What is up Internet is Kevin with that
lifestyle ninja and I’m back again today To teach you how to sell on Amazon FBA
but more importantly to teach you how to Figure out what to sell on Amazon FBA to
make sure that your first product is a Home run alright guys so I’m not going
to waste your time and teach you a Step-by-step exactly how to walk through
setting up a seller central account it’s Pretty intuitive and there’s lots of
tutorials out there yes I did register For my seller central account with my
LLC but you don’t have to do this what I Am going to teach you how ever is a
super simple three-step process that I Use to select all the products I sell on
Amazon it can make sure that you feel super confident about those products
there’s no guesswork involved and to make sure that the very first product
that you choose to sell on Amazon is an absolute home run so alright guys so
step one is definitely make sure that you don’t waste your time sign up for a
good product research software system right I use jungle scout um they have
both a web app and a Chrome extension I use both of them you can try out one of
the other but I suggest just signing up for both because they have free trials
and they have a super generous refund policy so just take the dive do it now
there’s no excuses set it up and we’re going to walk through it together I’m
gonna teach you exactly how to find a product that’s going to hit it out of
the park all right guys step two is about
reframing your thought process to think about every daily life scenario in the
context of Amazon and what I mean by that is just the other day so I was over
at my friend’s house and if that’s a big cigar guy right so he has collection of
Cubans and all these different cigars and so he’s showing it to us and I’m
saying to myself wow that’s actually kind of an interesting little product a
cigar holder and which I later found out what’s called a humidor but at the time
I just wrote down in my phone to super quick notes of myself research huge
cigar holders on Amazon it might be a cool product to sell or even just today
so I was meeting a friend at the at a restaurant a little Mexican restaurant
over in Denver where I live right now and while we were waiting for our food
they were bringing us the menus and the menus actually came in these cool little
plastics it’s kind of like menu covers and so
again I just jot down a quick note in my phone
checkout menu covers when you get back to your house and you know some of these
products are good some of them are total failures but you never know until you
check it out and it’s really about just reframing your mentality to always be in
the thought process of finding winners on Amazon and that’s the best way to do
it all right guys in step three and
probably the most important step is by using a method that I call the itraq
system and so this is a method that has kind of been around for a while but I
kind of created my own little twist that I’ve found a lot of success with and so
basically what this method does is allow you to see actual sales data of real
competitors and other sellers on Amazon so something that not not a lot of
people know is that all of the products tracking software like jungle Scout
unicorns master all the different competitors they’re just estimating
nobody has true Amazon sales data besides Amazon’s they don’t release it
publicly they have no access via their API and so all of these product tracking
and product research software tools are really just estimating based on daily
BSR and so what you have to do is use what I call the itraq method to actually
get real sales data and I’m going to teach you guys exactly how to do that
it’s the number one thing that I use to make the decisions about which products
that I’m going to pursue and which products that I’m going to leave alright
guys so I’m going to do this live for you so I apologize that it’s not you
know edited and as smooth as some of my other videos but I want to I want to
really try to duplicate and show you exactly my thought processes behind all
this and I’m doing it all alive there’s no premeditation for any of this so
you’re going to really be seeing exactly how I do my own product research so I
hope it I hope it helps you guys so this is the general Scout main dashboard so
this is the service I use personally so they have the different marketplaces
here they have a variety of different filters you can filter it by you know FB
MF ba if it’s actually sold by Amazon things like that right so the first
thing I like to do and it is researched in the US market so one of the more
advanced tactics that we’ll go over a little bit later in this video is
looking at some of the other products because it’s a little bit more difficult
you have to deal with that value-added taxes
like that and I actually think of that as kind of a good thing some of the
products that I’ve launched in the UK market has just been absolutely in sync
you can pretty much charge whatever you want because there’s no competition
there’s the review barriers are significantly lower and things like that
but we’ll talk about that later so the first thing I like to do is take a look
at the category section so there’s some things that you want to stay away from
right appliances automotive right like some of the things that are more
complicated more expensive you know expensive isn’t always a thing that I
stay away from but I tend to stay away from electronics books the margins on
books are incredibly low unless you have you know a huge stock and you can get
books and basically pennies on the dollar so just to save time I’m going to
show you the the categories that I’ve figured out through my own research and
a lot of quantitative analysis are the best so if you want to just trust me
feel free to do so but if you want to take a look for yourself I always
encourage people that tinker around so home and garden home and kitchen toys
and games sports and outdoors that supplies patio office products so these
are the categories that I like the most so some some people don’t like
industrial scientific so you can click this off health and personal care some
of the Judi products are going to be gated which basically means you have to
provide Amazon with 3 invoices to prove that you’ve already been selling these
products outside of Amazon it’s basically a way for them to kind of help
vet people before that they can just you know sell whatever they want like a skin
cream that’s made of you know hydrochloric acid it’s going to have
those little intense but you know it’s just to just explain it to you guys so
