Amazon Vs ClickBank Affiliate Program – Which Is Better?

hi guys Manuel here from empowerment
team dot org and today we’re going to be comparing Amazon versus Clickbank
affiliate program and we’re going to see I’m going to look at both of them you
know and I’m going to tell you the benefits of both of them you know we’re
gonna we’re gonna look at each and say you like why I like this one and why and
why I like this one also you know I’m gonna say as an affiliate so you’re
going to be selling other people’s products which one is easier and which
one you need a little bit more marketing experience to make work alright so we’re
gonna be shooting up the computer to do that in a second but just before we do
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money okay and like so today what we’re actually going to be doing is looking at
Amazon and Clickbank and these are two ways you can use to make money online
and you can do that as a newbie marketer as well so hopefully you’re excited
about that so now we’re going to shoot over to the computer and we can get
started on the material so let’s go hey guys here we are then over the computer
and these are the two platforms we’re going to be comparing this is Amazon and
this is the Amazon affiliate program it’s called Amazon Associates so that
you can see here you can join it’s completely free to join and you can make
up to 10% on selling so we’re going to go over this one in a second and in the
second one I’m going to go over is Clickbank so this again is another
affiliate platform there’s loads of products on here that you can promote
and make Commission’s on that so I’ll go over that one as well and I’ll show you
some examples of some of the products you can promote so let’s go to Amazon
then first of all let’s get start with Amazon good thing about Amazon it’s very
easy to start it’s free to join you just click on there you fill out your form
and then your Amazon code and then you can sell
anything on Amazon and make a commission so anything you’re selling on Amazon you
can do so that’s why it’s great for newbies who don’t have the greatest
amount of experience because just say for example you bought something off
Amazon and you’ve more than lighting you pull something recently off Amazon it’s
a massive massive massive site loads of people use it let’s just say you’ve
bought a new dress or you bought a new belt now what you could do very very
easily is when the thing arrives you start filming yourself on your phone
filming what it looks like film it describing how it feels and then very
easily then just put it on your Facebook or something or put it on youtube if you
you’ve got a YouTube channel and say this is my experience of using this
product if you want to if you want to buy it yourself I bought it for $25 if
you want to buy it yourself here’s the link you know or if you’ve read a really
good book you could do the same I’ve done this I’ve done that exact same
thing myself I read a really good book I’ve been you know put it on my facebook
I’ve said look I read this book it was excellent and it cost me $25 or $30
whyever here’s my link if you want if you want to go and buy it yourself click
on this link and there you go there you’ll be making sells because they give
you a affiliate link for any one of these products that you want to sell so
it could be anything you know TVs I mean the bigger thing the bigger that you
sell the bigger your Commission is going to be the Commission’s aren’t massive up
to 10% so if you’re selling like maybe a $500 product you’re making something
like $50 on it okay but it’s easy it’s easy to and it’s one good thing about
Amazon is it’s got Authority it’s a well-known site so people feel trusted
sometimes they might see a product on another person’s site but then they come
to Amazon to buy it because they trust Amazon Amazon you know it’s got a
massive name it has Authority one of the great things about Amazon as well though
is that all that selling is done for you even if you send someone so you do say
like we were saying earlier you send someone to Amazon to buy a book and then
they get on Amazon then that person is then tagged to you that person then
looks around Amazon and decides instead of a book they want to buy a TV
you still make a commission no you know so it’s tagged to you and
another great thing is they’ve got cookies on Amazon I forgot what the
actual name of the cookies are but they follow you around the internet so say
you go and look at this book or a Kindle or whatever then you go to another site
a banner for the advertisement for that same book is on that is on that site and
then you go to Facebook and banner for that book is on Facebook you go
somewhere else so it follows you around so it keeps in your mind and then
eventually you think you know I’m gonna buy this book and then you make that
Commission so Amazon does all the selling for you and so all you got to do
is get the person onto Amazon and Amazon takes over and does all the selling for
you and you make commission even if they buy other products as well great thing
