Are Battle Balloons Really Worth The Money?

Hey, what’s up guys we are here at the park today. We’re here with Devin Graham Hey guys long time no see and Shawn Duras. [oh], hey long time no see Happy birthday bud high five so we are back here with the sky Blaster slingshots And we have some of these little novelty balloons You may have seen these floating around the stores these are like bunch of balloons or battle balloons or balloon blasters they go by like A million different names, but do they actually work, I don’t know but that’s what we’re gonna figure out So here’s the deal last year when I made these things I actually tried filling these up And I didn’t really have much luck or success the idea is you attach these things to your hose you can just turn them on The balloons will fill themselves up, and when they’re big enough. They’ll just drop off automatically kind of like fruit dropping from a tree Yeah, sounds good, and then they’re good to throw right, but what I found in my experimenting was when you throw them They don’t really pop They’re like super hard balloons and so if you throw them or shoot them at somebody they’ll leave welts all over your body This is gonna be fun because we have lots of friends coming over We have What’s Inside, Devin Supertramp a whole bunch of friends are coming over, so we’re gonna have a water balloon fight [Grant]:We’re gonna shoot them at Devin cuz he’s…[Shawn]: I like that. I think Devin’s the new Target.[Devin]: I am the guinea pig for today. [Shawn]:Yeah, I like that one should be easy.[Grant]: You see after that Marshmallow blasting session…[Devin]: I still have welts all over my body. Yeah, test number one pink balloons. Hopefully this works there is no app for pink first Grant Well Cause Devin handed it. Oh its a pretty color. Okay What I think we should do is actually fill this bucket up with water So when the balloons drop they have a soft..[Shawn]: Oh. got it got it got it [Grant]: this is really hot right now And I’m not sure how they will affect the performance.[Shawn]: It’s okay though. You’re hot too ..water cannon Where’s Devin? Oh shoot sorry. I didn’t know you were all sorry..[Devin]: except that it is your camera …[Shawn]:that Camera’s seen much worse So these are the balloons that I used last year. I got him out of Walmart They are like Red blue and green different balloons And I didn’t have much luck with these let’s let’s try them this year and see if they’ve made [any] improvements the experience I had before is some of them wouldn’t blow up at all the other ones that did blow up and get big they would like Leak out [alright] Sweet these already look different than they did last year because they used to be these like really cheap pieces of plastic This is awesome. No, I got about to go play Pokemon Go, you should just let them drop off or do you think we should like let them drop? Like hold them up here. Yeah Like my little babies So it’s Pokemon go look at all these three pokemons I just got yeah honestly this is a much better experience than it was last time Hey, they actually all look pretty even surprisingly yeah, yeah, they’re filled to a pretty good size. I’m actually really impressed I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I was expecting like little baby dinky ones. [Shawn]:Whats up Lincoln? That’s where we’re going right there these are gonna hurt “They will”?Yeah, whoo all right that actually worked, ten paces. Let’s do. This are you serious? Yeah, okay? So eight nine five as if it just bounces right off yeah Back shot ten points so all of mine bounced off of you I don’t know if you know I mean that’s cuz you just got thrown with a heart now. I don’t know if you noticed oh That was a long one That one I get down. That was a cheap shot. I’m not even kidding You high-five totally like a bow hold like a bow and arrow like this is okay. “yeah” I meant to hit Sean It’s been a couple of minutes and some of these are actually losing, mass so I think they do have a shelf life like if you squeeze it hard enough that thing will probably even pop up look at thats how you do it. You can make little squirt guns out of them what? Pick on someone your own size.[Grant]: what happened to you, did you just get dunked? Yep Definitely, definitely if you fill up your water balloons in the water it relieves enough pressure And they can get a lot bigger, and it seems to break a lot easier as well So I don’t know if the [name-brand] makes a difference, but we’ll find out here You are going down for that! look at that. He just completely assaulted me. This is actually the kind of cap I was expecting cuz that’s what we had last year. Oh Shawn Duras is about to feel the wrath. This is how it works [see] little launch pouch made out of duct tape Balloon fits right in there like so lock it. Oh Direct hit, how do I feel how about feel that was that was pain by with my arm? And it still hurt these resistance bands are actually quite quite strong in fact this guy blaster, slingshot I made here this prototype was actually my wife’s workout band if I [workout] I went down to [her] exercise room and chopped that up into a prototype. So thank you for letting me do that I made a couple slight modifications from my video. You can see I Middle pieces to three inches which makes a little more compact, and I [used] some 45 degrees here on the back What that does it just gives you a little bit cooler look as that rests against your forearm there And this one is painted with red Spray paint, but you can use duct tape as well I got some of this carbon [fiber] duct tape and you [can] see actually does just as nice of jobs wait What are we doing another round? Yeah, but we have to use How about no shooting in the face? Lincoln, check this out when the balloons are about the size that you want all you have to do is give them a quick tug Upward whoop, they’re all come off. How big do they actually get before they fall off from the runway? It looks like white fruit growing on a tree doesn’t it? Can feel them get ready to drop there you go? Yeah! Game on let’s do this. Oh my turn Hello The smaller the balloons are the better They’re gonna work with the slingshots cuz they’re a little more resilient these bigger ones kind of a little bit Trickier. Let’s get Lincoln. Oh Pink packs a little more punch ain’t bad the trail Okay, so our experience actually hasn’t been too bad. It seems like probably nine out of ten balloons will fill up They do hurt like crazy though. I got hit on the shoulder blade by Lincoln.Where did he go that little stinker So the bigger the balloons are the easier they pop which is a good thing if you’re having water fight But if you want to shoot them out of the slingshot smaller is probably better. Let’s see how high we can go with this oh You just got water we go. Oh that freaking rocks So these things have gone insanely viral. It seems like anybody who makes a video about them racks up millions of views And they’re really expensive and I want you to know what you’re getting for your money Are they worth 10 bucks 10, 10 bucks for I’d pay good 750 for those 750 I paid 750 right there you go guys 750 we’ve confined for 750 That’s about what they’re worth, but cleanups a bit of a pain I’m not sure if these things are biodegradable or not But we are over here and clean them up just in case and now there’s a party happening over here Shonduras is 29th birthday guys and of course I get the of random to come to my birthday party Slip and slide every base is a pool check this out if you want to see the [waterslide] Kick ball I’m totally getting in on this. We’re gonna go over to the Shawn duras, okay? Yeah, come on over we have fun and Graham’s gonna play off


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