ARE THEY STILL WORTH IT?! | Ohuhu Marker 2018 Review | Best Cheap Markers for a Beginner?

So these are my Ohuhu markers, I bought them.. I think almost two years ago now. They’re my favorite markers, the first markers I ever bought. They’re inexpensive Copic knockoffs, basically. So they’re alcohol based markers. I’ve recommended them for a long time, but I was watching a Youtube video where someone else had just purchased them, and they looked completely different, and I saw One Major Flaw So I thought, “I’d better try those out and see if I still like them.” So… I bought another pack. Let’s compare them, and see if I can still recommend them. okay.. I noticed the logo shrank. Little tiny logo! Also there’s a hole.. D: oh no! And I can see that they’re different.. uh oh. Unzip the zippy.. oh they’re kinda cute! Alright so right off the bat, I’m noticing that these are rounder and these are squarer… I wonder if i got my favorite marker. My favorite marker is.. 147! Did I get a 147? I’m not seeing it! *gasp* Noooo I use this for, like, shading everything. I see a 75 that looks really pretty. Oh but I had a 75 before. See, these two are the Exact same marker. It looks like.. they’re longer now? By a smidge? They still have a white barrel, they still say Ohuhu marker on them. This one is much more metallic, and a little harder to read with this lighting. It still has the handy dark line which tells you which side has the fine tip Let’s check out the broad chisel tip ..and your fine point. I think that’s pretty much the same Oh! The chisel tip is bigger now, okay. Look at that. So here we have the old one, and the new one. Another problem I was seeing right off the bat is that they got rid of color names? Which is kind of unfortunate, I really like having color names. Like, “Blue Mint.” But here we just have “70” “96” “53” So, if you’re colorblind, this is not helpful for you. And I just think it’s more fun to have a marker with a color name. ‘Cause color names can be so cute! Now the Biggest thing, and the thing I noticed right off the bat when I saw someone else have them, is the thing that I was Very very worried about is that my most glowing recommendation about Ohuhu markers, which not a lot of markers do this, and it’s just something that really matters to me, is that you can remove the cap from one end… …and you can stick it on the other Isn’t that wonderful? I freaking love it, okay? so that is my favorite thing because when you have a cap that fits on the other end, then it just stays on there, while you’re drawing, and you don’t lose it! I havent tested this yet, so it’ll be my first impressions here… Oh boy.. because there is a design element here that’s slanted? like it’s a curve? Do you see that? It’s diagonal? Okay, here we go, I’m removing the cap from one end… nope! Nope Nope NoPE!! aghh,, although, I do have to say something here, I came into possesion ..of this wonderful Copic marker. That’s right, one of these five to eight dollar markers, Holy cow! Good greif, that’s a lot of money, for one marker. And, they don’t do that either, so ughuhg ff *sigh* What a world we live in, You can pay five dollars for a single marker, and the cap won’t even fit on the other end. I had just Assumed, since I had never actually held a Copic marker before, but because their design was so sleek and like, it was the same on both ends, that the cap would just fit? But it doesn’t. That’s so unfortunate. Ugh! So, what I’m going to do is see, since i bought two separate sets, how many doubles I got. And, uh, yeah. Yeah. That’ll be fun. (laughs) Got a number one.. got a number one… These two are technically the exact same color, “Wine Red,” as it was originally called, But now it just goes by “1” Uhm, the color’s definitely different on the cap. So this is number one. Okay so that is the original Wine Red, And this…. …is the new Wine Red. That is a different color! Holy cow, okay. They both actually match their caps Really well They’re a different color now. But they both match! So hey! Props to Ohuhu for that one. So let’s find another one and see. Ohh I found another problem here. (laughs) Alright so these… are both the new ones. But how am I supposed to know which one’s the six and which one’s the nine? If this had a color name on it, I’d know which was which. But, judging by the fact that I have this six, which was “Vivid Pink” originally, I’m gonna guess that this one’s six and this’s a nine. Here we have our two fives, Which originally was called “Cherry Pink.” Now it looks more like a cherry pink. Again, the caps look very different in color. let’s see what they look like on the paper. So here’s the original cherry pink.. That looks very red to me. And the new Cherry Pink.. ooh I like that