the filters that I like to use are as follows so a lot of the Guru’s and
things like that say that you should always sell a product over $20 and the
reason that they’re saying that it’s because with FDA fees with storage fees
you know with shipping fees and also obviously your cost of goods from your
manufacturer you know this is kind of the minimum price unless you’re
basically getting your cost of goods sold for free
that you can make a profit kind of worth the time invested to launch a product
and so a lot of people put 20 here I like to put 1997 1995 1994 you know
something like this just to kind of stay one step ahead of people and potentially
see products that they would not see because they set it at 20 so I’d like to
go 1993 here estimated revenue so this is monthly revenue I found that you kind
of want a product that’s you know five or six thousand monthly revenue for it
to kind of be worth it so this is the most important part in my opinion guys
but reviews so you want to reviews are incredibly hard to get on Amazon they
have a very vigorous system for caching you know people using their friends and
family and I suggest staying away from that so getting reviews is really the
toughest part so let’s start with 49 reviews here so listing quality is one
that I like to look at to the listing quality is out of 100 right so this disc
factors and things like you know number of pictures whether or not they have
full bullets listed out for their product to see if they actually are
maximizing keywords things like that but I’ve just said that that you know 74 73
something like that again you know a lot of people are choosing 75 so you want to
maybe see a few more products that other people wouldn’t buy being you know just
one step ahead and the last thing that I like to do is rating so this is a rating
out of five so this is if you get you know 10 reviews and all of them are five
stars then you’d have a five rating here you want to kind of target products that
you know potentially I’ll have some room for improvement because then you can
take a look at the reviews and see if there’s something that you could maybe
make better and you know things like that so once you’ve done all this go
ahead and hit search one other thing I like to do is get more results per page
so while it’s working the first thing I do is as you can see
there’s a ton of products here which means that my
my variables here are a bit too broad so let’s let’s step it up a little bit
let’s do 11,000 revenue and let’s make this 39 what’s research so again is a
ton of products here and like I said reviews in my opinion are the most
important thing so let’s let’s move that down again alright still a lot of
products move this up to 14 2000 results well alright let’s go 24,000 let’s go
down to 19 so this whole this will definitely move it down a bit
alright so 859 results so you can download it as a CSV if you want but I
kind of liked it as look through a couple of them and see you know my
thoughts on things all right so this one has 19 reviews what is this a ballet
workout bar kind of interesting I was never in a million years I’ve got to
sell that or a shuffleboard right so this is expensive isn’t yeah so this is
two Tovar two thousand dollars and this isn’t necessarily a reason to stay away
from something but unless you have a lot of startup capital this is going to be a
bit prohibitive right because you want to buy enough to get a low enough price
for yourself to make a healthy profit so here is some electronic stuff pull
lights all right so this is $550 if you have experience with electronics
definitely go go ahead and jump in on something like this right this is an
interesting one I’m actually going to you know I’m actually going to be doing
this research for myself so I’m going to I’m going to be saving some of these
products so hang in there with me Pro hair removal device pretty cool hot
flash pretty cool hot flash relief instant cold day it’s interesting I
storage alright so this one’s doing 38 grand a month
I just realized that I set the reviews the opposite way I intended to so let’s
let’s look at the least reviews rather than the most or it’s the North Face you
obviously want to stay away from these brand named items Amazon is pretty
strict about that and you just don’t want to be in a situation where you’re
going to be you know having to deal with getting your account shut down for
patent infringement or anything like that so stay away from those big brand
names is an interesting one a lot of people say stay away from glass but you
know if you follow what everyone says then you’re gonna get the results
everyone gets so I don’t I don’t listen to what everyone says but you know
that’s just me and I’m gonna tell you guys straight up what I think about
everything so I hope I hope you’re all my side at least taking it that I’m
being honest as I definitely will always be honest with you guys for better or
worse this gamma right so that’s kind of a weird one schwinn big brand filament
spool house zero reviews doing 60 grand – that’s insane
so 600 dollars again prohibitive kind of on the maybe the first order so let’s
see since most of the people are going to be starting out let’s kind of set
this to a price that people are going to be realistically able to kind of start
out on their first one so here we go so now we’re down to 82 alright so this is
the number that we can definitely digest and really dive in deeper on so NFL you
want to stay away from alright so bifocal reading glasses I
don’t even know how they’re doing that with the prescription all right this is
this is great so it’s a little funny teddy bear wearing a shirt that says
you’re an asshole or whatever so humor is always something that I like to
incorporate in any of my products right novelty gift items gift items are really
important in my opinion right because something that a lot of people may not
think about right away but is important down the line is return rates right so
someone just from a psychological perspective is much less likely to
return a product if it was given to them as a gift which is one of the things
that I don’t really share with people because I want to keep it to myself but
I’m sharing with you guys it’s something that I look for a lot in the products
that I’m choosing I’m a label writer damn seeing 107,000 look at zero reviews
and 107,000 let’s look at that right so if you don’t even have images so
sometimes I’m not sure exactly what’s happening maybe they purposely
miscategorized their category and Amazon shutting it
