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– Hey everyone. It’s me Hallease, endeavoring
to persevere, as always. If you’re new here, I make videos about my chaotic good life so if the spirit moves
you, consider subscribing. So in typical me fashion, I have once again succumbed
to the ads that be and am trying Lume which is a newish, organic natural, if you will, deodorant brand that is on the market and if you’re watching this video, you’ve probably seen their, you know, just amazing sing-song ad, you know what I’m saying,
A plus on the ad, Lume because you drew me
in, ’cause I bought it. So I bought both of their deodorants, their scented and their
unscented to try out because yes, I am
comprehensive product reviewer; thank you very much. So let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Now, full disclosure,
I am a melanated person who suffers from hyperhidrosis and isn’t going to give up coffee and Mr. Hallease is a
swarthy man who enjoys me, has IBS and is part Lebanese. So needless to say, we use
aluminum based products and you will not convince us otherwise. But for the sake of
trying out this product, we gave them up so we could
do a comprehensive review. So consistency; surprisingly, I actually really like the
consistency of this product. Compared to other natural
deodorants that I’ve tried, it’s almost like a creamy or
a lotiony kind of consistency and it actually goes on pretty smooth and dries quickly, which is nice. The one thing I will say, though, is that now that I’ve had
the product for some time, within the packaging, it gets like stuck and if you lay it down
sideways or anything like that, it begins to run out of the packaging. So the pro is that the
consistency is great. You know, this packaging, though, is just, you know, it feels cheap to be completely honest. The packaging just feels really cheap especially for the price point. ‘Cause the thing about
their scented deodorant is that so you know there’s
lavender smells that are like the synthetic lavender smell, which isn’t bad actually. I actually really like synthetic
lavender smell of products. This is not that. This really is like the plant lavender which isn’t bad, but I
know for me personally, the true smell of lavender
actually doesn’t jive well with my natural odor. And so yeah, with this
one, their unscented, you know, it’s just, there’s
a little bit of cocoa in there because there’s
cocoa seed butter okay. It’s got like a very, like
a hint of earth tone to it. The smell dissipates pretty quickly and it just does a good job of kind of like killing stuff off. The major selling point
of this product is that it can be used anywhere on
your body and that’s okay. I actually did give that a try. I used it on my feet, I used it in my tender bittle area, along my bikini line, amongst my thunder thighs, if you will. I also used it under my
tibble bitties, if you will. All places that I get super
sweaty and/or have a little bit of stench by the end of the
day in this hot Texas heat. I gave it a try and something I will say is that it did help. By the end of the day, I didn’t smell nearly as
strong as I usually do. But something else that I
found a little frustrating about it was this idea that
it’s good for 72 hours. Most of my antiperspirants
that claim that aren’t, they can’t do that, (laughing)
even though they claim it. This one, this deodorant, same thing. You have to reapply. I would apply it ever day as
part of my morning routine. We also did try it after
taking a run to really put it through its paces
and see how well it works. I will say that yeah, once again, I didn’t smell nearly as
strong as I usually do, coming out of a run, but
of course I still stank. It just wasn’t as much. So it was like I could
go for a run and then run a few errands and not be like, people looking at me sideways
’cause like really fan, you out here, stinking? You couldn’t handle yourself
first, then come out? Their price point for this
product, for me, feels high. I, if you’ve watched
other videos I’ve done about hyperhidrosis,
I’ll link to those in the Eye of Sauron and in
the comments down below, I have always used a
combination of antiperspirants that are aluminum based
and natural deodorants. This one, again, its perks
are the consistency is good and what not, but when it comes to just the overall price point in comparison to other natural deodorants
that are on the market, it’s just kinda like why? There’s two other natural
deodorants that have been tried and true that I’ve
used throughout the years. One is Crystal, which is the
invisible solid deodorant. They claim 24 hours of good smell. I like the lavender and white tea. It just has a good aroma,
almost baby powder-esque, but just a little bit herby aroma to it. And it’s very inexpensive. I’ll make sure to put the
price point somewhere visually, but it’s a very inexpensive
deodorant and while I don’t obviously use
this around my lady bits because I’m not sure if it’s
actually queued to do that, but I do use this again
along my tigimo bigimos, if you will, and on my feet
and different areas where, yeah, I feel like, by the end of the day are gonna be a little stanky. And if I can help that and not be stanky, wear this; you know what I’m saying? The other one I like, which
I know Lume actually talks about people actually being
allergic to baking soda, which I actually had never heard of, but if they’re mentioning
it in their marketing, then I guess it must be
a thing, is Arm & Hammer. Arm & Hammer makes a whole
bunch of, again, deodorants. They also make antiperspirants, but they have deodorants, too. They have, I think,
three different scents. They have unscented, they
have another one called Fresh, which I would say is a little more herby, like kind of rosemary-ish based, and then they have another one
that’s I think called Clean. It’s kind of got more of a
baby powdery kind of smell. I use their unscented because
even though it’s unscented, there still is a slight scent because they use lemon
extract, I believe, in this. Let me look. Yeah, they use germanium, orange, citrus, so a combination of
different citruses and stuff. So even though it’s unscented,
you get that sort of, you know, germanium and yeah, germanium and orange kind of smell. It’s very light, it’s very subtle, but the scent actually works,
and again, it’s very light. I also feel confident using
this along my bikini line. I don’t get too close to the
tender bittles, if you will. So yeah, in the comments below, let me know what other natural deodorants out here that you’re trying and using. What’s working for you, what’s not, especially if you’re someone like me who has hyperhidrosis and you
kind of have to figure out sort of balancing your
aluminum based stuff with your natural stuff so that way, you’re not doing the absolute most. If you’re still here,
there’s something about me you’re jiving with, so again, consider subscribing if
the spirit moves you. No pressure. Check out this video because YouTube says you’ll like it for whatever reason and then check out this one which again is my hyperhidrosis video
where I talk specifically about how I’ve changed my
lifestyle to better cater to and manage my hyperhidrosis. So check that out right here. Again, I’m Hallease. I’ll see you when I see you.


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