Amazon FBA 3 Month Game-Plan To PROFIT | Step-By-Step Timeline

20 km months 90k a month a hundred and
sixty-five thousand dollars per month you’ve probably seen stories like this
of ordinary people who make fortunes selling products on Amazon mode and I’m
sure you must have thought at one point how can I do the same what steps must I
take and how long would it actually take me to see some profits well if you
follow the game plan that I’m about to share you can get it done in 90 days JC
Franco here the no-bullshit Amazon seller I’m all about getting you real
Amazon results like this without the fluff and the garbage so if that’s on
against you comment below Amazon FBA profit and you can win a very
secret special prize so game planning for Amazon now I want to mention really
quickly when I do things like this it’s all estimates and averages right
everyone’s gonna be different everyone’s product every situation
everyone’s time is gonna be different but the idea of this is to give you a
general timeline of what you should do and when to start making money on Amazon
as fast as possible if you stick to it I promise you you’ll get there now the
requirements for this 90-day process to work is that I assume I want you to know
that I’m assuming a one to two hours a day right so if you can put in one to
two hours a day this can work for you now if it’s one hour a day it’s a little
close maybe you might have to add you know a week or two to this but if you
can actually give two hours a day you’ll be good and again you can stack it up on
the weekends or you can match up however you want but if you can give that kind
of time then you are golden alright so the first two weeks week one and week
two you’re going to be doing Amazon FBA product research so you’re gonna be
looking for products that you want to sell no mistake that people make here is
that they try to sell something that they are passionate about okay that’s
not what this game is about you’re not trying to sell something that you like I
like video games but I’m not going to go out and try to sell Xbox controllers or
ps4 controllers right because this is not a passion project this is a money
project that’s what you’re trying to do so do that you need to know what you’re
looking for you need to know the numbers of what makes a product something that
is potentially sellable on Amazon right need to know the signs now this is
not the video where I’m going to tell you how to do certain things this is the
video where I’m gonna tell you when to do things so if you want to find out how
to do something click the link right over there and as we go through this and
I just go through week four and week five and week six as I’m telling you the
process the link will always be right up there for you to see the tutorial
alright so week one to two you’re building up a list right and you’re
going wide you’re building up as much products as possible and you’re just
giving a quick glance of some of the criteria and if it looks doable add it
to your list okay and for spending an hour to two hours a day you should
easily be able to add one product at least a minimum right some days oh I won
sometimes you add four but at least one product per day for these two weeks so
now we’re moving on to week number three so week number three starts and you
should have at least twenty products right if you did progress which
correctly you should have at least twenty products on your list so at the
beginning week three what we’re doing we’re still doing product research right
so throughout the week you’re still adding more products that list but
you’re also gonna start validating these products so at first we were more loose
with our criteria and now we’re really digging deeper into the products that
you found in the first two weeks so we’re going through the checks now again
some of the things that we’re looking for sale signs opportunity balance the
Empire potential the grants on screen and the cash flow if you have no idea
what I’m talking about probably cuz you haven’t watched that oh wait wait wait
that video right over there right so if you want to do that go ahead and watch
that we’re going to keep banging through so now at the end of week number three
you should have about twenty products still right because you added more
products but you also probably eliminated a lot of products right so
maybe twenty fifteen products at this point so now we’re into week four and
you’re sitting on 20 to 15 products so now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stop a
new product research these are the products that you deemed are actually
good right to a certain degree so now we’re gonna go with into deep product
validation so that means talking to suppliers getting quotes right getting
real quotes and you’re gonna reach out to them and say hey I need a quote for
this many units how much it’s gonna be for shipping how much is it gonna be to
make this custom design or how much is gonna be to make this upgrade or to pair
these two different items together and you’re gonna get real quotes from real
suppliers so you can dig in and find out the profit margins
and find out all these products that you already validated which ones are
actually profitable which ones are actually going to be more worth pursuing
so now it’s the end of week 4 you’ve kind of figured that out and now you
have a shortlist of like you know two to four products max that’s you think ok
these ones are have real potential I want to look at these ones further and
let’s forget about the rest of them ok so now we’re moving in to week number
five you’re a month into your journey week number five is the one you’re gonna
spend more time looking and analyzing these products trying to run as many
metrics and look at as many as much data as you can about these products really
really think about it and really dig deep into these four so now you have
more time to spend looking at these four products instead of wasting time on 15
