Amazon FBA Private Label: EP2 – Sellers Beware! Review Sites May Be Stealing Your Product Ideas.

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Manny coats hello gang what’s happening welcome to the ampm podcast it’s called
the ampm podcast because this is where we discuss creating perpetual income
every minute 24 hours per day during the am and the p.m. my name is Manny coats
and I’m your host and today I want to talk to you guys about review services
and how your product ideas might be getting stolen I know it sounds a little scary right so
let’s dive into this review services most of us use them if you haven’t
actually launched a product yet then you you haven’t used one yet most likely but
you probably will they’re great and the reason for this is it allows you to get
very quick traction in the marketplace everybody knows i hope by this point
that reviews increase your conversion rate so when you’re driving traffic to
your product page if you’ve got a bunch of reviews your conversion rate goes up
that means people are actually buying more often when they see a product that
has four or five star reviews and because of that amazon gives you a
little bit of their uh their amazon love they they rank your product a little
higher and the search result so this is one of the main reasons why you should
always have some reviews going before you start driving pay-per-click traffic
to your product page so one way to do this is to or one way that a lot of
people used to use is to get friends and family to jump on in and buy the product
and review it but amazon doesn’t like this they their terms of service say
that they don’t want you doing any kind of funny business right when it comes to
rake manipulation reviews what have you so your friends aren’t going to say that
you gave them the product for free they’re not going to I mean unless
you’re specifically telling them to do stuff you they might forget it can just
get you in trouble if you’re using a review service quality one a a
well-known review service then you’re probably in pretty good hands are going
to put your product out in the front in front of a bunch of people that are
going to get your product for free or for the discounted rate that you’re
selling it through their service for and then those people will leave a hopefully
an honest review and at the bottom of that review they’ll say that they got
the product for a discounted price or free in exchange for an honest review an
Amazon seems to be okay with that it falls within their terms of service so
that’s the cool side of things right now here’s where some issues could creep up
and a lot of people don’t think about this but if you’re using a review
service pretty much anybody can sign up for these things right so I’m signed up
to some of them I want to see what kind of offers are going through
and I promise you that there’s a ton a ton of sellers out there that are
subscribed to these services and not just because they’re subscribed because
they want to see how it works because they’re interested in promoting their
products with the surfaces but they do it as a spying technique mmm interesting
right so think about this you sign up for one of the larger review services
and now you get to see all the products that are coming through or at least a
lot of the products that are coming through their network and you can see if
it’s something interesting if it’s worth looking into if it’s worth tracking
maybe it’s a new potential niche or product that you might be interested in
now i’m using you as an example right but it i’m just saying there’s there’s
people out there that are doing this and if you have a really novel idea or
something that’s really cool that really has a super awesome potential nobody’s
really hit that particular product line when you do a review and you’re going
through a review service that has lots of people there’s a potential that
somebody’s going to see this track it see the growth and then go mmm okay
maybe this is this is something that I I want to get into or they’ll find your
supplier and start selling it themselves these spies as i call them i mean not
only they are they going to get your product for free or cheap but then
they’re just going to track it and and go from there so here’s the thing
they’ll write the larger and more well-known the review services usually
they the more trusting they are but it’s also the more likely that there there
are going to be spies within their network that are watching you know
what’s coming out what’s what’s what what people are actually promoting
through these services so you have to be careful about who you’re using and yeah
i mean that’s who you’re using and what products you’re pushing through them so
there you go that’s pretty much it I wanted to keep this short if you’re a
potential spy then I’ve laid it all out for you subscribe to these services and
you can see what everybody’s promoting if you have a cool product and you want
to try to protect it then you have to think about it a little bit if it’s
super awesome maybe you don’t want to use a review service you want to kind of
find other sources other ways to drive reviews to your paw
and then it’s run pay-per-click advertising to it you don’t need to have
20 or 30 reviews to start running pay-per-click traffic getting just a
handful 45 reviews and then running pay-per-click traffic might be the way
to go for you but if you have a product that’s pretty popular a comment or
something that is just constantly being advertised or giving away through these
services then you probably don’t need to worry about it it’s also kind of a cool
place to go I mean I do recommend you guys subscribe to these services just to
see what’s going through there I mean I can’t believe how many supplement offers
are being promoted it’s just crazy and it goes to tell you why that market is
so saturated and just difficult for for the new or for the first time amazon
seller it’s just I mean it’s pretty crazy out there it’s also eye-popping
just eye-opening to see how many people out there really don’t have a clue I
think for the most part when it when it comes to selecting products these are
products I some of them I’ve actually looked at and they’re just going to be
horrible or very very difficult to get any traction in and then you see them
promoting it you know getting the reviews going so that they can try to
push it and it’s just it’s not going to work I mean it might but chances are
they’re jogging uphill it’s it’s an uphill battle right so anyways that’s
about it guys we’ll keep this one short if you have any questions or topics that
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