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hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I will be answering a question that I’ve received quite a lot over the last few months and that is should I get started by selling products on Amazon Australia I’m going to give you the hard facts about it and let you know what you need to know before you jump in and just start selling your products on Amazon Australia so Amazon Australia is Amazon’s newest marketplace they just open the doors at the back end of 2017 start off 2018 to customers and if you were a seller thinking about get start to think about seven products on Amazon Australia then you should definitely watch this video before starting so now that you’re here now that you’re watching us I’m just gonna give you a few facts just that you should be aware of before you actually start selling on Amazon Australia okay first off it’s a good thing to be an early mover so I started selling products on Amazon back in 2013 I started on Amazon Dakota UK and I’m santa pola UK was relatively new back in 2013 it had been around for a long time but it was still relatively new compared to now there wasn’t a whole load of customers honest and better than that there wasn’t a whole lot of competition from other sellers so this made it a lot easier to break through with products that were relatively unknown it was a lot easier to do this back in 2013 because the was such little competition both what you should remember is there was also a lot less customers and just to explain to you why I’m giving you this comparison at the moment is that Amazon Australia isn’t even near where Amazon de Polan cables back in 2013 just yet like Amazon Australia has literally just started so they have very little customers and the first thing that you should know is that yes I do think Amazon Australia will become a major player in Australia for the simple reason that Amazon dominates and a country that goes into its done this in the UK has done this in the US it’s done this in Asia it’s done this all over the world and we continue to do this because the Amazon business model works they simply allowed her practice sellers like me and you to sell products on their platform and what this does is it make sure that the customer gets served in the best way possible because they measure all our sellers and they only keep the best sellers who sell products that are in demand these are the only sellers that will survive using dams on FBA business model that is why Amazon wins because Amazon gives such a great service to its customers and it also provides the sellers with a massive marketplace like loads of customers to sell to so works from both ends so I am sure that Amazon Australia will work both it is a bit of a way off you know getting there just yet and the issue is if you jump in already then you’re jumping in very early and although it is good to get in early like I’m delighted that I got it on Amazon Dakota it came back in 2013 because this allowed me to get a head start before the rush of competition comes this is the time you want to get in because you can write products a lot easier you can get your reviews a lot easier you can start selling products without half as many reviews as you need today when the competition are all out there trying to do the same thing your products don’t have to be that unique because simply there is not hundreds of other servers selling the exact same products so you don’t have the difficulty with product research trying to find ways to make your products you know a lot more unique than your competitors because simply if you sell the same thing then there’s only going to be a handful of you selling the same thing so it’s not going to be as big a deal until competition Peaks off on the marketplace so then just look and the kind of demographics behind it Australia as a country has a population of just around 30 million people which again is a lot smaller than even the UK so that means even when Amazon Australia does reach maturity it’s still not going to be at the size of Amazon Dakota UK but the good news is that Amazon really tried to incentivize customers to sign up for Amazon Australia so as you know Australia is a massive country it’s a lot more spread out than the UK it’s a lot bigger off country so Amazon Prime is going to be a massive benefit for customers and what amazon are doing is they’re given Prime at an extremely low cost to customers at this present time I do expect them to put up this cost over time but at the moment they’re only charging $59 per year for Prime membership and of course Prime membership gives Australian customers all of the benefits that it does give here in the UK and to Amazon Prime members in the US which is all of you know access to or Kindle books on Amazon movies as well as free shipping and in Australia the shipping time is two days that’s the quickest shipper time you know depending on where your products are being shipped from but still that’s a lot better than what it is you know if you’re a purchaser from the normal ecommerce store in Australia worship at times can be as long as a week or two weeks even so Prime membership is going to be a massive benefit and it is going to get a lot of customers to sign up to Amazon Australia extremely quickly but just keep in mind that the population isn’t really there for it to be one of the big Amazon America places like just put it into perspective Canada has a population of just over 30 million so they’re similar size-wise in population an Amazon Canada still isn’t a fraction of you know the customers doesn’t have a fraction of the customers that has or even answer dakota UK you would still sell a lot more products if you’re selling your products and if you’re getting your products ranked on amazon dakota UK or or even amazon in germany compared to amazon canada and the thing is that amazon australia is it even where amazon canada ez8 and awarded air for some time because it takes time to build up this customer base so to simply answer the question that I get asked is do you think this is a viable market place to start selling on because if you’re trying to avoid competition from the other marketplaces is this somewhere where I would say to go and the answer as you probably noticed is yes and no yes it is going to be a lot easier to get your progress right it’s going to be a lot easier to get your products selling from the stat but there’s just not going to be a lot of volume when you do get your products rain and then often seven so that is why I would advise you to have a look at Amazon Dakota UK have a look at Amazon Germany and see if you can find a product that is suitable for these marketplaces or products that you’re actually passionate about a way to make product unique that’s already selling well and if you do this then you concern your product extremely well yes there is competition on Amazon takoto UK and on Amazon Germany but there’s a lot less competition then on and yes there still is a lot of customers because these marketplaces are mature which is unlike Amazon Australia and Amazon Australia who can really tell how long it’s gonna take for Amazon Australia to get mature and to become a dominant Amazon Marketplace this code taking up three four five six years even and even when it does it’s not going to be after the size that Amazon Dakota UK is and maybe not even the size that Amazon Germany is so if you are starting your own private label brand of products today then I would definitely recommend that you get started on Amazon Dakota UK or Amazon Germany if at all possible and of course if you’re from the US you can still get started on in the US but just be aware that there is a lot more competition I know this firsthand from selling there that there is a lot more competition on Amazon account that there is compared to the other European America places and again there is a lot of other European American places that are yet to take off massively and this may be down to just not having the big population of say Amazon to come in the US but the likes of Amazon Spain Italy and France these American places are all doing ok there is sales being made you know each and every day on these marketplaces but again for me at least it doesn’t compare to the amount of sailors I make our Amazon Dakota UK and amazon Germany so yeah I just thought about bringing this quick video because I do get asked this question quite a lot and does not find just simply replying to this in an email and you know others coming on looking for the answer to the same question or looking for my opinion on the same question again and again whereas if I just put this video up there then you can see it for yourself so I hope that this video helps you out if you are looking to get started if you are look and start your own brand of private label products on Amazon then I have a link in the description below for the unique private label course of course is currently open to new members so you can sign up there just go down click on the link and you will see all the videos that you get when you sign off but for now that’s pretty much it I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and I look forward to speaking to you in the next one bye you


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