Amazon India Affiliate Program: Beginner Guide to Make money

Hi guys, Harsh here and in this video I am
going to talk about a new affiliate program which is open by Amazon India and certainly
one of the best affiliate program for certain category. So Amazon launched their Indian
market place last month and they are selling electronic goods, movies, e-books and Kindle
devices. now for any blogger who is a serious blogger or even he is a hobby blogger where
you talk about the books you read, the movies you are watching, the movie reviews, Amazon.india
is certainly one of the best affiliate program that you can get started with. In this video,
I am going to talk a bit about their affiliate program and in the next video, I will be telling
you more on how to get started with the links and few more details that will help you make
more money. So let me quickly go ahead. So this is Amazon associates dashboard where
you will be applying and once you need to have a website to apply and you need to have
a pan card in order to get paid. Right now, the minimum payout is 2500INR and you will
be paid after 60 days of the end of the month. So once you apply for their affiliate program,
it will take maximum 3 days to get approval. Once you are approved, you can go through
the website, you can pick any product that you like and you can start offering it on
your own blog. Apart from that, they also have widgets that you can embed on your own
website which is a very good way to start making money. Now there are few great things
about this program; first is that even if you link to a particular product, let’s
say you link out to Nokia Lumia and a buyer goes to the website and instead
of buying this particular phone, he buys 10 different products, so you will be getting
paid for all the product and that’s the best part about this program. Second, Amazon
is a trusted brand name and so far even in the U.S or U.K, it’s one of the most successful
affiliate program for bloggers. So if you are looking forward to make money from your
blog, Amazon.india is the best way to get started. In the next video, I will be talking
about how you can create link to particular product and how you can link out. So keep
watching and you can subscribe to my channel for more updates. Thank you for watching,
this is Harsh.


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