Amazon Niche Selection | Which Self Publishing Niche is Best for You?

So, which Niches should
you start with? Well in this video coming up I’m going to tell you
the best niche to get started with for self-publishing going. Hey everybody. Emeka coming at you here from the Blueprint
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and give this video a like a thumbs up there. But yeah, let’s let’s
dive into things. So what Niche should you start
publishing your books in? What’s the best Niche
the one that’s going to be key the most money that’s going to have
the least amount of competition. It’s going to give you
the greatest chance for Success. It’s non existent. There is no secret Niche
there is no worst. Nice. There is no Best niche. Here’s the deal all niches have
some sort of money in them. So I want to talk about really
what is a niche and what makes some niches more lucrative
more competitive better for new Publishers to get
into than others. And this video is actually
going to be a video kind of like the updated
video of the one where I’m like bad niches. I’ll put a link up
in the cards for it. But here’s the deal first off you have to understand
niches are different than keywords niches
are different than keywords, you know, the health and fitness Niche
is a massive Niche and you’re going to find a ton
of keywords in there, but just because it’s a massive
Niche and we know there’s it’s very profitable
not all keywords, because keywords or Search terms not all keywords
are going to be profitable, but it doesn’t mean that Niche is
not profitable the niches that I Like to get
into right are the niches where people are going to have
multiple problems to solve. That’s the key thing
what niches can you get into where people are going
to have you know, a hundred problems
that you can solve now? Why is that a smart idea? Well, if they have
a hundred problems to solve that’s a hundred different books
that you can publish that they’re going
to keep buying from you because they have to keep
solving each problem. Right? And that’s one of the things that I like to do
with my books is I’ll solve one problem in one book, but then I’ll introduce them into a new problem
that they can get in. The next book. Now key thing to understand is the bigger the nice the
bigger the opportunity. So what I mean by this is
let’s look at the self-help or the health and fitness Niche
two of the biggest niches or two of the possibly
biggest niches up on Amazon. That means is that is where the money is those are two
of the most lucrative niches that you can be publishing
books in but with that comes competition. Those are also two of the most competitive niches
you can publish books in. So what do you do if you want to publish
something in self-help because I haven’t taught
a self-help books that are killing it right now. I don’t think I have any health
and fitness books, but what you have to do
with those big niches is you have to Niche down even
further see a lot of newbies and this goes back that video. I did last year the year before when I said self
helps a bad knee. She get into self-help Niche
along with the health and fitness Niche
without a shadow of a doubt the worst places for new Kindle Publishers to get into what I meant
by that is self help when you’re doing
habits as your keyword. Is a bad idea health and fitness
when you’re doing weight loss or how to lose
weight is a bad idea. Those are books that I’ve published
and they just failed because I was too General you
have to solve a specific problem and Target a specific customer
for those larger niches. That’s how you
can break off into them because those niches are so big
there is so much money in them that you can find a very very small specific
targeted customer solve their problem solve their fifty
or a hundred problems and make a killing
with those books, but it’s getting specific and understanding
your customer research. This is where the
customer research plays a role understanding
who your customer is and what problems are looking
at getting solved. It’s not trying to solve every single person is problem
in the self-help Niche. That doesn’t work. It’s a very specific. Problem of a specific customer
that you want to solve. So one of the things that I like to do
is think outside the box when you go into
these big niches think outside the box take a look at what other people
are doing and try to say hey, so this person’s doing this
everyone else is doing this. What can I do differently
to solve the problem for my customer that’s going to make
my book stand out. There’s a lot of different ways that you can make
your book Stand Out by just tweaking a few things and making your books
really unique with your brand. So hey, if you’re looking
for more information or you want to get started
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till next time everybody. I’m Emeka, speak
to you all soon.


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