As Affiliate Marketers These Entrepreneurs Integrate Work and Play

So here we are at the Vancouver Airport
and this is Wally’s first trip and Wally hasn’t fared very well on this trip
because we just got through security where Wally lost his body. And that was quite traumatic, we had to make the decision whether we leave Wally
behind but luckily they let us take Wally’s head so news to Bob and me
apparently broomsticks are not allowed on an airplane and it took four
executives to figure out if a mop actually fell into the same category as
a broomstick. So in this video we’re going to share what a day in the life of
an affiliate marketer looks like and that was a really great beginning because one of the things that is sure we don’t know what’s going to happen when we wake up in the morning, you know what it’s going to be like to film in the middle
of the airport we don’t know we’re going to lose Wally’s body en route you know there’s just a lot of
unknown and that’s currently what makes this business so exciting. As affiliate
marketers we get to blend our work and our play. We’re actually off to
Saskatchewan which is in the middle part of Canada for a bit of a mini reunion
with my brothers and and some extended family and the great thing is is we set
our own schedule we create our own time we work and play basically at the same
time. So what we know for sure is affiliate marketing sure isn’t boring.
You know we’re not restricted to working within four walls. We’re out in the world
and you should see the looks we’re getting as we’re standing out in this busy airport doing
this filming and we’ve becoming used to that actually you know people walk by
and they stare and they look but you know hardly ever does anybody say anything
and that’s interesting too so you know it’s exciting because the whole world
is our stage. So as we’ve said many times before the beauty of being an affiliate
marketer having our own online business is we get to work whenever we
want wherever we want anywhere in the world.
No 9-5 no rush-hour gridlock it’s an opportunity to set our own
schedule and be truly independent. So if having this type of freedom in your
lifestyle is of interest please book an appointment to speak with us on Tuesday
August 6 or Thursday August 8 and we just want to chat find out what brought
you here and how we can help you on your online journey. We look forward to
speaking with you then. Bye for now. Bye for now.

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