Amazon PPC Auto Campaign TRICK | The One AMZ Advertising Pay Per Click Strategy Everyone Should Run

[Music] yeah yeah what’s up guys Anthony Tran here welcome to another great episode on Amazon PPC with solo tradecraft welcome to the channel and if you guys haven’t checked it out already right before I went to the gym earlier I made this video about Amazon a class right Amazon hate cost it’s definitely an important metric that every Amazon seller needs to know and super important and if you don’t know it you’re probably not you know you’re probably new Amazon and it’s something you definitely should know more especially if you don’t all calculate if you don’t know what you breakeven is on it and how I like really understand what it cost is and what to do if it’s high or low right so go ahead and watch that video if you haven’t already but yeah uh turned out I’m shooting this video here in Los Angeles California staying at my friend’s place in downtown LA naked Fernando there are eight figure sellers I’m being mentored by them and they’re gonna be my ticket on how I scale from them like the 7 to the 8 figure mark right um I just kind of got stuck and I realized that I was like I need some mentorship I need some like advice on how I get to the next level um so yeah stay tuned Nikki Fernando they’re gonna make some videos on this channel too and we’re gonna work together it’ll be a lot of fun but yeah and we’re coming off this private label course that’s gonna come out you know in like a few weeks time and everything so stay tuned for that sign up for our email list first to get pre exclusive discounted access to all that butter than that let’s get into it let’s talk about the one Amazon PPC campaign that every seller should have let’s go alright so when it comes to Amazon PPC there’s a lot of ways you can really go about it but what I want to talk about today is the one campaign that every person on Amazon should be running all right I don’t care who you are if you’re doing are a whole so Oh a private label all of us should be running this right and what is it it is an auto campaign at a five cent bid and a daily budget of $20 right with a daily budget of $20 at this low of a bid price with an auto campaign you’re more than likely not gonna spend your whole daily budget on this right so why do I recommend it let’s look at my numbers and it was peak for themselves looking at this screenshot right look that I’ve had a three percent a cost since I’ve been running this campaign most likely everyone watching this video is happy with a three percent a cause if you’re not happy over three percent a cost and I think you got more problems than you got a lot of problems if you got if you’re worried about having a three percent a cost that being too hot but like I said it’s a super super simple campaign to run and it only takes five minutes to set up literally any Amazon seller can go set this up all you have to do is go and your campaign manager add every single product that you have into this one Auto campaign and just run it like I said at a twenty dollar daily bed but a twenty dollar daily price right and then set the bid to five cents right the bid cost is so low that you are more likely never gonna have like a really high a cost and whatever accidental sells that Amazon Auto campaign gives you you’re gonna have really good a cost as off does and it won’t hurt trust me so I do this for all my products it’s one the tips that I learned like in the very very beginning on my Amazon career and I just wanted to share with you guys my audience right like I said this works for anybody selling on Amazon it matter if you’re doing are a Oh a wholesale private label so definitely go test it out right now takes less than five minutes to set up it’s gonna improve yourselves and make you more money so yeah under that thanks for watching guys I’m super hungry my stomach is growling alright just got back from gym so I’m gonna go eat and everything but yeah let me know in the comments below like how this turns out for you let me know if you’re about to go set up right now let me know if it takes less than five minutes right and if you enjoyed this tip give me a thumbs up alright subscribe to my channel and you know it helps because I want to know you know when you guys leave comments you guys leave me thumbs up it helps me know that you guys enjoy the content makes me want to produce more content and I feel good about it at the end of the day so under that piece out I’m Anthony with solar tradecraft thanks for watching [Music]


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