Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 (Step By Step Tutorial)

Hey what’s up you guys, so my name is
Wade and in this video I’m gonna give you a step-by-step guide on how to get
started with the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program. If you
aren’t already familiar with Amazon Associates, it’s one of the largest
affiliate marketing platforms that you can get started with right now
completely for free. And it’s probably one of the easiest programs to
understand and implement for complete beginners who are looking to start
earning some online income. The way the Amazon Associates program works is that
once you’re in the program you now have the ability to create custom links to
almost anything sold on Amazon. And if someone buys something using your
affiliate links, you get a percentage of that sale. The great part about Amazon
Associates is that the person that clicked on your affiliate link has 24
hours to buy something on Amazon for it count toward your earnings. So they don’t
necessarily have to purchase anything right away. And if they click on your
link and end up going to a different product on Amazon and buy something
anyway you’ll still earn a commission on that product too which is awesome. If you
run a website or a blog, if you’re starting a YouTube channel where you’re
talking about or reviewing certain products or have any other sort of
online presence, utilizing the Amazon Associates program
is a great way to start earning online income easily if you haven’t yet, or even
expand your earning potential if you’re already making money online. I’ve
personally been using the Amazon Associates program on my own YouTube
channel where I review smartphones and other tech gadgets and I’ve earned as
much as $1400 in a single month solely from Amazon
Associates so there’s obviously a lot of potential here. There’s a lot of
different elements to the Amazon Associates program, but for this video in
particular I’m gonna walk you through how to set up an account. I’ll also give
you an overview of the dashboard so you know what you’re looking at, and I’m also
going to talk about some strategies I use in order to generate a decent income.
If you’re looking for a more expert level guide on Amazon Associates this
isn’t the video for you. I’m mainly gonna be going over the basics here, but if you
do find this video helpful be sure to leave it a like as it does help me out a
ton and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any future videos. To
get started with the Amazon Associates program you can head over to affiliate – You can also just google Amazon Associates Program or
click on the “Become an Affiliate” link at the bottom of any Amazon page. Signing up
with the program is completely free and you just need to type in your Amazon
email and password that you use for purchases, or
you can create a brand-new Amazon account if you don’t already have one.
After you’re logged in, the first page will list your default address that’s
associated with your Amazon account. The address here needs to be correct
because it’s where payments can be mailed to and it will also be associated
to you for tax purposes. Amazon does send a 1099 form at the end
of the year for you to pay taxes on your earnings and you’ll want to make sure
your name address and all other personal information is accurate. The next page is
where you’ll link to any and all web sites where you’ll have affiliate links.
And the key here is to link to a website. You don’t have to have a large online
presence built up or some super popular website, but you have to have something.
You could potentially link to social media like a YouTube channel or an
Instagram account, but for your best chance of getting approved I would set
up a website first and use that as your primary link here. If you have a free
Wordpress blog with 5 to 10 articles that looks nice, that’s probably good
enough and your chances are high in getting accepted. The important thing
here is that you have to provide something that works and looks completed.
You can’t link to some website that isn’t hosted or some blank page with no
content. You do have to have some sort of online content to show Amazon because
they likely will be checking it out in order to approve you. After you’re
accepted into the program, you can use your Amazon affiliate links on other
sites and projects you make in the future or social media accounts like
YouTube Twitter or Instagram. But for right now we’re just trying to get
accepted to the program quickly and easily and making a simple website with
a bit decent content is the easiest way to go. And if you guys are worried about
getting approved or you’re not sure if your website is good enough yet
leave a comment down below and I’ll take a look at it and I’ll give you some
feedback if you’d like. And don’t worry if you aren’t accepted right away you
can still apply again later when you have a little more content online. The
important thing here is to just be honest with the information you’re
providing it really doesn’t take much work to set up a simple website or blog
and if you’re trying to pass off content that isn’t your own you might get banned
from the program before you even start. The next page has a lot of stuff going
on and it could be kind of tricky so pay attention here because this is probably
the most important step in signing up the first question asks for your
preferred associates store ID this can be basically anything from your website
name to your any name it generally doesn’t matter an
Amazon will Auto assign a store ID anyway and you don’t have to necessarily
know or remember this store ID as a beginner anyway so you can put almost
anything in this box and be perfectly fine the next box asks you to describe
the online content you make you want to make sure you explain as much as
possible about what your website is about and the kinds of products you
might talk about and feature if you have multiple websites or social media
accounts listed above that you’ll be using Amazon Associates on make sure you
talk about each one next you’ll select what topics your content focuses on you
can add a number of different topics if you have a few different blogs or
websites on different things but once again just make sure everything matches
up with everything you provided so far similarly you’ll also be asked about the
category of items you’ll be linking to again just make sure that each category
is selected based on all the websites and online account you’ll be associated
with and finally you’re asked to select what type of content you write about or
post about whether it be a casual blog a comparison website a shopping website or
anything else this next section might be a little
