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it’s another affiliate site teardown
this is podcast insights by the way if you’re new to the channel
have a look around have a look at some of the other videos I talk about Amazon
affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general sometimes project
management and if you like what you see please consider subscribing let’s get to
the teardown I love this site they’re doing some awesome stuff but here’s the
thing when I first go to the site there’s this pop-up get notified when
new posts and giveaways come out this is a popular thing where they push updates
now me personally I don’t want to get updates I try and limit my update so on
a personal level I don’t implement this stuff a lot of other sites do but you
know for me it’s a little heavy-handed and here’s the thing so I’m gonna click
right now just moving my mouse up here I guess URL bar an exit intent pop-up came
up so it’s like a little heavy-handed initially but I understand what they’re
trying to do and I’m sure they’re doing really well now they’re obviously
building an email list we’re going to start as normal on the home page I’m
going to take a look at a few of the guides this is going to be a you know
fairly concise and I think I’ll do more reviews of this site because we’re doing
such a great job if you leave a comment so if you want to see more tear downs of
specific areas leave me a comment let me know like what areas you want me to
check out on this site and then we’ll go from there so let’s get to this one
homepage very simple design they have a nice simple like header area here so
it’s a menu of course and they have a search bar here which is nice and then
they have just a text title no fancy logo or anything like that they have a
very high quality image of a microphone which is great and it’s obviously
oriented towards podcasting so it’s sort of like an old radio style alright so
they have just a simple headline and we’ll click on see what you need and
then it drops down to the next part so just move to stand a little bit they
have a pod microphone guide here and they’re trying
to build their email list so totally cool and I get you know why they’re
doing this so this is a great way to sort of lead in with a two-step opt-in
so we haven’t even gotten to any of the review stuff yet but here’s the thing if
you’re just starting your site you probably don’t need to start an email
list like this there’s a lot of moving pieces and I’ll leave it at that so they
are building an email list but you don’t have to do this in fact most of the time
I would say it’s better not to build an email list when you’re just starting
your site as we scroll down they are trying to segment to you so are you just
a beginner or are you intermediate and then when you click either one of these
it pushes you towards like a podcast starter kit so we’ll open that up in
another tab and then turning pro so you kind of know what you’re getting into
and they push you towards like more sophisticated microphones which are XLR
so we’ll open that up these are in other tabs we’ll take a look at in a second
and as we scroll down they have recent posts so this is a
recent post section and I actually have quite a few of these so typically I
would say don’t have too much on your homepage but the way they have this laid
out I actually kind of like it so sometimes I think people put way too
much in their homepage but this they just have a couple of the you know more
recent one it looks like maybe five or six of them and then they have a pretty
healthy excerpt so I think this is fine of course at the bottom they have you
know a standard affiliate disclaimer and they have some other links so we’ll take
a look at as well before we head over to the about page let’s look quickly at the
podcast starter kit and then XLR microphones and quick reminder if you
are interested in seeing more tear downs of different areas on this specific site
let me know in the comments and I’ll do another video or two here’s the start
section so first thing we see is they are heavy on the email list so this is
probably very smart for a number of reasons we’ll get to the email list in a
second but I will get to the review in a second the email list is great because
they’re able to you know sell other products there I assume they have a
podcast we’ll get that into a second in a second they have a podcast so they
could push people to their podcast and it’s a whole you know it’s a bigger
brand when people talk about authority sites I expect this is what they’re
probably talking about so so we scroll down I would say just a little little
tiny thing it’d be interesting to you know make this section with opt-ins
stand out a little bit more not a huge deal but you know I would maybe check
that out they do have a we’ve been featured on section so this builds
credibility and these are you know these are big ah sites these are big sites
ensures a microphone company in fact I have a couple sure mics and if you’re
wondering the mic that I’m using here is a Onix I five so it actually works
pretty well and I’ll put an affiliate link in the description if you care but
it sounds pretty good right okay so they have best podcast starter kit their
qualifying it and for you know 1 to 4 plus hosts which I guess that basically
force everything one two three or four or more okay so as we scroll down they
have a good hook so ready to start a podcast audio quality as you add more
people so they’re really like like roping us in and I’m thinking hey you
know what else do we have going on they have the the share bar here and yeah I
guess in this specific area it could be like for podcast it could be you know
viable it could be useful as we see here only six people shared on Pinterest and
and three on Facebook so nine total not super effective and it’s just taking up
real estate I don’t know I’m not I don’t think on a lot of affiliate sites people
are really sharing stuff so it’s not bad to have them on but
just an observation so again they have an opt-in area this is a nice way to do
opt-ins by the way there’s a nice box it’s called out just a bit and then you
have to click a text link so that’s a nice way to do it as well when we click
the the text link I’m sure pop-up is gonna come up so it’s
uh looks like a monster optinmonster which is what I use as well
so this is a very nice-looking you know opt-in box it fits with a brand
a beautiful image and all that stuff so this is pretty good I like that overall
