Arguing With My Autistic Teenager

(coffee maker buzzing) (spoon clinking) (water splashing) – What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog. I have to show you how amazing
Abbie’s doing in the house. She has been sleeping. It’s been a couple days since we vlogged, to be honest with you,
been making other videos. She’s been sleeping so well. Hey, little one. Ugh, goodness sakes, big stretches. (Abbie moans softly) Come on, you gotta get
up, get ready for school. Oh, you’re all wrapped
up, like a Abbie-rito. Are you ready, go conquer the day? Be the best you you can be? – Mm-mm-mm.
– Wait. Look at that outfit of the day for summer. – Mm-mm.
– Here, come down a little bit, come down one. – Mm-mm.
– Right there. Now put your hands right
here, there you go. – Mm-mm.
– Look at me, look, smile. One, two, three?
– Mm. – [Asa] One, two, three? Right here, look at me. Abb, look at me. Keep looking.
– Mm. – Beautiful, thank you. Well, we are a colorful group. Look at us.
(Priscilla laughs) Maybe it’s just me ’cause I’m not wearing black or gray like usual.
– Right. – I think you guys are dressed the same. – I’m so impressed.
– Uh-huh, thanks. – [Priscilla] Say good morning. – Good morning, let’s see, can
I remember this contraption? (Priscilla laughs) All right, there we go. – [Woman with dark hair] I’ve
gotta learn how to do that. – I know, well listen, I
don’t ever put her in the car ’cause I don’t want that liability. (Priscilla laughs) I do not want Asa and Priscilla mad at me when they get on the 95 and she’s trying to get out.
– Right? Good job Abb.
– Go, girlfriend. – [Asa] Right, bye, Abb. – Bye.
Have a good day. Love you.
– Love you. She’s so stylish, she’s smiling. – I know a lot of you guys ask, “Where do you get her clothes from?” And I get them all over. So that is the–
– That’s from Marshalls. – Crown & Ivy brand from Belk, and I love them because
they do really good sales. – [Asa] Yeah. – So you can get, like, those
shorts, I think, were $10. That’s a really good deal. And then, yeah, a lot from Marshalls. Yep, that’s where I shop. – And now there’s a Stein
Mart near our new house. – [Priscilla] Yes, and
I’d never really shopped at Stein Mart but–
– Stein Mart. – A lot of her stuff for school came from Stein Mart, so, yeah. – Priscilla and I have a meeting. It’s why I’m wearing a
meeting shirt, and not a hat. We have our first county
PTA meeting of the year, doing that again this year. I am the ESE, the
exceptional student education liaison person, board member
for Duval County Council PTA. And Priscilla, what are
you doing this year? Same thing?
– Corresponding secretary. – Corresponding secretary, cool. Yep, same thing as last year. I was sent an email by
the president this year. She wants to like figure
out something cool to do as ESE chair.
– Oh, that’s good. – Yeah, so I’ve got to
figure something out. I have no idea, if you guys have ideas, this is like county wide, you know, something that impacts all the students across the county, would be ideal. – I like that.
– Yeah. How did we not get coffee,
that’s what I wanna know? – We don’t have time for it. – I know we don’t have time,
but I really need coffee. Yeah, we were running late, like we weren’t running
late, we left early. – We actually left early, and there were three
accidents along the way. – We still got her out of the car like when people were still in line, so that’s good.
– Yeah. – But we were trying to get here early ’cause Priscilla has
an early meeting before the actual board meeting, so.
– The problem is, is that Abbie doesn’t–
– Is this a county meeting, county-wide, or is this board? – No, this is board.
– Okay. – The problem is, is Abbie doesn’t go, she doesn’t start until 9:05.
– Right. – And a lot of these people,
their kids start like at like eight o’clock.
– Yeah. – So that’s okay.
– Oh, Priscilla’s Instagram, what you been doing?
– Yes. – So on cillasstuff_n_things, Asa, can you put it down below? – [Asa] Yeah. – I’ve been trying to help
people with lunch ideas. And I know obviously Abigail is different ’cause she eats everything.
– Yeah. – But it’s helping people,
and we’re having fun, and we’re like talking
about different ideas. So I take a picture of her lunch every day and post it on my Instagram, just to kind of give you guys some ideas. So check it out. – Yeah, if you’re watching on YouTube, I’ll put the link down
in the video description. If you’re watching on Facebook, I’ll put it up in the video description. – Perfect. (elevator dings)
(people chatting faintly) – [Asa] Oh, that face! I’ll get her buckled.
– Okay, thank you. – No problem, bye.
