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Hi I’m Todd Bowman, Senior Director for
Amazon and Product Marketplaces here at Merkle. Today I’m going to give you three
tips to help you sell and promote your products more effectively on the Amazon
Marketplace. Did you know around 50% of people start their product related
searches on Amazon? And of people who start their searches on Amazon around 92% converts. Amazon has become a behemoth that retailers have to pay
attention to and the loyalty that they drive is unmatched. The following 3
tips will help you be more successful on Amazon. Tip #1: Optimize your
product page. Start first with the title. Make sure your title has all relevant
information about your product. This can include brand, size, material and any
other features that you deem are relevant to a customer looking for your
product. Next, focus on the bullet points. When a customer lands on your product
page they’re going to see the title, the image and the bullet points. The bullet
points can be a major factor to help that customer decide to actually
purchase your product. In this example, Classic Brands is showing that it’s a pressure relieving memory foam that is gel-infused and also that the firmness
of the mattress is medium plush. These are three key factors for customers
looking to buy a mattress. The description is another opportunity to
optimize your product page; however, you should still prioritize the title and
the bullet points as they are the first thing that a customer sees and some
customers never scroll down to see the description. Tip #2: Identify new
keyword opportunities. When you’re utilizing Amazon Search to promote your
products, it’s very important to continually look for new keywords to
target. There are several ways to identify new keyword opportunities. One
of the first places to look is the Amazon Search Term Report. This report
will show you what keywords your products are showing up for and how
they’re performing. It allows you to understand better how to bid and target
those keywords as you expand your program. In addition to your Amazon
Search Term Report, you should think holistically across Google, Bing and any
other ad platforms that you’re utilizing. As you implement these keyword
opportunities, remember customer behavior is different on Amazon as it is on
Google; therefore, make sure you test, test and test even more and pay close
attention to that performance to be most successful. Tip number 3: Defend your
brand. Amazon is the fastest growing digital ad revenue platform in the US
right now and looks to triple in size in the next three years. Because of this,
competition has become fierce on Amazon and you want to make sure you defend
your brand on your own brand searches to keep your competitors from coming in and
stealing sales away from you. In this example of an iRobot product page, you
can see that their competitor Neato is showing a product display ad and using
its ad copy to try to lure customers away from the iRobot product page. Here’s a great example of defending your brand. When you do a search for Classic Brands,
you see Classic Brands owns the Headline Search and owns the top three Sponsored
Product Ads. This keeps any competitors out of this space and allows customers
to just see Classic Brand products when they’re looking for Classic Brands. You
can defend your brand by targeting your brand keywords through Sponsored
Products and Headline Search. In addition, you can use Product Display to target
your own products to present a complementary product to help up sell, or
another product in your catalog just to keep competitors out. And remember
product display is only available to vendors, so third-party sellers can only
use Sponsored Products and Headline Search. These are only three tips to help you be
successful, but remember there’s so much more when you’re optimizing your overall
Amazon program.If you’re interested in working with an agency, we would love to
talk with you. For a more comprehensive look at Merkle’s best practices to be
successful on Amazon, check out our webinar where we discuss
some additional strategies across Amazon Search and Amazon Display. In addition,
download our Amazon Ads Playbook which provides more in-depth strategies for
advertising on Amazon.

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