Amazon Associate NICHE SITE (example case study) Rounding Sound

and this teardown we’re looking at the
rounding sound and I talk about what I like what I don’t like and it turns out this site looks pretty
darn good there’s a couple tweaks I would make and we actually look at some
rush again to get a pretty good handle on the amount of traffic this site is
probably getting by the way if you’re new to the channel have a look around
and if you like what you see please consider subscribing let’s get to the
teardown we’re looking at the rail ding sound and it’s a decent looking site it
does look fairly well put together before we get into the critique of the
site let’s look at some rush we’re gonna get an estimate of the traffic on some
rush so we see four point seven thousand right so almost five thousand per month
is the estimate and that tells me it’s probably getting you know anywhere from
double to three times that somewhere in there a lot of times this organic search
estimate is a little bit low because a site will often attract a lot more
long-tailed traffic so we can see the chart here and it looks like the traffic
has had some pretty big spikes it looks like about a year ago it was a lot more
popular and then it’s dropped down so I’m not sure what the deal is with that
but you know nevertheless if the site’s getting like 10,000 to 15,000 visitors
per month it’s probably making some decent money now as we scroll down one
of the huge advantages to using some rush is the top organic keywords we’re
just gonna look at the organic keywords section here it’s just under 9,000
keywords that it’s ranking for and we could see a lot of them are probably
really good long tail type traffic so noise cancelling headphones under a
certain amount earbuds under a certain amount and that sort of thing if you
want to check out some rush you can get I think it’s a 7 day trial
I do have an affiliate link in the description so if you buy through my
link I get a small commission and I appreciate it help support the channel
and it’s a good tool so check it out you could really get a ton of information in
fact one of the most valuable things you can get from SEMRush is just export all
of these key from like various cook competitor sites
so without further ado let’s look at the rounding sim now we see you know it’s a
pretty clean looking design here I’m not sure what’s name it is and frankly it
doesn’t really matter what the theme it is we have a pretty simple logo at the
top there’s no fancy actual logo is just text right so that’s good I like the
simplicity of that by the way as we’re going through this critique let me know
in the comments what you like and don’t like so just as we’re watching feel free
to hop down and leave a comment before you forget there’s a couple menu items
up here it looks like these are specific guides and these are just regular menus
for category section as we scroll down just a tad we have what looks to be just
recent blog posts in the main section of the content here the sidebar has a nice
tagline here Abhishek this person site which is great
and then a search bar is long along with the recent posts as we scroll down it
looks like this is a share sale banner right here and this headphone of the
month is an Amazon affiliate link so by Amazon you can see that’s listed here
now could be if this isn’t a specific banner from Amazon this they could be in
a little bit of a Terms of Service issue because they’re listing the price in a
specific percentage discount and that could be a problem if this banner isn’t
directly from Amazon and I don’t think it is and here’s why the font appear
color the font color headphone of the month is actually in the same color as
the overall or pretty close to the the theme color so that tells me that it’s a
custom graphic the the owner of the site put together whereas this
deals well that looks a lot more like Amazon right here
so this looks like an Amazon sort of ad same with this 30 day music deal so as
we scroll down we see some native ads here and that’s like a sticky widget on
that side so one thing that’s notable I see there’s a little bit more navigation
we have a privacy page we have the contact we have a site map there’s
actually no about page so I looked around a little bit there’s no about
page on this site which is a little bit weird there is a contact us and I think
technically that’s probably all you need but it doesn’t have as much you know
personal touch now Abhishek does have his picture here and a little quote so
that’s good but I would like to see in a doubt page just kind of a normal thing
to have on a website it’s pretty normal like even if the about page is bad
there’s usually an about page and we’ll look it Abhishek’s tagline here life is
just too short to listen to music via bad headphones so it’s a defined quote
and everything but I don’t know it’s a little wordy to me and I mean literally
these Tuesday tear downs are me critiquing and criticizing other people
so so why not dig into this but it’s just a little wordy I mean in normal
conversation people usually don’t say via when they’re talking about
headphones so I mean you could probably clean it up and make it just sound like
more real like he’s talking to his friends like life’s too short don’t use
bad headphones something like that but at least it’s some kind of quote and
there’s a picture there so that is good now as we are looking at the homepage I
would maybe cut down on like the number of posts on the front page and maybe
make the guides more prominent so if you look at other like sort of larger sites
like I’ve done tear downs on outdoor gear lab and maybe baby gear lab I would
take a look at those and maybe sort of put the guides in the front so
he has guides here let’s just take a look and see what kind of guides there
are so this would be archived so 10 best guitar amps earbuds headphones for
watching movies so maybe pick like one of the more important guides and place
those in the front maybe with a custom banner that you put together or
something like that so that I think there’s some opportunity to improve the
