Amazon Fire HD 10 2017 Review

Could this be true? Can it be done? Can a large 10in tablet That’s only $150 Actually be good? I’m Titus This is The Search For Awesome. Let’s find out. The unboxing experience is no nonsense. After ripping the strand paper at the top,
the tablet slides out of the tent-like cardboard contraption Along with a micro USB cable, a wall charger And some small paperwork Can we appreciate that Amazon didn’t go
above and beyond here? I mean, can appreciate a good unboxing experience
as much as anyone, but let’s be honest, it’s just a box The build is pretty basic. A glass front with minor bezels and a nice
looking, but completely plastic back. It comes in 3 colors, Black, Punch Red…okay? And the one I’m reviewing is Marine Blue
and it’s clearly the best option. The bottom sports stereo speakers and on the
left side you’ll find a power button and volume buttons, a headphone jack, Microphone,
USB port and microphone. And you’ll find the Micro SD card slot on
the top and it supports cards up to 256gb And on the right side, you’ll find nothing. Moving on The standard Fire 10 is available with 32gb
of storage, but only 26gb of it is useable so you might want to consider the 64gb option
at $40 more or just get a Micro SD card On the inside it’s packing a quad core processor. 2gb of ram, front and back cameras, bluetooth,
accelerometer and more – basically everything you’d expect in a tablet these days and the most eyebrow raising feature – a 1080p
screen – actually not really, but I’ll get to that. I was excited to see this 10in Fire tablet
sporting stereo speakers, these are always a welcome addition in any device. But at $150, how good could these possibly
be? Actually pretty good. Trying to show how good they are from a video
is a little bit silly, but fortunately some co-workers let me borrow their iPads so I
could do some comparisons. I mean I’m sure you’ve heard the speakers
from an iPad before. Here is the sound vs. a iPad Pro 9.7 inch
also with stereo speakers. They don’t have iPads in this size anymore,
but I think these have the same stereo speakers as the larger ones – but could be wrong about
that Both tablets are at maximum volume “I have never felt something quite like
this before, hey how’s it going! Check out our sweet ride for the week. Oh my gosh. Hilarious, this thing is hilarious. We were suppose to get a Toyota and we got
this. I’m not sure how well this is coming across
via video, but to my ears the iPad Pros speakers are better. They’re louder and crisper. But let’s be honest here, They don’t blow
this budget tablet’s speakers out of the water and keep in mind the fire comes at less
than 1/3 the cost of this iPad. Here is how they compare to the iPad Air 2,
another tablet they don’t make anymore. But I think it sports the same mono speaker
they use in the regular iPad and iPad mini – could be wrong about that though Both tablets are at maximum volume Even with the mono speaker the iPad is a little
louder, but not by much. But the quality of the stereo speakers from
the Fire tablet is actually better to my ears. The stereo effect definitely helps here. I did another test with the Fire tablet in
my car this time. My car is old and definitely not noise isolated. And when it gets moving it gets loud in there So I was curious, could I hear the tablet on the seat next to me while driving. The sun glasses are my wife’s by the way,
she took all of my cool sun glasses. I think she left me these so strangers could
give me odd looks at red lights or when I’m going through a drive through and forget I
have them on, I could have an interesting encounter with the restaurant worker. I tried speech to text with a book I forgot
I bought in the Kindle store way back Text to speech doesn’t read books that loud,
so I figured if I could hear this clearly while the car was in movement, it would be
loud enough for me to hear anything. And it worked great! I could hear every word clearly. It didn’t fill my car with sound, but it
was loud and crisp enough to digest. While I have these iPads from my coworkers,
let’s compare further since when people think tablets, they think iPad. The Fire is only slightly heavier at 500 grams
than the 9.7in iPad’s 469 grams But holding them side by side, you really
can’t tell. On budget tablets, the screen is a corner
MANY manufacturers cut corners on. And sometimes even after paying more, they
still have bad screens. I’m not bitter, anyway this is most exciting
feature about the Fire HD 10. They put a 1080p screen in this tablet, again
for $150!!! Actually they say it’s a 1080p screen on
the Amazon website, but that’s wrong It’s 1920 pixels by 1200 pixels – that’s
actually better than 1080p. It’s the same width in pixels but 120 pixels
taller. This puts this 10 inch tablet at 224 pixels
per inch compared to the regular 9.7 inch iPad at 264 pixels per inch. If you don’t understand pixels per inch, the
