Amazon Fire TV Recast Review

The future of television is here! And on
this video I’m going to do a complete review of the Amazon Fire TV Recast.
That’s a device from Amazon, that allows you to record over-the-air television
signals from your local CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc, television stations and record them
onto a hard drive and play them back using your Amazon Fire Stick. And here’s
the best part, you can actually use voice commands to skip through the commercials, skip ahead three minutes. This video is going to cover 3 main
points about the Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR. I’m going to give you some tips on how to
pick the best antenna for you, so that you can possibly save some money. I’m
gonna share with you some very cool tips and tricks on how to use your Amazon
Fire Recast DVR, and I’m gonna show you what you absolutely must have before you
can even install your Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR. This video is a follow-up to
the video I did on how to cut the cord on cable TV. And for those folks who
haven’t seen that video, you should check it out, because in the video, I share with
you three steps that you must take before you call the cable company to cut
the cord. And for those folks who haven’t seen that video, I’ll put a link to that
video at the end of this video, and in the video description. Here’s a quick tip
for you on how to record a program. Keep your eyes peeled for more quick tips
coming up. Record Shark Tank, (Alexa Voice) recording scheduled for shark tank. Show my recordings. You can verify that a
recording is scheduled by going to your recordings and clicking on the manage
tab where you’ll see it in the list. In addition to the Amazon Fire Stick, the
Amazon fire TV Recast system works with all generation Fire TVs and streaming
media players. Now let’s see if I can help you save some money! To receive
over-the-air digital television, you’re going to need some type of antenna. And
the type of antenna you need really depends on the distance you are from the
transmission tower. If you live in the same city as the television stations
you’re trying to receive, the odds are very good that you’ll be able to use an
indoor antenna. I would recommend that you get an indoor antenna and try it
first if you think you live close enough to the broadcast tower. If it doesn’t
work, you can always pack it up and send it back and then get it outdoor antenna.
If the indoor antenna works for you, you can save some money because you don’t
have to get an outside antenna and have it installed, if you can’t install it
yourself. Here’s what I did. I live about 40 to 50 miles away from Tampa, and I
received my television signals all from Tampa. I wasn’t sure if I would be able
to use an indoor antenna, but I had a feeling I was going to require an
outdoor antenna. So I went ahead and ordered one and stuck it up on a ladder
before I installed it just to see how would work. And it worked like a champ, 40-plus
channels. So I went ahead and installed it permanently. Yeah it looks like I
should have cleaned this window ahead of time. When you are ready to buy an
antenna, or even the fire TV recast system, please use the Amazon affiliate
link in the video description. Doing so will help us out, thanks guys ♥ Here’s
another quick tip for you folks. If you own a smartphone, a iPad a newer iPad
or a tablet. you can watch your Amazon Fire TV Recast recordings or live television
anywhere! In the morning when you go to take a shower,
turn on your local television station and hit pause. That way when you get out
of the shower you can fast-forward through the commercials. Let me show you
a few more quick operating tips before we get to the requirement that Amazon
has for hardware and software for installation. Tune to NBC. (Alexa Voice) tuned to NBC.
How full is my DVR, (Alexa Voice) you have 88% free on your DVR. Show my
recordings, (Alexa Voice) here are your recordings. Delete lucky dog, (Alexa Voice) this will delete all
recorded episodes are you sure you want to delete lucky dog? Yes. (Alexa Voice)
okay deleted. As you can see folks, the Amazon Fire TV Recast system is very easy
to use. As the system evolves, there will be upgrades and changes. So if you have
any tips and tricks for other folks in the future ,please leave your tips in the
comment section so that everyone can benefit from them. Okay folks, in order to
set up your Fire TV Recast, you must use the Fire TV app. And that has to be on a
Fire TV tablet, 5th generation or above. An iPhone or iPad, with an iOS operating
system 10 or above. An Android mobile device with an operating system 4.4 or
greater. I’ll tell you what you can do here in a
second but, you can see this is the message that I got on my iPad because I
thought I was going to be able to use my iPad to install this. It turns out I had
to use my Samsung Phone. If you own a fire stick or other device and you’re
not inclined to buy a new phone or iPad, just to install this fire TV software,
you can borrow a phone from a friend, download the software, it’s very
easy to follow, very intuitive, download the software, install it and then you can
use the fire stick from that point on. Then you can delete the software
from that person’s phone. Thanks for watching ♥


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