homepage just so it looks a little bit more like a homepage and less like a
this looks like someone’s blog where they just have the most recent posts
posted but it doesn’t really matter when these are posted is sort of like time
irrelevant right it doesn’t matter when these are posted so next let’s look at a
specific review 11 best portable Bluetooth speakers under 100 so probably
a pretty good you know longtail keyword here I really like the half width image
along with you know the copy coming up right away with short sentences so this
is what I talk about all the time this is what I like to see and it sort of
follows the perfect Amazon format pretty well now the one thing I would do
there’s no affiliate link in this first section here so like above the folders
no affiliate link and I think it may be good to have an affiliate link above the
fold so as we scroll down we don’t see an affiliate link yeah oh wait maybe
maybe there are this is an affiliate link right here however I’m not even
really sure what that ghosted you need to charge them so maybe this is a link
to a charger so I think this is not an affiliate link top 10 Bluetooth speakers
under 100 so when I click on that I don’t know that actually doesn’t go
anywhere so this is an affiliate link that’s alright the image is an affiliate
link okay there’s a few affiliate links and
another good thing this right you’re good audio quality this is a link to
another Authority type site as well as I think there was another one up here
Bluetooth technology out to Wikipedia so that’s good it’s good to have like links
out to authorities sites so that’s good you don’t have to worry about like
linking out too often or anything like that as long as you’re linking where it
could be helpful and that is the case here good audio quality it’s a PC
Magazine link right here as we’re scrolling down I see I mean I think this
is really well put together as far as you know white space right there’s not
too much like a wall of text or anything like that there’s an image there are
short paragraphs which is good I think if there was an opportunity to
potentially have like bullet points that could be good I think there are indeed
technical specs that the person could cover here and that would be a nice way
to add some bullet points and cover the technical specs here is a video and I’m
not sure this is a YouTube it is in fact a YouTube video here so that’s good I
like to include YouTube videos and there’s this little green call-out
section and another link a button over to Amazon so I think this is pretty good
I mean overall the way it’s put together for the mini review is good I think it’s
a little bit on the short side you could probably make it a lot longer
however eleven different products are covered here so at that point you know
maybe go back and add to it so this is sufficient I think for one product in
the beginning and then later if you want to add more you could and again really
good job like breaking up the texts there’s like different call out sections
here’s a red box here and here is a green box so then there’s a little
horizontal rule rule right here where it separates one product from the next so
as we scroll down I think we’re going to see a lot of the same sort of format
with the you know pretty large image small paragraphs different cough
sections in the green box along with the button to Amazon so over and over and
over another you know nine times there’s some videos placed in here for certain
products but not all so this is great overall I think the critique that I
would give is to you know add simple points right bullet points or numbered
lists or whatever but some sort of section so it could place some of the
technical specs for each of the products of which you know there must be plenty
of technical specs for each of these even if it was just like dimension
weight and like the wattage or something like that and after that I mean I think
you could just add more and more content I mean I think it would be pretty
straightforward to add several hundred words for each of the many reviews for
each of these products and you could without you know breaking a sweat you
could probably come up with you know several thousand additional words so
let’s get all the way to the bottom I know there’s a lot of products here no
need to go through them all okay so they have the number one position is locked
click on any button to share the article to see who holds the number one position
okay this is one of those social social Locker things which yeah I mean they
were popular some time ago but I haven’t seen them as often recently and I think
it’s kind of I don’t know I wouldn’t have to test this back and forth but to
me is kind of a waste just give you know what’s your goal here do you want to try
and get people to share this piece of content or do you want to get them over
to Amazon so maybe it’s ranking better because he’s able to get more shares
I don’t know so maybe he is testing it but it’s interesting because I haven’t
seen these social share lockers around in a while
now here is the flaw all right well number one it looks like
I could just click on I mean I could click on this this is the product right
so like there he’s covering up the name but I could still go and click on it
like it’s here so we could get to it so it’s not really hiding it or anything
but here’s the big flaw with this he put the number one the one that he was
recommending at the very bottom this is a long article the number of people the
percentage of people that actually read the whole thing and get to the bottom
it’s probably a very very small percentage that’s just the way things
work so if you really wanted people to read it and maybe put in a different
order something like that I put the one you want people to go for at the top
it’s it’s I don’t know I don’t think people were going to scroll all the way
down here very few will there’s just so many of these type of products like
these many these many speakers and there is a commodity so I don’t think it’s
gonna be a real it’s not going to be really interesting to scroll all the way
