April Favorites 2018: I’m back in Korea!

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel and today as you guys can tell I am back in Korea. I flew in yesterday. And I’ve been super jet-lagged, but it feels so great to have my original setup. And I can’t wait to share new video ideas with you guys because I’ve been planning it out But please be patient with me because I do have to get over this jet lag so I think starting next week I’ll be uploading three videos on this channel and two on Joan day back to five videos a week because when I was in LA I was uploading two and maybe three videos a week, but yeah, I apologize But thank you guys so much for your patience, and being so understanding Today we are going to talk about April favorites things that I have been loving this month, but before we get started I thought I would give you guys a quick recap on the month I tried my best to document and share on Joan Day But basically I got to catch up with a lot of my friends back at home And I also went to Texas for the reward style conference which was very helpful. That’s where I Realized that I need to put in more effort into my channels And I got to learn some tips and tricks on how to be a better vlogger there So that was really cool along with meeting some of the brands as well as new influencers so that was kind of like a quick recap and Now let’s get started with my April favorites As always we are going to start with beauty and first I have this setting powder from Supergoop and Supergoop is known for their sunscreen because there are a lot of Unique sunscreens that they have so they have like sunscreen gel, sunscreen spray and a setting powder With SPF in it. This is really cool because there’s a powder at the very bottom and when you open the cap there is a brush, so you basically apply sunscreen throughout the day or like maybe right before you do your makeup or afterwards and this is honestly such a convenient product because sometimes sunscreen application could look very glossy on the skin, and if you like a Matte finish I highly want to recommend you check out this product it has 45 SPF sometimes I do have a problem with the product coming out so do give it a little shake But make sure you have your hand out because you definitely don’t want it to get messy But this is a great way to Reapply sunscreen throughout the day I can definitely see myself using this a lot during the summer Next I have two products from IT cosmetics And I have been wanting to try out this brand for a while now because I read so many reviews and saw so many youtubers Raving about how great the products are for people who have acne prone skin, so this right here is the bye-bye foundation It’s a full coverage moisturizer And this makes me really happy because I need products that are super hydrating because I have dry and acne prone skin So this has 50 SPF and the active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide This product is great for treating acne as well as covering it up But I must say that the coverage isn’t wonderful so I did pick up this Bye Bye Breakout full coverage treatment concealer I really like how the word treatment is on there this concealer is great for oily and acne prone skin and Definitely the coverage is a lot better than this foundation, so I think these two work hand-in-hand together The final beauty product I wanted to share is what I have on my lips today, and it is the Sephora collection Cream lip stains. I actually received this as a gift from Amy because she received all 96 of the colors I believe and She was raving about how the formula is amazing and it’s pizza proof So you can eat your pizza drink your latte And it’ll still, the color will still be on your lip and I must say I am impressed with the formula the color is beautiful This one is in 84 I’ve been wearing it pretty much every single day the moment I tried it because I just love how long-lasting it is this is only $14, so it’s a lot more affordable than other of the products at Sephora And I do have a couple more colors from this collection, so I can’t wait to start wearing those as well I have to fashion favorites, and they’re both from a brand called Reformation and first I have this blazer dress I wore it as a blazer and a blazer dress This is the perfect spring blazer because it’s not as heavy, and I really like the print I’ve been wanting something similar to this I have one from Urban Outfitters But that’s a lot thicker so it’s more appropriate for fall. This is perfect for the spring to summer transition I really like the light material And I really support Reformation because they’re all about being good for the environment So I really really like this brand the second fashion favorite I’m actually wearing today, and they’re my pants and Obviously that is not gonna do these pants justice I’m gonna have to include a clip of me wearing them I’ve been really obsessed with the flared bottoms And I think the quality of these pants are amazing they’re super soft, stretchy And I really like the way they fit I have two tech favorites, and they’re both from Apple and first is my iPhone 8 plus It was time for me to upgrade because my iPhone 6 plus was lagging so much This is a lot faster and the camera quality is a lot better And if you guys are curious about my case because I get questions about it all the time This is from the daily edited, and I really like how you can monogram So it’s a black phone case with a silver JK for my initials Next is the Magic Mouse, and I honestly never understood why people got it until I started editing on my iMac and whenever I’m traveling I switch back and forth with Editing on my macbook air and my macbook pro, but the trackpad is convenient But this makes editing a lot smoother And it’s just a lot easier Especially since I’m so used to editing on my iMac so this was quite pricy I think this was about $80, but definitely worth it. I really like how light it is It’s super easy to take around with you when you travel and like most Apple products this may seem useless But when you have it is the most useful thing out there as always before wrapping up my favorites I wanted to share some of my music favorites. I’ve been really into Cardi B The weekend and Winner’s new album So I’ll be linking those in the description box as always along with six of my most frequently listened to songs of the month I’m not going to share a Spotify playlist for this month, but maybe next month if you guys are interested But if you guys love, like, the type of music that I have been sharing I’ll be sharing the only public playlist that I have right now it is titled “be by my side” because the first song is the crush song and I’ve been basically updating that here and then every time I listen to something that fits perfectly with that playlist so yeah check out my playlist and Yeah, I hope you guys had a lovely month. Thank you guys so much for all the support Always, if you are interested in any of the products that I have mentioned in today’s favorites check the description box because the links are Down below, and I’ll see you guys in the next one Bye!


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