higher the number the more clear and crisp the screen. So the iPad edges out this budget tablet,
but not by much. And using the tablets side by side, I can
tell the iPad screen is better but it’s very slight. The cheapest iPad you can get is more than
twice the price of this tablet, but it’s screen is definitely not twice as good. What’s cool though is in terms of brightness,
the iPad barely edges out the Fire. But this test was very close and only noticeable
after close examination. But I will say the Fire’s screen is much
more reflective than theses iPads You can see in this test I did earlier a light
going across both screens, but it had a much more major impact on the Fire. As a result of the Fires reflective screen,
it doesn’t do quite as well outdoors, but it’s definitely usable there though Amazon doesn’t say what type of glass the
Fire tablets use, but I’m assuming it’s not the Gorilla Glass used in high end phones But Amazon claims this Fire Tablet is more
durable than the iPad 10.5” which is interesting If they claim that, the glass can’t be that
low quality I wouldn’t think, but…I’m not testing that. Sorry, the uhh tablet isn’t mine and I don’t
think my brother would appreciate me rolling his tablet down the stairs. But, I did tell him I would test the tablet
thoroughly though…hmm… Along with the reflectiveness, the screen
is a fingerprint magnet. If you’re thinking about getting a case
or screen protector for this, there might be a couple of things you want to know. If you get a case from last generation, there
is one little problem. The case actually blocks the microphone port. I’ll let you decide if you care about that
or not. Also I got a tempered glass screen protector
from last generation as well. And surprise surprise it doesn’t quite fit
the screen right. Moral of the story if you want a scren protector,
get one from this generation. I do prefer the form factor of the iPad a
little bit more, I think Apple nailed the size. But there are benefits to the wider and slightly
shorter screen of the Amazon Fire. If you really like watching videos on your
tablet, then you might actually prefer the Fire Tablet. Videos come across actually quite a bit larger
because of the wide screen aspect ratio. Also typing in portrait mode, is actually
much better on the Fire because it’s quite a bit skinnier If you’re worried about reading on this
screen, don’t be. It’s taller than you might be used to, but
all is well here. The screen is sharp enough so you don’t
see the pixels and plenty bright with plenty of options to suite your needs I was a little concerned when I saw the quad
core processor used was a MediaTek processor. These are known for being in low end cheap
devices, so finding out a device you want is powered by one of these is sorta like finding
out your brand new Ford Mustang is powered by an engine from a Toyota Corolla Hey that’s my car! But I can’t complain here, things are pretty
zippy. From being off, the boot up time is about
35 seconds, so not too bad. Apps load quickly and multitasking works exactly
like you’d expect in Android, minus being able to use 2 apps in split screen like the
more recent versions of Android The Wifi is even great. I tested in a really bad wifi area in my house
vs my few years old Macbook Air and One Plus 3 phone and the Tablet actually outperformed
both. It didn’t outperform the iPad Air 2 I was
borrowing though. Awkward. I’d say the wifi is above average I tried several games and most worked great. I tried Minecraft, Madden, Asphalt 8, Hearthstone,
and Injustice The only one that struggled a little bit,
was Asphalt 8. I felt some slight lag, but it was definitely
playable. I even tried the HD Homerun app that allows
me to watch television from my antenna. This app is pretty heavy and some devices
can’t manage it. But it did well here on the Fire. After using the fire tablet, it has come to
attention from another reviewer that this tablet does not support interlacing in HDHomeRun
so the visuals in certain parts of the videos aren’t completely crisp. Although I noticed this in using it, I can
tolerate the lack of clarity because it’s still watchable, but it is a little bit of
a bummer. If I said the Fire performs just as good as
an iPad, I’d be lying but it’s really good in terms of performance. Let me help you understand how much better
of a value this tablet is to other Android budget tablets. This is Samsung Tab A 8.0 As of right now it costs $159.99 – $10 more
than the Fire 10 Tablet What does that extra $10 get you? Very similar performance, half as much storage,
.5 gb less of ram, 2 less inches of screen real estate, and oh yeah the screen on this
tablet isn’t good. It’s okay at best. Not anywhere near as good as the Fire. The cameras are better on the Samsung, but
that’s about it. Just saying, this is fantastic value for a
