vs Clickbank What’s The Best Affiliate Network For Beginners

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be talking about Amazon versus Clickbank affiliate marketing
which one I think is better and which one I think you should do if you’re a
beginner in affiliate marketing I’m gonna show you guys what I think is good
about Amazon and what I think is good about Clickbank that way you can decide
which one you want to do if you’re a beginner in the affiliate marketing
space with that being said we’re gonna dive into my computer in just a minute
so I can show you guys that but before we do so if you guys are new to the
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and with that being said we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can
show you guys exactly what I’m talking about
alright guys we don’t in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard Amazon vs.
Clickbank affiliate marketing on the Left I got Amazon on the right of course
I got Clickbank when I pull a box away I’m gonna show you guys exactly what I
like about Amazon and then I’m gonna talk about the vs. part of course what I
like about Clickbank well I think one is good and why I think one is a little bit
better because guys as a beginner I definitely think that one of these is
better than the other one I’m gonna talk about that in just a minute guys but
without wasting any more time I’m gonna pull with the first box for Amazon I’m
gonna show you guys everything that I think is good but Amazon and why you
should start it let me pull the box rate right now I have a bunch of reasons guys
I’m gonna cover every single one of these really fast so I make this video
too too long with that being said guys the first reason I like Amazon is
because it is super beginner friendly and guys the next one it is super easy
to start those do kind of go together start sedima one amazon is very beginner
friendly and I’m gonna explain exactly why when I talk about the next few
reasons as I go down the list Amazon makes it really easy to sign up and get
started and get everything you need in places are earning money with Amazon
affiliate marketing the next one is gonna be Amazon has a ton of Authority
in their space Amazon is obviously the number one online retailer in that space
right now and guys they are a huge of course they are a massive billion dollar
company and Amazon has a lot of authority because everyone trusts their
name people think of Amazon they think of a trusted online retailer I think you
pretty much anything they want with 2-day free shipping which of course is
fantastic if you’re a prime user the next thing I said is guys Amazon does
the selling for you what I mean by that is you guys once somebody clicks your
Amazon affiliate link and you send them to Amazon
Amazon sells products – to them before you whether that’s through suggested
products for them or related products to what they’re actually looking at Amazon
there’s a lot of selling on their website be a cross-selling upselling
down something all that stuff and they do it all for you all you have to do is
get people to click and your affiliate link it actually gets sent over to once they’re on Amazon then kind of takes over and does
all the selling for you which is another reason why guys why I think it’s so
beginner friendly and after that guys I have a few stats on why I think Amazon
is so fantastic as Amazon as of right now as of 2018 has over 70 million Prime
users worldwide Amazon Prime is of course their that paid subscription
service you can pay monthly or yearly to get a few benefits like two-day shipping
and was on music stuff like that if you actually are Prime then you can get
perks and benefits like that with that being said guys 70 million people is a
ton of people you can actually sell to 70 million people are already purchasing
things on Amazon and are already buying things every single day all you have to
do is get them to click your affiliate link before they do so and then you can
make it freely Commission’s actually other guys I was putting next at I put
over 80% of Americans already use Amazon and Amazon Prime to purchase things
online Amazon actually owns I think it’s like 46% of like all online marketplace
retail retail shopping which is a quarter almost 50% that’s incredibly
huge because over 80% of Americans already use it obviously that statistic
isn’t gonna be 100% accurate that’s what I got I’m doing some research so my
point here is guys is that 70 million people worldwide and 80% of Americans
already use this they’re already buying things on Amazon all you have to do is
get them to click your affiliate link get them over to Amazon and they’re
already purchasing products they’re already doing this day to day month
after month why shouldn’t you earn some affiliate
Commission’s on products that they’re already purchasing actually I guys the
next two things I put are in affiliate for pretty much any product on Amazon of
course Amazon has like millions of products on there and you can affiliate
for pretty much any single one of them if you just promote that specific
product you actually make some money doing it because Amazon has a ton of
categories they actually allow you to promote products for it including their
Amazon products themselves like the things like Amazon Alexa and the dot and
stuff like that and then the next thing is they have a huge selection of
affiliate products because like I just said Amazon
has millions of products they allow you to affiliate for so you can pick pretty
much anything on the website promote it being affiliate for it and then make
some affiliate commissions by doing so one of the last things I like about
Amazon I actually put this on the list is that when somebody actually comes on
to Amazon from your failing you’ll get a foot in a commission for anything they
purchased on Amazon if they did it through your link we’ll say for example
guys you’re throwing some headphones on Amazon you make a blog post you put your
affiliate link in there somebody comes through and clicks that link they went
on the headphones product page they say hey you know what I like these
headphones I’m gonna add these to my cart and while I morning in Amazon