down so you kind of get this no image available inflatable bathtub wow this is
beautiful label bat right so you can shift it it’s
taking up zero space 0% break ability incredibly easy to find a manufacturer
for this so it’s definitely one we should take a look at KY jelly on their
own performance dope and towels microwaves definitely something that I
would not want to do metal digits spinners I have absolutely no idea how
that is so let’s take a look we’ll grab one more and then we’ll kind of take a
deeper dive into it and I’ll kind of show you guys exactly what I’m looking
for on listings you know doing some brainstorming seeing if we can you know
beat them easily by just taking better product photography and beating them out
on better copy you know some of these some of these listings are put up pretty
quick by people by Chinese manufacturers and you can kind of tell from their
broken English that you could potentially do a better job just simply
from a keyword and listing strength from a copy perspective dope story what on
earth is that brand goat story I’m not sure what that
is we’re going to skip that one kind of weird so just as a side notes you guys
these types of products are doing crazy numbers right 26,000 only 12 reviews but
they’re banned on Amazon right now so how these people get away with it is
they intentionally miscategorized right like you probably wouldn’t catalyze a
twisty glass blunt as being part of the kitchen so they potentially miss
categorize it and Amazon eventually catches them and shuts them down right
so they’re making you know a ton of money but you know they’re risking their
account health and it’s just not viable for the long term you know if Amazon
ever does choose to legalize those then potentially it’s something that you
could explore all right this might be an interesting one while they’re filling 60
gallon trash like 100 a case with their store it could be an interesting one –
all right so let’s look at the YouTube all right so once we have all of these
kind of tabs to look at then we’re going to take kind of a deeper dive so let’s
let’s get into it all right so our first item all right take a look at this copy
do the absolute garbage right so normally to subside something like
perfect for storing all of your wine needs in an aesthetic pleasing way and
then I would have like a paragraph after explaining you know how many bottles you
can store why it’s so amazing and why I’d love it the next man exploit my
today you know only made with premium mahogany wood shine to a beautiful
finish that would look great in any home right and so they have placement desktop
so obviously you could definitely hit them here they only have one picture
right and it isn’t even that great of quality picture you can’t even zoom in
right so it’s not high-def let’s take a quick look at the customer reviews
impossible to put together right so that’s a good one maybe you can make a
more intuitive design with better instruction manual and be able to you
know potentially have make it better and make a better bottle in that way
um so doesn’t even look like this is actually sold from a single seller yes
oh this actually isn’t even prime so for this example I’m not actually going to
add this one so where it’s going to move on to the next one alright this is
another good one um go bar valet workout bar bike go fit so it looks like you get
a CD you get a calendar you get whatever that is and you get a ball and you get
the ballet bar right so this is $150 so this is but this is a great example of a
bundle right and so a bundle is a way to differentiate a products probably the
best way to differentiate a product you know whether it’s a cigar holder and
you’re throwing in like a set of whiskey glasses or something that you think that
your target demographic may also find value from that your competition isn’t
doing right so they do a good job here if the training manual they have the DVD
for you to follow along but like I was saying before right so look at it look
at their coffee concludes us a hardware bar right so this is not what Amazon
shoppers are trying to see they want to see
perfect size for your beautiful like ballerina or perfect size for any
ballerina and then explaining you know all the different benefits that you’re
getting from it the next one might say something like and you know guys I’m
just doing this live so I don’t I don’t have all the best copy written but you
know sitting down in an hour you could whip something out five paragraphs that
just would put this absolutely to shame right so they have one picture looks
like they also have a video specific Stellar’s that have been around for a
while have access to videos on there I’m going to listing let’s look at it really
quick or maybe let’s not if it’s not going to play let’s take a look quick
look at the customer reviews so somewhat recent today is January 31st 2017 so
this was you know a couple months ago so people are buying it
pros Bart took my ten year old fifteen minutes to assemble right look easy to
set up and press button how stable and adjustable the bar is so not bad so
let’s take a look at some of the negative reviews extremely disappointed
there’s no ball resistant bands DVD or limited what’s work that came with it
the box was damaged on arrival would not recommend this very very unstable
wobbled and unstable right so so maybe you put together a bundle make sure that
you’re actually including all the items and you make a bar that has a bit more
stability right so that might be a good one so let’s let’s add this one to our
cart and so every time that you identify a product that you think might be
interesting go ahead and add at the car and I’m going to explain to you guys
exactly why we do that in it at the end of this video alright so this one has 48
percent one-star that is absolutely ridiculous trying to find more so I replaced you
suit mister over put the third one in little five failures and five years
right so bad products they’re not lasting so maybe you can go ahead and
get a sample from a manufacturer right so you could go onto Alibaba which
is the main source that everyone is searching for you look for right so what
are the main queue which of this you maybe look for standard pool light right
and so then they’ll have images of what they sell and then you want to make sure
that you get a sample and really beat the crap out of it and make sure that
it’s actually working underwater and you know it’s lasting for you before you
decide to make an investment in it so this is kind of cool alone right so this
is the main one that it’s on when you’re adding the car and there’s variations