confusing if you’re just getting started website building or affiliate marketing
so we’re just gonna stick to some basic answers and I’ll explain a little bit
about what this stuff means the first question asks how you get people to your
sites or social media accounts if you’re just getting started the default answers
would be social networks or blogs an SEO could be an option too but if you’re
more than just a beginner and do any email marketing advertising or other
sorts of paid traffic take those boxes I’m gonna take a second here to talk
about something really important though in regards to driving traffic to your
sites and this applies to both beginners and people already familiar with the
program Amazon is generally okay with paid traffic to your websites or blogs
or social media accounts as a whole so you aren’t gonna get dinged for that
however you cannot do paid traffic directly to your Amazon links that’s a
big no-no and it will definitely get you banned the next question asks how you
currently generate online income if your sites do already make money you’ll know
what to put here but if you’re just getting started you can select the
option that says Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site and
that’s perfectly fine the next question asks how you build links on your website
again if you’re already familiar with website building you’ll know what to put
here but if you’re just getting started any answers okay for the next question
about how many unique visitors you get per month you need to be as honest here
as possible the answers have a wide range here so there isn’t necessarily a
wrong choice and if you’re just getting started it’s totally okay to put that
you earn less than 500 visitors a month that isn’t gonna limit your chances in
getting accepted the last two questions here are pretty straightforward
obviously we’re joining Amazon Associates to monetize our websites and
you can answer the last question however you’d like
the final page will ask you to confirm your phone number and agree to the terms
and conditions this is a required step so it needs to be a real phone number
you do have access to after that your application is submitted and it
shouldn’t be long before you get an email saying you’re approved once you’re
approved and have your account set up you’ll now have access to this dashboard
and obviously there’s a lot going on here but don’t get too overwhelmed since
we’re just getting started I’m gonna walk you through the basic
stuff you need to know in order to start linking to products and earning money
and as you progress and get a little more familiar you’ll be able to take
advantage of the countless other aspects of this program that are a little more
advanced obviously the main homepage here is your earnings overview you’ll be
able to see exactly how many clicks your links got and how much you earned each
day with people buying the different products to go further back in your
earnings history you’ll click on the reports tab across the top and you can
see all your daily earnings from different date ranges you can see here
that for me I earned about $700 over the last 30 days to get started with linking
to products there are a couple simple ways you can do this the first is by
using the search bar on the homepage of the Amazon Associates dashboard and you
can find that above your earnings chart simply search for any product you want
to link to scroll through a list and find it and in order to get your simple
short affiliate link to that product just click on the arrow on the right and
in the new box click on shorten URL with Amazon tío this is now your unique
affiliate link to those Bose headphones that you can use on your blog or website
as a product link on a YouTube video or anywhere else you need it
the other super easy way to get the unique affiliate short links to specific
Amazon products is by simply using the regular website if you’re
logged in to the was on account linked with the
Associates Program you’ll now see a new menu across the top of every single
Amazon page you can search on Amazon for any product you want to link to and on
the product page along the top just click on text under get link and once
again you’ll have access to your affiliate URL to that product each link
here is unique to that specific products on Amazon so you need individual
affiliate links for every product you want people to see you’ll notice on my
own YouTube channel I always have a bunch of affiliate links to all the
products that I mentioned and on websites or blogs you’ll likely see
hyperlinks or direct links to Amazon products too that are more often than
not affiliate links as well there are a number of different ways to use the
Amazon Associates program for your online content but for beginners just
starting out direct linking with short URLs is the easiest way to get started
the other important thing to understand is that different product categories
have different commission rates here are the current rates as of March 2019 these
change from time to time you can still get an idea of what you can expect to
earn from products and certain categories it might be a good idea to
focus on products that have higher Commission rates but if you aren’t
genuinely interested in furniture or apparel or other high commission items
that’s totally okay you can still earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars a
month even with the lower rate items and like I mentioned at the start of the
video oftentimes people will use your links to buy other products on Amazon
anyway which still counts towards your earnings one last thing to mention
that’s pretty important it’s always a good idea to include a disclaimer on
your website or anywhere else you’re using the affiliate links that say
something like some of the links on this website are affiliate links that are in
a small Commission for a sale this is something that Amazon does suggest in
their guidelines so definitely add it before you get too deep into the program
like I said this was really meant to be just a beginner’s guide to getting
started with Amazon Associates obviously there’s a ton more to it like banner ads
and bounties and setting up your account for different regions and certain
strategies for earning more and I’ll likely make a more advanced video in the
future if you guys are interested but for now I hope you found this video
helpful if you have any questions about anything regarding the Amazon Associates
program just leave a comment down below and I’ll try to help you out
and if you made it all the way to this video thank you I really appreciate it
and I’ll catch you guys in the next one


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