Anleitung: Ford Focus Mk2 (DA3/DB3, 08-10) Scheinwerfer tauschen / Lampen wechseln, Einbau & Ausbau

Focus MK2 Facelift – Headlight removal & installation + lamp replacement

All information is supplied without warranty Step 1: Remove screw (1x) Step 2: Release locking mechanism Step 3: Pulling out the headlamp Step 4: Disconnect the plug Lamp replacement: remove cover Lamp replacement: Unlock the plug and pull out with the lamp Lamp replacement: Remove old lamp Attention: Do not touch the lamp glass Lamp replacement: Insert new lamp into socket Lamp replacement: Attach the plug, mount the cover, ready! Lamp types:
Low Beam: H7
High Beam: H1
Parking light: W5W
Indicator: P21W Step 5: Reconnecting the plug Step 6: Reinstalling the headlamp Step 7: Tighten the screw Done! After the change, please adjust the headlights!


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