and then we’re gonna start negotiating with suppliers right really negotiating
and really triangles prices down see which suppliers have great communication
which how fast can they produce the product right what’s the different costs
that they have and by the end of this week you’re gonna be finalizing your
final product so you started the week with four by the end of the week you
should have narrowed it down to the one winner the one that you’re most
passionate about the one that has the most potential to maybe build a product
line off of the one that is gonna make you the most money and that’s when
you’re now picking that product and ordering samples now I like to say order
samples from at least two suppliers if not more right two suppliers at least
not just one because you want to be able to compare different qualities right so
you get two or three suppliers and now you can really judge the quality because
at this point you’ve only been talking to them right you have and maybe you’ve
seen some pictures that’s the max or maybe they sent you some video but it’s
very different when you actually order samples so now at the end of the week
you’re placing your sample orders so we’re into this six week and now you’re
just waiting for your samples to arrive so what should you do on your downtime
now it’s time to work on your branding right you finalize your product you know
it’s gonna be so now you can actually work on how your brand is gonna look and
how you’re going to appear to buyers on Amazon right so that means your logo
right your product packaging your product design if you’re doing any
design differently you’re looking at your product inserts right maybe you’re
setting up Instagram and Facebook accounts maybe you’re getting your
domain and you getting your email set up for your brand
name and for your brand now if you’re not a graphic designer
you can use different services to do this so you end up looking professional
and you don’t look like someone just drew a logo with a crayon right so if
you if you don’t know how to make that to design then definitely you can get
you the service even something like Fiverr to begin with something cheap
something fast or if you want to opt for something more professional you can go
right to something like outline Natick and get that done for you if you submit
at the start of the week it should only take them 3 to 5 days to get you the
first draft and then you next week you can work on the revisions so now we’re
moving into lucky number 7 the seventh week of your journey and now your
samples have all arrived now this is one of the most exciting parts as an ml
seller as a new Island seller because now you have physical products in your
hand that you can touch right you’re looking at it like oh my gosh this is
actually something real this is something tangible it’s just something
that I might be able to make a living off of right so now it’s getting
exciting it’s getting very real so now you’re gonna spend the entire week
evaluating your samples so use the product if you can right and you’re
trying to see which one which supplier has provided the best quality so use
them right be rough with them break test them do everything you can and my
favorite tip is give them to someone else to use right give them to a friend
give them to your your spouse your girlfriend your boyfriend whatever maybe
because when you like I said it’s so exciting to look at your product it’s
easy to ignore the flaws or just be blind to the flaws entirely right some
of the best advice I got on is when I give a product to my girlfriend right so
I’m like yo look at this product it’s super cool right isn’t it awesome and
then she’s like oh what the hell is this it looks weird it smells funny
you know this line what’s wrong with this thing this thing is broken it
doesn’t fit in my bag and all these things that I never would have thought
of just because I got a second opinion from someone that I trusted so
definitely let other people use the samples and try to get their opinions
and hear their opinions and you can now use that to not only pick the better
supplier but then talk to that supplier and say hey this is this you know I
found a problem here can we fixed this and really nail down that final little
bit of the your product by the end of week 7 you should also have your
branding finalized so if you use the service now if you’re doing yourself I
don’t know how long it’s gonna take you if you use the service definitely by the
end of week 7 if you sent it beginning week 6 your branding is done and this is
very important because you’re gonna be needing this next week right so your
logo your buck design your product insert is done if you don’t know a
product insert is it’s like a little card you can put in the box
like do a lot of cool things with there get reviews and stuff like that
okay so your branding is done now we’re moving into week eight you’re officially
two months into your Amazon journey so week eight is going to be the most
exciting because now that you’ve picked your supplier you’ve talked to them
you’ve worked out the kinks now you’re going to place your order now this is
where people really mess up now it’s not because they order something wrong or
they send money if the wrong person it’s because they actually get cold feet this
is where most this is the this is the turning point right people are super fun
running up here they stop at the edge and this is where you place the order
you need to take that leap of faith right isn’t my little stick man this is
you right now okay this was me at some point and I remember stopping right
there until I was able to make that jump and luckily my parachute open and my my
wings spread all right that’s where you have to just trust that what you did was
right you have to trust that your first eight weeks or your first seven weeks
you did everything properly because of course there is some people who jump and
they fall in they die right and that’s not a pretty scene so make sure the