color. ..Which was number 5.. Alright let’s see which one’s cap matches the best.. The inks are very close to the caps, But they’re different than they used to be. I so far like the new colors better cause these are very dark and more difficult for me to use, and that ..doesn’t even look like a red. But yeah I’m really impressed by how close the cap colors have been to the actual ink inside of them. oh, can you see how much I’m shaking? That is ridiculous. Okay. That’s why I’m not drawing right now! So I’m gonna go ahead and do that, and if I see anything really crazy, I’ll let you know Wow. That is really close. That’s the same! They did a really good job. Oh heyyyy This is new. I just found this while I was going through the markers trying to organise them by number They have a little color sheet! Like a swatch sheet! I assume it’s not entirely accurate. Pretty close.. But they actually have set colors that come with each set. huh. I still recommend swatching them yourself so you can see the accurate ink, but Okay so that’s different. Originally, it was just a random set, and you can tell, I didn’t get a 9, 8, or 10 in my first set. So they’ve definitely changed how they do things! So yeah, my old review is way out of date. Okay, I’m going to continue this, so that we can finish the comparison. Haven’t found any that are dried out yet, I know some people said they got dried out ones. I’ve never– Like, none of mine have even dried out Yet. And I’ve had them for two years. But I guess I don’t use them as much as some people might. Oh I will be using that color. Look at the difference! Swatching along, swatching along. oof! uh oh… Okay, so I just opened the.. 56 Which was originally “Mint Green” And look at it! It’s exploded. Looks pretty nasty. ew! It’s still working.. the other side’s fine. But yeah, that’s kinda gross. Let’s see if I can clean it off. Not really! It’s kinda sticky. ew That color has Definitely changed.. where’s that.. 85 Again, color change, but the caps really still match, so When they updated, they didn’t really just leave anything the same and like, Like if you had changed the ink and not changed the cap? That would be unfortunate. But they changed everything, so that’s real nice to see. oh nooo I guess this set doesn’t come with a 103 🙁 Potato brown is my favorite That’s what I use to color my hair ..whenever I draw myself. oh no! See, let me show you the beauty of Potato Brown. Look at this. Ahh that’s just the perfect color for my hair. noo I don’t want you to not be existing anymore 🙁 I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my last review, but my favorite colors are just the pastel ones, cause they’re just easier for me to use, and less daunting? And none of those are included in the new set, which is making me sad. Alright! So, I’ve finished swatching them all, and I have come to some conclusions here. The biggest letdown is that there are no pastel colors. So, in the original set, all of the 100 range numbers were pastel, and that was really helpful for me because I was like, “Oh, I want this to be pastel” so I would look into the hundred range, and I would have the perfect color depending on what I needed. I put little stars next to the colors I use the most. So if you’ll notice, all of these are Not included in the new set. These skin tones I use a lot, they’re included but they’ve been updated. But I’m okay with those, they look fine. Um, the 135, so “Pale Cherry Pink,” which I used a lot, it looks like it’s been replaced with 25, It’s a little bit oranger than my Cherry Pink, but I think that’ll work just fine (laughs) My favorite color in the set was this potato brown, which I always used for my hair color whenever I draw myself. But that’s not included anymore, which makes me really upset! My potato brown! Look how beautiful this color is, isn’t that the most gorgeous brown? um, another thing is, of course, the caps don’t fit on the ends anymore so, that’s a let down (laughs) And then, they don’t have the color names anymore. But, on the bright side, there are a lot of things that I like better about the new set. Like, the browns have all been updated, and they’re not as muddy. If you look at these, they kind of have a grey tone to them, and then the new ones have more saturated colors, so you have more variety of browns, even though the browns that I use the most are no longer included. LIke, the “Walnut” that I used to use, which is this color, now looks like this, which is gross to me and I don’t like that color. But the REST of the browns, I really really like. The other thing I really like about the new set is that the purples are more purpley. (laughs And there are more purples, as well. I like the new pastel violet, it actually looks like