Amazon Selling Strategy That Makes Me $30,000 Per Month! **2018 Edition**

– What’s going on guys? So I’m back with Kyle. If you haven’t seen the
videos about him already, his link will be in the description. Go check out his channel,
but we’re gonna be talking about strategies that made
us successful on Amazon with Amazon selling because
there’s different ways about going about finding
products on Amazon and creating your listing. And just having more
value or differentiating yourself or a bunch of
different factors which, we’re gonna go over what
we did on our products. So we’ll each do them separately and the different factors. Now I’ll start off with the first thing being product research. Now with mine, I stick
to the normal parameters I always show you guys. And if you haven’t seen
one of those videos, go check out one of my
product research ones. Did you do anything special
on your product research side? – Not necessarily
anything crazy different, but it’s just super important
with product research to make sure that there’s
demand for the product. I think that’s like really huge when you’re finding a product just because a lot of people will go into products that maybe have, they’re not competitive, but that’s for a reason. Because there’s no one, no
one’s buying the product. So that’s a huge factor that you just have to make sure that there’s people that are willing to buy the
product that you’re putting out. – So a lot of people shooting too low because they think it’s safer? – Yeah. Why be at a big fish in a small pond? – Yeah. There we go. So next for me is gonna be differentiation which I think is the biggest
factor when selling on Amazon. You’ll see a lot of people
will sell the exact same thing. They’ll get one or one of
the many similar suppliers sell the same thing and all
the listings are the same, only difference is the price. So then it’s just a race
to the bottom on price. Who has the lowest price
or your margins drop? When in reality, what I like to do, there’s a couple
different strategies here. I like to usually add
something to my listing, create a bundle on Amazon. So I’ll have maybe a main item. Let’s say it normally goes for 19, $20, I add something that cost
me maybe 30, 50 cents and I can charge four or
five dollars more for that. And that’s what I found
a lot of success with, on most of my products are bundled. And I know you had a little
bit different strategy that’s worked for you
on two of your products. – Yeah so, bundlings great. For me, sometimes it’s
hard to find the perfect combination of products
that you could bundle. So what I found is just adding value in the way that you make
your products better. So like better, like
it’s constructed better, there’s better materials,
it’s a higher quality product. So just using better stuff for the product to make
it better in that aspect. – Okay so you can differentiate
that way and charge more. I assume you’re charging a
higher price than other people. – Yeah and especially if
it’s unique and people are using cheap quality
products, you can charge, you almost double because
people want something that will last. Not something like a
cheap China made product. – Plastic. Exactly. The next thing is going
to be product images. One of the most important
things when creating a product listing is getting goof images. Now you need more than just high quality. I personally, you have your
main image, white background. High quality, zoomable image. You can see it, great. The next thing, which a lot of people start to lack after that,
they’ll just throw out extra photos that are fillers. I like to have a couple action shots. So my product being used. If it’s not necessarily
a product that’s used, maybe that product in action
or fulfilling its purpose or showing some of its
benefits because if people see pictures with other people
using it, they automatically can relate and it’s an easier sell. So I think images are
the most important factor on a listing because that’s
what everyone’s looking at when they’re scrolling
through the pages on Amazon. They’re not looking at your title yet. The picture is the first
thing that sells them. – It’s huge, yeah. Especially the main picture
has to be really good quality because no one’s gonna
click on your listing if it’s not the best looking picture. People will look at
price obviously as well, but if you have a really solid picture, that catches people’s
eye and they’ll click on your listing from that alone. – And don’t have an off white background, have a white background. Even if you gotta pay someone
five buck to Photoshop that. Too many off white looks
really cheap, not good. – Yeah, not good and
it’s really not that hard to go download a, like Gimp
is a free Photoshop app alternative that I’ve used in the past and it’s really easy to just Photoshop it, make sure it looks really
clean, a high quality. And it’ll make a huge
difference in your listing. Before I had a really high
quality listing picture, just the original picture,
I was getting no sales. And then I just uploaded
a higher quality picture once I was able to take
my own and then I started getting 10 a day just from that alone. So it’s a huge deal and if
you’re not getting sales, that’s probably the first
thing that you need to look at. – So we got three more things. Next is going to be how do you initially launch your product. For me, I like to do a
combination of giving away a couple units, gathering some reviews from friends and family,
either verified or unverified, I’ll usually get a mix of both. And then starting paper
click advertising on Amazon. Running that on manual, leaving it there and then going back a
couple weeks, optimizing it. What’d you do for reviews and
then kind of launch strategy? Did you give away any, did you run ads? – So I haven’t done, well
okay I’ve done a little bit of giveaways, but really
I’ve just focused on PPC through Amazon, the
paper click advertising. And then using that, I was able, I just put it on automatic
and downloaded the data after a week to see what
was working and what wasn’t. And then I could fine tune
that in the manual settings on Amazon and that had a huge impact. That’s how I was gaining sales velocity rather than giving away
a bunch of products. I was just using that. – And then once you got that information you started Facebook ads too? – Yeah, so then once. Well I started Facebook
ads before I got back all my PPC information
because you can start them at the same time. But yeah, both of those had a huge impact on getting sales velocity on my product. And then that pushed it
to the top, page one. And then you get sales
organically because people when they search they’ll
just see your product first. – Exactly. And if you guys are
struggling getting reviews, I see a lot of people
neglecting this aspect and that is getting an
email tool like Jump Send through Jungle Scout to
follow up with people, ask for reviews, see if
they need anything, any help because you can gather reviews. You’re not gonna get a ton, a ton but it’s a good way to constantly
if you’re getting sales, keep trickling in more reviews. So that is one of the strategies I use. You weren’t doing any
email follow up, were you? – I was. – You were? – Yeah I was following up
with Jump Send too, actually. – Jump Send? – Yeah. So that helps a lot and then also just when you’re doing that PPC and
Facebook advertising online make sure that you’re optimizing
those different campaigns because a lot of people,
you’re letting them run and sometimes if you’re
not optimizing it properly or some keywords just
aren’t converting well, you will be losing money or not be making as much as you could. So just make sure that
you’re looking at that and fine tuning it all the time, really. Just to make sure that
you’re making the most that you can from those campaigns. – Yeah, keep optimizing
PPC, take out any that are loosing you money, increase
spending on the ones that are making you money,
gonna make you more, and you’re gonna rank higher
organically because of that. So that’s kind of all I had on my list. Do you have any other little
things that you did or tricks? – Not really. The Facebook advertising was huge for my more competitive
products just to push them out because it’s hard to compete on Amazon if there’s like 300 people
selling the same thing. But if you can reach
an audience that’s not being reached by your competitors, that can make a big different. – So getting into more
competitive niches that way? – Yeah, yeah it’s an easier
way to penetrate the market. – All right, well I hope
you guys enjoyed this video, you learned something. Make sure you go check out Kyle, he’ll be the first link in the description and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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