first few weeks were done correctly so you can avoid that entirely right but
now congratulations you’ve placed your order you’re officially an Amazon seller
now basically because you have products coming in to Amazon and now it’s also
important that you’ve got your branding done right because you’re placing an
order and also you’re gonna ask for a branded sample so the first sample was a
generic sample right it was something that the supplier sent you they made but
now it’s gonna be to your specifications based on the things you told them and
we’re gonna have your logo on it and that’s very important cuz you’re gonna
need that next week so week nine sorry you’re not gonna need your branded
sample this week is me next week because week nine you’re waiting for that sample
to arrive again right so what are you gonna do now you’ve placed your order so
now it’s time to actually create your listing and start working on you know
doing your keyword research researching your keywords for your product so you
can start creating your listing so now if you haven’t already you can get your
Amazon seller accounts become a professional Amazon seller it’s gonna
cost you $40 a month to join and then now you’re in the count you can start
creating your listing so Crane your title creating your bullet point
spraying your description filling in all the backend that needs to be done so
that once your product arrives you’re ready to go right so now you’re doing
your research and you’re making your listing nice and you’re making sure
you’re taking the time to write the bullet points and really
sell your product because that listing is what’s gonna make that product sell
all right so now it’s week ten and your branded sample has arrived and now you
finally see your hard work come to fruition
you have your own brand this is when you realize hey I’m actually putting
products out into the world that people are going to buy right it’s pretty
awesome so now that you got your branded sample you’re gonna go ahead and get
your product photography because your listing is done with the words however
you still need images to put there so whether you’re gonna do it yourself you
have your brackets ample so you can just take pictures yourself or you’re gonna
send it to a professional photographer get some kind of photographer
photography service to do it it shouldn’t take you more than a week to
get this done now when I do mention if you’re gonna do it yourself make sure
you’re following Amazon’s guidelines make sure you’re making the listing look
professional because there’s nothing will kill your Amazon dreams faster than
having really shitty looking images right because if they’re ugly no one’s
going to buy them so as nice as you know you think your Instagram page looks if
you’re not a photographer I really do suggest hiring one because the listing
is what sells or the picture is what sells the product right more than
anything else you need to have great high quality beautiful stunning pristine
images so week 11 the first thing I do you’re gonna finalize your listing so
your images are done everything you need to complete that listing is complete so
finalize that make sure you go through everything and double-check everything
and make sure it’s ready to go launch to the public your price is done now I want
to mention here don’t get too caught up in it I’ve seen people who’ve had
products arrive already and they still haven’t launched because they’re waiting
to do you know they want to listen to be perfect they want to do research on
pricing just go with it because you’re listening you can always change it as
you go right so just do your best and then launch it and then you can adjust
as you go an optional step for week 11 is setting up an email follow-up
sequence now you don’t have to do this this is an extra expense that you don’t
need right at the beginning but I do like to tell people do this because it
allows you to get reviews faster and if it’s really easy to do right it’s
something where have you do it once and you’re pretty much done so if you don’t
know an email follow-up sequence means you just get a software like feedback
whiz and would feedback whiz when someone orders your product it will
automatically send out emails to them and then you can now with those emails
and get some reviews or do different things like get feedback and things like
that right so you pretty much you write three different emails you write it once
you put it into feedback Wiz and then the byproduct you’ll get an email three
days later they got an email three days later look at an email right and then
that’s done and once you set it up you can run that forever and it’ll generate
reviews it’s a really simple thing that you can do if you’re willing to take the
extra step okay because guess what happens on week 12
on week 12 your product has arrived on Amazon so congratulations you are now on Amazon
Celer and guess what that was your 90-day plan so what are you doing on
week 12 so now I can start gagging initial reviews you know putting in some
of that elbow grease to get those initial reviews and then maybe you’re
turning on your joining the Amazon early reviewer program which is 60 bucks and
they’ll give you five reviews and then you’re also going to start your launch
so you’re gonna start your PPC your pay-per-click advertisement campaign so
you can get out there in front of people you can start you know getting views
getting clicks getting purchases and getting paid all right so now you’re
just waiting for the money to come in and by this time about a month after
your first month of you’re probably being launched you should profit-wise
make it at least if you did everything right at least again depend on the
product depends on everything but at least I’d say ballpark 300 bucks profit
right in the next month 400 next month $500 profit on like the low side right
so now this is where it gets interesting because there something I need to tell