alright as we’re scrolling down we see they’re talking about the different
things you would need so again this is for beginners so they’re like giving you
lots of information potentially this is a minor tweak right potentially I would
say like make the links a different color
just to make them stand out a little bit from a design standpoint you know this
looks really clean and good I like the way the site looks in general but to
make your links at different colors kind of a standard thing to do so they’ve
obviously made a decision not to do that they’re pushing a lot of affiliate links
here so they have recording software or sorry that’s not an affiliate link but
that’s a link to somewhere else but they do have hosting listed them WP engine
and they have another DreamHost over here domain name cheap so they have a
lot of stuff going on here as we scroll down they do have the starter kits that
we’re talking about so they have a table of contents down below and one thing
that I’d like is they’re doing a table of contents but it’s not too big they’re
just like outlining it a little bit I’ve seen some table of contents where it’s
two or three pages everything’s in there it’s just too much and it takes up too
much space this is really good it can get you right to where you need to go
okay as we’re scrolling down we see the audio technica 2100 so I actually have
one of these mics as well it’s really nice for travel they referenced Tim
Ferriss using it and you know this is an affiliate link right here right so
they’re using genius link so that’s an affiliate link on the image the text is
a link here it has they talked about some of the features but not many all
right so this is interesting so they have one person starter kit or not
really giving you too many details about it they could list out specs and and
that sort of thing now they do have a full review if you check this out right
here so we have a full review right here and I okay so that’s a little bit bad on
the user experience but again I understand they’re trying to build are
you hopeful this so I opened another tab and I just wanted to click over to the
tab and then their pop-up came back I don’t really want to see the pop-up
again all right as we scroll down this is the
individual review and I’m just thinking you know this is probably more thorough
that do talk about the specs and the pros and highlights and all that stuff
frequency response I assume they got this from the manufacturer so it’s a
decent sized review and they have some accessories that go with it that that is
a great move right you probably want a shock mount it does come with a little
tripod deal right here but you probably want this shock mount and they tell you
why you need it so that’s good more thorough I think it could be interesting
if they had a few more details in this beginner section as we scroll down they
give you an intermediate option so this is really good this reminds me of the
wire cutter reviews so check that out if you haven’t seen those tear downs but
the wire cutter often gives you multiple options so in this case it’s like
beginner intermediate intermediate plus and then a pro option now it’s
interesting this is literally in the podcast starter kit but does it mean
that you’re literally a starter so if you wanted to go high end you could do
this high lpr 40 they talked about you know the broadcast quality and it’s so
highly recommended that it’s nearly unanimous as we scroll down they have
two three and four person podcast starter kits so they’re just qualifying
this a little bit more and they give the same sort of details quick observation
so they don’t have many images in this section but the spacing is you know
sufficient and they’re using bullet points small sentences and this is a
good thing this makes it easier to read alright so this makes it easier to read
even though there’s no images here so they’re breaking up the text they’re
using short easy to read sentences and it’s just a good way you know to write
content for the web and if you’re you know if you’re writing a novel or your
professional writer or something you may get frustrated with people writing in
such short sentences or you know not even complete sentences I’m guilty of it
as well but for online and web writing you write in a simple way so that’s just
okay it goes okay because we’re scrolling down to have an intermediate
option and this is a pic here so they have there’s just
so many sections here I’m like oh this is an intermediate option for what is it
again and we’re in the multiple person section so it’s an intermediate option
for multiple people now it could because I’m scrolling through fast and I’m at
reading the whole thing but it just makes it a little bit slightly confusing
if you’re just scrolling down you may forget where you’re at okay they have
sufficient links through how one thing that I really like that they’re doing is
they’re not slamming it full of images all over the place because a lot of
people get very concerned about you know I need to put images in I need to put
big beautiful images in you see here they have a few images but there’s
usually you know looks like about ten text links per like image affiliate link
that they have so there’s a there’s an image here but there are several other
affiliate links below it the point being if you’re describing things well if you
have the right kind of visitor on your site you don’t have to hit them over the
head with images and affiliate links you know it’s just not necessary to have
some of the Amazon native ads here which have the price as the rating and an
image you know it’s good to place these at the bottom if somebody got all the
way to the end and they are you know pushing those specific models this is a
nice way to do it for me these ads didn’t convert super well but I mean the
chances are if somebody scrolled through all of this they’ve clicked on several
of these items already okay at the end they have another opt-in section looks a
little bit different that’s nice they keep it brief three bullet points on why
you would want it and of course is highly targeted podcast microphone guide
okay in that that’s pretty much it here for the beginner for the XLR this is an
intermediate I’m not gonna go as deep here but again just a reminder if you
want to see more Tyrion’s of this site podcast insights let me know in the
comments okay so this is a little bit longer of a
table of contents which is generally fine they do have a hook at the