like this whichever one they default to so for example this is the one that a
defaulted to when you came to this link go ahead and add that one to cart right
so I’ll do a few more of these guys I hope you’re kind of getting the the
thought process behind this again terrible terrible copy if it’s one of
the few more pictures right these are high def you know I was going in like
that you want to have you want to make sure
that you have high def definitely the most important thing no question for a
buyer is the product photography right so your photos are the number one saying
that you guys want to be making absolutely sure that you’re doing the
best job of do not skimp on that so this was a dead link that we got from general
Scout terrible coffee not eligible for prime so this one is actually what
what’s called FBM so this is for example flashforge has a warehouse that they own
not affiliated with Amazon and every time they get an order they ship it from
their warehouse to wherever the order came from on Amazon Amazon takes a fee
but it’s not eligible for prime which means it’s not 2-day shipping which is a
absolutely huge factor the buyers consider before making a purchase again
not apt not eligible for from may be an asshole which are my asshole
I like this one just because it’s funny and I’m mistake demented person like
most people on Amazon or so so a couple more broken links
we fidget premiums fidget spinners relieve their stress anxiety HTN for
them been up for four minutes okay so this looks like a little toy I actually
love this one it’s tiny right so this is going to cost nothing to ship that’s
made of metal so it’s not going to break great price point right 49.95 let’s look
at some of these reviews really close bearings are difficult to move we don’t
recommend it the finish is nice no matter if the product doesn’t bar
bearings are cheap and the ball doesn’t fit the skirts of wobble is yeah so if
you you know spend some more time with the manufacturer and made sure that
they’re actually you know measuring it out and making sure that it was spinning
with the proper weight so that it didn’t feel like it was wobbling to any side
looks like something that people care about definitely a good one go ahead and
add this cart again awful copy I mean terrible is a terrible lesson right and
you’re selling trash bags so apparently really people don’t care but you know
everyone needs trash bags I buy everything off Amazon you know
toothpaste toilet paper trash bags everything right and you know people in
my generation are definitely if not already doing it are trending towards it
so you know it’s not sexy but I always tell people and I always you know harp
on this selling the products when aren’t sexy is is smart right because the
people who are starting out they want to sell something cool right they want to
sell a laser pointer or a TV or something that you know they want to
talk about but it doesn’t really it doesn’t really make a difference right
if you’re if you’re making money which is what I’m doing and what I intended to
do on Amazon to be able to travel and do all the things that I want and it really
doesn’t matter what I’m selling whether it’s a trash bag or you know trying to
throw it’s wrecked so let’s look at the reviews week and tears easily right so
maybe you make these double ply and the brand name is not in the title
so I wouldn’t worry too much about people actually searching for you know
specifically plastic place gallon trash bags let’s take a look at this right and
so that is method number one so method number two were is going to jump right
in so I’ve pre-loaded this for you guys the example that I was talking about
being at my friend’s house when his dad was the you know major cigar fan and he
was showing me his collection and he had this beautiful little box that they were
stored in and at the time I thought it was called a cigar holder and so I asked
him and he told me that it was actually called a humidor and so this is the
second way that you can use jungle Scout to do product research this is the
chrome app what we were previously using is the web app so you just go to Jumbo’s
capcom for the web app for the chrome app which is also downloaded from
general Scout comm it just forms this little button up here in google chrome
and when you come to any page on Amazon it shows you all of the different
statistical estimates in kind of a nice little area so the first listing here it
is so this one is doing almost forty thousand dollars a month right
so that’s insane until it gives you an estimate of the SBAC right which is
based on weight which is based on size if an item is oversized then you get
charged you know more or less depending on a variety of factors an amazon has
all that just google search FDA fees oversize standard it breaks them down
really simply it’s pretty easy to follow along so the cool thing about the web
app is you can actually look at any product right to the web are sorry that
the Chrome extension the web app is good for finding products that you know you
weren’t really thinking about but using method two which is you know reframing
your mentality trying to see life through the Amazon lens the the Chrome
extension is perfect for that right so you just go to the normal Amazon website
you type in humidor and this is what pops up right so this is a bunch of
different listings all forking the doors and you know if you get to the end of
one page you just go down here quick quick quickly just click extract next
page and the most interesting and definite
the most useful portion of the Chrome extension is the filter option right so
again these are the same filters that we were looking at in the web app but you
can do it for any product right so this is these are the ones that you’re
finding in your daily life that you’re hearing about things like that so what I
like to do same thing 39 reviews you know maybe let’s start with 6000 revenue
per month and let’s go ahead and filter that so there’s not a ton right
but there are some so it means that you know on the first three four pages
there’s four products that meet our requirement so let’s take a look at why
well let’s look at all four of these just so I can really just dive deep and
show you guys exactly how I’m thinking about all of this all right so the first
one so this one’s making about $7,000 a month with only six reviews right so
that that is definitely you can definitely top that premium lock bhana
loves your leaking modifier and hygrometer box set right so there they