you about this list that I didn’t tell you at the beginning and I and I’m sure
you might have noticed that by now is you’re thinking as you’re going through
this list when I told you you needed one hour a day to get this done right one
hour a day to get this done that was assuming that the one hour a day you’re
spending was actually on doing the tasks right so you’re doing product research
you’re doing product validation your contacts and plyers
your your your shipping from China to Amazon you’re doing you’re turning on
PPC that one hour a day needs to be spent on that task and not spent on
learning how to do that task right that’s gonna add more time of course now
I want to tell you because if you’re doing it you know you’re just doing
going through YouTube and you’re watching this video and then you know
all those videos are they pointing throughout the video you’re watching
those learning how to do it and then you’re getting to watch different videos
maybe you’re going different channels you’re going to Facebook groups in and
reddit groups and looking at different posts and doing all these different
things think about how much time that’s gonna add to your process right so now
that one hour day of work if you have to add an hour or two hours of learning on
top of that and just you know not even learning but just looking searching for
information you’re gonna have to probably double this timeline right
because you’re doing you’re doubling at minimum you’re doubling the timeline
because you’re searching you’re learning and then you’re doing right so your
90-day plan or your three month plan becomes a six month
plan and on top of all that you don’t even know if the information you found
was correct if it was reliable if it was updated if it’s from a reliable source
right so the alternative what’s the alternative to that the alternative is
if you have a step-by-step system now I’m gonna stop right now because I know
what you’re thinking you’re thinking oh my god JT what the hell man
you’re supposed to be the no bullshit Amazon guy but this whole video was a
sales pitch right and I understand if you think that I can see why you can
think what you’re thinking that but realist be real with me yes I’m gonna
tell you that a course makes more sense but I mean ignore the fact that I have a
program right ignore the fact that all these people that you saw at the
beginning the video went through that program and became successful through
ignore that stuff right that’s not important think about this just really
be real and think if what I’m saying makes sense at least do you agree that
if you’re about to go out on your own and do this solo it’s gonna take more
time it’s gonna take more research it’s gonna take more resources than if you
were to have a system that’s already made done for you up to date you know
you know it works you know what’s reliable you know it it’s work for other
people in the past do you agree of course but because that’s just a fact
there’s no bullshit that’s just a fact by yourself or done for you one of them
is going to be faster right now of course the question is yes it’s gonna be
faster but this one’s gonna cost more money right buying a program or getting
buying mentorship is gonna cost more money
well that’s true if you’re only looking at the short-term if you’re talking
about when you purchase the program right now yes you’ll be out more money
than if you were to go out on your own however think about the time difference
right instead of going through a program and getting your product launched in 90
days and then making that 300 that 400 that 500 right how much money is that
that’s $1200 minimum right that was a low estimate now on the other side you
go out your own and you double that timeframe so instead of making that
first initial profit in four months it took you eight months right so that is
eight months of profit loss so let’s just say 300 a month right that’s 1,200
bucks gone out the drain because you went slower because you didn’t get your
product out faster and that doesn’t even mention the fact that you might have
jumped off that cliff and got misinformation
and fallen flat so yes this 90 day action plan will work if the time you
spent is actually put into doing the work and not searching right if you go
through a program and you watch you can just watch and do watch and do watch and
do you have a question you just email me directly and I will literally answer you
personally myself so if that sounds smart to you then the links are in the
description for the Empire Academy if you want to join up join up if you don’t
that’s okay too I’m not trying to force it down your
throat I’m just trying to give you my opinion and show you why I think it
makes a lot of sense right because you could if there’s treasure barrier in the
ground you could dig it with your hands and take a bunch of time and bloody up
your hands or you can just buy a shovel and get there a hell of a lot quicker so
you can enjoy spending that treasure faster alright well that’s the 90 day
action plan this if you actually did follow it and you did do the work and
you actually put in the hour a day you can get it going
just like that if you need more help click that video right over there it’s
gonna get you really started and starting to understand all the things we
talked about in this video and get you going or you can join my free
masterclass limited time seminar where I’m actually gonna show how I was able
to go from a high school dropout with nothing to where I am today and actually
scale to six figures in my first six months so you can see the in-depth
tactics and strategies that I use to dominate my marketplaces with relative
ease with no experience alright seriously that master class is super
valuable if you’re serious about getting started on Amazon I’m JD Franco you’re
an Empire Builder which means you should never forget that your empire away


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