Amazon Creates New Influencer Program for YouTube Creators

– Even with the YouTube boycott going on there’s a lot of people
that are worried about the money that they’re
making through the ads, and so on, and Amazon quietly just
introduced something that’s really interesting and it has to do with
you as a YouTube creator. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned. (electronic static) – [Announcer] – Greetings people of the Internet. Derral Eves here. Now, there are content creators on YouTube that are really freaking out right now. I mean, really freaking out. Now, you might ask, why are
they freaking out, Derral? Well, YouTube slash Google just deposited money
in their bank account. And you’re like, oh, well,
that’s a good thing, right? Well, a lot of these content creators are making less money with more views and they’re like, oh man, what’s going on? And it has everything to
do with this ad boycott. Now, this ad boycott is
not affecting everybody, and if you’re interested in it, I have a couple of videos I made. You can find the links
in the description below. Now, with all this
craziness that’s happening on YouTube for the last couple of months between advertisers and
employees at YouTube, and content creators just wanting answers. Amazon actually ends up doing something really, really interesting. Now, I pay close attention to
Amazon for a couple reasons. Number one, they’re a 400
billion dollar company. Number two, I give Amazon
money, pretty much, everyday. Pretty much, I don’t know. You probably do too as well. But Amazon actually introduces
something very quietly, and it’s called the
Amazon Influencer Program. Now, this is where Amazon
wants to partner up with some social media influencers. Well, these influencers
have large followings, but also have content that is shopable. That means they’re going
to be buying on Amazon. Amazon wants to reach out to them, partner up with them and give them some fees when
the traffic they actually bring actually makes purchases on Amazon. Now, you’re probably
thinking, wait a minute, this sounds really familiar. This sounds like the
Amazon Associate program where I can sign up and get a percentage and drag traffic to Amazon. Well, no, it’s kind of different, and let me kind of explain why. Now, with the Amazon influencer program, what makes this a little bit different is Amazon’s actually giving the influencer a lot more control on Amazon. Now, there’s a couple of things
I’m really excited about. The first thing is that Amazon’s giving the influencer
their own custom URL, so there’s only one URL that
the people need to remember, and when they send traffic to Amazon they actually go to their
own custom landing page, which they actually have
their own shopping page where they can, you know, pick
different products on Amazon to display on their own
personalized customized page, which is really cool. Now, you’re probably saying right now, sign me up, get me
going, I want to do this. Now, before you actually go
and fill out all the paperwork that you need to and have Amazon reach you, you need to know a couple key things, and I’m here to tell you, I haven’t submitted mine yet, I haven’t submitted a
lot of my clients yet, because Amazon’s being really picky. If you submit your
application and it’s rejected, then guess what guys? It’s not going to happen again, so, you want to be very cautious before you actually submit. Amazon’s actually looking for a particular type of influencer, and this is something
that you need to say, am I actually like this influencer, or can I be in a few months? Where am I at? Amazon just really cares about the data, and honestly at the end of the day it’s about selling things on Amazon. Now, I know a lot of you
might have the question is, hey, do you know what? How big of a following
do you need to have? Well, it’s not about that. I actually went and
found 10 different people that are on this program and they’re all in the
different variety of sizes. You know, some of them
had hundreds of thousands, some of them had millions, some of them had like 50,000. Let me go ahead and show you
one of the YouTube influencers that is actually in the
Amazon Beta program, and it is The Deal Guy. Now, we can see that he
has 252,000 subscribers, and he basically puts out content everyday talking about the deal of the day. So, it’s either pushing traffic to some affiliate program or some Amazon product. So, you know, he is a good candidate to be for this Amazon program. Now, if we go to one of his videos, let’s go to the video on
the best Amazon tech deals, and let’s go ahead and show more. You can see right here that he has, forward
slash, shop, the deal guy is his custom URL, so let’s go ahead and click on that. And you can see he is
promoting different products that he’s actually talked
about in his videos from lanterns to record players to thermometers to vacuum cleaners, basically he has different products here. Here’s what’s an interesting thing is you can keep on going down and he has all these
different products from here. Now, one thing that is a note, is The Deal Guy may be compensated for purchases on this page. So, there’s a little disclaimer on it. I can tell you that he is actually going to be making more money
than the associate program because this is a special
program that’s in beta where Amazon’s actually picking these social media influencers
that will drive more traffic. So, if you’re a content
creator here on YouTube and you’re actually making content that sends traffic naturally to Amazon, and you’re an associate, and you actually make affiliate money a lot more than what
you’re doing with ads, then I would actually go over to Amazon and fill out he application, and all those that are watching this video that wish you’d be there, well, become an associate on
Amazon if you’re not already and start sending traffic to Amazon if that’s something that you want to do, but don’t fill out the application until you’re sending a
large amount of volume over and people are actually buying on Amazon because you only get one shot. I want to hear, do you
think this is a great idea? Do you think this influencer
program is a game-changer? Go ahead, and put it
in the comments below. I think it’s a very interesting thing. I actually reached out a lot of my friends that actually are creating
content here on YouTube, and they have shopable content, I’m like, hey, have you heard about this? And they’re like, well, no, I mean, I’m an associate, but I haven’t heard anything about it, and it’s a really interesting response, and a lot of them are actually filling out their applications now, and they really are excited about this. Are you excited? I don’t know. Put it in the comments. Let’s hear what you
have to say about this. So, guys, thank you so much
for watching this video. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, and honestly, there’s a
lot more content coming out because of Patreon. Thank you so much Patreons, for those that are actually contributing to our Patreon community. Thank you, and have a
wonderful and effective day.

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