have two items in their promotes ideal smoking conditions and right so this is
this is finally an example of a listing that is well done right so they have
clear they have clear headers a cigar aficionado best friend a humidor you
could be proud of right so appealing to you know the human aspect people who you
know people who are the target buyers of humidors they want to brag about the
cigars they care about it it’s important to them if cigars weren’t important to
you then you wouldn’t buy a humidor you just buy a cigar and smoked guta or just
you know throw it in a garage and never see it again
so look at it all of these are all of these are high definition right these
are fully polished this listing is of great quality right and that’s why it’s
making almost eight thousand dollars a month with only six reviews so this is
this is definitely one we can look at go ahead and add that alright so this is an
interesting once of this this person decided to take the route of actually
providing the solution for cigar humidifiers so I assume that this is
something to do with maybe not moisture gets of anti-fungal all right
so this is this is something that you’re using as a complement to the humidors
and I’ve seen this all the time guys right so people focus entirely on the
main product and not the complementary products it you know most people require
with the main product and that’s definitely something you always want to
be looking at let’s asses the cart so this is maybe a larger capacity
obviously this listing is terribly done not eligible for prime but maybe if you
want like kind of the portability of it and again you know I’m doing this in
real time so I can’t always tell you exactly but I would assume that this
might be interesting because you can actually transport it kind of in its own
little briefcase maybe if you’re going on a trip something like that so it’s
definitely something to take a look at the new air 3 400 count so this is if
you’re like the maximum cigar freak like if you just live and die up cigars
repels cigar beetles yeah so you definitely don’t want cigar
beetles all up in here and you’re having the
door when you’re trying to you know keep those cubanos safe so this is oh this is
a reasonably well done listing this is you know this is for the this is for the
true cigar aficionado it’s something that we can look at it’s definitely a
high-ticket again is kind of be prohibitive depending on whether or not
you have a large amount of startup capital but it’s definitely something
that we can still take a look at another way that I like to do a bit of research
is using a tool called merchant words and so what merchant words does is it
gives you a similar phrases buyer oriented phrases that people are
actually typing in on Amazon and it’s giving you those in a pretty easy to use
way and so let’s let’s take a look through some of these right so they have
a free trial as well everything everything
that I’ve shown you so far the free trial so there’s notes you should start
now I promise you it’s worth it I did it in three months and if I can do it I can
definitely assure you that you can do it too
so humidor cigar humidor humidor for cigars right so these are all kind of
the same thing maybe a cabinet maybe this is a larger version right so you
always want to use different quantifiers you know large small black white you
know depending on what the what the different products are just using those
initial kind of suffixes that change the overall aspect of the product is
something that you want to look at right so these are brand name and here you go
right so this is a propylene glycol humidor solution so this is what we saw
before so there was only one listing it had very few reviews and it was making
you know six seven grand a month and so I mean that’s nothing that that’s
nothing to you know laugh at at all $6,000 a month from one product when you
you know add a second or a third and you’re all of a sudden you’re making you
know fifteen twenty thousand dollars a month you know that’s that’s serious
money so you know you definitely want to consider products that wouldn’t
necessarily be what you know the conventional Amazon guru would tell you
to target but you know it’s definitely a way to do it and so adds three products
that are making five grand a month rather than you know that one home run
that has a ton more competition making fifteen grand a month and you know
you’re you’re slowly and quietly killing it while everyone else is fighting the
competition to the death and ruining their profit margins and you know things
like that so here’s one cheap cigar humidor travel
humidor let’s look at this one so travel humidor and here you go so this is the
one this is similar to the one that I was looking at that we saw before right
yes of z-car this is the same brand so these guys specifically targeted a niche
of the original product this is a beautiful illustration of what we’re
talking about right so they’re going after the person that wants to take
cigars with them on the go right so look this is this holds three cigars they’re
charging $25 for it making ten grand a month for
two reviews right and so that you know that took us ten minutes and I’m doing
this all live on you know this is a perfect example of how you can just kind
of stumble into different variants and using different you know qualifiers like
big travel on the go black you know different different words really open up
different avenues that you maybe didn’t think of and you know merchant words or
Google Keyword planner and things like that really are great for that type of
thing alright guys so that is method two I hope you enjoyed both method two and
method one I know it’s kind of a lot but I hope it was helpful for you and now
I’m going to show you the absolutely most important part of all of this the
itraq method all right guys all right guys so step three final step in this
magical process that we have gone through together so step three after we
put everything into our cart that we were looking at before right so just
open up an excel sheet right I use Google Google Docs but obviously Excel
works fun as well and so then the first thing I do is go ahead and take the
title right so this is just something that you can kind of keep for yourself
so I just wrote 60-gallon trash and I also included the link it makes it
easier in the long term to include the link just trust me on that when you get
you know 50 or 100 different products in a spreadsheet you want to have the link
just to make sure that you can get back to the product you know a week or months