is is over 80% of you of people in the US they use Amazon so a lot of people
are using it already so it’s very very easy for you to then say well you’re
gonna buy this thing already right with my link it’s not they have to pay any
more money so that’s a great thing as well and 70 million people use it
worldwide so it’s very trusted site people are using every single day you
know of 70 million people you just need to get in front of a very few people in
order to be making regular regular daily Commission’s yeah and the great thing as
well is it’s free to join so those are some of the good things about Amazon I
think you don’t have to be one of the great things I mean you don’t have to be
the best marketer in the world like I said you can just talk about your your
own experience of buying stuff yeah or if you see a product owner that you want
to promote you can go and get a review somewhere and and it’s very very is
practical products that people use all the time you know it’s it’s it’s not um
digital its physical products that people are going to be buying watches
you know wardrobes fridges think people are buying these things already so it’s
very it’s not a hard sell if somebody’s gonna be buying something already for
you to get your link in front of them and then to sell it all right so let’s
move on then let’s move on to Clickbank now so that’s kind of that that’s my
views on on Amazon moving onto Clickbank Clickbank is one of the very very
massive affiliate tool as well where you can sell products
the difference with Clickbank is every product on there is digital so there’s
no sort of sending now even though it Amazon Vs ClickBank Affiliate Program Amazon you wouldn’t be sending anything
out is what we call drop shipping so once the person has bought that link
whoever selling it does all this water posting and packaging and all of that
you don’t have to worry about that or this there’s none of that it’s digital
products there’s more educational type products if you join here one good thing
as well it’s free to join so there’s no free to join it you can go here it says
affiliate marketplace and it sells basically any product that you’re
looking you’re looking for I think with with Clickbank I would say you would
have to be a slightly better marketer but I’ll talk more about that in a while
so let’s just say you decide you wanna sell something with computers and
internet so you click on that category here and there’s all these products here
that you can sell and this is the commission you would make the average
percent you’d make on yourself $20 on this one but look at these commissions
this one is 51% you know Amazon the affiliate program the most you could
earn is 10% you can end fifty seventy five percent some of these products you
can earn up to 100 percent so it pays bigger commissions some of them some of
the Commission’s are recurring so every month the person will be getting billed
and you will be making the Commission monthly so that’s really good you know
you just go you got to make get the sell once and you can continue to get a
monthly income coming in some of these some of them offer free trials which is
great free trials or $1.00 trials you know that’s very very good because it’s
just an easy barrier to entry somebody’s prepared to try a free trial
$1 trial rather than buy this product straight out which is them $20 or you
had twenty and twenty dollars fourteen cents so you know it’s just easier to
get and as soon as somebody is a buyer there and they like it they’ll continue
to buy more and more and more one good thing as well as like I said it’s
digital so it’s all done very quickly it’s all sent out very quickly the
person buys and they get the product straight away there’s no shipping
there’s no you know it’s going to be sent to you you
very unit get immediately great thing here which one thing the Clickbank has
that Amazon doesn’t have to have help for affiliates
affiliate tools so if you click on this I’ll take you to the page this is the
affiliate program so they take you through it you get 51% for this product
that I just said there’s your links you would get but look at all this that you
can get you can get these images you can actually get some YouTube videos they’ve
done some video ads for you look at these images you can use all these on
your site or on Facebook they’re really professional-looking images that have
all been done for you and that you can use to promote this product you know
even down here you can you can get to contact them and ask questions if you’re
struggling to get cells you can get help now that you don’t really get with
Amazon which is great with Clickbank you can get that sort of help now like I
said I think with Clickbank you have to be slightly better marketer it’s not
just a case of like oh I bought this Bell it works really you know I read
this book I really like to go and get it because that’s like a personal
recommendation you can talk about it with these products you don’t have to
buy them I mean I always advise people to buy the product first look at it
properly do the research so then you can when you do a review or you talk about
