Aplia: Content Customization and Deep Linking in Canvas

>>Welcome to the self-training video series
for Aplia, content customization in deep linking in Canvas. In this video, we will add the
content selector tool and add links to specific learning activities into your LMS. At this
point, our course level link should already be established and we want to further customize
our Canvas course to add deep links to specific Aplia assignments. Let’s create a new module
for this tool. We’ll name our module. Since this is an instructor only tool, you may want
to lock the module and set a date after the course end date to ensure students are unable
to access this tool. Then click add module. Next, we’ll want to add an external tool to
this module. Click on the plus sign. Choose add external tool and select Cengage Learning
mind links. Next, we will access the fulfillment email that you received from Cengage Learning
and copy the optional mind links content selector URL. In the URL field, paste the content selector
URL from your fulfillment email. Name the page. In my example, I’m going to name this
content selector link and ensure that load in a new tab is selected. And finally click
add item. The content selector is now available in your course. Let’s click on it to begin
customizing your modules. Click to load Cengage Learning mind links in a new window or tab.
The content selector now displays. You can use this tool to add links to content into
your Canvas modules. If you place your cursor over an activity, you can select the link
icon to copy the item’s URL to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can select multiple items
to have the URL saved to a text file for future reference. To use this option, click confirm
selections and then click text file to save to your computer. Click cancel to exit. We’ll
now return to our LMS and select the add item link for the module where you want to add
your assignment. We’ll repeat the process for adding an external tool. Select Cengage
Learning mind links and paste our link that we copied from the content selector. Alternatively,
we could open the text file that we generated and copy the URL from here. Enter a name for
the page, in this case, I’m naming it Aplia homework assignment. Click load in a new tab
and then click add item. Your assignment link now appears in Canvas. When students click
on this link, it will open that specific learning activity. You can repeat this process to add
any additional assignments into Canvas. For additional help and resources, please visit
our Digital Course Support Page located cengage.com slash dcs. If you require technical support,
please visit cengage.com slash support and select mind links as your product. You’ll
also want to view the training video, adding a technical support link in your LMS; this
is a special link that you can add into you LMS that will provide our support team additional
information about your LMS course and greatly assist in providing the best possible support
experience for you and your students.

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