AMAZONAS, Brasilien – Quer durch den größten Regenwald – TRANSAMAZONICA BR 319 -ZEITreise Ep 22

this time it gets really wild: we tackle a crazy track right through Amazonia, the BR 319 –
also known as jaguar route huge paws! pretty big … the Jaguar. The adventure Amazonia begins! This is where the tar ends. For the next 400 or 500 km. we’re lucky, it has been dry in recent days, which is not always the case even in the dry season, and then you have to fight only with potholes, washboard and red dust. But when it rains hard here the track transforms into a slippery red mud, where there is no stopping and then everybody gets stuck big time. lastweek, a Swiss couple drove through here who had quite a bit of mud. Don’1 know whether that dries within a week. So knock on wood, we expect about 4 days. Hopefully … the rain stays up there. My expectations are huge. for me as a biologist, travelling into the greatest rainforest on earth is like swimming in his gold storage for dagobert duck. but the first impression is rather horrible. where the street is still good,
people settle, and where people are, the forest has to go. this is what Amazonia looks like with a road built through it. the renovation of BR 319 is very controversial. Because naturally it promotes overexploitation and deforestation etc.. Plain and clear. reading that 1-3 hectare of forest disappear forever every single minute is bad enough. But to see it with my own eyes is much worse. Since 2004, the rate of
deforestation declined slightly. But since Bolsonaro it’s back at full speed. the fire eats away more and more
of the irreplaceable primary forest. Who dreamed of the Jaguar? I! I dreamed that was quite nice, the big Jaguar. And then I built him a big basket and hurried to Munich and with my Jaguar I chased all the people out of the houses until the city was empty. we’ll soon learn why
the piste is called here the jaguar route, but for now we see only small
critter – relatively small. this is still a very young one. where in the rainy season, a single sludge
inferno lurks there are now only a few puddles. a whole bathtub would fit in these potholes! yet – the road gets significantly
worse That has its advantages: around us, the jungle closes in. looking at the map is
just unbelievable before this journey I had not
known that you can pass strait through Amazonia by car. We have never been so glad of our
camera-drone. fir as the view from below is quite nice but it is thebird’s-eye view that shows the vastness of the dimensions. wildlife to the horizon sometimes in the middle of nowhere
a hut appears quite a lot of butterflies … Can I get fries here? No. Fries not available here. we are here to eat something? Yes, he is just preparing the fish. throws it in the pan for us- really fresh. and while papa and mama cook for us fit the larger
sibling watch the smaller ones these contacts with the locals are always a highlightfor
tino and emil. mostly the children get along without words. kicking is always on. a bit queasy,
to go swimming here but it’s just so damn hot. Piranhas! just kidding… there are lots of adventurous
bridges, and the internet is full of images of crashed vehicles but this time, we are completely relaxed.
firstly because we have experienced much worse, like you could see in the previous episode Second, the worst bridges are being replaced or reinforced. Look, they remake the bridge for us! and third, because even heavy truck traffic is crossing. Against this 20-ton-giant we are a gazelle… when the shadows grow longer, it is
time to find a place to stay not so easy here. usually the
jungle reaches up to the piste. the few open spaces are sought after- not only by campers … I just wanted to look for a space. But … at least we would not be alone here … traces everywhere! pretty big … The Jaguar! Huge paws! what you say, we stay? gotta be careful. maybe we get a visitoe .. a bit adventurous we need to tie up the children – look these are very
fat I follow them, maybe I find the Jaguar … OMG he has larger feet than you, Emil! Who’s afraid of jaguar? better close the door tonight… Children are so delicious … Onça! (Jaguar) a strange feeling .. we sit here in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, hundreds of kms around us nothing, and a big predator skneaking around as wild as it gets … we survived the night at the jaguar hotspot but the next morning actually something bad happens we are out there right after sunrise to capture the morning light over the endless green sea with our drone. for the perfect shot, we have
chosen this forest giant. now forward and upward … and then full throttle over his crown What a shitty idea. up! you are in the tree !! there it hangs on, our beloved
drone and sends its fantastic last view until the battery dies that’s twice as bad as that already
is the second loss within a month. we sank our gopro with
our brummi in Bolivia because I really
wanted to do great action shots in the mud. as a stark loss is hard on our tight budget and the mood is at an all-time low. But while we cannot moan about for long. we want to continue. early in the day it is becoming unbearably hot and every noon, huge storm clouds pile
up. the world’s biggest weather kitchen is cooking we are 4 days on the road
and did quite well, slowly, but without any problems. But up front it looks like fairly heavy rain… finally mud! but the feared downpour was only
a short shower soon the puddles are shrinking, the track dries up again. the mud ist just about enough to decorate our
brummi accordingly. We crossed our fingers too strong. all very tame. probably just the wrong time of year. our penultimate wild camp on the Transamazonica. jungle camp number four, right? although we slowly reach the heart of Amazonia ,it gets urban again. Although it does not look like it,
we are approaching a metropole of millions We have reached the tar on the other side. and thus the civilization
and what it brings with it … a forest fire! The last kilometer to the Amazon! I see it already! There it is, look! he’s bigger than me! The river? A little bit… Yay- the Amazon !!! Up ahead is Manaus. After 7 months of travel, the world’s greatest river lies in front of us. in the middle of the largest rainforest on the planet. but more important than any superlative
are the shared memories, that make us once more a little richer. Delicious … who has ever eaten an ant? Tino is brave! River dolphins! and they are pretty big … Sensational.


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