tablet. This Fire is Fire. But it doesn’t have stock Android, which might
prevent some from taking the plunge Before I talk about FireOS which is the Amazon
version of Android running on this tablet, let me explain something. I had a Fire tablet a few years back – it
was the HDX 8.9in And I hated it. Not because it was a bad tablet. I hated FireOS. It was a super simplified version Android
which is nice, but Amazon went too far. It was like seeing a long lost friend after
10 years only to find they went through some stuff in the past 10 years Oh Android, what did Amazon do to you? Unfortunately, I can’t show you how bad
it was because I sold the tablet within weeks of buying it. With all of that criticism, I’m very pleased
to say, the newest version of FireOS is much better than it used to be. I know… I’m surprised too but It actually feels
like Android…for the most part at least. It’s zippy. Amazon’s heavy interface doesn’t seem
to slow things down too bad. Look here is the bottom navigation that we
all love! Oo oo and Look at the multitasking button. Dropdown looks normal at least with an Amazon
color scheme The only real difference is the main screen
itself. It’s not completely customizable like real
android, but it’s not bad either. The layout is straightforward. On the home screen you can swipe down through
your apps. Or swipe left for Amazon specific media. I don’t love that everything to right is
Amazon specific, but I get it. Amazon’s got to make their money back on this
tablet somehow Basically when you swipe left, you’re in
Amazon country. But, at least you can customize your home
screen however you want. Reorganize apps, create folders. Basic Android functionality is there Their app store isn’t better than Google
Play, but it’s not too bad. Since this is probably a media consumption
device for most people, I think their app store does just fine. Plenty of games and video apps like Netflix,
Hulu, Prime Video and many more are available. But there are some missing. Mainly Apps that compete directly with Amazon. For instance, Vudu is missing which is for
purchasing movies or tv. I use this app a little bit. You might have noticed in this demo some app
images struggling to download. This isn’t the tablet nor Amazon’s fault. My studio has really bad wifi – I really need
to get better wifi…. And they force you to use their browser, no
Chrome for you! Their browser is fine though, so no worries
there. If you really want the Google Play Store,
it’s actually easy to get it on the Fire Tablet, although I don’t know how Amazon
feels about it. I linked a guide I found in the description,
but please do this at your own risk. With Google Play you can fill in some of the
gaps missing in the Amazon Appstore or just download apps you already bought on your phone. I will note some apps didn’t work, like
Inbox By Gmail oddly crashed on me each time opening it. But Chrome works great, yes Chrome for you! I will also note I did try to download the
Google Launcher to make the experience on the Fire a little more like stock Android,
but that didn’t work. Amazon has that locked down. Some of the refinements Amazon made to Android
are actually good. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate FreeTime
Parental Controls It gives you complete control of what your
kids can do on the tablet. You can select what apps they can use or games
they can play. Set the amount of screen time they are allowed
each day or even dial in and set limits for reading,
watching videos, using apps and browsing the web You can also set when bedtime is as well educational
goals and even have a different schedule for the weekend. I don’t have kids yet, but man, I can really
appreciate that. Also this feature Blue Shade, Android needs
to rip this wholesale. It’s a feature that allows the color blue
to be removed from the screen. The running theory today is people when people
see blue light on our devices is potentially causing issues with our sleep or something
like that. This feature removes the blue color from the
screen while enabled and makes the screen an oddly colored orange, but it’s much easier
on the eyes. You can even set a schedule for it. For me, I think 8pm is good time to have this
enabled so I can wind down. But before 8pm, gimme the blue! And the speech to text feature I talked about
earlier in the speaker test is really cool. It’s an Amazon Fire exclusive feature that
allows you to hear an actual ebook from Kindle read to you. It’s read by a robot mind you, but the robot
does a pretty good job and there are 7 different english voices you can try as well as many
in different languages “If you want the people in stores to take
care of the customers, you have to make sure your taking care of the people in the stores. That’s the most important single ingredient
of Walmart’s success.” On Deck automatically downloads amazon video
