Amazon Native Shopping Ads – New Card Format

– What’s going on, everyone,
my name’s Larry Snow and in this video, we’re
gonna be taking a look at the new Card format
that Amazon announced as part of their Amazon
Native Shopping ads. So part of their Amazon affiliate program. If that’s something you
want to know more of, stay tuned, it’s coming up next. (frequency noises) So a few weeks ago, I
did a video on how to add an Amazon affiliate product
to your Woocommerce store and Woo Products and
that got a lot of buzz, a lot of interest. So I was looking at the Amazon associates website today. Actually earlier this week, and I thought I would share on their new Card format, how to add that to your website so it’s another way that
you can generate income through the Amazon affiliate program. This is very simple to implement, as probably one of the
easiest ones to implement. There might be some confusion over how to actually find where this is. At least it was for me, and hopefully it won’t be for you, because I will show you
the right way to do this. If I’m over on my Amazon associates; so I’ll go back to home, on the Amazon associates website. They’ve got a new one called the strip format that you might
be interested in, as well. I was going under Native Shopping Ads, ’cause it was called Native Shopping Ads, new Card format, and then
under Native Shopping Ads I was going under custom
ads, because it said you needed it, it’s under the Custom tab. Custom variant, and I’m like, I don’t see Card format here, I don’t see it at all. I’m like, what’s going on? I see Grid, List, and Strip. I don’t see, so I’m struggling with this, struggling with this. Then I actually read the where is it? I actually read the little
piece of information here. Let me just go back to that. There it is, this is their announcement that they came up with
and they show a demo of it in the Business Insider website and how it looks on
mobile, it looks fantastic and then I read how to add it. How to add this new Card format is to go to the Amazon website itself. Already logged into this Amazon, already logged into your Amazon associates account as well. Usually they’re the same account, at least it is for me. When you come across a product. Let’s say… cameras. I don’t have anything set up here, so give me a minute to find something. Digital point & shoot cameras. We’ll just pick something. Here we go, a Nikon. Now if I click on that product, up here in the left-hand
corner is where you get that custom new Card format where it says Native Shopping Ads and in purple it says new. That should have caught my eye before. I usually don’t use
this SiteStripe up here. I usually go to the
Amazon associates homepage to do all of my links and everything for my affiliate links. I bypassed the SiteStripe completely, and this is where you do it. So you click on Custom. It’s gonna auto-generate
this particular product. It’s gonna have your store ID, or you can switch store IDs if you have multiple store IDs. It’s gonna generate the code right here and this is what exactly
it’s gonna look like in your website. So we’re gonna copy and paste this URL. I already have a post set up here. I’m just gonna go into the text side in your WordPress website and I’m just gonna find a
pretty random place to put this. I think towards the
bottom would look better and I’m gonna insert
that script, that code that Amazon gives us, and I am going to… and that’s it. That’s all we have to do. I was gonna center it, but I’m just gonna take a look at it first. So as always in WordPress,
we preview our changes before we set everything as live. We’ll scroll down a little bit and see if it pops up. There’s our video, and here it is. This is exactly what it’s gonna look like. Doesn’t that look fantastic? What a simply way, easy way to add a specific product related to your content that you’re sharing out valuable, useful knowledge-based content to your community, where you can add in these affiliate links very easily and simply. Then when a person clicks on it, like click on Buy Now,
you get your tag in there and you’re all set. It really stands out to me, it looks like it’s part of your website kind of as well, and I can’t wait to try this out on a whole bunch of my blog posts and then start sharing them
out through social media. So that’s it guys. That’s how easy it is to set up a Card format on your blog posts and pages on WordPress or any
other HTML website you have. Thank you all for watching this video. If you have any comments or questions, please post them in the comments below. I’ll link to the article
where Amazon talks about how to set it up and talks
about it a little bit more in detail on some specific things. I’ll put that in the description below. For more about me, go to and I’ll see you in the next video and happy new year. I’ll see you in 2018.


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