Art Tatum Mural Board Up Event

my name is Meighan Richardson from Jones Leadership Academy and I could not be more excited to see this project come to fruition
having these boards up a year-long like three all day daily and myself and the arts commission to see the work that the kids did and the staff at JLA and to really make an impact in this community when I see the bureau up on our Tatum
house it’s very significant to me because I live in this neighborhood
it’s just reminiscent of hope it brings back to me in this community it also
resonates to me that there’s life and there’s still yet a vibrancy that we
have yet to cultivate in this community so when I see the murals on the our
Tatum house it’s just it just resonates that there is
still opportunity for better things to come to this community in case that may
be easier isn’t it you two work together

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