down the line so just trust me on that so fifty gallon trash bags z-car travel
right so these are all the different products that you looked at down to the
go bar ballet bar and now what you’re going to do and this is this is the
secret guys this is what everybody that doesn’t know needs to know and I’m
sharing with you guys because I just want everybody to gain the financial
freedom that I was lucky enough to get myself so what we did right here is one
right so it’s showing one here I click ten plus just like that so I’ll do it
one more time so everybody can see one all right so this is the default click
110 plus let’s go 9 9 9 and so what this is showing us guys is that the seller
has 635 of these available so we mark that down for today change it back to 1
and go on to the next one right and this is a perfect just as a side note this is
absolutely perfect activity for your virtual assistant to take care of if you
do have one right because obviously this is a bit tedious but trust me guys you
do not want 500 units sitting in an FBA warehouse
you know accumulating storage fees when you could have just spent $20 on a VA to
do this for you for a week or just you know do it for yourself so trust me
trust me trust me please if you’re going to trust you anything trust me on doing
this it will help you I promise so this one z-car so I don’t actually
have to do it cuz it says it right here one in stock which is a little bit
boring but you know it is what it is so this one is actually I’m in stock on
February 5th but it has two available I’m not sure that’s showing will reset
that one so the premium la Cubana has four in stock it says it right here so
we’ll go on to we fidget so we fidget has 495 in stock and I can tell some of
the some of the sharp folks out there are probably um you know kind of seeing
where we’re going with this today they have this much tomorrow they have you
know maybe two less five left some amount less so you know for sure and it
is the only source of data that shows you exactly how many products your
competitors are actually selling on a daily basis and you want it you want to
make sure that you’re doing it for like spot you know three at the absolute
minimum but you really want to do it for seven days and let me tell you why
because these these numbers can be skewed for a number of reasons for
example if Amazon is shifting inventory between some of their FBA warehouses you
might see this number jump from 600 to 400 or it might be 700 the next day
because you know this this brand or this seller
sent in 70 more units or if you want to do it over a seven-day period so that
you’re pretty sure based on the pattern that you’re actually getting the data
that you’re looking for so the next one it’s funny Teddy you are an asshole but
Joe Mile 92 left 90 to stop of yeah looks like they got 16 you want to reset
these because sometimes you’ll get an error it says your cart only has the
additional space of you know 500 units is it only look you have 999 units of
all the combined products on that one so there’s two left of this Hayward and the
last one go bar ballet workout bar right your cart has an additional space for a
949 which means that they probably have more than that but let’s just make sure I’m just you’re seeing some other
products that I’ve been looking at I will hide from you it’s all good 950 for my mass is not good let’s see if I’m
actually able to so this means that they’re prime which means they’re in an
FBA warehouse and they have a hundred and they have over 950 units in stock so
that either means that they’re absolutely insane or it means that this
product is selling and they thought that it was you know based on their inventory
forecast it was worth it to send this many units to be sitting in an Amazon
warehouse where they either are crazy or it’s sowing a lot so one way to tell you
know which it is whether they’re clinically insane or they’re just
sending in a you know a bunch of units is using a product called camel camel
camel for the ridiculous name obviously but it’s pretty useful so let me show
you why so what I just did there is I copy and pasted the ace in which is a
unique identifier Amazon uses to track products it usually says
products flat and that has the ace in it normally starts with a B and has a set
of hexadecimal letters after it so I just pasted that in here and the product
shows up and then you just go to sales rank and so what this does
obviously oh wow so yeah so this this product launched on August in August
right and so it was it was very deep in the catalogues of the BS R which is the
best sellers rank but right as it launched you know it went pretty high up
there and you know these are periods where you know potentially they might
have went out of stock or something like that but you can see that it’s averaging
about 7,000 out of all the different tons of thousands of products sold on
Amazon right so this is this is in the right so this is sports and outdoor so
this is number 52 in sports and outdoors roughly a huge section you know you can
be pretty darn sure that this is selling a great deal right so I like to see
these numbers just to be absolutely sure but if you kind of do the research
you’re looking at the listing itself right it’s obviously pretty high in a
very competitive large category you know 29,000 sports and outdoors is an entire
category 52 in sports and outdoors trying to clean areas so it’s 52 out of
the home gym section you can be pretty sure based on the camel camel camel
average DSR charts combined with its overall ranking in such a large category
so for these ones I’ve seen 9 9 9 plus so I’m going to pause the video now and
I’m going to start it up tomorrow and then we’re going to take a look at the
numbers and go from there all right guys so since I wanted to get just out
quicker I’m just going to kind of go through some of these numbers and just
explain my thoughts on them and just kind of go through it as a demo right so
here’s the first one the 60 gallon trash taxes of original numbers that we looked
at 635 right so the next day it was 30 so it’s olds 5 alright so this is a
hundred case so if you’re looking at a minimum order quantity from a
manufacturer for this specific product it would probably be pretty high because
you know it’s a trash bag not like a you know expensive humidor holder that is
holding a hundred cigars or something like that but if you’re selling 100 case
even if you have 5000 a year minimum order quantity and you’re selling five
sets of 100 a that’s 500 a day you know and you get to that you get to that