– Hi there, how was your day? Was it great? We’ll ask your teacher when she comes back by.
(Abbie laughs) – [Priscilla] Hi, Abigail Lorraine. – You ready?
– What’s wrong? – To go home, get a snack? Hey, you wanna go get a snack? – Mm-hmm.
– We can do that. Listen, when we get home,
we’re gonna put our– – [Teacher] She had a good day, guys. – Okay, good.
– See, good. – When we get home, we’re gonna put our backpack away first, right? – [Priscilla] Without getting angry. – Without throwing a fit. Then we’re gonna get a snack. Listen, when we get home, listen, we’re gonna put our backpack away, and then we’ll get a snack, okay.
– Mm. – [Priscilla] She says no. – We’ve had some full blow-out tantrums with our backpack routine,
our new backpack routine. Every time she goes to do it
she just wants to come in, and like throw her stuff down, and, you know, go sit
on the couch and rock, and then get a snack. But she’s got to put her stuff away first. So we’re trying to… We consulted Brandy with it, but we haven’t worked with
her therapist on that. But we’re trying to get, I really wanna get that nailed down for when Brandy sees her again next week, that we already have it established. That way, she can say, well,
do this or do that different, you know, to change things around. But other than that, I
want it to be in place. – Yeah. – [Asa] Backpack, couch, snack, okay? You got this kid, I promise.
– And bathroom. – [Asa] And bathroom, yeah, that too. Okay, we’re gonna do the
thing, we’re gonna do it. (Abbie moaning)
It’s gonna be awesome, we’re gonna do a great job at it.
– No. – [Asa] We’re not gonna have any issues. (Abbie moaning)
Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I know, she gets a little anxious. Put them shoes on. I think she gets, oh, so fogged up. I think she gets anxious not
knowing, just not knowing. – Yeah.
– You know, new routine, even though we’ve been doing
it for close to a week. Here you go. So since the pool has been,
uh-uh, backpack goes inside (Abbie moans)
Take it inside, come on. Take the backpack inside,
all the way around. The pool has become an avoidance thing to avoid work and whatnot. Abbie has to walk around
this side of the furniture (Abbie yells) to keep her from vaulting into it. Just like we have been
for the last several days. Nothing has changed, that’s a good spot. (Abbie moaning)
– Yeah. – [Asa] You can put it
up there, that’s okay. – Put it up there.
– That’s a good spot. – Hey Bobby.
– There you go. – Do you need to go outside?
– All right. Hey, can you put those back right? Good job, Abb! Oh, fix them, fix them,
put them underneath. Put them, look, down here, up underneath. There you go, that’s
better, I liked the effort. Okay, let’s get your backpack.
(Abbie moaning) Backpack? Here, hold this because we
might, this might elevate. Okay, put it down right here. Can you open it?
– No. – Open it up, do your thing.
– No. – [Asa] You’re not done yet. You’ve gotta get your stuff out. You can do it, you’re doing great. You’re doing really good. I know I sound like I’m
pandering to the behavior here, but this is–
– Mm-mm. – [Asa] Hey, wait a sec, wait a sec. Put that down.
– No. – Put that down.
– Nicely. – [Asa] Put it down nicely, set it down. No, pick it back up again.
(Abbie moaning) Ah, we’re getting there. Come on, listen.
(Abbie moaning) If you do it the right way, we’re done. (Abbie moaning) – Take this, set it down nicely. Get your backpack. – [Priscilla] You have the
rest of your stuff, sweet girl. You have a folder and an iPad in there. (Abbie moaning)
– Look, listen. Get your stuff out. I’ll hold it, get your
folder out, your folder. (Abbie moaning)
– Lemme have that. – [Priscilla] And you have
something else in there. – [Asa] What else is,
look, look in the bag. What’s in there, where does that go? Where does that go?
(Abbie moaning) It goes in there, remember? – [Priscilla] And your
backpack goes in there. – [Asa] Yeah, good job. We’ll work on that, we’ll
work on exact placement. Where does that go? Remember, that goes up in
the kitchen on the island? (Abbie moaning) Nice job, now, bathroom. (Abbie moaning)
Hey, stop, bathroom first. – Mm.
– Bathroom first. Way better, way better. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I mean, it was like, whoa. It was rough, guys, last couple of days. (Abbie yelling) Full on and just mad, she was angry. Okay, guess what, you’re done.
(Abbie moans) Hey, are you done?
