AMAZON FBA: New Product Samples!

There were some other things that we were
going to talk about today. And then, this came! It’s August, which means it’s been a long
time since February, which is when I first found out about Amazon Private Label products
and decided, yeah, I think I could do that. Let’s give it a go. Since that time, you have seen me attempt
and fail to launch two separate private label products. The first one was totally my fault, I did
not have my stuff together, didn’t really know what I was doing and managed to totally
turn a supplier off from doing business with me. That felt good. That felt really good. The second product didn’t work yet because
it was big. And because of how big it was, it was going
to cost me about a million dollars to ship it. Honestly though, I was trying to ship kind
of a small number of this product and when I went back and told the main supplier that
I was working with, “look, I can’t place an order with you right now because I can’t get
my shipping cost down to where I can make money off it,” they said “Yeah, usually people
order a whole container load.” Which could be like a twenty eight foot container,
which is a lot of product. Which I am not ready to invest in quite yet. So that’s why I am really excited and really
hopeful about whats in this package and hopeful that it will be the one, that it is something
that I can actually get to market. It is small and light weight as you can see,
fits inside a shoebox, ish, if you didn’t have all this extra packaging around it, and
it is something that I have actually bought for myself both in real brick and mortar retail
stores and have ordered off the internet. So I know there’s a market for it because
I’m in it. I found this product by doing a combination
of two things. One was just really starting to pay attention
to the things that I use every day. Scott Voelker calls that his touch list, he
actually recommends that you walk around and write down the things that you touch or you
use on an every day basis. But I didn’t do that, I just kind of thought
about it at the end of the day, ok what did I do today, did I do anything different or
is there anything that might be interesting? And from there I used Jungle Scout to validate
it. So you know I did a review of Jungle Scout
and walked through how to use the tool in a video prior to this. So go back and review that if you’re not sure
what I’m talking about when I say Jungle Scout, but I did use that to validate that this could
be a good product to try and bring to market. So what happens next? Well I actually have to open this package
because the FedEx guy just left here about ten minutes ago and I was so excited, I was
like, “oh this is going to be my video for the week, yay!” Hopefully the quality is good and we can move
forward, this supplier has been so easy to work with, they have been prompt to respond
to all of my questions, they are willing to put labels on and do all the things that I
need to do to make this a good private label product at Amazon. From there, its about setting up your labels
and the marketing, making sure you’ve got all the information right, setting up a shipping
plan with Amazon and finding a freight forwarder, oh if they could just send them all like this,
that would be the best thing, and we will go from there. I am really excited guys, I think that there
is something happening here. So, here’s what you can do for me, just keep
your fingers crossed that I don’t screw it up this time, because its happened before. The other thing you can do for me is make
sure you are subscribed to this channel so you never miss a video. I post new ones every Wednesday. I talk about yes, building a private label
company that sells on the Amazon platform, but also about all different types of things
related to starting a business or even things related to how to be better at your day job. I just did a video a couple of weeks ago about
how to get a raise and you know what? I just had my annual review and who got a
raise? And it was a good one, I was happy. And I did all those things I talked about
in that video, I’m not making this stuff people it works! So, whew, got a little carried away there. But, be sure to come back again next week
for more videos about this or something else that I’m going to talk about that got me excited,
I don’t know, but I will see you next week. Bye guys, have a great week, take care!


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