you’re talking about it from a place of knowledge rather than just saying look
it’s really great go and get it do you know mean it’s it’s just it’s just an
easier sell when you’re talking from a place of knowledge you know but some of
them are high price products you might not want to buy them and you don’t have
to buy them to sell them but if you’re if you’re not buying them then you you
have to have like slightly better SEO skills you’ve got to be able to rank for
these keywords that with this one it be SEO software finding longtail keywords
yeah so you got to be able to rank for the keyword and know a little bit about
ranking and getting your your site or your video or your blog site on page one
so I think slightly more you need a little bit better marketing skills to
beat to promote Clickbank products but you know only a little bit than me and
the thing the thing about it is you can still do reviews it’s not hard but it’s
just you want them to rank because it once they’ll rank on
you tuber once they rank on Google people will find you people will click
over and people will buy it or buy or buy right so that’s the comparisons of
the two let’s go over everything I just said Devin so we just let me just get
over to this I’ve done a nice little thing here so here’s the comparison
between the tube toon Amazon and clickbank amazon very very easy to start
you know very you get you go to the amazon associates and you get started
straightaway it’s got authority so a lot of people
are more than happy to buy off their you know this most of the selling is done
for you and they cookie it they cook it for you as well so that the koalas
people around the web and if you send people to amazon and they buy anything
else you still get the commission like I said there’s over 70% of US users so
it’s really you know so sorry a lot of people use it and they trust it 70
million users worldwide it’s regularly used yeah and it’s free to join free to
join and you get your Commission’s Commission’s aren’t the biggest yeah up
to 10% Commission’s it varies work varies between I think the 6 to 10%
depending on what you’re selling what category you’re selling in click baton
however has bigger Commission’s 50 75 % some 100% commissions you know it also
has recurring Commission so it’s not just make the one sale with some of the
products you make the sale and every month you get a commission they offer
trials which Amazon doesn’t so you get free trials of $1.00 trial sometimes
they help the affiliates with affiliate tools I showed you the tools you know
some of the nice banners that you can use on your website or you can use on
Facebook you know all over them if you have a blog or Weebly you can use it on
things like that so you don’t have to buy the products even though I do
recommend that you do buy them but you don’t have to buy them to sell them you
don’t because you get a link they give you the link and as long as you send
people to the products by that link you will make yourself your commission and
as well would Clickbank is free to join so after 2 then I would say if you’re
completely new completely newbie friendly go for Amazon first because
it’s a physic product that you’ve used you can talk
about it you can say I’ve experienced this here’s my Amazon link and because
Amazon is so trusted people you know once they’ve clicked on that link there
on Amazon now so it’s different you know they’re not they’re not now dealing with
you they’re now dealing with Amazon and it’s a massive name Clickbank
yeah you would you need to go after the keywords of whatever you’re selling to
say product you’re selling a weight-loss product on Clickbank and its weight loss
product X for example you know you need to know how to rank for that keyword
weight weight loss product X you know weight LOX product X review so you need
a little bit more marketing skills do you know you need to know tiny bit more
about marketing but you know once you’ve got those skills once you’ve done a bit
of work and then you can market either you can I actually do like a nice little
hybrid system which I’ve done sometimes so I might rank for something let’s just
say weight loss product X and I’ll do a review on it or a video or I do a
write-up on it then whilst I’m doing your write-up I might also talk about
you know the weight loss the big weight loss book that I read and I’ll link to
Amazon I also read this books which helped me lose 10 pounds of extra gain
ten pounds whatever and I read this book on Amazon here’s the link so I would do
like a hybrid thing but that’s when your marketing skills is higher but if you’re
a complete newbie I would say go for Amazon first then as you get more
experience then you can go for your Clickbank products as well but anyway
guys listen I hope you got some value from this you know if you did then
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myself alright guys thanks for listening then until next time take care
speak soon all of us Amazon Vs ClickBank Affiliate Program

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