on your tablet when you’re not using it which is cool. You might find yourself without internet somewhere
and be happy Amazon thought of you. Oh course, I don’t know why it thought I wanted
to watch Backstrom…hmm… And X-ray is an interesting way to learn more
about what you’re watching. I think this is a cool feature, but not necessary Also you might not be aware, but if you have
Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each
month. It doesn’t have all Kindle ebooks in the
library, but there is quite a collection. You need a Fire Tablet or Kindle Ereader to
do this, so buying this tablet would get you access to this library if it interests you. The books in the Kindle Store with the Prime logo above them are available to borrow via the lending library Sidenote: if you’re buying this just to
watch Prime Video on a tablet, don’t. This was news to me, but as of August 30th,
Amazon has Prime video now on regular Android. Not sure what took so long there. The standard price of $149.99 includes ads
or what Amazon calls special offers This offsets the cost of the tablet. A no-ad version is $15 more. This tablet I’ve been testing has ads and
it’s really not too bad. On the lock screen every time you open the
tablet – there is a full screen ad and in the notifications section you’ll see an
ad there as well. To be clear, I haven’t seen a notification
pop up in the middle of me using the tablet letting me know I could save some money on
some depends or anything like that There is just ad in the notifications that
you can dismiss or just leave it and Amazon will replace it later with another one. That’s it. Not a bad trade off. They do try to advertise things Amazon thinks
you might like, but it’s pretty hit or miss. I’d say try it, if you decide later you don’t
want the ads, you can always pay $15 to have them removed later. Link on how to do that in the description. That brings us to Alexa This is also the only Amazon tablet that allows
Alexa Hands Free mode – the others currently out have Alexa, but only via holding the Home
Button. You might be thinking, Alexa is just some
Siri or Google Now knockoff. But I actually really like Alexa. I like those other guys too, but Alexa can
control your home. You can do things like… Turn up the thermostat Alexa, set the temperature inside to 71. The AC is set to 71. Start playing music on your Sonos speaker. Play Hillsong United
in the living room Shuffling songs by Hillsong United on Living
room And a lot more if you have a device that supports
Alexa. Links to some in the description And hands free Alexa can also control the
tablet itself. Alexa, Pause Hands-free is best way to use Alexa in my
opinion. Imagine you’re cooking and you need pause
the show, but your hands are dirty. A simple Alexa Pause and you’re good to go. Or imagine you’re stranded in the bathroom
at home and toilet paper roll is empty. A simple Alexa, order some toilet paper and you’ll receive a fresh new roll in 2
business days or less – if you have Amazon Prime of course. Actually I think there are few more steps
in that one, but Alexa is really cool but definitely not essential – especially in a
tablet like this. Even though this tablet has 1 mic vs. my Echo’s
7, I found Alexa to hear me pretty easily even across the room. This might be an okay cheap Echo Show replacement
with a bigger screen. If you start using Alexa, I think you might
be surprised how useful hand-free control can be. I will note though controlling video with
Alexa only works in Amazon Video which is a bummer while controlling music or other
audio services with your voice is available with Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more. When I played a song earlier, that was through
Spotify But if Alexa creeps you out, just turn her
off in the settings menu. A sidenote though, you may have to update
your Fire tablet to go Hands free with Alexa. I personally had to. One thing that was disappointing with Alexa
on the tablet is my security camera the Netgear Arlo Doesn’t work it just says, “Sorry, cameras
don’t work on this device” That is bummer, but Alexa is new on this tablet
I’m sure they’ll add that in future. Amazon claims this tablet will last for 10
hours of use and I wasn’t about to test that. But I did try it for 30 mins with some gaming,
browsed a bit, watched some YouTube and read some email and all that cost me between 3-4%
of the battery. I know this test isn’t scientific, but wow. Some quick math shows that their over 10 hour
claim should be reliable. In fact from this test, you might be able
to expect something closer to between 12 and 16 hours of screen on time. Very impressive I promise you, I didn’t go easy on it to
get those results Also, I wanted to find out how much battery
does the tablet use in sleep mode Standby time is a big deal for tablets Tablets are something that I very occasionally