I’m gonna look for some other stuff you know I’m actually the market for us to
say a TV if they actually purchased looks like a 45 inch TV and the
headphones we’re guys just even the TV maybe if they say you know what if we
got the headphones I don’t want that much but they actually go ahead and buy
like a 45 inch TV after clicking your affiliate link you’ll get an affiliate
Commission of that TV or whatever they purchased the energy come to Amazon
purchase like ten things like three thousand dollars worth of products
you’re getting an affiliate Commission for all of that stuff even though they
only came for the headphones through your link you’ll actually make a sale
that could be worth way way more that’s in the reason I love Amazon well that’s
pretty much all the reasons why I think that Amazon is such a great excellent
marketing program now my guys are course we have to move on to the opposite ahead
of the coin which is gonna be the Clickbank I want to pull that box away
now next we pull it away right there and guys may start reading some of these
reasons off course I have another big list I’m gonna go through every single
one of these I’m gonna go do a little fast because this video is getting a
little long I don’t make it too long that’s first thing with Clickbank is you
know get bigger Commission’s a lot of times on Amazon look at like a
percentage which can be anywhere from I think like 2% to like 8% total or max
I’m not a hundred percent sure of those percentages Amazon has different
percentages per category so you guys can actually learn about those if you go
ahead and sign up what Clickbank will actually give you a lot on a lot of
Clickbank products you can easily earn like 25 50 even sangar percent
commissions of the products you’re promoting on top of that guys you’ll
actually earn recurring monthly Commission’s because guys like I said a
lot of affiliate products on Clickbank they actually allow you to earn monthly
commissions because guys when you sell a product a lot of times if you’re selling
a monthly product or like a monthly subscription product the customer will
get charged we sing a month and you’ll actually
aren’t an affiliate Commission or a percentage of that every single month
which is of course fantastic that I’ll really allows you guys to create a
steady consistent income month after month in passive income which is of
course the best kind of income the next thing though is they actually offer on a
lot of products not all but on a good amount dollar trial offers and these are
great because these convert really highly because of course they only cost
the customer one dollar sign up for it and a lot of times customer either
forget although let’s go on and move on with the trial and actually then pay for
the actual full affiliate program or product you’re selling let’s just say be
a photo offer is like $1 for a two-week trial when the trials up then they’ll
actually get charged for the full price of the affiliate product and that’s when
you’ll really earn like 50% or sign of a percent or whatever it is that’s when
you earn your big your big paycheck but it’s really easy to get more customers
when you actually offer things like dollar trials those things convert super
super highly if you’re already promoting on Clickbank I definitely recommend you
guys look at some of the dollar trial offers because they can really well like
I keep saying after after guys a lot of flavor programs and products will
actually offer you affiliate tools things that you can take whether it’s
like email swipes logos banners stuff like that that’ll actually help you
promote the affiliate offer with the affiliate product along with your
affiliate tools a lot of these programs and products will have help or support
teams and their job is to actually help you promote the products and help me
make more sales because of course when you make sales they’re making sales and
everybody’s happy steak shab these help or support teams in place just to help
you guys out of course Amazon’s a million actually I mean a billion dollar
business we don’t have those kinda things in place to help you out but
after that though guys click link also has like thousands of related offers and
tons of niches you guys can choose from which is another great thing about it is
they have a lot of variety so I’m pretty much any niche that you actually decided
to go into you’ll be able to find tens of hundreds of products you can actually
prove to your audience or your potential customer base and the last thing that
actually has to do with Clickbank is you’ll be proning digital products
instead of physical ones there are a few physical affiliate offers on clickbait
but they’re far and few in between most of the products you’ll be promoting as
an affiliate on Clickbank will be digital products courses things of that
nature other digital products are nice because they are instant of course even
with physical products on Amazon there is still two day shipping both clicking
they are instant delivery products always good as a customer
to get things instantly because people aren’t very patient they want things now
if you’re actually given to them now it’ll actually convert into higher sales
with that being said though guys I pretty much wraps up this video and
those are my reasons why I like Amazon and why alike Clickbank any guys if you
are a beginner like I said I think you should do Amazon industry that’s a
little bit more beginner friendly Amazon already has all the authority they do
the selling for you there were just a few more reasons that I think as a
beginner Amazon is gonna be more beneficial and I think you’ll find a
little bit more success faster doing Amazon affiliate marketing at least as a
beginner if you’re a little bit more intermediate or advanced then you can
move into Clickbank because Clickbank products are of course great
I’m not saying either one of these is bad just as a beginner I think Amazon
could be a little bit easier but of course guys I wraps up the video if you
enjoyed wrap a like on it and I definitely subscribe for brand new
videos every single day and with all that being said guys I will see you in
the next video my name is Anthony Villa and I am out peace


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