Amazon Haul Your Kindness Bought Me something Useful ! and Kitchen Chores

today we’re gonna work on one of my
favorite meals and it is chicken fingers it is cornflake chicken fingers as you
know I did a video where I can’t all of that mustard it was a beautiful brown
mustard and somebody said well you couldn’t possibly eat all of that well
I’ll show you one recipe where we use that brown mustard we’re going to dip
our chicken into the brown mustard and coat it with some corn flakes to make a
beautiful chicken finger that is healthy so let’s get started your fingers are
one of the easiest things you can make we have some of my brown mustard that
did not say oh so we are going to open up this jar of brown mustard we’re going
to put the brown mustard into a pan or kettle or a bowl whatever you wish so
we’re going to use all of this brown mustard up so the chicken was a dollar 69 a pound
and they didn’t have the chicken on sale that was the tenders already so a lot of
times you can save a lot of money by making your own chicken tenders
that’s what we’re going to do today so we’re going to cut up the breasts into
chicken tenders which is really simple all we’re gonna do is cut them into
strips I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to cut all of these chicken breasts into
strips and then we’re gonna make a chicken tenders now I’m making these
chicken tenders to freeze so I’m not going to eat them today we’re just gonna
make them to freeze so I’m going to go ahead I’m going to cut all of these up
and then I’ll show you what we do next so I decided this time not to wash my
chicken ahead of time sometimes I wash it and other times I don’t I know all of
you have a different idea about washing the chicken or not but this time I
decided to just put it in the package just as it is so how do I read my garden my hands and
knees people ask me well how do I keep a garden weeded Tessie yes this is now on
my hands and knees on the most part it’s the carrot patch once again you
need to read it or you think this doesn’t look too much
this is a 75-foot row double so it does take me quite a while but I only have to
do it a few times in the summer so many people ask me about my pickles
and I have to be honest with you this is what I use I make hundreds and hundreds
of quarts of pickles each year and I always use the missus wages kosher dill
pickle mix every single time I make it it gets out perfect but I don’t can my
pickles after I make them I keep them in the refrigerator and they so far have
lasted me seven months seven months this way you’re not cooking your cucumbers so
you have more beneficial properties there so I really don’t need to can any
of my pickles ever because it lasts seven months in the refrigerator from
one season to the next just by doing it this way I really don’t know what my
issue is but I know this mix will get out perfect every single time and that
is worth it for me I want to thank everyone for using my
Amazon link and I want to share with you today what I bought with your money that
you use to purchase your own items I get a little bit of a commission from all of
the things that you buy using my Amazon link and today I’m gonna share with you
what I got I got 10 pounds of raisins all because you took that little extra
time to use my link to purchase your items and today we are going to vacuum
seal all of these raisins so let’s get started you pants it’s been another great day here
on the homestead I hope you’re staying warm and I hope you have a real good
night take everyone we’ll see you guys
tomorrow bye


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