next thing to do is to go to google
and type amazing Associates the official page will be the
first one to open up to you so you click on it then you click on join for free please bring out your account
information so asked you with the mail contact for these Academy listed above
also change address can actually change addresses one legal is addressed there
so I’m going to proceed next so to ask you for your website details I’m just
entering a I mean I just entered a random websites and I’m adding so if
it’s your YouTube channel you also had or any website that you have you can
have as many as you can I think I’ve had a shoot before at the
time so I think an add as many as and if you have mobile applications that’s you
want also you use and also had you so next now they don’t promote channels or
website that’s had direct at family to children under 13 so I’m going to say I
love your website all over I said I wouldn’t even know so click no and
confirm you click yes I don’t think you will allow you so you pick your
preferred the ID so right now I’m just going to feel all
these things that you’re asking connecting to do is to get your textplus
application ready because we are now at the identity verification part of it so
what I’m going to share my phone screen with you and I’ll be opening the text
plus application gtx+ application you need a VPN I use Express
VPN the test was application during week ahead and added the experts CPM they
paid depend if you have a little our dip your hand to use you can actually use it
for is specifically now I can teach others to achieve the education you want
the my royal official is such us so now I’m putting on the VP and I’d already stopped another 80s and
shiny for the vacation so right now I’m entering the number there’s wine
one seven three zero one never won 6-3 so our people call me now and wait for
their call now note this number notice number it is
what you’ll be required to impute when they call you when I’m is on call it can take time sometimes due to
several factors so you have to be patient and if it doesn’t go through the
very first time you try it again we take away our whole just so you when you are
doing this you may not go through the very first time you try it a lot of
factors network usually use and all that so I have your column and picking it up so I have a congratulation message a
Congrats it’s for example thanks for applying to
the associates program unique as it idea is this is an that and so the
next thing for you to do is to enter your payment and tax information which
you can actually do without any stress for the part that gives you distress is
actually the identity verification which I hope that by now you can do it by
yourself so thank you so much for watching and please share this video so
that others can also benefit and if you need help in creating your associates
amazing associate account please check the description box below for the link
to order directly through me and I will set it up for you at a token so I hope
you have a great day and a great week and a great life like my friend Vanessa
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video


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