pick up. Once every other day for 30 minutes or so
at a time The last thing I want every time I pick it
up is to have to immediately plug it in. For this test, I started a timer for 5 hours
and put the tablet down to sleep. After the 5 hours were up, the tablet used
somewhere between 2 and 3 percent of its battery. After some quick math, again not scientific,
this tells me a fully charged tablet should be able to last at least a week in sleep mode
and possibly up to 10 day and half days. That is battery slipping non-power right there! Be advised, there is no quick charge on this
tablet. With charging it from being completely dead,
all I could get was about 6% of the battery charged in 20 mins. To go from a dead battery to a completely
charged battery, took me 3 hours and 44 minutes in my test with the included charger of course Charging this tablet is definitely an overnight
affair. Finally, let’s talk about the cameras. Okay I finally found somewhere Amazon definitely
cut corners. It is equipped with a 2 MP 720p camera on
the back and a VGA quality camera on the front. It’s pretty bad I don’t feel like I need to say anything
here, just look at the pictures and video for yourself This shouldn’t be a deal breaker though,
I personally don’t buy tablets for cameras, but if you do – don’t buy this tablet. Buy an iPad or more expensive tablet. I’m actually glad Amazon didn’t put money
in these cameras. They’re functional, but not much more I’ll add this though, if you install Google
play like I mentioned earlier, you can install snapchat and the filters work well. I will mention, there are other Fire Tablets
available that are cheaper than this one you can consider, but looking at the value proposition
it’s my opinion that even though this one is more expensive, it’s well worth the extra
cost. Mainly because the sharper and larger screen… And stereo speakers… and faster processor,
extra ram, adding Alexa hands-free is also nice touch. Yeah this one is just better. There isn’t any getting around this. This is a great tablet. Sure corners were cut, but come on – they
did a good job not cutting the stuff that really mattered. I’d have a hard time suggesting any tablet
in comparison to this one. If you were going to buy a cheaper one I’d
just say , “don’t bother.” If you were going to buy a more expensive
one, I’d say, “you know that’s a great tablet, but have you heard of the Fire 10?” It’s a truly great tablet. Now this one isn’t mine, but hammering this
over the past 4 days is going to make it really difficult for me to give it back. This one is actually my brothers, he was kind
enough to let me review. Thanks bro If you want the most premium tablet experience,
I guess I can’t recommend, but it’s really close I wholeheartedly recommend it, the value is
just unheard of these days. I may just have to buy myself one, or 3. Still cheaper than an iPad Pro Hey everyone, I want thank you so much for
watching. I try to be through in these reviews, but
if you have any questions please drop them in the comments and I’ll try to get to them
when I can Also if you’d like to buy any of these products
including the tablet, I have a bunch of links in the description. Any purchases made through those links actually
go to supporting me and the Search For Awesome. Also sometime in the middle of making this
video, we hit a big milestone. We have 500 subscribers now. And that’s a like a – that’s a huge milestone
for me! I mean this YouTube journey has been a little
over a year now since I’ve started this and I’ve been trying to hone my craft and
change and evolve and get better and better and I hope that’s what I’m doing. But I just want to say. Thank so much to those of you that have subscribed
and thank you to those of you that have left really kind comments – almost everything who
comments on my videos are super nice or they just have a question which is awesome too. And just thank you, it really does make me
feel good to know I’m making something that you’re enjoying watching and you hopefully
find it helpful or maybe even entertaining. I guess the next goal would be 1,000 so were
half way there but if YouTube metrics are anything to go off of I think it will only
take a couple of months to hit it. If you’re new to the channel, I first I
just want to say thank you – this was a pretty lengthy video and the fact you got this far
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after I get it. So please subscribe so you don’t miss that
video at least. If you’re looking for something else to
watch, here is the Canon T7i review. That’s the camera you’re seeing me through
right now, and all the b roll was shot on it as well. Or Here is a review of the Bowflex Maxtrainer. Really awesome fitness thing that you can
get a good workout on in 14 minutes. Thanks and I’ll cya next time.

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