down and read about all these products they’re all about the same as far as I
know I mean I don’t have I don’t have one of these all right and as we scroll
down they have a conclusion which is pretty good then we see more native shot
yeah more native ads here from Amazon related post and then about the author
okay oh and here’s a little bit more information about the author here
overall not bad I mean I think this is well done a couple tweaks here there but
overall I mean I think the way these reviews are put together is very good
now we’ll have a look at one of the guides here so different types of
headphones explained and precise detail this is a weird it’s a weird headline I
think so I think there’s a better way to say it you know when you’re coming up
with headlines you know you probably want to have a key word in there so
perhaps that is the longtail keyword but again very few people say explained in
precise detail I think it would be you know just gonna throw stuff out
different types of headphones explains in layman’s terms explains in yeah it’s hard to come up with stuff on
the fly different types of headphones and plain English what are the different
types of headphones in detail step something like that but I just
this sounds clunky and awkward so and I think you know honestly I didn’t come up
with anything great just now but you know you get a brainstorm sometimes and
there’s no harm in you know changing these in the future to see if it’ll
improve you know the rankings or just you know the readability overall of the
title so again we have what seems to be a great format short sentences to start
the copy half with image over here so literally it’s exactly what I talked
about in the perfect game is on view and they kind of draw you in
as we scroll down demystifying the truth about different types of headphones the
truth is no headphone is best so again it’s great to have these different like
sort of call-outs images along with the short paragraphs and short sentences too
so as we scroll down we see this is a pretty long article here so I could be
useful to have you know couple like links like links to other parts of the
article to jump down to earbuds or different types of like in your
headphones I don’t even know what all is covered here but the point is it may be
good to have a little table of contents and you know allow people to get cut to
the sections a little faster if they know that they’re interested in like on
your headphones now the caveat is of course a person that is reading an
article about the different types of headphones they probably in fact want to
know about all the different types of headphones so
baby reading from top to bottom is the right thing to do the color scheme may
be a tad off so we see the green color for the theme here but then the green
for this pros and cons section here is off so it would mean it’s a minor thing
but if someone’s taking the time to put in these you know rich formatting of the
boxes and all that stuff you may as well make sure your colors match I’ve seen
people use these you know boxes for pros and cons
a lot of times with like thrive architect it does look nice and I even
commented how the formatting is nice overall on the site but it’s not
necessary right it’s nice to have but it’s not critical it’s not required at
all so when you do hear people recommend you know thrive or other themes so that
you will have these sort of rich formatting capabilities and stuff it’s
not necessary right you don’t have to have it you could present these with
just bulleted lists and you don’t need the little checkmark in the little you
know triangle with a exclamation point here it’s just not necessary
it is nice-looking so as we scroll down there are you know links to the specific
types of products over the your headphones you know this image is
actually a actually I’m not sure what that goes to that this link just goes to
the home page so that’s not particularly useful I’ll double check just to make
sure yeah so it just goes to the home page so that’s some sort of a mistake
this goes to Amazon this audio-technica and the Sennheiser goes day Amazon so as
the different types of your phones are covered there’s opportunities to click
over to Amazon and see those specific products this is another affiliate link here
require an amplifier it may be helpful right to give more explanation about
like what this link goes to because I assume it’s an amplifier but like why do
I care to go to check out that amplifier it doesn’t it doesn’t really tell me
what I’m gonna look at I don’t know what mato I’m gonna look at it does give me
to click it and to see what’s going on on-like amazon but you know overall it’s
not it’s not helpful I guess I’m not ink I’m not eager to click it because I
don’t know what it takes me to and as we scroll down there’s just a lot of
content there’s some YouTube videos which is very good and I think this is a
great piece of content right here because it’s thorough it’s long it
covers a lot of stuff there’s tons of images there are lots of outbound links
here there’s like a house stuff works link so this is this is a great piece of
content I think and I only read just a tiny bit here let’s have a quick look
it’s five thousand one hundred and fifty five words roughly and I’m using a tool
here called SEO quake it’s a free plugin so you can check that out and I’m just
going to try and get to the end here since it’s becoming a little bit too
long so they have native ads again at the bottom after the conclusion nothing
really interesting in the conclusion and related post and okay so it’s kind of
the same ending as before you have the conclusion the native ads from Amazon
related posts and the about the author section here so overall not bad and
again it’s a long-form piece of content with lots of information and that’s a
good thing what did you like about this site let me know in the comments and if
you have any critiques let me know in the comments as well I’m Doug Huntington
we’ll see you next time on Tuesday tear nails you


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