beginning and then they are covering many different microphones and this kind
of makes sense to me so if it’s someone who’s more intermediate they know more
about microphones or they’re gonna have more background knowledge and they’re
gonna geek out on microphones and stuff I’m surprised I didn’t you know read
this when I was picking and buying new microphones and stuff alright so they
have a couple quick things so they’re giving us a definition and letting us
know like dynamic verses condenser and as we scroll down we see they again use
this smart sort of qualifying technique where they say there’s budget
considerations and then there are I guess higher end where did that where
did that go and then the best XLR mics for voice recording so they qualify it
and then they have a bunch of these mini reviews throughout
they have upgrades here so they these again are affiliate links but they’re
saying hey paired this microphone with these accessories very smart advanced
stuff that they’re doing here so nothing really notable here other than these are
generally short so technically if they wanted to they have an opportunity to
make these longer I suspect they may have like longer
reviews for you know certain models of these but the point is they could you
know put more bullet points in here they could put more details in each of the
mini reviews all right so that’s that’s like the main thing here as normal I’m
going to cover the about page so I saw like down at the bottom so I’ll click on
about well we could take a look at their affiliate disclosure as well you’ll
notice they have a floating bar over here for Amazon it looks like an Amazon
link not a hundred percent sure of this specific manner but it’s a great you
know it’s obviously super target and yeah this indeed I’m looking at the
where this link goes to so it’s an Amazon link and it’s you know it looks
nice super targeted and it’s just the right thing for the stuff they have on
the site so on the about page this is an awesome about page it would be really
good if they had a picture of themselves on here but they don’t and it’s okay but
they do talk about like the right equipment they guide us to different
areas on the site so the the starter page that we were just looking at the
starter kit they have like hosting options podcast directories and then
they’re just guiding us all over the place now the thing is the person says
hey I run paid insights which is a you know marketing consulting agency and
they’re out of Littleton Colorado and we you know they talk about other stuff
that they’re interested in so it’s more personal
they keep it brief and the thing is they talk about like what they’re offering
you so they’re saying our goal here is to help you that’s a great way to start
if you’re going to keep it in this sort of anonymous fashion this is a very nice
way to do it where you’re focusing on the visitor for a podcast where people
are obviously trying to learn stuff and buy things that’s a good way to handle
it so no image of the person but they do give you like there are other businesses
and stuff so they’re able to you know connect in that way if someone’s
actually interested in learning more you could go over and learn more about this
person now we will notice they have set sail which is a obviously a podcast so
they have it’s it’s good they’re talking about podcast equipment and then they
also have podcasts so you can see this stuff over here good branding looks nice
and it stands out right so it’s very contrasty with the white background
black text and this you know the black blocks with a white text on here so I
think this is great and moving to the affiliate disclosure they keep it pretty
tight this is what they’re supposed to have on here so they’re a participant
this is pretty standard text and they say they may use other affiliate
programs to generate revenue when linking to products and so on like the
hosting like the software stuff like that at this time no free products have
been provided to influence our reviews if they are we’ll make it clear in the
post is we want to make it honest and transparent as possible so that’s great
to know so they are not getting free products occasionally if you have a site
that’s getting traffic you’ll start getting offers for you know hey we’ll
send you this stuff to review and you have to disclose that it’s an FTC
regulation okay so that sort of covers that we’ve
looked at a couple of the reviews we looked at the about page this is a great
site and we haven’t even gotten into some of the other sections that they
have so they have various guides and in fact we’ll just take a quick look at
this I won’t dive into them but I’ll just click on guides and see so they
have guides and resources so this seems to be you know somewhat of a category
type page so these are all the guides that they have out there so we see
there’s a lot of you know different posts and they tell you how to do
something so this is a great way to divide it in you know they’re not
overwhelming this with too many options here so overall I think this is an
awesome site and like I mentioned a few times they have a focus on building
their email list which if you if you know you know how to get the traffic if
you already know how to write the content and you’re trying to layer on
you know more marketing channels an email list is fantastic if you’re just
getting started I really I usually advise people don’t try and start an
email list until you have you know a certain number of visitors per day say
500 or so or you’re experienced or your site’s been around for a while now the
thing is if you start an email list and you’re just like beginning your site
you’re gonna get a very small amount of traffic and to learn the skills to you
know build an email list and and copywriting for the emails and all that
stuff it’s kind of involved so it’s too many things going on at once and that’s
why most of the time I say don’t worry about an email list until you’re more
experienced let me know in the comments below what do you think of this site
what do you like do you have any tips for them and I’ll mention it again if
you want to see more tear downs of specific areas on this side they
obviously review a lot of different items here let me know in the comments
and I will shoot another video but I have to get you
some insight if you guys are interested or not see you next time on Tuesday
tarry outs


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