(Abbie moans) What’s up, you wanna have a snack? Okay, do you wanna go sit on
the couch and wait for it? (Abbie moans) Listen, you don’t get to act like that. You don’t get to be
demanding, it’s not okay. You can go sit on the couch and wait. (Abbie moaning)
Go sit and wait. Abigail, go sit and wait, go. (Abbie moans)
– Go. – [Abbie] Argh! – Go sit and wait, go. – [Abbie] Argh, argh, argh! – That is the diagnosis of being 14. So, she’s gonna go to the game. So we have tickets to the
pre-season game tonight, but Becca is under the weather, so. Isaiah doesn’t get home
from football practice until after the game starts, so Priscilla’s gonna go by herself. – [Priscilla] Am I
gonna look like a loser? – No, you’re not gonna look like a loser. I mean, it’s a little weird,
but just, like, I don’t know. I guess gender-specifically
speaking, it’s weird, it’s odd. But Priscilla’s the football fan. If you guys have been hanging
out with us for a long time, she’s the football fan.
– I am. I don’t have on my Jaguars attire, but–
– Way more of a football fan than I am, but.
(Priscilla laughs) ‘Cause for her it’s like,
football’s football. It doesn’t matter if it’s pre-season. It’s football.
– Yeah, I don’t care. It’s a game.
– She is a hard-core Jaguars fan. I just, I feel bad, I don’t
want you to go by yourself. – I don’t wanna go by myself,
but I don’t have a choice. – Well, make more friends. – I don’t have friends.
– I was like, “Why don’t you bring a friend?” And she’s like, “I don’t
really have friends.” And now you’re like me,
we don’t have friends. – I don’t have local friends.
– Yeah. – Lauren, we tried to get Lauren to come, but she couldn’t come either. – It’s like, drive three hours
to go to a football game. – Mm-mm-mm.
– What? – [Tablet] Nature Valley bar. – [Asa] You can wait for dinner. You’ve had two snacks already. – [Tablet] Popcorn. – [Asa] What is that, you just– – [Tablet] Popcorn. – [Asa] (laughs) That is popcorn. You can wait for dinner,
you’ve had two snacks. Oh, we don’t know where Abbie’s iPad is, her communication iPad. – Yeah.
– Like, no clue. – Popcorn.
– None. – It just disappeared.
– We haven’t seen it since we got home from camp.
– Right. Well, she had it at camp.
– Yes. – [Asa] She had it the day
she was coming home from camp. Haven’t seen it since then. So she’s using her older iPad that she used to use just
for videos and music. – [Tablet] Pizza. – [Asa] Sweetheart, we’re gonna
eat dinner in a little bit. – [Tablet] Banana.
(parents laugh) Apples with caramel. – [Asa] Wow, you’re digging deep there. – [Tablet] Banana. – [Asa] No, you can wait, you can wait. You’re nervous?
– I am. I’m nervous to go by myself. – [Tablet] Jellybean. – [Asa] Why are you
nervous to go by yourself? – I don’t know, just
I’ve never done anything like this by myself. – [Asa] Look, if you want
to go, then you should go. If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. – No, I do wanna go. (keys jingling and crashing) – [Asa] Pick those up, pick them up. Pick them up. So, are you gonna go?
– I don’t know. (rousing music)
(crowd cheering) – Dinner.
(dishes clinking) Isaiah made the comment
the other day that, that we’re not used to
the sounds of the house, like understanding, knowing where Abbie is based on her sounds.
(Abbie humming) But I can hear. What are you doing? You just chilling in your room? – [Abbie] (laughs) Mm-hmm. – It looks like you were in my room too. (Abbie laughs) Yeah, we’ve gotta get that fixed, ’cause, it’s not really a safety thing, but
(Abbie moaning) just to keep you from making messes, like Mom’s lotion or something like that. (Abbie laughing and moaning) (laughs) I love your
little prance, and a spin. Wow, you’re fancy.
(Abbie claps) You are fancy. Your brother’s gonna be
home in a minute, okay? – [Abbie] Ohhh. – [Asa] What? No, kid, you just ate. It’s not happening. (Abbie moaning) No, don’t even sit down,
we’re not eating anymore. Speaking of safety, I’m gonna be shooting the safety video tomorrow. A lot of you guys have been
asking questions about that, pool safety, safety in a new house, getting used to, you know, understanding like what we need to do to keep
her safe and out of trouble, you know, keep her out of
things she shouldn’t be into, from making messes, stuff like that. So I’m gonna shoot all of that. I think tomorrow morning I’ll do that. So look out for that video if
I haven’t already posted it. If I did, it’s right
up here, you’ll see it. (Abbie yelling) (TV announcer talking faintly) What if we saw Mom on the
TV, wouldn’t that be crazy? You ready for bed? Are you ready for bed, yeah? Okay, come on, let’s go get in bed. – Mm. – [Asa] I’ll have Mom come give you a kiss when she gets home. Come on, keep going, keep walking, sis. – Mm.