minimum order quantity in about 10 days which is obviously incredible and if
you’re ordering that many trash bags you’re going to get a price that is very
good right so 100 case 3285 I mean that’s crazy that’s like 30 of 33 cents
a trash bag which I guess I don’t know much about trash bags but it was
definitely something that is worth looking into obviously to give this
listing is absolute trash as well the next day it jumped up to 947 so don’t
panic and you see stuff like this guy all it means is that they probably just
restocked so they’re you know constantly sending in more inventory and you know
they don’t send in a thousand at a time or more because they don’t want to pay
those long-term storage fees to hit you after six months and if you have
questions about that right I’m going to make more videos about long-term storage
fees how to avoid it inventories forecasting things like that
I’m into a ton of info on all of these topics and our Facebook groups will
definitely make sure you check that out after the video so 947 down to nine
hundred right so this is business insane so if it’s selling forty seven units a
day a hundred a pack you know that’s forty seven hundred that’s forty seven
hundred trash bags a day and so you know you’re looking at another 55 units a day
so this is definitely one to look at right so you might need a few more days
of data you want to make sure that this wasn’t like you know some type of fluke
or maybe they’re doing a giveaway to kind of you know booster BSR maybe get
some more reviews and things like that so maybe a few more days of data here
but it’s definitely one that is worth looking at so we’re gonna we’re going to
start this one all right so the next one is the seeker
Travel so this one was the Jimador there’s not a ton of data here I could
start with one and so you know it’s going down zero zero zero zero so you
definitely if you’re interested in this one wanna you know take a look at a
little bit more data once they do get back in stock so the Z car 9815 so which
is I wrote that wrong these are 815 X I 2 2 2 2 right so if
this is the data you’re looking at guys you may be are you know you maybe want
to stay away from this product right because if it’s selling 0 in five days
that that’s not enough velocity to kind of make your time and everything that
goes into choosing a successful products worthwhile so if it’s 2 2 2 2 you know
if you love it maybe track it for a few days more but you know this is
definitely one that we’re probably going to stay away from so let me go ahead and
unfold that the premium la Cubana so this one we’re looking at 4 4 3 4 right
so this might be a return if it drops down to 3 and then you know customer
return maybe the stock sheets back up to 4 but then on this last day we’re
looking at 1 so maybe it sold 3 in this day and for kind of a high ticket item
like this you know things that are over $100 it’s just selling 3 a day you know
that’s $300 if you’re making even like a 40% profit margin on that that’s $120
right so in a short amount of time and over here guys this is just notes that I
keep to myself right so you know I’ve shown you guys that it was a return some
sales maybe you need more info right because if it’s on 3 a day maybe when
they restock and it’s kind of averaging about 3 day and it maybe it’s worth
pursuing so the next one is wheat digit this is that weird little device that
you spin and you know it’s supposed to make you happier with your life
and so it’s selling looks five five a day six a day for seven right so this
looks great right especially at this price point this thing
cannot cost more than you know four dollars to make if you’re ordering it at
any type of quantity and something to look at obviously is the we fidget brand
right so they’re leading off with that maybe this is a popular brand I would
have to do more research into it and see if you know they maybe have a patent on
these types of things that you obviously see another seller right here you know
but this seems to be their thing obviously they don’t have very good
ratings but you know you can use the jungle scale on Chrome extension to kind
of look at a seller’s actual profile and they’re doing pretty insane numbers to
be honest I like teaser some of these are outrageous IIIi don’t
know what these are to be honest so I can’t speak more to it kind of live
doing this for you guys but I would look more into this right because if these
types of you know stress relief toys they’re super small and pretty
interesting in my opinion are doing those types of insane numbers right and
those are just estimates remember that just an estimate on jungle clown every
other piece of software you have to do this inventory tracking to actually be
able to see it right so if it’s selling five a day at $50 per then that’s I mean
that’s amazing right because I can’t see each sale being anything less than $20
profit per right so if you’re doing five a day at $100 a day a profit for one
product which is which is awesome right you know it’s nothing it’s nothing to
scoff at at all so the next one funny Teddy um so this is an interesting one
right so we started at 9282 right so ten a day you know here’s 14 a day 28 in one
day right and eight so I mean these numbers are something you always want to
be thinking about you know what time of season is it am I am i selling a pair of
mittens and is it a winter in the United States you know you want to think about
seasonality you know there’s there’s more advanced methods that I talked
about a lot in our Facebook group like using Google Trends and Google insights
to kind of get that type of data around you know seasonality trends things that
you want to be definitely wary of so during this type of month this is
definitely something that you know I could see my you know girlfriend getting
me or somebody with a sense of humor or just
like an apple maybe my mom gets from me if she thinks of it as well she probably
does but yeah so I want to be cognizant of the fact that it is mere Valentine’s
Day so this could potentially be skewing the data so I definitely want to look at
this again before kind of committing this thing maybe after Valentine’s Day
just to get a better idea of whether or not it is skewed or if that’s the
numbers that it’s doing you know often because there are a lot of anniversaries
obviously so it could be interesting but definitely want a little bit more data
outside of the Valentine’s Day rush so the next one is stuff of yeah storage
mesh so it looks like pretty pretty consistent one per day right so this
could be interesting you know it’s 164 dollars I’d have to