a violet now, so that’s a plus. The caps really really match, Like look at that! what did I grab.. pastel violet! Look how close that is, that’s amazing! Like usually with markers, the caps do not match the ink very well, but these work very well, and you could almost get away without swatching. But I wouldn’t recommend it. You should always make a swatch page for your markers. Another thing they changed about the new set is that there is an actual actual set number of colors that you get every time you order like, the 80 marker set which I really appreciate because originally you just got a random assortment of markers, so if you ordered it again, you’d probably get different markers, but also a lot of the same markers Now you know exactly what you’re getting, which I think is pretty cool The other thing is the flourescents are Way nicer now I never use the flourescents so it’s not a big deal, but just in the last, what, hour, i think since I swatched these, these ones have faded a bit, but the new ones are still Super vibrant, so I really really like that, However, all alcohol markers are not light-fast, which means they will fade under direct exposure to the sun. So if I show you my original swatch page from when I got my Ohuhu markers, You can tell, the colors are not exactly the same as they used to be Like 75 you can’t even see anymore? Whereas that’s what it’s like when you first put it down, and that’s what it looks like after a year. So the fact that they don’t have pastels anymore isn’t that big of a deal, because these will lighten up over time But, to be a good set for beginners, I think including pastels is important just because, the really dark saturated colors can be daunting and scary and I think pastel colors are easier to make look good so as a beginner, you want things to look good so that you don’t get discouraged So that’s kind of why I enjoy using the pastels, because I’m a noob, and I feel like they’re not scary. And lastly the other thing I really really like about the new set is that they include so many cool greys and warm greys and blue greys, The original set came with these ones, right here, And now they’ve included all these, and these blue greys are gorgeous, I really like those. And the warm greys even have this one, which you could probably pass as a very light skin tone, So those are my thoughts on the new Ohuhu Markers, ahh I’m really sad about the potato brown, but I really like the new purples, and the pastels are almost a dealbreaker for me I’d be interested to know if they still make these pastel markers, like you just get them in a different set maybe? I’m probably gonna shoot them an email and find out But, the answer will be on the screen.. Hey! Older wiser Waffles here, I reached out to Ohuhu and they sent me the other sheets with the color keys for the 40 marker set and the 60 marker set, and it looks like, if this is correct, the 60 marker set does come with a lot of pastel markers. And there’s a lot of overlap between all three sets, so between the 40, the 60, and the 80 marker set, so it doesn’t really make sense to try to buy more than one of these sets to commplete your colors, but the 60 marker set, even though it has less than the 80 marker set, it has some pastels, which is really really weird, and yeah that’s probably what I would recommend most, if you’re looking for pastels, at least, is the 60 marker set, so That’s interesting! Anyway, yeah, back to the conclusion. I went into this thinking, ‘ehh, I’m gonna not like Ohuhu markers anymore, just because they look so different’ But I honestly like the new design, even if they don’t fit on the other end. But the fact that this is like… 85, and.. look how well that matches! To the color! that is amazing! I think I can still recommend these, I will definitely be using them, I think I’m gonna switch over to the new ones for most of my colors, but I’m definitely gonna hold on to all my 100- range markers, because I just use them so much. This is sort of biittersweet, but I think these are still the best markers for beginners, just because of the price range, the variety of markers, and if you find that there’s certain markers you like more than others, you know you can purchase them in a more expensive brand, that’ll last you longer and you can get refills, so yeah I really like these markes, i think they’re still just the Best for someone who doesn’t know where to start Yeah. Ohuhu markers are the best for anyone who’s just starting out with alcohol based markers. I would definitely still recommend these. I wanna thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you guys all next week, and I hope you have a delicious evening! byeee


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