– Are they still losing? – [Abbie] Mm. – [Asa] Gosh, they’re
losing by a lot, Abbie. It’s 17 to 3, holy cow.
(Abbie laughs) Okay, let’s go, no, we’re going to bed. You go to the bathroom
before you go to bed, miss. (Abbie moaning)
Keep walking, come on. Keep walking, (laughs)
why do you keep stopping? Let’s go, up the stairs, up.
(Abbie moans) – Alrighty, so came to my
first Jags game by myself. It’s just not the same. I had fun, but like I didn’t have anybody to talk to or cheer with because we’re on the visitors’ side, so that was a little challenging. Now I’m waiting on an Uber, and it’s raining, so there’s that. So this has been interesting. I also got my purse taken away, and I have this cute little bag now. Yeah, that’s fun, so when I get home, I’ll tell you that story. – What’s up, super fan?
– Hi. – Did you have fun?
– I did. – Good.
– I did. – [Asa] Did you drink
a beer and eat nachos? – I had a vodka and cranberry. – [Asa] Aha ho, it’s ’cause you fancy. That’s true.
– No, I don’t drink beer. (laughs) So yeah, it was fun. Here, look at my new stylish bag. – Nice.
– Minus a wallet. – [Isaiah] What happened to your wallet? – Well, let me show you. For anyone else that goes
to a football game, okay, this should teach you a lesson. (television blaring faintly) This is how big your item can be, okay? – Okay. – Mine was a little bit bigger
than that, so they took it. – Where is it?
– But don’t worry, I have all my things out of it in my bag. – You got robbed. They liked how nice your bag was. – (laughs) So, funny
story, this girl walks up. She’s like, “I bet you
don’t remember me, do you?” I’m like, “Oh, I remember you.” She’s like, “Oh, are you having
problems with your ticket?” “No, having problems with my purse.” She’s like, “Here, I’ll
take it for you, and then, “I’ll give it to you at
the end of the game.” I’m like, “Okay, no problem.” So I take out all of my
credit cards and my ID, ’cause it’s all I need, right? She texts me, “They’re not
letting me bring it in either.” I’m like, “Just throw it
away, I don’t even care.” She’s like, “I’m not
throwing away your wallet.” So she gave it to a security guard. She’s gonna try to get
it back after the game, and then get with me to get it. But the only reason that I did that is because I actually got a new one under a warranty from Spartina, so–
– Yeah, that one was messed up.
– If it was, like, I mean, they have a place, they’re like, we can either take it-
– Yeah, she doesn’t want you to all think like, she’s like, “Like whatever, just throw it away.” – Yeah, just throw it away, like–
– It’s not like that. – No, it had an issue
with it, and so Spartina. But guys, like, so I took
pictures of other people, and I’m gonna let the Jaguars know, if you’re gonna have a rule, everybody needs to follow the rule. I feel like I was singled out, ’cause I was just walking
along, and I didn’t even get up to the–
– You should’ve worn teal. – I didn’t even get up to the thing, and the guy’s like, “Ma’am,
come here real quick.” I wasn’t even like in the ticket area yet. He’s like, “Your bag’s gonna be too big.” I’m like, “What?” Like y’all have seen my little bag. Like it’s not much bigger than this, but this is their measurement thing. They’re all holding these
now, and they measure it. – Wow.
– Yep. – [Asa] She just went to bed. Of course she’s up there yelling. – But she brought me this cute little bag and with the T-shirt and everything in it. – Oh.
– Yeah. – [Asa] She’s like, “You’re
never gonna get your purse back. “Here’s a T-shirt.” That looks like it fits me. It does. – That’s good ’cause I bought my own. – [Asa] It’s a shirt for me. Where’s your shirt? The one we brought for you when we went to the Jaguars thing? Did you ever get that?
– Yeah, we bought you one. – Yeah.
– And it’s somewhere. – It’s somewhere.
– Look at that. – [Asa] Look at you. – Isn’t that cute?
– Yep. Well, I’m glad you got to go.
– Yep. – Your daughter’s calling you. She wants you to say goodnight to her. – Okay.
– That’s why she’s yelling- All right guys, we’ll
see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for hanging out, bye. – Bye.
– Everybody say bye. – [Priscilla and Isaiah] Bye. (high pitched tone) – This is mine, you ate fast. (Asa chuckles) Girl, I didn’t get one bite in. You need another drink?


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