see how much each one costs obviously I’d have to see what the fees are the
Amazon is charging and things like that and just as an aside guys so if you want
to figure out an estimate that’s very close they say it’s an estimate but it’s
usually very close of how much that you’re going to be hit with Amazon’s
fees head over to the fulfillment by Amazon revenue calculator so you can
just go Amazon FBA price calculator in Google I’m it’s the first result and
then so all I did here was copy and paste the ace in we talked about earlier
this is a unique identifier that Amazon uses to kind of categorize products
throw it in here enter write it brings up the product and then you just go all
the way to the bottom don’t fill out anything go to calculate right so the
FBA fees on this are 142 dollars which is obviously a lot a lot a lot right so
they’re charging 164 and so if you’re taking 142 out of that right that’s
that’s insane you know that’s that only teach 40 dollars for your cost of goods
sold your shipping so you know right away that’s out right so I don’t know
what the deal is with this maybe they um maybe they have something oh so this
is yes this isn’t eligible for Amazon Prime right so they’re not actually
fulfilling this via the FDA we’re out there sending this out via their own
we’re out that they own so there is an FBA fees involved so this is either way
though you could never sell this in an FBA warehouse at this price and be
profitable so definitely want to count that one out
all right two more to go I hope this is helpful
I want to go through a number so you guys can kind of see everything in the
nutshell right so – – obviously they’re restocking here and then down to one
right none here but this is an interesting one right if you guys for
590 or 550 dollars you really only have to sell one because
these are these are small I mean let’s let’s throw this into the fee calculator
and see what we’re working with you so we’re 550 with an $11 feat as an
absolutely in same profit margin right so you only need to sell one every three
days because you’re making you know after just just fee wise you’re making
five hundred and forty dollars profit right and then even if your cost of
goods sold for four sets of lightest 50 bucks which I assume it isn’t right and
shipping somewhat no it’s negligible because it’s small it’s electronic so
that you could potentially be facing more returns but I mean with that kind
of profit margin it doesn’t even really matter a ton right if you as long as
you’re selling some it’s definitely one to take a look at so the last one is the
ballet bar right so nine nine nine plus right so luckily it dropped down to nine
seventy eight six a day here zero here and then seven so that’s pretty
consistent right this is definitely good number $149 is great right like you
wanna you don’t want to shy away from these type to get prices you know
because a lot of other sellers are put off by that which is a good thing you
want other people to be scared by something because then there’s more
there’s more fun for you all right so let’s calculate it on this
last one so $19 that leaves a really healthy margin right so one hundred and
fifty dollars for the sales price join dogs and fees is one hundred and thirty
you know cost of goods sold shipping you can kind of estimate those after you
talk to a few manufacturers you can you know you shipping calculus calculators
or find a freight forwarder and you know I have my I have all my recommendations
for the absolute best customer service the cheapest freight forwarders you know
all those things are in the Facebook group and I’m happy to share that so
yeah so that was that was message one two and three and really detailed step
by step by step all the software I use all the methods I use all the tips and
tricks everything I’m looking for everything I’m trying to avoid and
finally the itraq method to just make sure that you’re looking at this guy’s
because it’s the most important it’s the only true source of data so make sure
you’re doing it I know it’s tedious but I promise you it’ll be worth it when
you’re when you’re making sales and you know three four months down the line
depending on whether you ship by sea or air it can be much faster by air but
obviously it’s more expensive you know between two weeks and three months down
the line when you’re you know making your own income and you’re doing it all
from your computer wearing your underwear you know chilling with your
wife or husband or kids and I promise you it’s so worth it so just do the
little extra step use the tricks that I’ve shown you and and really that’s
that’s it you can once you once you see that those sales are being made every
day then you know for sure that your competitors are doing it and if they
have bad pictures if they have bad copy if they have you know if you start up a
clever way to bundle something or make it different some you know intelligent
way that’s that’s it guys that’s all there is to it it’s really that simple
so for a lot of other like super advanced stuff regarding other
marketplaces right so tips and tricks it’s a really different demographic
target market things are kind of just done differently on different market
places but the trust me they absolutely should not be ignored the UK market is
absolutely booming it’s growing a huge amount every
year and so for a lot more advanced stuff on how to how to pick your
products in the UK you know Germany and some other large markets that a lot of
sellers ignore make sure that you’re checking out some other videos and
absolutely make sure that you’re joining the Facebook group because there’s a
bunch of you know really intelligent sellers in there that are giving away
all this amazing information so make sure that you guys are checking it out
alright guys I know that was kind of a long one but I really wanted to show you
every single step by step a budget of how I’m doing my product research and
how you can do the exact same thing just by following these quick steps and you
can really feel confident that your very first product is going to be a home run
using these methods so I hope you guys enjoyed it please check out my other
videos definitely make sure you check out the Facebook group there’s amazing
info in there all the people are super helpful super friendly they’re going to
teach you exactly what they know and everybody collaborates and it’s really a
beautiful thing so if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe and we will see
you guys next time


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